A Different Dimension of Sex Chapter 5

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The following is an IQ test. If you think anything written here istrue you failed the exam.

In this dimension, sexual harassment lawsuits were rare In fact, womenin the workplace would have felt insulted if they didn't getpropositioned regularly. Their bedroom antics with their coworkers werevalued for keeping the company morale up and company retreats were,instead of being the usual assortment of bullshit feel good waste oftime ablutions meant to play to the idiotic whims of overweeningsuperiors, were mostly just private orgies that built intimacy among thestaff.

This worked both ways, too: if a man inside a company was constantlybeing avoided by the female workforce his superiors would usually beginthinking of moving him toward the door for disrupting the espritd'corps.

"Holy shit, look at those tits! Damn, dude, I have to fuck her oneof these days," Randy Holman said to his colleague at Lee andAssociates Advertising. "Dude, I already have. You should see herwith her clothes off! Go and ask her! She loves sex as much asanyone else. " Just then, the object of Randy's attention, DonnaHarayama, who was distributing the interoffice mail, came walkingback his way. "Hi Donna. " "Hi Randy. " "Hey look, you wanna have sexduring lunch today?" "How big is your cock?" "6. 5 inches and thickwith a mushroom head. " "Okay sweety. " "Cool. Meet me in the lobbyand we'll go over to the motel down the block.

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  " "Okay Randy. See youthen," she waved as she headed back to her floor, her hips swinginginsouciantly.

When lunch finally came around, they greeted each other on theground level of the office building in which they worked. Theygot into his car for the short jaunt to the motel. When they enteredtheir room,  Randy grasped Donna's  arms and looked down on her 5'2'110 pound busty body. Her deep brown eyes seemed to dance in asprightly way when she smiled up at him, her little mouth laced withdark red lipstick. He leaned his head down, slowly wrapped her inhis arms and kissed her, each kiss more heated than the last. "You're a really good kisser, Randy," she giggled. As they continuedto lip wrestle, he unsnapped the buttons on her dark blue blousewhile his cock filled with blood, extending and hardening it. Hisballs filled with cum as he unhooked her bra and watched slip off of her voluminous D cup knockers, which were marked bybig dark brown aureolae and thick nipples. They moaned into eachother's mouths while his righthand manipulated her left breast andhis lefthand pulled her butt toward him so that he could grind hisdick against her stomach.

Randy unzipped her dark blue skirt and it fell around her ankles,leaving her in a pair of white silk panties, brown pantyhose and twoinch black heels. He undressed himself while she watched. "Oooh,nice body, Randy," she cooed, as he put his 5'11" wiry frame withjust enough chest and stomach hair to be hot without seeming like agorilla. He picked her up and gently lowered her to the bed.

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   Hepulled her shoes off of her and then reached inside the waist bandof her pantyhose and patiently rolled them off so theywouldn't tear. He jumped on top of her and went right after herbountiful sweater puppets, lustily sucking them and barely grazing themwith his teeth, too. He buried his face in her cleavage and suckedon the skin covering her sternum, which tickled her. "Fuck Donna,you're a knockout!" he praised. "Thanks sweety. I've been  lookingat you a lot the last couple months, so I'm really glad you asked meout," she replied in a soft voice. He sat up and peeled her pantiesoff of her, revealing a pussy that had been shaved bare. Hersucculent slit shined with wetness and he went after it like a dogdoes for a bone, sucking and licking it as if it was the sweetestpiece of fruit ever picked. He pushed her to the point of expellingfrequent moans and then climbed on top of her so that he could lookat those stellar gazongas. He pierced her opening with his loveknife, slashing it deep into her gash and stirring and pistoning itby undulating his hips. "Oh fuck yes," Donna sighed, as her moistcock pocket ground against his penis. Her heavy headlights waveredback and forth while the bed rocked with each thrust of the hips thatpropelled his spear into her.

She pulled him down on top of her, her erect milk ducts against hischest and her legs on his shoulder blades to receive him as far intoher as she could. "Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck, Randy," she panted, herdark red nails imprinting shallow ruts into his back as his plowingof her brought him closer and closer to being able to seed her pinkrow. The sensations rose within her like they were a dose of heroin,as she could feel the hot euphoria begin to overtake her while hemaintained his attack, his urgent jabbing of her sex putting herjust about there.

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   "Oh shit! (pant pant pant) Ohhhhhhhhfuuuuccckkkkkk (pant pant pant) fuck fuck (pant pant pant)" and thenshe emitted a strangled cry and clutched him tightly as she felt thesurge of lightning bolt through her, her body and face flushed red. He continued pounding his turgid cock up the middle of her halfJapanese, half-Italian body and then drained his passion juice intoher lovehole, releasing it with a long grunt and then a series ofshorter ones.

