Lost & Found Part 6


Just then, Brandy walked into my room. She looked adorable, wearing just little t-shirt and a tiny pair of form fitting string bikini bottoms. She spoke, “So, I see you are ready for bed. ” nodding towards my boxer shorts. “Yeah, um, we need to talk about that, Brandy. ” I said“Oh, no. Not more rules. ” she whined. “No, honey, not more rules. ” I assured her. “Its just that usually only grown-ups do what you did the past two nights. ” I went on to explain how those things weren’t usually done, and how I could get into a whole lot of trouble, and she would be put into a foster home if anyone found out. “But,” she pleaded, “I like doing that! It’s really fun to watch a boys face when they shoot their stuff. And your stuff tastes really good. I want to do it for you because you are so nice. ” She was almost crying.

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   That decided it for me. “Sweetheart, it doesn’t matter if you like it or want to do it, all that matters is that you never tell anyone that you are doing it. ” I declared. She stopped in mid sniffle. “Does this mean…?”“Yes, my dear, little thing, you can help me get to sleep. ”“YEA!” she squealed as she pounced forward, wrapped her arms around me and knocked me back onto the bed. The hug only lasted a second as she scooted down my body, grabbed my boxer shorts by the legs, and pulled them down. She was between my legs as my cock sprang out for her to work on. And work on it she did. She got my cock-head slippery with her spit, and started stroking my cock up and down. Sticking her tongue out to a point, she held my cock in her left hand and licked around the head. She then pushed the tip of her tongue against the underside of my cock head, and worked it down my shaft to my balls. When she got to my balls, she started sucking one, and then the other, and started to stroke my cock again. She stopped sucking my balls, but kept stroking my cock. Then, she started using my balls and her tongue as a paddleball game, bouncing my balls on her tongue as she stroked my cock.

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   I looked down to see her baby-blue eyes looking back at me. I could see a smile creep across her face as she bounced my balls on her tongue. Never breaking eye contact, she stopped paddleballing my nuts. Before I could object, I felt her nine-year-old tongue on my asshole. She flicked it, and then slid it in. I’ve never had gay sex, nor do I want to, but I do love having my asshole played with. And this little ass-eating angel pushed me over the edge once more. I started to cum. Brandy felt my cock tense and immediately stopped rimming me and clamped her mouth over my cock. She was able to co-ordinate her sucking with her stroking. Her head bobbed up and down at the same time as her hand stroked my cock. I was just about to shoot when I felt her grab my balls and squeeze. I exploded into her mouth and she never missed a pulse and, as she did the previous times, made sure she drained my cock completely. She looked quite pleased with herself as she smiled at me, her lips glistening with my cum. “Yummy.

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  ” is all she said. She started to get up to go to bed when I spoke. “Brandy, wait. Don’t leave yet. ”“Is something wrong?” she asked. “It isn’t right…” I started to say when she cut me off. “But you said I could. ” she interrupted. “I know. And it is ok, honey. What I was going to say was that it isn’t right that you are giving me all of this pleasure, and I’ve not given you any. ”“What do you mean by that?” she inquired. “If it is alright with you, I’d like to give you the same pleasure you’ve given to me. ” I told her. “How can you do that? I don’t have a thing to suck on.

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  ” she said with a cocked head. “May I show you how?” I asked gently. “Ok. ” Brandy said, still not sure of what was going on. I stood up, my cock still hard. “Take off your clothes and get on the bed. ” I told her. She stripped off her shirt and panties with the same ease she had done since the day she got to my house and laid on her back. “If you are scared, or if I hurt you, just tell me to stop and I will. You don’t have to do this. ” I tried to sound calm even though I wasn’t. “Do you understand?”“Yes. I just don’t know how you are going to give me the same fun that I gave you. ” “Just lay there and let me show you. ” I smiled.

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   I got on the bed with Brandy. I put my hand on one side of her body, and leaned down with my head. I puckered up a kiss, and placed it directly on her left nipple. She flinched. “Are you ok?” I asked, drawing back from the nipple kiss. “Yeah, I just wasn’t expecting that. I’m a little ticklish” she said shyly. “I’ll stop any time you want me to. ” I reassured her. “No, its ok. I’m OK now. ” she said with grin. I looked down and her nipples were now hard. I’d seen them several times, but they had always been puffy, and that was the only part of her chest that stuck out at all. She didn’t have any breasts yet, but, apparently, that didn’t mean her nipples weren’t sensitive.

