Control, Sam, Contol.......

Mind Control

Her white shirt was too tight to conceal even her tiny breasts and he could see they made an impression not only on her clothing but also on the man sitting opposite. Noted for future use. A respectable, office-length black skirt guarded her legs from all but the briefest exposure. It could not shield her rear when she had walked on board, however, and knew from the panty-line that she was wearing skimpy underwear. He had a closet rebel and that appealed to him more than anything her blonde, short hair or other physical charms could invoke. She was perfect because she less than pure herself, though he wondered where the guilt came from sometimes given that he felt so little and thought so much. The train set off and the commuters engaged in their ritual sleeping, chatting and vacant looks out of the window. There were many pointless stops en route but he knew that office girls only ever went to Lexington, in fact it was the only city, which still seemed to be hiring, so he had all the time he could want. He closed his eyes and saw the carriage clearer. His arms were crossed under his jacket and his hands were free to roam. She felt a soft current of air pass over her chest as he felt her nipples harden in response. Under his jacket his hands were working now, as feet to the swan, as lambs to their ultimate slaughter. She continued to read her paper so he knew he had the pressure just right, enough but not too much so that it could not be explained by normal convection. He had built himself a special place to enjoy and his erection pleased him. The man opposite her was easily in his fifties and practised at not letting his attraction to strangers show. It showed only to the one expert at the covert study of others and it gave him an idea.

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  Sam focused on her skirt that had rode up a little as she crossed her legs. She held he thighs together to shield her modesty but it was the flash of calf that had attracted her admirer. The train rocked from side to side and Sam timed himself with the motion, peeling her hem back minutely with ever movement. Her admirer noticed and became less discreet despite himself. He could not see up her skirt but at this rate she may just expose herself for a microsecond when she uncrossed her legs. It was the kind of sexual-tension he loved at the office, he needed to survive his own sex-poor marriage and he desired it just because he could. The paper shielded her but even if she had seen how her skirt had moved up she would have had no concern. She knew that man was eyeing her up across there and she had the situation well in hand, in fact she loved the power she felt in transfixing him. Had he been younger and cuter maybe she would have played along but this guy was not worthy. Sam waited until she uncrossed her legs and then added just a tiny extra pressure to her inner thighs. It was all over in a second and she felt nothing but embarrassment at her failure, quickly slamming her thighs together again and focusing on her paper with renewed earnest. Damn the train, she thought. Her admirer had struck gold. That brief flash of white panties, moulded around her pussy lips, would be the subject of masturbation for days to come. He would elaborate on that small moment, creating a fantasy that would allow him to use his wife as a surrogate and have this woman again and again.

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   He chuckled inside at his victory whilst Sam chuckled at the erection he saw in the man’s pants. Share and share alike, Sam thought. She was composed again but still began to watch the man opposite…had he seen or not? It was hard to tell from his face but her pride wanted to know. The train rocked and she noticed that the zipper on his pants was undone. He seemed too engrossed in his book to have noticed and, in fact, he was so intent on maintaining this poker-face facade that he had not. His sensible, wifely underwear made her giggle inside. He was no big-boy either, judging from the size of the bulge now exposed, and she pitied the poor woman who had to suck on that just to keep the kids happy. She relaxed, even and proud to know that she could turn men on without trying. As if that idiot could ever get his hands near me, she thought. Time passed and Lexington was only 12 minutes away by now. Sam had been looking at his lack of reflection in the window, or maybe that was his lack of reflection on the man he saw in the window? Whatever, it was not like he was going to be judged. His thoughts turned to her again. Both her and her admirer were now back to their commuter routine and he had given them a couple of minutes to settle into the tedium. Then he put his arms inside his jacket again and closed his eyes. He saw her skirt, covering her crotch, as clearly as is he had been knelt before her.

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   The skirt may prevent him seeing, at this stage, but no barrier could shield the contents from his mind. No audio, no visual and no smell aided him but slow, steady and perfect precision allowed him to place his tongue between the skirt and her panties. Inside his mouth he pushed his tongue slightly further into his right cheek and he felt the panties yield before him. He watched with satisfaction as he saw her freeze and then pressed just a little more, moving his tongue up and down her clitoris. At first she thought her panties had dug into her but now the only thing she knew was that she felt like she was being licked between her legs. She looked down quickly but could see nothing but herself, that man was still over there and this was getting scary now. Was she having a fantasy or a seizure? What the hell was she meant to do now?Sam began to feel her clitoris indent on his tongue. That was the nature of these things – feeling followed by seeing, taste followed by smell and audio. All he had to do was stay in contact and her pussy would be his. She felt her pubic hair getting heavy as Sam reached around his tongue and held it in a soft but vice-like grip. She decided to head for the toilet and try to check herself, heck anything that was less public than this. . . but her pelvis had become a lead weight and she could not move. Oh God that feels good…no, you have to move girl!He could see her pussy now, getting wetter despite her best efforts.

