The Time Shifter Chapter 14


I felt like something the cat dragged in when I left the two bikerguys' house. I took a nice long shower, washed my hair, brushed myteeth and felt like a human being again. My pussy was throbbing, andnot in a pleasant way, from the pounding it took the night before. So I just wore a little cotton skirt all day with no panties, tryingto keep that area as untouched as possible in the hope it would healquicker. My jaw was aching, too, from Nick skullfucking me.

By Monday, my coochie was ready to rock again. Pete apologized forleaving me in the lurch by not fucking me. I told him I understoodand wasn't mad at him. We had another rehearsal after school, thisone with Joe in tow to practice what songs he had learned to thatpoint. He still had a ways to go as far as the number of tunes thatwere under his belt were concerned before he could play out with us.

Tuesday and Wednesday, we burned up the phones and booked a coupleof evening gigs at different university cafes and one during the dayat a junior college that would require us to miss about two hours ofschool. We used being booked for the prom as a kind of springboardby which we could gain credibility. The college and jc gigs didn'tpay anything, so they were just for fun for us although, since I waspaying our two man road crew and our soundman for their labor, I waslosing a few hundred dollars. But who cares when you have billionsin the bank?

We continued to hustle for shows and we were able to land somejunior high dance gigs for September and October, which were paying(not a lot, but they would more than cover my costs).

Then we decided to do some park rec hall shows, too, to keep ourhand in during the summer. We would have to then pay for security,too, so the likelihood we would break even at $5 a head was prettyremote unless we'd be able to sell lots of merch.

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   But who buyst-shirts from a cover band? Nobody. But again, it was a way to havefun and stay sharp. Thus, the losses weren't anything approachingdaunting.

On the 25th of the month, we performed at a Cal Poly student cafeand played two one hour long sets with a half hour break in betweenWhy they scheduled it that way, I don 't know. They tell us when toplay and we do what they want. That's the deal with being a coverband.

On the other hand, when we played the Friday night at an area UCschool, we were on for two and a half hours straight through. Thiswas by far the longest we had played at a stretch and we had to paceourselves. We put in more mid-tempo numbers such as 'Rebel Rebel" byBowie, which II had taught to the band just two days before (thealbum it was on had just been released), and Trower's "Day of theEagle. " We also performed an extended version of Purple's slow bluesnumber "Mistreated. " The cafe manager liked our performance enoughto bring us back two weeks later, except on a Wednesday. .

What was funny about that, though, was that toward the end of theFriday set, when I was all sweaty and felt gross, a student who washalf in the bag walked up to the front of the stage and tried to getmy phone number in between songs. I just ignored the request and hewalked away halfway through the next tune.

The junior college appearance was outdoors on the following Tuesdayand we were permitted an hour.

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   The small crowd of about 50 liked us,though they weren't exactly going wild. On a commuter campus likethat it's hard to hold anyone's attention or get them to stop in oneplace, especially to watch a cover band. But we got to show off infront of a collegiate crowd and that was cool enough for us.

That Saturday, I made a big batch of chocolate chip cookies (sixdozen, one dozen I kept for myself), piled them on a saran wrappedplate and, dressed in just jean shorts, a blouse I tied off justunder my bust line, flip flops and no underwear, I took them over toBobby and Nick's. "Well, look who's here! How ya doin' hon?" Bobbygreeted. "Hi sweety!" I returned as I hugged him. They were with twoof their friends working on their bikes in the driveway. I said thatI brought the cookies just as a way to keep in touch. Bobby had meput them on the coffee table in the living room. I came back out andhugged Nick, who then introduced me to his two buddies, Frank, whowas a mountain of a guy at maybe 6'5" and built like a pro wrestlerwith a reddish brown beard. The other friend was Jim, a really cute,tanned man just short of six feet in his early 30's with a handlebarmustache. Nick said that Jim had served in Vietnam together with himand Bobby (the draft had just ended at that time). "You're Korean,right?" Jim asked. "Well, that's my ancestry," I said. "I've neverbeen there.


  " "I spent some time there in '66," he revealed. "It wasa lot of fun. " "Maybe next time I'll bring over some kimchi and youcan relive your time there," I giggled.

