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WE  LOVE  BEING DIRTY FUCKERS We have been together for a couple of years; From the moment we met there was a spark  a mutual attraction, i. e. We both wanted to fuck each other’s brains out. I know I don’t want any other woman Allison is the woman you hope you will find before you are old and past your best. I’m Tom and this is what happened. Alison is a stunner long dark hair, big boobs, great body and as I was to find out an open mind / filthy mind. lol  So when we had been together a couple of months and you are still at the finding each other’s likes + dislikes, I asked if she ever fantasized about having more than one guy or had she ever been in a situation like group sex … etc.  She hadn’t ever been or thought about it which as we both discovered is no bad thing and after chatting about it and being honest with each other, we both got turned on with the thought of another guy being there with us and so we tried it 1 night. And it was fun horny + a big turn on watching Allison with another guy, sucking his fat cock and things just came natural I knew what she was thinking and vice versa. So we have met a few guys through an adult website, and they have all been fun  and we have turned into a pair of dirty fuckers both encouraging each other to be as bad as we can be + we like the same thing I like to watch a big cock fucking her and she likes me watching lol and we know what turns us on, but nothing would have prepared us for the fun we had about a month a go, we had arranged to meet a guy here on business.  It was a Friday night and he had kindly booked us into the hotel in the city centre where he was staying, and we met him around 8pm we just went to his room, and had a few drinks good chat and felt at ease/ horny and wanting to get naked. Lol We moved to his bedroom and Allison wasn’t slow in jumping on the bed and we joined her Allison got his jeans unzipped  she pulled his cock, her words were “fuck me” we looked at each other and we both thought the same filthy thoughts, it’s a huge turn on. His big cock just made us worse. We knew each other inside out,  A liked it when I would tell the guy to fuck her, And when I said to Alan to “fuck her”  I moved and lie beside her  and when he pushed his thick  hard cock inside her, Hearing her gasp I almost felt it lol she  looked at me and said that’s so good so I started to kiss her +carried on kissing down her body as Alan started to fuck a bit harder and deeper and seeing how good it was making her feel made me so fucking horny told Alan to lie on his back and Allison slowly pushed his huge cock inside her and I was kissing her neck+her ears she sat on his fat dick and I moved down, seeing his big dick was filling her pussy I got my tongue deep as I could in her ass, making her shudder and she said she was going to cum I kept my tongue in her ass while Alan was pounding his dick deep inside her . Then I pushed my hard cock inside her pussy so we could both fuck her and after a tight fit we both started fucking that pussy. Allison was screaming with pleasure it felt so good 2 of us fucking her.

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   And when Alan said he was going to cum we both wanted him to spunk his hot juice deep inside her, A told him to cum, she was so horny she was telling him to fill her cunt I pulled my dick out and when they both came together; he groaned as he pumped his cum deep inside her as Ali had waves of orgasm and fuck she was amazing. What a turn on as she collapsed on top of him the cum was running down his dick and I said to lie on her back and relax, forgetting my earlier request for her to show of her drenched wet pussy. She opened her shaking legs and touching herself asked if I could see how wet she was. I went down on her soaked pussy and gently licked her, my dick rock hard.  As I lay beside her she said, “your dick is going to feel so good when you fuck me” Now what happened next is legend.  We had been oblivious to the phone ringing for a while and as it was constant , Alan answered and to keep a long story shorter, some of  Alan’s co-workers or staff  had been evacuated from their hotel don’t  know why. And they were unable to get rooms to accommodate them so were asking for help. The conversation ended and he explained the situation, and said they would just need to sort it out themselves. But when the phone rang again we heard him say the 2 of you will need to stay in the bar or lobby till l8r on, I just said to Allison what was on my mind, I wouldn’t mind having a couple of guests join us jokingly of course, A replied you’re a dirty b. stard!  the saying goes ( be careful what you wish for) Alan hung the phone up and asked what we were laughing at?  Allison replied T was just saying how he would like to have a couple of extra guests lol  Jokingly I think… I had been touching Alli soaking wet pussy and she was as turned on as me but we were both stunned when Allan said if we wanted to have company he would gladly ask. He then proceeded to tell us the 2 guys in the bar had been with him for 20yrs and had previously enjoyed a few wild nights over the yrs. I looked at A + said your soaking wet its going to feel so good when your getting fucked. She was so horny we both nervously said we wouldn’t mind, in fact we wanted to have them join us. He laughed and said it wasn’t a problem he put a shirt +jeans on and said he would be back in 5-10 mins.  We were so horny I was down licking Allison’s cum soaked pussy letting the spunk run out down her ass pushing my tongue in letting her see me gently spitting another guys spunk all over her shaved pussy, I wanted to see her getting fucked by 2 or 3 dicks and told her to just do what she wanted, her reply was I want them to fuck me while your next to me.

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   And that’s exactly what happened when Alan returned he was alone Allison laughed,  sh. t it lol  No they are through in the other room, said Alan as he took of his shirt and jeans his dick hard and then they came in 2 well-dressed guys as Allison lay between myself and Alan both of us hard dicks and Allison shaking with anticipation as she took Allan’s huge cock in her mouth and with me moving down her body she started sucking Bills cock while I told the other guy to fuck her and he pushed his cock inside her pussy still soaking wet with cum she looked amazing dirty bitch. I wanted to see her with 2 dicks in her pussy and she gladly obliged taking Bill and Alan inside her she was so horny she said she wanted to feel them cum while I was watching and she lay on her back and Bill spunked his load inside outside all over her pussy, don’t think the guy had came in yrs. Lick my pussy while they cum she said. And it was the horniest thing I’ve ever seen been or done, Watching them fill her pussy one after the other feeling her grab my head as she felt them filling her pussy with hot juice and telling me she was going to cum as Jack filled her pussy and she told him suck her big hard nipples, it was more of a turn on than I could ever imagined as she pulled her legs wide apart spunk flowing out of her she said fuck me baby…… The feeling of my dick in her hot hot pussy was so good she came and kept cumming,  It was a dirty session we were not expecting it but look forward to the next time an opportunity knocks…… xxx