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Topic: Some bathroom fun  I noticed her when i walked into the living room. She had shoulder length black hair, dark green eyes, a firm, round d cup, and an ass to die for. She was wearing a short blue dress that dipped down in the chest area, giving a great view of her cleavage peaking above the fabric. When I got closer i noticed her nipples errect, showing that she was braless. My god i wanted this girl.
 My friend had just moved into his new house and he had decided on having a party to break the place in. About 20 or so people ended up coming, not staying for long on end. But for some (like me) the seemingly endless supply of drinks and sexy girls, the stays increased. I sat down on the couch eyeing the godess in front of me. She was talking with some girl that looked about 40. Being 24 myself, and the other peers close, this was kinda odd. My eyes stayed glued on her, working her body up and down with my glance, mentally undressing her in my head. I must've became obvious because when i looked up at her face, she was staring at me giggling. I had worked up a small bulge in my pants from the peep show but surely she didnt see that. But whatever it was, i felt embarassed and froze up when she headed in my direction. I simply took a drink out of my plastic cup and thought of everything to say as she plopped down rght beside me on the couch.

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 "Hey there, im Allison, im friends with Jim" She said with a gracious smile.
 "Hey Allison, im Jon, nice to meet you, im friends with jim as well" I extened my hand and matched the smile that she gave. She grabbed my hand and gave it a firm squeeze that seemed to mean something. She added a deep gaze into my eyes. I shook it off and kept talking, trying to keep my eyes on hers. I had noticed it had gotten louder and more people had shown up.
"Why dont we go upstairs and talk in a quiet place?" She said with the innocence of a child. How could i refuse? The hottest girl i had ever met just asked me to go upstairs with her so we could talk. Hell yea. "Sure" I said with a smile and i stood up and followed her as she led up the stairs. I got a perfect view of her ass in the short tight dress, and the small bulge was growing larger pretty quickly. When she reached midway, she grabbed my hand and led me on, a smile on her face. We reached the top of the stairs, and we rounded the corner to the left, walking right past the bedroom. Where were we going? I wondered but didnt say anything. We stopped at the end of the hall and she turned the knob on the bathroom door, taking me in with her.

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 Jims bathroom was pretty spacious and had plenty of room between the toilet and shower and sink. I was confused and intrigued by the fact that we were in here. Out of nowhere she spun me around and softly pinned me against the door, facing her. She leaned in and gave me a deep passionate kiss that gave my body a tingle. She grabbed my arms and kept on with the kiss, not breaking it for a minute or so. I was so bewildered in pleasure that i simply stood there. When she broke it, she leaned her nose on mine. "I saw you looking at me, and from the mound in your pants you enjoyed what you saw. So lets have some fun, shall we Jon?"
 I replied in a half nod, and she gave another kiss. I moved my hands up and down her back, rubbing the firm mound of ass and giving it a gentle squeeze. She whispered a moan and i moved my hands back up, now to her boobs. I still kept the kiss, now fondling her tits behind the restricting fabric. I helped her out of the straps and the dress slid to the ground. Not only had she had no bra on, but no bottoms either. She had the most beautiful tan body i had ever seen.

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   Her tits were perfect, very firm and round, and no sag marks at all. Her stomach was flat and her pussy tight and shaven. She moved toward me again and kissed once more, now moving her hand down to her clit, rubbing the outside of it. She moaned in ectassy, a soft dull moan that lingered for more. I moved my hand down to her pussy but she gently moved my arm away. She looked at me in the eyes and nodded to me.
 She slid off my shirt and threw it on top of her dress. She got on her knees and kissed down my stomach line, licking my semi-abs. She undid my buckle, and slid it off and grabbed the waistline of my boxers with my pants. In one quick motion, my boxers were lying on top of my pants. My dick (9. 5 inches in length) sprang free in its fully errect state. She was hit by my cock and moaned once more in ectassy. She looked up at me and made eye contact as she licked the bottom of my shaft slowly, working her way up my throbbing cock. She did this a couple of times, finally slipping her mouth on my dick.

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   She went down halfway first, slowy and just a warmup. She had one hand on her tits carresing and pinching and grabbing them, the other hand resting on her clit, rubbing it slowly. I had my hands on the back of her head. I threw my head back in pleasure and she went down more, now about 3/4 of the way. She picked up the pace, now moving quickly up and down my long cock. When she went the full way, i felt my dick hit and slap the back of her throat, teasing my head. She went as fast as she could now, fighting back gags, determined to get it all in. I was surprised that she did and it wasnt long before i felt the cum building up inside of me. "Im about to cum" I said in a voice a little over a talk.
 I shot my load violently, in plentiful streams covering her face and lower neck. After my dick finished spirting she licked up all the extra seamen she could, craving for the creamy substance. She simply got up and layed down on the floor, rubbing her clit with one hand and her tit with the other. She had her eyes closed and her head thrown back. I got on my knees and moved forward. "Your turn baby"
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