My Niece's Best Friend


My name is Peter, I am 22 years old and I still live with my Parents.   It is convenient as my Mother does not take any money from me for rent or food so what I earn is all mine.   I have two older sisters and neither of live with as they are both married.   One of them, Babs has a Daughter called Sonia, my Niece, who is 13 years old.   Sometimes she will come round and drop her off to stay the weekend with Sonia’s Gran & Granddad.   They love her staying but she can be a pain sometimes.
One weekend Babs came over with Sonia and said that Sonia was desperate to stay with her Gran & Granddad so she dropped her off with a weekend bag and went on her, happy that she was free for the weekend.   Unfortunately this weekend my Mother & Father were going to a Green Bowling Match on both Saturday and Sunday so they asked me to look after Sonia while they were playing in this competition.   What else could I do but agree, so I was tuck with Sonia for two whole days.   Not that I didn't like her, I did but it pissed me off that Babs just did not care as long as she had her weekend of fun.
Not long after my parents had left on Saturday Morning I could see that Sonia was getting bored so I suggested that she go next door and see if the Pam, the girl who lived next door and whom she was friendly with, was in and if so perhaps they could play together.   Off she went and was back in 10 minutes with Pam in tow.
I looked at them and said "What happened, you were supposed to be playing with Pam at her house. "
"We can't," said Pam, "As my Dad is not well so my Mum sent me here so we would not make a noise and disturb him".
Can't win I thought. "OK then lets play a Game, mmmm how about Hide 'n Seek.

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    Since I knew they both loved playing this game I was not surprised when they both instantly agreed to this activity.   Pam Said "I want to Hide first and I want Peter to hide with me and not on my own for when I am on my own I get found too quick"
""OK, OK," I said "this first hide will be me and Pam and you Sonia will look for us.   Now you close your eyes and count to a hundred, and no cheating either. "
So I grabbed Pam’s hand and off we went to look for a place to hide with Sonia's loud counting ringing in our ears. 1, 2 , 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, etc etc.
I fond what I thought was the perfect hiding place, an old wardrobe in the spare bedroom.   It was quite big and some old clothes in it so if Sonia looked in she would not see us unless she moved them.   We climbed in and I sat down on the floor and Pam sat down in front of me with her back to me.   I had to spread my legs so she could sit on the floor and she lent her back on my tummy and chest.   It was not quite dark as the door did not fit right and a ban of light shone through where the door did not fit.   After a while this made it fairly easy to see Pam and she was sitting there sucking her thumb.  
Time passed and I was starting to get restless and I was forever trying to see out of the crack in the door, but there was no sign of Sonia at all.   I don’t know how it happened, I must have been bored or something, but I found my right hand on Pam's Leg and I was stroking it just above the knee.   The first I noticed I was doing this was when I realised I was just about to slide my hand under her short skirt.   I skidded to a halt as I did not want to give Pam a fright.

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    I looked at her but she was quiet and continued to suck her thumb.
I shrugged my shoulders and I thought why not lets see what she would do if I did slide my hand up her skirt.   So I started to stroke her leg again and this time I did slip my hand under her skirt. I went up a few inches and down, then up a bit higher and back again.   I was watching Pam all the time but the only reaction from her was to lean further back and close her eyes.   I continued until my hand was at the edge of her Panties where I hesitated but not for long.   I ran my fingers over the thin material of her Panties and I could feel the start of her slit of her cunt.   I slowly tracked down but I did not get far as she had her legs tight together.   I whispered in her ear.
“Open your legs then I will be able to tickle you better”
I waited and I thought that she would not do this, then with a sigh her legs opened wide.   I ran my fingers down her slit and back up again several times and this caused Pam to give a small shiver.    I then reached around her body with my left arm, she was quite slim so this was fairly easy for me to do and I ran my left hand up her leg until I was able to grasp the Crotch of her panties.   I gently pulled this to one side and this gave my right hand freedom to explore her Bare Cunt.   This I did and I my right hand played with her slit and her little clit popped out and I played with this also.   It was so smooth and the aroma from it was so sweet it made me drool.