I took Bobby aside and asked, "sweety, can you help me withsomething?" "Sure hon, what ya got?" I took some plans for a modularstage I wanted built that I had drawn on a piece of notebook paperout of my pocket. He made some suggestions on how I could shore itup and make it more stable. I wondered if his shop could buld it. "Sorry hon, but we mainly make parts for jets and things like that,"he informed me. "Well, there is one other thing that maybe you andNick can help me with," I imparted, telling him that we neededsecurity for some upcoming gigs at the rec and legion halls. Ioffered to pay each of them $35 a show for seven hours (which wastwice the minimum wage of the time) plus a case of beer. I alsoindicated that I didn't want any Altamont repeats and their way ofdealing with miscreants was to restrain them and let the policehandle their disposition. We were going to, though, allow theaudience to smoke pot, unbeknownst to the hall owners, and noalcohol would be served. So the small audiences we were expectingshould be pretty mellow. "Tell ya what, Melody, you give us anothergo around in bed with you and we got a deal. " I laughed. "I wasgoing to give you that anyway, Bobby.

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  " We hugged on it and theinformal contract was concluded.

"Hey, have you guys eaten yet?" I wondered. They said they hadn't. "Do you mind if I make dinner for you?" "Hell no! What's for dinnermama?" Nick riposted. "You're all probably meat and potatoes kind ofguys, right?" "Damn straight there me lady," Bobby smiled. "Look, ifI make this for you, you have to drink wine, and good wine, notBoone's Farm or any of that swill, with it. Agreed?" "I wouldn'tmind some wine," Frank grinned. "Bobby, I need you to go with me soyou can buy the wine since I'm underage. "You got it kiddo," heconsented. After making sure that Frank and Jim were going to stayfor dinner, Bobby and I traipsed off to the supermarket.

Aside from the food, I had to buy wine glasses because they didn'thave any and I had Bobby pick up a good red wine.

The first thing I did was saute some pieces of chicken breast andput them on skewers as appetizers. I brought them out to the guys asthey continued to jaw with each other and fool around with theirbikes. They loved it. Then I marinated a sirloin steak, grilled itand accompanied it with potato slices with the skins still on and string beans.

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   I plated it and put it on the table and poured thewine into the glasses. "Come and get it!" I shouted through thescreen door. "But wash your hands first!!" I demanded. Like littleboys obeying their mothers, they did that and sat down. We toastedthe boys who didn't make it home from the war. Then I said, "welcomehome, guys. " We dug in and they were over the moon about how good itwas.  

"Shit Melody, you're going to make somebody a good wife someday,"Nick proclaimed. "That's going to be a day that's a long time incoming," II giggled. "I already have a family and they're namedMarshall, Gibson and Fender," I added. While the kibitzing was goingon, I was making googly eyes at Jim. God,  he was a hottie! Hecountered my glannces with winks and smiles. We all had a couplemore glasses of wine and then we retired to the living room. Nicksparked up a joint while Bobby brought beers out for everybody. After that first joint plus the alcohol, I was wet and horny.

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   Mynipples were rubbing the material of my blouse and were erect. I'msure they were noticeable,  but I didn't know for sure. Nick rolledanother spliff and we passed it around. "Hey Melody, why don't yougive us lap dances?" Nick proposed. I was really giddy and gigglynow and feeling the rushes from the pot hitting me over and over. Iwas so wet I was perceiving that there was a wet spot in the crotchof my shorts. Whether it was actually visible on the outside or notI had no idea.

I stood up and looked at Frank, who was sitting next to me. I turnedmy back to him, put my arms straight out and undulated my hips whilebending over slightly. Everybody hooted while I spun my body aroundand bent over toward Frank and gave him a quick peck. I did the samefor Bobby and Nick. Jim was sitting on the floor on the other sideofthe coffee table. I gingerly stepped on top of it since I knew itwould take my weight and, after doing a slow shimmy in front of him,I bent over and pulled the top of my blouse down slightly toward thefloor to give him a partial visual of my tits. Then I spun around,shimmied and shook and bent over again so he could get up closeand personal with my ass. I felt his hands on me and then my hipsbeing pulled downward.

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   I fell off the table and into his lap whilegiggling like mad. I gave him a quick kiss and then took anothertoke as the third joint of the night got to me. I had Frank hand memy half finished beer and slugged as much as I could down in onefell swoop. Bobby went to get everybody more beers and handed me onejust as I had finished the other one off. We finished the thirdjoint and another one quickly took its place (pot was cheap backthen, $10 an ounce). .

