Dawn 2


It was almost midnight… Tonight my parents were out and my sister was sleeping already. I was in my room with my dear Maiko… The blanket was barely covering our bottom as she was laying on the bed, facing up to my face while I was on top of her, moving my hips while our naked bodies rubbed against each other.

Her legs were spread and almost hugging my hips, holding my hands that were supporting my weight. I was moving my hips against her, rubbing my pussy against hers. I simply looked deeply into her eyes, moaning at the same pace as she was.

My breasts were hanging enough to barely rub against her perfect nipples since my hands were on the bed, keeping me up. I moved my hips a little lower as our clits started to touch each other, intensifying our moans. “I love you Mai… I love you with my whole heart!” I slightly screamed between my moans. I could notice how her eyes brightened up as she moved her head up to kiss me passionately.

“I’m only yours…!” she repeated a few times as she kissed me. I felt so happy… I was so happy and I wanted her to feel good. I started to rub my hips harder, making ours breasts bounce up and down, rubbing against each other in the process. “And I belong to you now…” I told her and she nodded and moaned.

I felt my climax getting closer as my pussy rubbed harder and harder against hers. I moaned loud as I screamed her name and felt such a strong climax, coming and squirting her pussy… Soon feeling how she too started to come and squirt my whole pussy. I kept us squeezed together for a while before lying on top of her, breathing heavily on her neck.

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She blushed and hugged me softly… telling me she loved me. “No matter what… let’s stay together forever” I told her. She nodded while I lay beside her, hugging her and closing my eyes. Soon I started to drift into sleep, unconsciously saying “Only yours…”.


Two days later I was sitting on a bench in the school yard, eating my lunch alone as Mai was busy in a club activity. I was concentrating on my food so I didn’t notice until I looked to the left: It was Rin next to me looking directly at my face. I startled and spilled my water by accident. “Haha I’m sorry!” she laughed as she picked up the bottle quickly. “Ow… Why did you do that?” I asked while I recovered and sat again. “You were just so concentrated that I couldn’t avoid it!” She kept giggling as I tried to dry the water off my skirt. “Besides… your freckles make you look beautiful” she reminded me of my New Zealander, though I couldn’t help but blush.

“What are you saying?!” I put the rest of my meat-filled bread on the bench and stood up quickly. “Don’t flirt with me, Rin!” I told her. I noticed her eyes felt lost a little but quickly looked at mine again, “It’s okay right? It’s just… a side thing”. She gave me a little smile and I asked “A side thing?”.

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   “Yes… just that. Not much more…” I wondered for a few seconds what she meant… but then it came back to me.

Rin… this girl, she has suffered a lot. She used to have a long distance relationship, but it was more than that, and it was obvious. It was real love without a doubt. Maiko herself even came to meet that girl once, and she became close to her too. But just a pair of months before Rin’s first anniversary with her… She went away.

She barely said anything, just that she wasn’t the right girl for her and it was a waste of time. She said… completely the opposite of what she and Rin used to believe. She avoided Rin and Maiko completely after that… and she is simply gone now. Rin cried for almost a whole year, non-stop, asking herself for a why over and over again. And even now, Rin still believes she can’t trust anyone anymore. After the girl she trusted the most, destroyed her heart. I feel so horrible for her…

“Rie!” she screamed at me. I shook my head fast, realizing I had been lost in memories.

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   “Oh… sorry. ” I said with a small voice. “What are thinking about?” and then I asked… “Rin… are you okay? Are you…?”.   She understood what I meant right away, and she looked down with those sad, watery eyes she gets whenever she hears about it again. I almost let a tear go down my cheek when I saw her, but I wiped my eye fast. Rin… she is one of the best persons I have ever met. She and Maiko… are probably the two girls our whole classroom loves the most.

Her eyes were still watery, so I quickly told her “Hey Rin… let’s go get Mai”. She barely moved her eyes and answered with a yes.

I picked up the rest of my bread and water, but I didn’t feel like eating anymore. So I just drank my water and dropped it all in the trash can. We then walked together to the baseball field. Maiko was already walking out and towards us. “What were you doing?” asked Rin, to which Mai answered “I had to fix the bases and lines… I messed them up last time”. “You’re so silly you know?” Rin said to her.