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    She was too young for any hair and although I tried I could not see it clearly but I let my fingers see for me. Pam gave a quick gasp when I tried to find her Cunt Hole so I could push in a Finger.   Then suddenly !!
BANG !!!  The wardrobe door was wrenched open and Sonia yelled out “I found you, I found you”
As fast as I could I let go of Pam’s Panties and I pulled her skirt down.   I was certain that Sonia never saw anything as we were mostly covered by the clothes hanging in the wardrobe.
After this I persuaded them both that I was tired and didn’t want to play anymore, but really I needed to go and have a Wank to relive my sexual tension.   So they both went off to Sonia’s Bedroom and I went to relieve my self.
On Monday I got up late and I grabbed myself some cornflakes for breakfast.   I had just finished them when there was a small knock at the back door.   I opened it to find Pam standing there in her school uniform.   She asked if Sonia was in but I said no as she would be at school.   She then went on to say that the school had sent them all home as there had been a burst water pipe and most of the school was flooded.   So she had come round to here as there was no one in her house as her Mum & Dad were at work.
I said that she had better come in and she could stay with me until her MUM came home which would be about 4pm.   She walked in and we went into the living room.   She put her schoolbag on a chair and took off her Jacket and did the same with that.

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    I sat down on the couch and invited her to sit beside me.  I looked at her and said “well we have a some time before your Mum comes home so what would you like to do?”
“Can we play a game” She asked
“Sure”, I said, “What game would you like to play?”
“What we did on Saturday” She replied”, “You know the tickling game like the one we played in the Wardrobe”
I just looked at her with my mouth open and eventually I asked, “You mean the game where I was tickling your legs?”
Pam looked at me and nodded her head.   I took a deep breath and told her, “Sure we can play that game but you must promise me you will never tell anyone that I played this game with you, OK”
“I promise”, Pam replied, “I won’t even tell Lumpy. ”  Lumpy was her tattered old Stuffed Toy Elephant.
“OK then”, I said, “Come and sit in between my legs just like you did in the Wardrobe. ”  I shuffled back on the couch and I opened my legs to give her room to sit on the couch.   Pam came and sat between my legs and she leaned back and lent on me and before I could say a word she opened her legs wide.   She was wearing a white Shirt and a Grey Pleated Skirt and I slipped my left arm around her waist and my right hand slipped under her skirt.
Pam closed her eyes and gave a small sigh and started to suck her thumb.   I slid my hand up her leg until it came to her Panties.   Since her legs were separated I could run my fingers up and down her Panty covered slit easily.   Pam just sat there and very slightly pushed her hips upwards every time I felt her slit.   With my left had I reached under her skirt and took hold the crotch of her Panties and pulled it to one side.   Her pussy was now uncovered for me to feel as much as I wanted to and I wanted to feel it very much indeed.
With a hand that trembled slightly with eagerness I traced my fingers up and down her Hairless Slit and I pressed down at the top and her little Clit popped out.

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    I rubbed this and Pam went “MMMMMMM” and her slit was starting to get quite moist.   I wanted to see her Pussy as feeling it was not enough so I lifted her skirt but although I could see most of it I could not see it all.
I whispered in her ear “You know I could tickle you a lot better if you took off all your clothes. ”  I could see her thinking about this and she turned her and looked at me and then said, “OK that would be cool” and she stood up.   She started to undo the buttons on her shirt so I unfastened the button on the side of her skirt and pulled down the Zip.   Her skirt slipped down and at the same time she removed her shirt and she was standing there in a pair of white panties with the crotch still pulled to one side.   I took hold of the waist band and pulled them down to her ankles and Pam stepped out of them. She was beautiful all naked and her skin was so smooth.   I looked to her pussy and it was slightly puffy and her clit was visible as a little pink knob and the skin was so smooth it took my breath away.
I placed my hands on her Bum and I gently pulled her to me.   She shuffled to me and I lent forward and I kissed her Slit.   Her pussy juice slipped into my mouth and it was so sweet and musky all at the same time.   Pam gave a shudder and she opened her legs and stood there holding on to my head with her feet apart.   I pushed my tongue into her Cunt hole and it was soooo tight.   Pam gave a Gasp and held on to me even tighter.