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   I leaned back down and kissed her nipple again, this time applying a little suction to it. A quick wisp of air passed Brandy’s lips as I sucked. I slowly twirled my tongue around her nipple and ran it across her chest where breasts would be someday. I ran it across to her right nipple and did the same. Her nipples tasted different than any other nipples I’d sucked on. I don’t know how to describe them, other than to say that they tasted delicious. I continued to suck on her nipples, and Brandy started to react. She closed her eyes, opened her mouth, and slowly moved her head from side to side. With my left hand, I gently squeezed her right nipple as I sucked on her left one. Brandy gasped. I was very happy that she was enjoying this. I never intended this to happen, but I was proud that she was learning tender love. Not rough love by some boy in the back of a car who cared more for the thrill of the conquer than the thrill of sharing love. I released her nipple from my hand and moved my hand slowly down her belly. If she was ticklish before, she wasn’t ticklish now.

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   My hand was on her belly, below her belly button. I stopped sucking her nipple, and sat up so I could see what I was doing. I reached the part of her pubic area where girls usually have hair. Brandy had none and she felt divine beneath my fingers. I looked down between her legs at her little pussy. I asked softly, “Brandy, may I touch you there?”“Oh yes,” she said breathlessly. My fingers slid down her smooth slit and her whole body jumped. I slowly slid my fingers back up her pussy, and as I brushed her clit, she jumped again. I usually use my middle and ring fingers to slide up and down a girl’s pussy with her clit in between them, but I knew that would be too much for Brandy. Instead, I just used my index finger. Every time I stroked up her pussy, she would jump and gasp. I kept it slow so as to not overwhelm her. After a minute or so, I stopped. Brandy opened her eyes and asked, “What’s wrong?”“Are you ready for me to return the pleasure to you?” I said with a grin. “You mean, there’s more?” she asked in amazement.

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  I didn’t respond. Instead, I got up, went to the foot of the bed, and climbed up between Brandy’s legs. The sight of a nine-year-olds pussy is unbelievable. There is no hair to block the view. No hair to get into your mouth. No stubble. No odor. And everything is pink. I moved in and placed my entire mouth over her pussy and sucked. Brandy exclaimed, “Oh God!”I pulled my mouth back, but left my tongue in place. I licked her pussy up and down, and reached my hands up to softly pinch her still-hard nipples. I stuck my tongue into her pussy hole, and felt a little resistance. I wondered if that was her hymen. I didn’t care. Her pussy tasted too good to worry whether or not she was a virgin.

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   I fucked her hole with my tongue for a few minutes while squeezing her nipples. Brandy was rocking back and forth, her knees drawn up a bit because my arms were under them reaching for her nipples. I pulled my tongue out of her pussy hole, and ran it up to her pee hole. Often times you can taste a little piss when you are licking a girl’s pussy, but Brandy had a different taste. A better taste. A taste that wasn’t spoiled from having periods or being really sweaty from working out. Her nine-year-old pussy definitely tasted like a pussy, but it tasted so much better. Not as tangy. Smoother. I flicked my tongue up and found her clit and Brandy nearly flew off of the bed. She later told me that it was like someone had clapped their hands over her ears hard. I flicked her pink, little clit with my tongue only for a moment when I realized Brandy was cumming. Brandy’s whole body tensed up and she reached down and grabbed the side of my head with her hands. Her legs went straight and stiff, and squeezed hard against my head. Her head bowed forward, and then whipped back as her torso now went straight and stiff.


  I stopped licking her pussy, but I couldn’t move because she had my head in a leg lock. Slowly she started to come down from her first orgasm ever. After a minute or so, she eased her muscles, and I was able to extract myself from between her legs. I moved up onto the bed and lay beside her. “Oh, my God. ” Brandy said between gasps of breath. “Did you like that?” I asked knowingly. “Yes. ” was all she was able to get out. She still had not opened her eyes. With a deep breath, she opened her eyes. “Thank you. ”“No, thank you, honey. I forgot how nice it was to touch someone. And to be touched.


   Thank you for reminding me. ” I said with a glint in my eye. Brandy wished me a good night, and started to get out of bed. “Brandy,” I said, gently grabbing her arm. “Would you like to sleep in my bed with me?” She didn’t answer me with a word. Instead, she pulled up the covers and snuggled back into my arms. We fell into a beautiful slumber. *end part 6*.
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