Twins In Love Chapter 7


I kissed both sisters as they left in different cars with their dates for the dance. Both of them were knockouts. Even being my sisters, I was always so proud of them. I think they knew it also. How very pretty they both looked being dressed so nice. Now, in a nice dress shirt and slacks, I decided to carry the sportcoat, rather than wear it in the heat. I went to pick up Donna. Her mom met me at the door. Wow! What a beauty SHE was!Wearing only a simple dress, her long auburn hair, bright face and features. Wow! was all that went through my mind as she invited me in. "Donna will be down in a moment Kenny. ""You look rather sharp for yourself tonight!""Thank you Mrs. Sparks. ""Oh,. just call me Marie. Everyone else does.

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  "OOOKKK I stuttered in my extreme nervousness. She seemed to sense this nervous feeling I had. She was very nice. "Oh, its a shame my husband isn't here right now to meet you, Kenny. " "But he rarely is. . . . when he's needed. "She looked away as if sadly thinking to herself. "He was stuck having to work late at the office for an important client tonight. "Somehow, I had the feeling I didn't think what she was telling me was actually true, but let it pass. "Maybe the next time you come you will have a chance to meet him. "Sure, Mrs. .

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  . . . . . Marie. " I smiled. Now, a rustle on the stairway as I saw Donna coming down. Holy shit! I immediately thought!She is absolutely gorgeous!!!My heart was jumping right out of my chest!She had auburn hair also. It was in some really nice wavy style that really made her look terrific. Her emerald green dress was stunning. The slope down over her large tits. I could see a good part of the tops. Holy shit! I thought again. WHAT CLEAVAGE!!!!SHE is going out with ME??? I was almost in a trance as I looked at this beautiful girl.

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  Her heels, nylons and all. WOW!I only had glances of her at school, never paying much attention. Her smile from here to here, as I offered but dropped the box with the corsage on the floor. Both her mother and her resisting a smirk at my clumsiness. Standing next to her mom, she opened the corsage box and gasped in appreciation. Taking it and offering it to me for me to pin it on her. Oh My God! Uh Oh!I never did this before. How could I pin this damn thing on her without touching her tit? Her tit was all over the place where the corsage was suppose to go. I would stab her right in the tit with the damn pin? Oh shit!Oh God! I can't do this without touching her tit. My hand was froze in mid air, holding the damn corsage arrangement. Just inches from her TIT! Oh God!Her mother, quickly realizing my dilemma, smiled and said, "Here, let me honey. "Oh, Thank you God. ! I owe you large! I thought. How could I even think of going near her tit with her mother standing right there???Now, her mother stepped back right next to me. Oh God.

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   Is that HER tit touching my arm? Is that really her mother's tit against my right arm?Her mother approving of her daughter and the beautiful corsage. "What do you think, Kenny? Is she ready to dance?"Oh God! OOOOHHH Yes, Mrs. . . . . Marie!""You're so beautiful Donna. "Again the smile from here to here. "Thank you Kenny. " Her mother advanced to hug her and give her a kiss on the cheek. Now, I realized how much they looked alike. God, almost like sisters. Most everything the same. Even their tits. Oh God! I'm actually going to take this gorgeous girl out with ME?Holy shit! "Well, I'm all set Kenny, want to go and burn up the dance floor?""Oh yeah, sure, Donna.

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   I have the car right out front. ""Bye Mom," "Love you. ""I love you too honey, Have fun you guys. " "Please be careful tonight. "Oh God. Romance in action watching her walk along side ME! Smiling so nicely, and warmly to ME!Fumbling with the car door as I opened it for her. Her soft giggle realizing my absolute caving in of my MALE BRAIN CELLS!Fumbling yet still, with the stupid keys to start the stupid car. Imagining myself as what I must appear like to her?A bumbling asshole!Oh, I need help! Quick. Now, she eased closer to me on the seat. Oh God. . . . her perfume. Noticing the outward push of her gorgeous tits so close to me now.