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    I stood up and at the same time picked Pam up in my arms, she was quite small and light so I had no problem in carrying her.   I walked through to my bedroom and I laid her down on my bed.   She looked beautiful lying there all naked, she was not shy and she was happy for me to see her like this.   She spread her legs and she played with her cunt and she rubbed her clit.   I watched her do this and I then asked her.
“Pam would you like to see me all naked?”  She stopped what she was doing and just nodded her head vigorously and then continued to rub her cunt.   I removed all I was wearing and soon I was Fully Naked with my cock sticking out like a flagpole.   Pam’s eyes were like saucers as she stared at my cock and I sat down beside her and took hold of her hand and placed it on my Hard Cock.   I showed her how to play with it and she soon caught on and she knelt beside me and took hold with both hands and with a big Grin on her face she rubbed my Cock up and down.   OOOOO The sensation was wonderful, that along seeing this beautiful little girl all naked with a perfect little Hairless Cunt and I knew if she kept this up I would soon CUM.
As I did not want this I stopped her rubbing and I told her to lie on her Back and to open her legs wide as I was going to kiss her pussy.   She quickly lay down with legs spread wise open.   I got between her legs I kissed her Cunt, mmmm still as sweet as before.   I sucked her clit into my mouth and I nibbled at it and this made Pam Moan out with real pleasure.   I Pushed my tongue in her Hole as Far as I could and her juices poured into my mouth which I swallowed.

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    I kept this up, nibbling and sucking and tonguing her Cunt and soon her hips were bucking up to me, pushing into my face.   She moaned and made mewing like noises and it was plain she was about to have a orgasm.   She went as stiff as a Board and pushed cunt into my face hard.   I licked and nibbled her clit and the gave a Huge shudder and moaned out loud “OOOOOO   AHHHHH MMMMM”  as her orgasm hit her.   I kept on sucking on her cunt and I swallowed the sweet cunt juice and the taste was such a turn on I almost shot my load all over the bed.
I had to stop or I would have cum so I lay beside Pam and I stroked her small body all over, from her budding breast to her swollen lips of her cunt.   Slowly she began to breathe a bit more slowly and she opened her, looked at me and said, “WOW, that was the most fantastic thing I have ever had, can we do it again sometime, Please?”
I looked down at her and I smiled as I replied, “Sure we can, but if you think that was good I could do something to you right know that you will like even more”  So Saying I knelt up and I positioned myself between her open legs and I took hold of my Hard Cock.   I waggled it at and she half sat up to watch me.   At first she looked puzzled then a look of enlightenment crossed her face and she blurted out, “I know you what to put your Cock in me, you want to Fuck me, that’s right isn’t it”
I smiled and I answered, “Yes you are right Pam, I want to Fuck you real bad, I want to feel my Cock in your tight little Cunt and I want to make a woman of you.   I must admit for a brief second you will feel a little pain but once my Cock is fully in you and moving in and out you will love it.   Being Fucked is far better than getting your Cunt Kissed. ”
Pam lay back and smiled at me and said, “I have been wanting to be fucked for some time, ever since my best friend Mary was Fucked by her Daddy, I tried to get my Daddy to do the same to me but he refused although he does play with my Cunt every so often, but not as good as you.   So Please Fuck me!
With a wicked grin on my face I pointed my cock at her Cunt Hole and I felt the lips of her Cunt open slowly as I started to push in.   I had to pull out and push in again and again and she was so tight.   In my Cock went 1 cm at a time, then back out and then in deeper another cm.

