A week to remember


Ugh! I’ve had one helluvah week. My boyfriend left me for my roommate. She then, moves out sticking me with all the bills…BITCH! And to top it off there’s pink slips floating around the office, so my job might be in jeopardy! I was beyond stressed and decided to take a soothing bubble bath/ After stripping off all my work clothes and pulling my hair up in a ponytail, I sank down in the tub to relax. As I was soaking in the tub I began to caress my supple 38 C breast, massaging my nipples causing them to become erect. I pinched and teased them until I could feel my clitoris swell. Slowly I ran one of my hands down in between my thighs right up to my pulsating pearl. I rubbed it causing me to shiver in delight. I rubbed faster, wile still caressing my nipples. Just as soon as I was about to cum my freaking phone rings! Groaning, I reached down on the floor for my cell checking the caller ID. I t was my best friend Dawn. I tall, busty, bleached blonde, sex kitten. I sent her straight to voicemail. I wasn’t in the mood to hear about her latest sexcapade.

“Great. ” I thought to myself as I settled back down in the tub. Next the house phone rings.

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   I just let it ring.

“ALICIA! Don’t be ignoring my calls skank! Quit mopping around and get your ass up. My co-workers giving a party down at that new bar on 32nd Ave and Main. Meet me there around 9. If you’re not there I’ll catch a cab all the way back up to your house and drag your ass out by that long curly hair of yours!”


After spending 5 more minutes in the tub, I got out and put on my PJ’s. It was 8:30 and I was bored stiff sitting on the couch watching Will and Grace re-runs. “Oh what the hell. ” I thought. “No sense of wasting a perfectly good weekend doing nothing but feeling sorry for myself. ” So I got off my ass and went up to my room to get dresses. I never been to this bar yet but I heard it was pretty upscale so I decided to wear my black corset, sequence legging, and black open-toed platform pumps. I hailed a cab from my apartment down to the bar. The bar was packed. I was searching the room for Dawn when I saw her flagging me down from the far end of the bar.

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   I walked over and sat on the stool next to her. “I thought I was going to have to drag you out!” she said to me. I rolled my eyes to her and ordered me a patron margarita. “there are a lot of hotties in here tonight. Wonder which one will be my next victim. ” Dawn said licking her lips looking around. “your such a whore bag Dawn. ” I said shaking my head sipping on my drink. The I noticed what she had on,a red plunging neckline shirt. With a jean mini skirt. Leave it up to Dawn to leave little to the imagination. Some muscular dark haired guy came up to her and they started talking. I turned my attention to the room looking at all the people. I noticed some short Mexican greasy headed duded giving me the eyes. “gross.

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  ” I said. Dawn introduced her next victim to me I politely nodded at him. She got him to buy us another drink. After about 20 minutes oftalking with brad, I think his name was. Dawn gives me a peck on the cheek and leaves me to go back to her place with him hot on her ass. As I ordered a shot of tequila, this tall gorgeous red head approaches me. “hey your Dawn’s friend Alicia right?” she asked me.

“yes. ” I said as she extended her hand to me. “I’m Kat. Are you enjoying yourself?” she said. Kat had amazing emerald green eyes, thin waste, nice sized tits, anda hint of freckles around her nose. “what are you mixed with?” she asked me as we conversated getting to know one another. “black and Japanese. ” I replied.

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   We chatted it up for a while and she invited me to join her in the V. I. P area. It was a mediterian style look to it with pillows scattered about around a table, and curtains hanging around them. Kat poured us a glass of champagne as we talked some more. She lightly rubbed my leg. I didn’t pay it any attention. I was too busy trying to focus my eyes. She then slid he hand further up my thigh to my pussy. I laughed, not really knowing why. She took that as a green light and things really got heated. She then leaned forward and, still rubbing my pussy and kissed me sticking her tongue in my mouth. Feeling the effect of the alcohol take hold. I went with it putting my hand around the pack of her neck flicking my tongue in and out of her mouth as well. Feeling bold and daring I leaned pushed Kat backwards on the pillows licking and sucking her neck.

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   Then I reached under her shear dress and noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties. For some reason this excited me and I felt my clit throb. I played with Kats vagina making her wet. I slid my tongue down to her cleavage area and pulled out one of her tits and started licking and sucking her nipples. “mmmm” Kat moaned. She then pushed me away and sat up. “Hey what’d ya say we take this party back to my place?” with that said we both got up giggling like school girls. We hailed a cab and continued our make out session in the backseat. The poor driver almost hit another car trying to look in the rearview mirror when I pulled Kat’s tits out again and sucked them. 20 steamy minutes later we arrived at her place. Couldn’t tell you what it looked like cause my attention was elsewhere. Once inside Kat presses me up against the door and passionately kissed me while freeing me from my corset. I had my hands in between her thighs playing with her pearl wondering what she tasted like. Once I was out of my corset I shimmed out of my pants and helped Kat out of her dress. Soon we were both completely naked and tore into each like to rabbits in heat.

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   She took me by the hand as we ran upstairs to her bedroom. She sat me on the bed and spread my legs, got on her knees and plunged her tongue inside my vagina. I threw my head back, grabbed her head and moaned as her tongue slid in and out of me. She sucked and licked my clit better than any man ever has. When I came she looked and smiled as she licked my juices off her lips. She got up and went to her dresser and pulled out a long velvet bag, pulling out a long black dick. “Ready for some real for?’ she asked me licking the dildo……