Slowly taking control

Mind Control

Smatt was a loser. he never really had a real girlfriend the only reall thing he was good at was computer and manipulation. He was 13 about 5 5 kinda attractive but he had something witht his teeth that really turned the girls away
He always jacked off at night thinking about the hottest girls in his school Megan Alohi Ashlynn all very ver hot girls. He was always to shy to talk to them and ask them out.
matthew had a stepbrother he kinda looked up to he always got the hot girls and he had caought him fuck them a few times. Later he asked them how he gets those girls and he simply said, " i use this illigal drug i picked up in mexico a couple months ago. what it does is it gives you control of the girls mind temporarirly but really its all up to the girl. "what do you mean its up to the girls?" "here" he said take 2 and give em to some girl ull see what i mean"
about 2 weeks later matthew was in his boring school not paying attention to his boring class except staring at the hot girls ass who sat in front of him. But he did here something when the teacher assigned group projects  o shit he though now i gotta do a stupid project and fail probly. . . he was surprised when he herd that he was grouped with Alohi and Megan " hell ya he thought"
after class megan came up to him and said meet me and alohi at my house after school so we can get this stupid thing done "ok" matt said.
when he got dropped off at megans house he walked in and rememberd he had those 2 pills his stepbrother had given him and thought this may be his chance. the door opened "come on in said megan i told my parents we wud be working on the project for about 2 hours so they went out. "cool" matt said "wud u like some soda?" " sure" megan led him to the living room and there was alohi the hottest hawian girl he had ever seen kinda short with dark brown hair and the best ass a guy cud ever fuck" as he sat down megan set down 3 cans of soda for them then she said " mattt me and alohi have to go upstairs for a minute cud  u hold on?" uhh o. .

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  k? said matt " she laughed just hold on a min" "ok" they walked up and matt new this was the chance he had to do it he quickly pulled out of his bag the two pills and put them into each of the girls drinks he hoped that they were quick dissolving. he sat there getting a hard on just thinking about if it worked.
When they came back they sat there drank soda and talked about the project matt was talking to alohi at the time when suddenly he saw her eyes blink 3 times fast" "are you ok she said" she said yaa i just feel a little weird" "me too said megan" Matt smiled and knew it was working" he then looked at megan and said "megan your so fucking hot" and quickly leaned in for a kiss" the pill over took her and she and him kissed for about 4 mins matt then grabbed her breast and squezed it. "HEY!" she said what are u doing she pushed his hand away "what" matt said " you dont like it" NO! she said "but you do like it" she then had a quick look like she was unsure of herself" he then leaned in for a kiss and they started kissing again" Megan was going out with a boy named kevin they havnt had sex but word around the school was that they were planning too
Megan said :" stop if kevin finds outt. . . " matt then said " you are quickly forgetting about kevin and replacing those thoughts for lust for me" she then said "no what is going on" matt said" nothign you have always felt this way for me hvnt you" Megan said " no" " matt then started to finger megan  "no she said with her certanty gettting weaker and weaker" "No? said matt you want it this is what you want" "oo" she moaned "megan" said alohi what are u doing?" Matt quickly looked at alohi and said "you are forgetting everything and replacing all your memorys and thoughts with lust for me and megan you want us to fuck you and you want to fuck us so bad" alohi said"no" "no" no" matt moved in and grabbed her breats and kissed her "yes" said matt" "matt fu fuc. . fuck me" said alohi: "alohi" said mat "yes?" "tell me that you want to give me control u want to let me do whatever i want to you" "i want you to do whatever you want to me mat i want ur body" said alohi
by this time megan was already fingering herself
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