My New Job Pt 2


I was thinking about what happened on the cab ride home, until a few hours earlier i was a straight womanwho had never thought about women in such a way but here i was sitting in the back of a cab after masturbating over one woman and having a sleezey quicke in a toilet cubicle with another woman. It was driving me crazy, it was like someone had flicked a switch in my head and now all i could do was lust after the women i saw. I noticed women in short skirts or low cut top some wore tight jeans, i just wanted to geet back to my room and replay what i done with keeley in my head.

I walked through the reception of the hotel not looking towards the desk not wanting to see the girl from earlier. I kept my head down and walked straight toward the lifts. The doors started to closed but open again as my fantasy girl entered the lift. .

" Hi again, did you enjoy your night?"

" Yes i did thanks"

" That is a very pretty dress. "

" yes its a favourite of mine"

The lift stopped at my floor and i walked out but dropped my bag on the floor. I bent over to pick my bag and my keys up totaly forgetting that Keeley took my panties, i stood up hoping that i hadn't given her a glimpse.

" wow amazing" is all i heard as the lift doors closed

I got back to my room and slipped out of my dress into the big fluffy white dressing gown i had worn earlier. I switch the kettle on and made myself some hot chocolate. I watched a little bit of tv although i wasn't paying any attention to it, i finished my drink and before i knew it i was naked and touching myself again. Once again i was inturruped by a knock a the door, i covered myself with the gown and looked through the spy hole to she it was the sexy hotel girl.

" Hi i just wanted to say that i didnt see anything earlier and not the worry. " she said.

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   And i still have no idea what came over me but i said

" well in that case" and my gown dropped to the floor. " You can get a good look now"

" oh wow I think i should come in. "

I sat in the armchair of the room still naked.

" strip for me!" i demanded and she stood there and unbuttoned her waistcoat. " no dance for me. " i switched the radio on and she swayed her hips in time to the music she let her hair down and toyed with it as she danced infront of me. She stripped down to her panties quickly and she look so stunning but she took her time taking her undies off just teasing me as much as she could. Once she had got completly nude she danced over to me and turned her back on me wiggling her backside and backing into my lap. I sat there amazed this young girl was giving me such a fantastic lap dance.

" Lets fuck" she said as she went from me to the bed in practially one leap. I joined her on the bed and she opened my legs and she pressed her pussy agianst mine and started to rub againstme. It felt so good that i started to rub back as well.

" yeah you like that. "

" yes im your dirty whore" i yelled " do it harder"

" yes you love it honey don't you"

we fucked harder and faster untill we came in such a loud way. The weird thing was that i was no prude and have had many sexual partners but my two best orgasms ever i had in the space of one night both to sexy young women.

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She dressed quickly saying she wasn't supposed to be gone that long and they would be wondering where she had got to. I was left alone naked on my bed.

I went out looking at more potential home that day and came home with the familiar dissappointed feeling. I looked at the reception desk but she wasn't there. I sat alone in my room bored so i decided to go back to the club to find Keeley.

I walked into the club in high heels tight jeans and a tight jumper with no underwear, i avoided all the male interest and searched for Keeley. I was getting very horny and desperate, so desperate thati decided to use the bathroom to have a little fun by myself when i was grabbed by two people and dragged out throught he fire exit into the alley.

" who the hell do you think you are bitch. " a woman screamed at me " he should be begging me for a dance not some big boobed bimbo"

" i bet she like showing them off. " other girl said

" we should help her with that" said the woman holding on to me as she lifted up my jumper.

" see she's not even got a bra on"

" you leave him alone you understand" the stick thin blonde with fake boobs yelled at me

" who i dont know who you mean" i cryed

" please youve been letting him sniff your pussy all nihgt"

" ive not let any guy do that"

" please they all sniffing around you what is so good about your pussy?" she sounded like she just got an idea

" take off her jeans"

I was srtipped naked and lead over to their car. The lead blonde took off her skirt and sat on the car bonnet legs wide open. The brunette with the curves stripped as well and then the other blonde with the natural boons followed slightly reluctanly. The brunette pushed my face into the blonde leaders pussy i wasnt forced to lick it for long before i started to lap at it through my own choice. The brunette dropped to her knees and started to lick my pussyand i heard fkae boobed blonde tell natural boobed blonde something but then repeat herself just louder and more forcefully and a few seconds later i felt a tongue enter into my ass.

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   After a few minutes i started to cum i struggled to keep licking, as i came i barely manage to stay on my feet and collasped to the ground as the blonde stood over me rubbing her pussy.

" your just a filthy slut i hope you will remember not to mess with my guy" as she said this she came with a pornstar scream and blasted me in the face with her pussy squirt. They then got in her car and drove off. I stood up dripping in her cum as i looked for my clothes i realised they had taken them. I was about to start crying when the fire door burst open.

" Jessica and her girls used the don't mess with my man thing on you" Keeley said as she lit her ciggerette.

" does she do this often then?"

" to any one they wanna mess with, they've got me a few time too. Although you must be a threat to them because they never take the clothes. "

" do you have a jackett i can wear?"

" sure baby i'll go and get it. then i'll take you back to my place. "

" that sounds like fun"

" just you wait and see".
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