I swigged off of the beer and then the blunt reached me again and Itook a big draw off of it before chasing it with another swallowfrom the beer. I was now pretty wasted and was both drunk andstoned. Jim untied the knot in my blouse and I wasn't of any mind tostop him. He started kissing me as he slipped the buttons of theshirt back through the holes. and pulled it off of me, exposing my Ccups. I didn't care that the other guys were watching me since Jimhad shifted into sucking on my nipples, causing me to sigh inagonizingly slow breaths. After inhaling another dose of weed, I waspretty much reacting by instinct. My entire world narrowed to whatJim was doing with my nipples and my pussy was drenching my shorts. It felt so warm and slick.

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   "Don't bogart that chica man," Nickcalled. I knew I was in for it now, but I couldn't have cared less. I was just this side of unconscious.

Jim toppled me on to the floor, undid the buttons of my shorts andpulled them off. "No pubic hair man. How old did you say she was?"Frank inquired. "16, dude. " "I shave it," I only half consciouslydrawled. He rolled me over and pulled my hips up so that I was nowon all fours. The next thing I felt was Jim's nice big 8. 5 inch cockbeing shoved into  my sopping cunt. God, the sensation when he didthat was out of this world! Frank stomped around in front of me andpulled his meat out. Fuck! It was enormous! It had to be nine inchesand thick as my wrist. He slid that monster between my lips and Icould only get maybe three inches of it in before I gagged. I was sorelaxed that my body was kind of limp and I was letting them dowhatever they wanted.

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   My vaginal muscles had a grip on Jim's cockthat felt amazing and it wasn't long before I felt the voltage of myfirst orgasm of the day spike in my brain. Frank's huge dick muffledmy dreamy screams of ecstasy

Jim continued ravaging my slit while Frank's deep voiced moansrattled around the room and out through the front door, which wasstill open. My second orgasm soon rent what remained of my senses,putting me in an even greater stupor. I felt Jim extract his cockfrom my comfort hole. He came, but I didn't feel it. Frank, whoobviously didn't get a very satisfying blowjob from me, slippedaround back and started endeavoring to insert his massive weaponinto me. I was eventually able to take it all, but it took a fewminutes for my vagina to stretch enough to accommodate it. Thepressure on either side of the opening was immense, but once he gotup a good thrusting rhythm, it felt unreal and I was cumming rightand left. Nick had scrambled out of his chair and driven his dickbetween my lips and, like he did the time before, he skullfucked me. My mouth was just kind of hanging open anyway and my body seemed tobe one big convulsion because the force 10 friction from Frank'splowing tool was overloading the nerve endings with pleasuresignals. "Fuck, this gal is tight!" Frank boomed. Thinking about itnow I wonder how much the neighbors heard. I coughed and gagged whenNick's sperm hit the back of my throat. Bobby's cock replaced him,which was a lot easier to handle than Nick's or Frank's. A coupleminutes later, as yet another climax was claiming me, Frank pulledout of me after emitting what sounded like a roar, which had to makemy opening gape.

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   Bobby wanted my pussy, so he pulled out of my mouthand moved around in back of me while Jim stepped up and stuck hismanhood into my yapper. Bobby fondled my tits as he plunged hisflesh knife into me, which only added to the carnival of sensationsI was experiencing. A few minutes later, after Bobby had blasted hisballjuice into me (again, I didn't feel it), he went and got abottle of Vodka and shot glasses as Nick was lining his prong upwith my opening.

Bobby brought the glasses and the bottle into the livingroom withhim and poured us each a shot. Jim withdrew his delicious shvanzfrom my mouth, grabbed one of the shots from Bobby and poured itdown my throat while they all downed shots themselves. I coughedsince I wasn't used to straight alcohol. Even when I drank a lot inhigh school, it was always mixed drinks except when I was imbibingSouthern Comfort. Then Bobby poured us each another shot and, again,Jim dropped one into my mouth. When I finished hacking, Jim slippedhis dick back between my lips just as I began to cum again fromNick's reaming of my pussy. He fucked me for a good while, or so itseemed, before he turned me over again to Frank. Jim spewed into mymouth a few minutes later as my body shivered time and again fromthe overwhelming orgasms Frank was giving me.

Nick lit up a pinner and passed it around. Bobby had me take acouple of deep tokes off of the joint before passing it back around. This re-energized my high and Bobby was back in my mouth as Frankcontinued to mercilessly savage my now well battered pussy. At thatpoint, it just became a blur and they fucked me repeatedly in myvagina and my mouth until they were completely spent, which wasaround 10 o'clock.


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