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  Stop it heart. I'll die right the fuck here if she leans to kiss me!Holy shit She's going to!Smack. A warm kiss on the side of my face. This gorgeous girl just kissed ME!"Oh, this corsage is so pretty Kenny. Thank you so much. ""You're welcome Donna. ""Oh, Kenny?""Yeah?""I hope there really aren't too many faster dances tonight. " "This dress was my mom's fav and I pleaded to wear it. ""I just always loved this dress. "It is really nice, Donna. I really like it. ""Trouble is, Kenny, it doesn't hold my boobs in too well. ""WHAT?" OH MY GOD!!!! Her BOOBS???She went on, "I'm kind of afraid my BOOBS will pop out of this low cut if we dance around too fast. "OOOHHH Not that. Oh shit.

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   "Oh, Don't worry, Please Donna. I promise we will only do the slower ones!""Oh Good, Kenny. " I was soooo nervous about that. " "You're dress really is stunning Donna. Really!""Oh Thank you Kenny. " "I've loved this dress ever since I saw my mom wear it for her anniversary. ""You look sharp too, Kenny. " "Oh, Thanks. ""You smell nice too. " "I like guys to wear cologne. ""Its soooo sexy, I think. ""Oh God! Is that her HAND on my KNEE?""I'm going to smash into that fucking tree. " Oh God!"Oh God, she's going to see that BULGE. I can't fucking hide it while I'm fucking driving. " Oh shit, shit, shit!Oh shit, her fucking hand is moving on my leg.

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   Oh SHIT! My heart was beating out of my chest!"FUCK! I'm going to die right here of a fucking heart attack if she doesn't stop with her hand!"My brother and his new girlfriend might be there too, Kenny. ""Oh Yeah?" Oh shit! Her breathing was making her tits rise and fall!Her tits rising and falling were making my cock BULGE! OOOOHHH FUCK! Her tits and her sexy perfume. Her tits her sexy perfume and HER HAND ON MY LEG! Oh FUCK!She leaned to smell the corsage. "UMMMM Smells nice Kenny. "I could see her smile from here to here again as I stole a glance from the road. Now she turned completely to her side and leaned over and kissed me again as we waited for a light. Oh, HER FUCKING HAND ON MY LEG! It moved AGAIN!Fuck! Now I'm sure she has seen my BULGE! Oh shit! Her hand was just a couple inches from IT!Oh God, I can't get out of the fucking car like this!What the fuck am I going to do??? Uh Oh, Here she comes for a KISS before we get out!Oh shit. Oh shit, shit, shit!"Oh, Kenny, I'm so sorry hon, I didn't realize that you were getting. . . . . "Oh shit! She DID see the BULGE!" OH FUCK! I'm dead. I'm fucking dead meat and we didn't even get in the fucking dance yet!Oh shit. She's seen my BULGE! fuck.

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   fuck fuck. "Don't be embarrassed Kenny!" "Really!, This happened with my brother and his friends sometimes too!""Mom and me giggle a lot when this happened to them. ""It made us feel sexy. " "Don't worry Kenny. " "Here, let's listen to some tunes for a few minutes and see if you'll be OK!"She reached and turned on the car stereo. Turning to smile at me, my face burning with embarrassment. She leaned full forward now and pressed her tits right into me and kissed me again. Seeming to want my arms around her. "I like that song. " she said. Still smiling at me. Her tits. . . .

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  OHHHHH those wonderful big tits. heaving in the low cut top!Her eyes watching MY eyes watching her TITS rise and fall in that gorgeous dress. FUCK! UH OH! Here she comes for ANOTHER kiss. Her warm smile. So fucking friendly. Wow!UUUUMMMM Her perfume, her tits, her perfume and tits now blowing my mind and we haven't even danced yet???She reached to feel my cock. Oh my God!She actually reached to feel my cock while we kissed!She actually moved its position in my pants. Holy shit! Now she said, "Well, it seems to have gone back to normal now Kenny!"Leaning her head innocently to double check MY BULGE!!!!Again her hand, feeling my cock with her palm. "Yeah, you're OK now hon. " "We can get out now. "OH MY GOD !!!!I ran to her side. Double checking my BULGE myself, as I went around the car. She rose out of the car like a fucking Princess!Even holding my offered arm to help her. Letting me see straight down her front, DELIBERATELY AS SHE ROSE FROM THE SEAT. OH FUCK!What tits! What gorgeous creamy soft tits!Hi, Kenny, Hi Donna, Hi Barbara, Hi Gene,Oh Hi Karl, Linda.


