A Chance Encounter


It was a Saturday night, and I was going home from a bar when I saw her walking towards me: 5’ 10”, brunette, 36D’s and a curvy body. I stopped, and stood aside so she could pass me, as the path was narrow, and as she was next me she ‘tripped’, and fell into me.

“Sorry,” she said, “I’m so sorry. ”

I didn’t reply, instead I just stared her in the eyes and smiled. She smiled back, and we both knew we were interested in each other. She reached out pulled me close to her, and kissed me on the lips. I stopped her, as someone would soon see, and took her back to my house, which was just down the road.

On the way she said her name was Katie, and she was 22, like me. I fumbled with my key, eager to get inside and explore her body, and as soon as we were indoors we kissed again. We started removing each other’s clothes, and before I knew it I was naked in front of a girl I had only just met.

I grinned at her, and ran to find my toys. She followed, and pushed me onto my bed. She pinned me down and began massaging my breasts, while my hands found my way down to her panties, which I had not yet managed to remove from her. I slid my hand inside them, and could feel her wetness seeping through into my palm. I moaned as she did the same to me, and soon we were fingering each other, building to our first of many climaxes.

We both came at about the same time, and laid down on the bed, talking about ourselves, and mainly our sex lives.

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   I discovered that she had always been lesbian, like me, but had never managed to make another girl cum, except me.

Soon I stood up, and went to my ‘sex drawer’. I removed form it my two favourite toys; a 10” black cock that can be a strap-on, and an 8” pink bullet vibrator. I passed her the bigger of the two, and she lay above me in a 69 position. I turned on the vibrator, and gently massaged her pussy, while she started to insert the dildo into my tight pussy. It was not long until we were pounding each other with the dildos, and suddenly I could feel the waves of another orgasm coming over my body. This time Katie did not cum, so I made her lie on the bed, and passed the vibrator to her. She sucked her juices off it, and started to deepthroat it like a cock. I took the other dildo off her, and shoved it all the way into her. She screamed, but soon she was begging for more, so I took the vibrator from her and massaged her clit, whilst still fucking her with the cock.

After a few minutes of this she pulled them out of my hands, and squirted into my face. I lapped up her juices, and started licking more out of her. She quickly stopped me however - she had other ideas.   She found the straps for the strap-on, and put it on, but not before putting a smaller, 5” dildo up her pussy. This was now held in place by the straps, so she would get pleasure whilst fucking me, which is what she started to do.

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   This is something I have always loved, being fucked by a woman, so I lay facing up on the bed, with my legs off the side, and while she stood there fucking me hard I reached up and started massaging her breasts. She then said she wanted to fuck me doggy style, so I turned over and we had many more minutes of fun.

I think I came three times while she was fucking me, but however many times it was each was better than the last. Soon we were both out of energy, so we just lay on the bed gently fingering ourselves, talking about our future. . .

Part 2 if wanted. . .