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   Mai giggled while I looked at them both. I realized… those two are part of the school’s baseball team… but I’m really bad at baseball so I can’t be with them.

All of a sudden, Rin asked “Hey Mai… would you let me be kinky with your girlfriend?”. Both me and Mai opened our eyes wide; Mai opened her mouth slowly saying “I… g-guess it would be okay… You two are the people I like the most…”. She was obviously shy, and I blushed when I saw Rin lean a bit to me “See… its okay. And would you let me do it with Mai, mmm?”. I blushed a bit more and said “Why not… If Mai lets me… then I let her too. I know she still loves me. ” Mai smiled right after I said that… We both know we will never stop loving each other.

“Good to know!” Rin said just as the bell sounded. “I cleaned it just to use it again in a bit…” said Mai with a sad voice. Rin and I giggled while looking at Mai. “At least you don’t need to clean it again after this!” I said to Mai. “But… I need to get going now.   Be careful with your arm, Rin.

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  ” Rin smiled and said “We will both be alright. ” And Mai told me “Bye my love!” I smiled happily and waved at them as I went to my volleyball practice. I saw them walking towards the field.

An hour later I was looking at the clock; Rin and Mai always come for me after sports practice. I decided to go look for them. As I walked, I looked around, maybe they were coming for me but I didn’t see them. So I went to the field. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, so I went towards the dressing room. I opened the door… and as soon as I did, I heard and saw them.


I kneeled and barely opened the door so they didn’t notice me. Rin only had her panties on, while Mai had her panties and bra. Rin was kissing her, hugging her against the wall. They were saying something but I couldn’t hear anything. Then Rin started to suck her neck slowly, moving her arms behind Mai. She then removed her bra swiftly and dropped it on the ground.

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   Quickly Rin started to suck on her big breasts, immediately heading to her nipples. I knew she loved Mai’s boobs as much as I did, they were really perfect.

She continued to suck them for a bit more before quickly pulling her panties down. Mai blushed but let her continue… Then Rin quickly kneeled down, making her own boobs bounce a bit.

Rin had smaller breasts than Mai… But they still weren’t small. She had something of average breasts, C cup but still very sexy. She has always been of a thin frame, which makes her boobs stand out even more, her medium-size firm butt and her slightly big thighs. You could easily notice a bit of muscle on her body… She quite did exercise.

As fast as she kneeled, she pressed her mouth on Mai’s pussy. I blushed immediately… My girlfriend was being sucked by one of my friends. She started to suck her clit hard, like trying to make her come fast. I suppose she realized her time was limited. Mai let out a big scream of pleasure, holding Rin’s head to her pussy, pressing her own grapefruit-size breasts together in the process. I felt really horny at that site…

I kept watching my girlfriend moaning loudly, rubbing her pussy against Rin’s mouth as she focused on sucking her clit. I could barely see her tongue swirling around her hood while she sucked it hard.

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   Rin had her hands on Mai’s thighs, pressing her against her. Then I noticed Mai started to moan even louder, closing her eyes shut.

Without a doubt… She started to come there, with Rin pressing her mouth hard on her, apparently swallowing everything of her. Even after Mai was done, Rin kissed her hips a little and looked up at her. Rin stood up, and then I realized I could be caught anytime, so I ran out of there fast. It was almost time for the next class, so I was sure they were coming out soon. When I reached the classroom, I sat on my desk and remembered what I had just saw.


It didn’t bother me that they had done it… after all, I did say it was okay and I’m sure of it. But… It really shocked me actually seeing them doing it. It was so much more different than just imagining them. As the days passed, I noticed how the three of us grew so much closer. I never said I saw them, but by now they probably already assumed I knew they had sex together. It was okay though… after all, I still had my love times with my Mai.

Many days passed by and I got used to it, but it was barely just going to be my turn… for Rin and I to have sex too. I was a matter of time after all.

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   We all just got closer each day, keeping it to ourselves.

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