He rolled off of her, pulled her head on to his shoulder and kissedher. "Man, Donna, you're just so killer," he grinned. "Randy, youmake me super hot," she revealed. "So you're single, right?" heasked. "Yeah. Are you?" "Yeah. But we can end that right here," heinsinuated. "Oh really?" she smiled. "Absolutely, babe. So can I getget a 'yes' on that and we can get dressed, go back to work and thenspend the weekend together fucking our brains out?" "Yes," shechirped before giggling. 'Sweet!"

So the new boyfriend and girlfriend returned to their workplace andpicked up where they had left off. "Hey Jeff," he barked to hisbuddy in the cubicle next to him. "Yeah?" "Dude, you were totallyright about how she looked naked.

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   Yowzah!" "No shit, dude. She's gotone smokin' little body and a gorgeous face. " "Yeah. So I asked herto be my girlfriend. " "Fuck man, you move fast. " "Yeah," Randychuckled. "Fortunately, she accepted, so I didn't make a totaldouche of myself. " "Congratulations, bro. I'll remember that thenext time I fuck her. " "I bet you will," Randy laughed.

When she returned to the mail room, the other girls pounced on her. "So, how was it?" "It was really enjoyable, but also a littleweird. " "What do you mean?" a coworker asked. "Even though I thoughthe was kind of cute, when he asked me to go to the motel with him, Ithought it would be just another session of recreational sex. But assoon as he took his shirt off something just clicked inside me and Ifound myself falling in love with him, which, of course, made mewant to fuck him more.

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  " "That is weird," another colleague remarked. "I usually only fall in love with them after we fuck," she giggled.

Once their workday ended, they met again in the lobby and he gaveher directions to his place, which was 12 miles away. He got therefirst and had a chance to straighten his apartment up a bit beforeshe knocked on his door. "Sorry it's such a mess," he apologized ashe let her in. "I would probably be more surprised if a guy kept hisplace neat," she laughed. "So here is the plan," he announced. "I'llgive you a massage while you have a bubble bath and then I'll have ashower and then we can go have dinner together. " "I'd really likethat," she evaluated brightly. Since she didn't have a change ofclothes, she went  into his bedroom and carefully shed her outfitand laid it out on his bed, except for her pantyhose, which she justrolled up and stashed in her purse, deciding to go bare legged tothe restaurant. Now completely naked and with her hair tied into abun, she went into the bathroom, where he had already drawn a bubble bathfor her. "You're making me feel likea princess, Randy," she giggled. "Hey, if the bathtub fits, soak init," he riposted. "Tell me when you're ready for your massage babe. Take your time.

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  " "Thanks. You're so sweet. "

While she was in the bath, he warmed up some scented massage oil andthen let it cool to make sure it wasn't too hot. 20 minutes later,she called to him and he went to her with the massage oil in handattired only in his boxers, which he removed. He slipped in behindher, Donna now between his legs and reclining against his chest. Hedrizzled the massage oil on her shoulders and dug his fingers intoher muscles. "Oh yes," she sighed, as she felt his hands working hershoulders as well as the back of her neck. He watched the way herbreasts bobbed in the gently sloshing water as she closed her eyesand enjoyed the caress of the water and the sensations of hermuscles being worked. He reached around and very tenderly exertedjust the barest pressure on those tits, her nipples jutting underhis palms. "Mmmmm" she hummed, as she was becoming so relaxed shecould almost go to sleep. She turned her head slightly and he cranedhis and kissed her softly. Then he soaped her shoulders up and shesunk them under the water to rinse the lather off. He wrapped her ina towel when she stepped out and turned the shower on as she driedherself off.

When he concluded his shower, she was already dressed. He put onsome fresh clothes, embraced and kissed her, taking in her freshscent.

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   They set out for the restaurant and returned to Randy'sapartment a little over two hours later. They stripped and got intobed. "Thanks for that, Randy. You've made this a really enjoyableday for me.   It was a really nice way to end the work week" "Totell  you the truth Donna, I really liked doing that for you. Itjust felt right. " She smiled and they started making out, Randykissing her in a mellow manner as he repeatedly ran his hands up anddown her little body. He gradually rolled on top of her, lookingdown into her pretty eyes and feeling those firm breasts and nipplesagainst his chest. He scooted down toward the end of the bed and hadher hand him a pillow, which he put under her to raise her butt tomake her vulva easier to access. He lapped, flicked and slatheredhis tongue all over her clit and added various suction rhythms alongwith it. She began to go off like the fourth of July, her nakedpetite body writhing and twisting in ecstasy, making it harder forhim to keep his mouth on her love button.

He positioned himself back on top of her, pushed his cock into herand held it there. "So how do you want it, sweetheart, slow, mediumor fast?" he inquired. "Mmm, take it slow baby," she requested andso he did, smoothly and very gradually moving his penis in and outof her while they kissed and moaned. "You look like you're feelingpretty laidback right now," he commented.