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   She was beautiful, tight yet mature, perfect yet broken. He intensified his tongue and could see he began to squirm, too subtle for anyone else of course but then she was a practised lady. All that mattered was that her inhibitions were falling prey to nature and that he stayed in contact. I want to taste your excitement, my angel. She placed her paper in her lap and then realised the futility of that as it had exposed her face. The paper was swiftly raised anew but not before her admirer had noticed she was becoming agitated. Curious and worth watching, esp as a cover to zipping himself back up. Darn these pants, what a faux pas!Her pleasure was becoming more and more intense and she found herself pinned to the seat by animal passion, all external force was now irrelevant. This feels like Gary giving me head, she thought, and then and aside popped into her head – her boyfriend did not have half the skill. Sam could taste her pussy juices flowing over his tongue as he saw he, eyes closed and head fixed, squirm in silent time to his music. He knew she was past the point of resistance and so he let his hands move to other duties. One moved into her pussy and inserted a single finger alongside his tongue, stimulating her g-spot, whilst the other moved into his baggy pinstriped trousers and took hold of his penis. He was shocked at how hard he was and it was only then that he realised that this woman was affecting him in a way the others had not. As he imperceptibly began to masturbate he felt her pussy slide around his tongue and finger, all in perfect union. When she felt something enter her and touch he g-spot it was all she could do not scream out with pleasure.

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   The carriage melted around her as her whole world became the movement inside her vagina, and the waves of orgasm that were beginning to build as a result. She had never felt such tender, skilled persistence before and it was taking her higher that she felt comfortable with even as the animal inside her pussy cried out for more. Sam felt himself building as the smell of her engulfed him. The smell was clean, musky and abandoned. He drank her pussy juices and felt himself focusing on her too much. Control, Sam, control. He let himself lose the image of her whilst his tongue and finger continued and looked at her admirer. The man was transfixed because she has lost all decorum and had her legs spread wide, whilst she appeared to be in some kind of trance. The skirt though, it still protected her from being seen again by him! He thought quickly and looked around furtively at the carriage. The seats next to him and her were empty but across the aisle were two men and two women. It was a risk but this was too good an opportunity to pass by, Lexington was fast approaching and he had to work quickly. Sam watched as he took a digital camera from his pocket. Oh, ok…nice call sir. I’ll make sure you get a good shot. The admirer pretended to be checking how much space there was on the camera whilst he prepared it and then dropped it with a small thud.


   Reassured that no one had noticed he bent down to retrieve it, his crotch straining at his zipper and causing him intense discomfort. Sam could hear the slurping of her juices as she began to climax and slowed down, teasing her. Her admirer took a shot in the general direction of her vagina, up her open skirt, and sat back quickly to see what he had got. His heart beat as he cycled through the photos…. . wife…. . kids…. the rear of that young intern…. Oh my God…. . He sat in shock as he realised he had seen right into her pussy. Her panties seems to have become caught on the chair, certainly they were pulled to one side somehow. What his fevered eyes could not see however was the slight indentation on her clitoris, but some secrets are not meant for sharing. Sam came quietly and then spent the last minutes of the train teasing her.

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   She had wanted this to stop at first but now he had her, captured by her own animal instincts and a plaything for her captor. Control, Sam, control……. he thought with a silent grin to himself. Finally the train approached Lexington station and she felt a new burst of activity that pushed her over the edge into an explosive orgasm. Sam almost allowed her to maintain her silent façade but he could not help just tweaking the edge of her mouth a little, so that a tiny yelp escaped and made everyone look at her. She was bathed in afterglow and as weak as a kitten but she still managed to turn it into a breathless coughing fit. Resourcefulness was another trait Sam like about her, it made her special and so much more interesting. The train pulled into the station as she composed herself once more. Apart from the confused, delighted and totally awake face she wore she was once more just a commuter amongst the mass. Sam had cum all over his underwear again but hey, what else was not news?He had withdrawn from her but nor before he took a lose strand of pubic hair into his mouth. He had decided that she was worth stage two and hair was the key to unlock that level, so he chewed it and felt her DNA enter his stomach. As the train emptied he waited for her to stand before getting up himself, causing competition for the aisle. He scratched the base of his nose, smelling her pussy juices on his finger as he savoured his triumph, and then allowed her to go on ahead. Her rear wiggled as she walked down the aisle and towards the door in the now empty carriage. Sam stood and watched from the aisle as she walked onto the platform, timing that moment to close his eyes and slap her ass.

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   She shot forward in a mixture of pain; fear and it seemed not a little pleasure. Noted for the future, have a nice day my angel. See you tomorrow. Sam left and entered the business world once more. .