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    Soon I knew my Cock was at her Hymen and with one extra hard push I would take her Virginity.   I pulled back till my Cock was almost out of her Cunt, then I pushed in as hard as I could.   It was like putting my Cock in Tight Hot Treacle and then I felt her Hymen and I kept on going and I was through.   Pam gave a small squeal and that was all and she wrapped her legs around my body, at least as far as her little legs could do so.   I was all the way in and I lay there for a few seconds to let me calm down and also to let Pam get used to my Cock being fully inside her.
After a minute I started to slowly pull back out then pushed back in and I slowly Fucked her.   I wanted to make it last but each time I pushed in her Cunt Muscles sucked me in and ripples of muscles gripped my Cock which sent sensations of pleasure running from my Cock all over my Body.
In the end I had to speed up and I really started to Fuck Pam and with each thrust she Pushed her hips back up at me and soon my Balls were banging against her small Anus.   I was Fucking her as hard as I could and I no longer was caring if I was hurting her or not.   It was clear though by her moans of pleasure and her thrusting hips she was enjoying it as much as me.   My Cock became bigger and with a Final thrust my Cum spurted out into her Cunt Hole and I was totally frozen there unable to move and my Cock pumped out load after load of thick white Cum.   I felt Pam’s Cunt Muscles contract and they squeezed my Cock as her own Orgasm raged through her.   This was the most extreme feeling I have ever had in my life and I was shuddering with the experience.   As my Cock started to wilt I fell to one side and flat on my back, exhausted.
I lay there gasping and slowly I started to get my breath back.

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    I was lying there on my back with my eyes closed when I felt that I was being kissed.   I responded and the lips that wee kissing me tasted sweet.   I opened my eyes and kneeling beside was Pam. She was leaning down and kissing me so I slipped my arms around her slim body and held her to me.   She pressed her lips to mine and I gently pushed my tongue out and it pushed past her lips and to her teeth.   She soon got the hint and she opened her mouth and pushed her tongue into mine.   I sucked on her tongue and then she sucked on mine.   As a cool down after such a fantastic Fuck this was wonderful.
Pam knelt back up again and I looked at her.   She was kneeling and sitting on her heels.   Her legs were slight spread and I could see her Cunt clearly, there was a mixture of my Cum and her Cunt Juice dripping from her Slit.   With a finger I scooped some of this up and I licked it all off, mmmm it was sweet and slightly salty all at the same time, very nice indeed.   I again ran my finger up Pam’s slit and got some more of this mixture and holding it out to Pam I asked her if she would like to taste some.   Not answering she leaned forward and sucked it all off my finger.   She licked her lips and said it tasted good.

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I then noticed the Time, it was nearly 4pm so I said to Pam that she had better get dressed as her Mum would be home soon.   I went into the bathroom got a Clean cloth and wet it and then got Pam to stand with her legs open.   I washed her down between her legs and washed away all the Cum that was seeping from her Cunt.   I then fetched her clothes and I helped to dress her.   She was quite capable of dressing herself but I could not resist helping as I could grab a quick feel of her Cunt as I did so.   Once dressed we sat and talked a bit and she promised again that she would not tell anyone about what happened.   Just then a car stopped outside and on looking out I saw it was Pam’s Mum.   I quickly gave Pam a Kiss and I took her to the door and opened it just as her Mum was about to ring the bell.   Shortly after they left with Thanks ringing in my ears from Pam’s Mum and Pam herself waving to me with a smile on her face.
The weekend came and it was Saturday once more.   Babs came round and asked me to look after Sonia for the Afternoon.   I agreed and she was soon off and away.    Sonia’ Gran & Grandad were out shopping and were not expected back for at least 4 to 5 hours as they had said that they would also stop off for a meal on the way home.
I was watching a Football Match on TV so I walked back into the Family Room where the TV was.   Knowing Sonia did not like TV I switched it off.


    I sat down and looked at Sonia and I asked her, “Well it is just us then for the Afternoon what would you like to do. ”
She came and sat beside me took my hold of my had and said, “Well Uncle Peter what I would like to do with you is to play a Game, the same one you played with Pam on Monday past. ”
I went cold all over and I stuttered “W…W…What do you mean?”
Looking me straight in the eye Sonia answered, “You know what I mean, when you took all her clothes off and then took her to your bedroom where you Fucked her.   So since you did this I want you to do the same to me, I want you to Fuck me like you Fucked her”
I hope you liked this and it will be continued in another Story
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