   Nice to see you!Yeah, we'll see you all inside. Now, we're actually holding hands on the way in,. Meeting far, far too many friends on the way in. Too many that could notice my fucking BULGE!I noticed the guys eyes on Donna's gorgeous tits too!"OH Donna, There's my sister and her guy. Want to meet them?"Oh Hi Karen, Hi Bobby. "Hi Donna, you look beautiful. "Oh God, sis, please fucking save me! "Oh Kenny, she really IS a hot number for you!" Karen whispered in my ear for the sisterly kiss on the cheek. "Karen, save me, arrange to sit with us. NOW. Please! "You have to help me out with her. I'm so fucking nervous. ""OK, Kenny. I'll take care of this in a hurry. ""Oh Donna, let's take that table over there. Some of our other friends are right near there too.

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  ""Yeah, Great, Karen. OK. ""Whew!" I owe you large, sis, I thought!The girls led the way to the table and we HE MAN gentlemen held their chairs for them. Oh, relief. I could sit at a table and know my BULGE would be safely hidden!Soon, we were joined by another couple we knew quite well. Frank and Missy. All the girls comparing notes of how each stacked up against each other with their dresses and hairdos. It seemed so obvious, as I noticed it. Girls always lightly touching other girls' hair. Oh, did I need to get Karen alone, and quick!I finally found a chance when Missy and Donna were talking about something and Karen seemed out of that part of their conversation. I grabbed her arm and eased against a nearby wall. "Oh, Karen, You're not going to believe what she did in the fucking car honey!"I explained what happened about Donna touching my cock through my pants and all. She laughed. "Why, you're halfway home, you fool!""NO girl would touch a guy like that for ANY reason unless she decided she really liked him. !""You think so, hon?""Yeah, silly.

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  " Don't be so nervous, Kenny. ""Come up and dance with her when we get up. " OK hon. We went back to the table and I offered to go get sodas or something for us. Donna looked so beautiful in the dimmer lights. Her dark green dress seeming to almost glow with this type of lighting. I was back in about five minutes with the drinks, after talking with a couple friends over at the service bar. Now, it was time to dance. Uh Oh. Why the fuck are my hands shaking? Damn. I looked at Donna as my sister and Bobby rose to dance. "Come on hon, let's carve out OUR floor space. " OH, God! Here we were, out on the floor with a hundred other couples. Bumping into half of them. Seeing some of the girls with their heads buried into their partners chests.

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  Now, Donna seeming to take the lead, put her arms around my waist and we started off. With both my left feet. Her absolute kindness as she realized my being so scared. Another warm smile, her arms opened and , "Let's start over. " Finally, I relaxed enough to start enjoying her and the dance. Feeling her really nice tits against me helped a whole damn lot too!Constant hellos as we passed other couples we both knew. Now, back at the table, everyone seemed more relaxed. Karen brought up the plan for a swim party at our house after the dance. I asked Donna, hoping desperately she wouldn't say no?"Sure, she said. Its a really nice night. Warm too. "Karen immediately offering one of her suits to wear. I got to know Bobby a little better through the next half hour, and liked him. He was friendly enough, and seemed worried that I might not like him being with Karen. Now, it was MY turn as Donna's brother came over to meet me with his girlfriend.