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   "Mmmmmm, definitely baby. Your cock feels so good," she sighed. He propped himself back on hisarms and subtly picked up the pace of his thrusting as his eyesfocused on her mixed race face, voluptuous breasts and cute tummy,her breathing becoming more erratic. "Fuck Randy, that feelsamazing," she whimpered and then her breathing became panting. Hesped up his thrusts and she was climbing higher and higher up themountain of pleasure and, with one frantic burst, he propelled herto the summit, causing her to claw at his shoulders and back. Shewas now on a rollercoaster of vivid euphoric convulsions. Fiveminutes later, he offloaded his creamy burden into her. He pulledher body toward his as he lay on his side. "You look like you wantto go to sleep," she said in a blissful tone of voice. "Yeah, thishas been a pretty tiring week," he admitted. She stroked hisforehead, kissed him and they both fell into a deep, placidslumber.  

Night passed into morning. Two blocks down from Randy's apartmentwas a housing development which included the residence of the Farlowfamily. Tina Farlow, a thin 5'4" 16 year old blonde came boundingdown the stairs just after 10 a. m.

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   and into the living room of theirhome naked, her Hershey's Kisses shaped A cups jiggling slightly. "Daddy, can you help me?" she said to her father Hank, who waswatching a college football game on television. "What is it honey?"he wondered. 'Daddy, I'm really horny right now, but the boys I knoware all busy. " "What about your brother?" he rejoindered. "He wentto the plunge with his buddies. Come on daddy, you're better in bedthan they all are anyway. Please?" she pouted. "Okay baby. Wait forme in my bedroom. I'll be up in a minute. " "Thanks daddy!" shecheered.

Dan Farlow gulped down a glass of water and then headed up to hissecond floor bedroom and slipped into bed with her. His eyesjourneyed over her taut body and his mouth involuntarilywatered when he peeped the hairless little slit she had shaven onlythe night before. "I love it when we can share this time togetherdaddy," she smiled.

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   "I can't believe how quickly you've grown up,' heburbled. "It seems like only yesterday I was with your mom in thehospital watching you being born and now you're big enough to have anice screw with me. Man, time goes by fast. It won't be that long beforeme and your brother will be fucking your daughter or your son will beramming your mother somewhere down the line. " "That'll be so beautifulwhen I can take my son's dick, daddy, or my daughter can share you withme. " He smiled at his foxy little offspring and kissed her passionately,conveying his fatherly love for her with his lips as well as his lustfor her body.

His 44 year old cock was as hard as stone as he sucked on those bitesized milk ducts of hers and his ears drank in the sighs of her risinghorniness. He ran his righthand over her stomach, feeling her soft skinand the roundness of her mound as his fingers trailed down to heralready shimmering with wetness cunt. . He repeatedly nuzzled the areabetween her labia. "Sorry honey, but I just can't stand it anymore," hedisclosed, aborting his foreplay and positioning himself on top of her. He placed his fat, seven inch ramrod at her opening and shoved it allthe way in. "God daddy, I never get tired of feeling you inside me," shehalf panted. "You make your daddy life so happy, kitten," he grinnedbefore initiating thrusting. She closed her eyes to enjoy the sensationsand the emotions of this father-daughter bonding experience  As hispole began its campaign of repeated ravaging, he held her tight againsthim and kissed her hard, their tongues slithering around each other's.


  "Ohhhh daddy," she groaned, "Ohhhh yes, oh yes, ahhhh, daddy, your cockis the best," she extolled. She felt the fever slowly ramping up insideof her while he took in the exquisite friction from her wet, graspingvaginal walls, their mutual familial moans filling the room with a senseof intimacy. Oh yes daddy, please fuck me harder," she begged and hedid, jackhammering her teenage pussy until it spasmed uncontrollably andcaused her to produce screams that were interdicted by her rapid pants,raising her hips so she could slam her love channel back on to his fuckstick.

He looked at how flushed her face was, lending it a cute, rosy hue thatonly increased his lust for her, his hips a blur as he pounded his spikeinto her and causing her to cum in a shuddering rush before he filledher young womb with his mature sperm. "Fuck Tina, you're such a gift,"Dan praised. "It's too bad you don't like football because I would loveto hold you while I watched the game. " "Daddy, you know how much I lovebeing cuddled by you. How about we all sleep together tonight, you, meand mom?" 'Sorry honey, but your brother would feel left out sincethere's barely enough room for three of us in my bed. Let me talk toyour mother and see if she would be willing to sleep with him so you andI can be together tonight. " "That would be so hot, daddy. Thank you!""No, thank YOU baby. You're the greatest little girl a man could askfor. "