How I lost My Virginity, and Gained my confidence.

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Let me begin with describing myself. I'm 15, 6' 1" and 160 pounds. I have a muscular build, Long Dark brown hair, and I never have a hard time finding Chicks. The only reason I was still a virgin, until yesterday, was that I was saving myself for a special girl. Not just a one night stand. But yesterday was out of my control. I went to school that day, groggy as ever in first period. We were just listening to music for most of the Period, but at 8:55 more than half the class was leaving for some school activity. There was only like five people left in the room. Ms. Riley said that We were going to watch a movie for an hour, until the rest of class returned. I was bored, and tired, and I had seen the movie before. So I quietly snuck back into the small, warm, Pitch black storage room. It really was pitch black I could barley see anything in there. So I decided to get a quick sleep before class was over. But try and try as I might.

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   I could not get to sleep. I had a troublesome hard-on that would not go away. It was swelling, and I couldn't help but touch it. It felt so good. My cock is about 8 inches, but it felt like 10 in my pants. I checked the time on my cell phone, and found I still had about 50 minutes left. I knew that I had to whack off. I just couldn't take it anymore. I slowly slid out my Erected cock. and started stroking it nice and slow. My other hand was fondling my balls lightly, caressing them. Making my dick even harder. I started going faster and faster as I moved closer to cumming. My balls were slapping against my body and I was about to cum, I couldnt wait. Then I heard somethingSlowly the door opened, and a blinding light filled my eyes.

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   I quickly stopped what I was doing. I was mad that I couldnt have cum first. But it'd have to wait until I knew who opened the door. I glanced up with awe as I saw Ms. Riley, she was shocked at first. Seeing my cock. I wasnt able to hide it. She gasped and looked at it. And to my surprise she came right in the door and closed it. When she closed the door, all the light became absent. And I couldn't see anything. I could hear Ms. Riley breathing. I was nervous, and didn't know what was going to happen. When She grabbed my cock, hard and steady.

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   She stroked up and down, faster and Faster. "Ms. Riley" I said, "Wh-What are you doing?""Doesnt it feel nice Aarohn?" She asked seductivley. "I come in here to see a naughty boy masturbating, but I cant leave him alone. Masturbating is a sin, but me making you cum isn't. "She stroked harder and Harder, and I could feel my self close to cumming. "It feels Great" I moaned, " please, dont tell on me Ms. Riley. ""Tell on you? I hadnt thought of that. . . You'll have to do something for me. And I'll think of not reporting your sick acts in this closet. "Right there I came. All over.

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   I couldnt see where it landed. But she said it was all over her face. and she licked it clean, and cleaned my cock too.   Then without saying anything she left. I sat there thinking Maybe she was going to report it. and I was very nervous. And I couldn't beleive my own teacher just gave me a handjob. Thinking about it. . Gave me another erection. This one was just as troublesome. I thought about Ms. Riley's thin figure. She was half Japanese and half White. And So hot.

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   She had a nice C-Cup breast, and full bouncy ass. Boy would I like to fuck that woman. As I thought my erection got bigger, and harder. Then I heard footsteps, and the door opened. There was ms. Riley again. She had something in here hand. She bent down and kissed me deep with tongue. I loved it. She was an awesome kisser. She felt her hand down on my cock and realized I was hard again. I was getting so horny. I decided to take action. I pulled her shirt off, and Stared at those Nice firm C breasts, well at least what I could see in that dark room. Then I felt them with my hands, softly carressing them.


   And I put my face into them. Smelling, and feeling with my face. I was so hard. I started to unbutton her pants, and she took mine off. As well as my shirt. I pulled her pants to her knees and saw her cute Anime thong, I giggled a little, and took them off too. She had also taken her bra off, releasing her great tits. I loooked at this site before me. And my erection felt stiff, and firm. And ready. she showed me what she had in her hand. "Its condoms and Lube Aarohn. Get ready. Its time to fuck. " She said Commandingly to me.

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   It turned me on a lot"Oh god. Ms. Riley. I'll have you know. I've thought about this a long time. I've wanted to fuck you for so long. I was. . Masturbating to you when you came in. I'm so glad you did. "She laughed and said "all you had to do was ask. Now fucking me and make me cum"I sliped on the condom. and Put some of the Lube on her pussy and my cock. Holding my cock at the base, I slid the head up and down her slit. It was so warm.

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   And Looked so juicy and wet. I slowly slid the head inside her warm pussy. And She moaned. I  leaned down, and fucked her slow and sweet. I took a breast in one hand, and licked, sucked, and bit her nipple lightly. She was obviously enjoying this. With my other hand I Pulled her into me, pushing my cock deep inside her. I started to go faster, and we kissed for what seemed like hour, long perfect, awesome hours. I fucked her hard, and fast now. and she was trying not to scream, and trhen she came. Hearing and feeling her cum got me off too. I was close. "I want to cum in your mouth Ms. Riley!""Hurry!" She said to me. So i pulled out, whipped off the condom, and stuck my cock in her mouth.

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   She took it, and sucked hard. I came in her mouth, load after load, and she swallowed all of it. Smiling at me. Then I kissed her. Deep and long, tasting my cum. but I didn't care. this was the best day of my life. Suddenly the bell rang. She got dressed quickly, and kissed me once again before leaving. I stayed there. and put my clothes on. She knocked on the door after everyone was gone. And opened it. I pushed her against the wall. And stuck my tongue deep inside her throat.

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   And she wrapped her arms around me. I wanted to fuck her again right there. But she had students coming, and I had another class. I Kissed her deep once more, grabbed her tits one last time. And Fingered her pussy just a little bit. I made her suck her pussy juice on one finger, and I the other. "Can we do this again Ms Riley?" I smiled. "I was about to ask you the same thing Aarohn. " she said as she felt my buldging cock. I left after that. And finished the day. I dunno. If we ever will do it again. but there are some new things I wanna try with her. And I cant wait until I have thatr class again.