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  I knew damn well he was sizing me up. Whether I was a wimp or good enough to be with HIS sister. All was friendly and he seemed satisfied as they went back to the floor to dance. Now, all our table was back on the floor also. I felt much more at ease with Donna as I felt her being more loosened. Through several slower dances I was able to hold her tight and she clung with her own arms as we danced. I felt sure she really did like me or I think she would have kept a safe distance from me as we danced. Feeling her move her tits against me was nice. I remembered exactly what Karen told me about how a girl would deliberately rub her tits around my chest if she was really interested in me. Smelling her perfume as we turned and saw other couples in all sorts of embraces also seemed to make her want to also. By the second set, she was now dancing with her arms around my waist. This left her wide open for me to complete close in on her whole front. Even as she seemed to press her pussy into my cock but making it feel like it was accidental. "I hope you're not upset about me grabbing you like that in the car?""Well, I was a little embarrassed that I was getting like that. " I said.

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  "Oh, its no big deal, Kenny. It happened to my brother, and other guys sometimes. "When my brother was first going out with his girl, he got hard all the time, and I helped him out. ""YOU helped him out?""Yeah, I used to be in the kitchen or somewhere when they were in the living room. " "He was scared she would see it, like you were this evening. """Now, He doesn't have to worry about it anymore because they make out. "Now, there was no mistaking her pushing her pussy into my cock. She leaned her head back, looking up to me with her really nice smile. Knowing her pussy was pressed right into me. I did the only thing I could do. I kissed her. Right in the middle of the damn dance floor, I kissed her. She held her pussy tight to me all through the kiss, and from then on. Knowing we were both feeling nice as she did it. She knew enough to say that she would stand in front of me on our way to the table.

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  Oh God. A girl that knows what is going on with us guys and our cocks!Holy shit!Not caring a bit anymore that she knew I was getting hard as I danced with her. I was so damn shocked that she actually seemed to be enjoying the idea she was making me hard like this. She really seemed to be enjoying herself, though, AND with me too. Now, we switched partners and I got the chance to dance with Karen. FINALLY!"I've been watching you Kenny. Seem's you're doing OK with her. " "Her brother is gorgeous too!" she said. "Oh, Karen, she's been pushing her pussy right into me for the past hour!""At first it scared the hell of of me. " "Then, all she did was look up at me as she deliberately pushed her pussy into me and wanted me to kiss her. ""I was watching you two then. " Karen said. "You just might be able to make love with her tonight Kenny. ""Bobby seems so thrilled we're having the party, so we can be a little more alone. ""Oh Kenny.

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   I've been pushing MY pussy into HIM too. ""He seems like an OK guy, Karen. " "He really is Kenny. ""His father was killed in a carjacking last year. ""Oh shit. I remember that Karen. It was all over school. " "That was HIS father?""Yeah. " "Now, he works at a computer shop to help his mom and girlfriend's mother out too. " Dancing with my sister was like a dream. We just seemed to automatically move in sync. We were very careful to keep it looking decent. Eveyone knowing she was my sister. "You look so beautiful tonight sis. " "Really.

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   "I feel so proud of you. ""Oh, thank you Kenny. Oh thank you so much. I love you so much Kenny. ""I was replaying our making love all night long as I went to sleep, Kenny. ""I was remembering how you felt inside me. How long I dreamed of what it would feel like for a man to be in me. ""Oh, Kenny, I just can't wait to get him upstairs and make love with him. ""He will be my very first guy, besides you honey. ""I hope its nice for you honey. ""I'll make sure we stay out of the way. ""I wish I knew if Donna would make love with ME?""I'm so damn afraid she'll scream or something if I reach to touch her. ""Don't worry, Kenny. The way she danced with you, I don't think you'll have a lot of trouble. ""I think she's already got a crush on you anyway!""Just don't be too pushy with her.

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  " "Let HER come to you. ""Believe me, she will, when she sees all the rest of us kissing and stuff later. ""I hope you're right hon. "Finally we walked back to the table. Bobby was telling a cute joke and made us all laugh. "You two danced pretty nice together out there. " Donna said. "Well, you were just seeing two of me Donna. " Karen laughed. It made everyone else laugh too. "Well, as long as he's not wearing your dresses, I guess its OK. " Donna added. More laughing. Now, I felt her hand on my leg again under the table. Slowly caressing around my knee and just behind.

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