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"Hi, Mary Beth," Carlos said, coming to the front of the classroom, weaving between desks. Mary Beth was only twenty-five, a couple of years out of college and teaching high school. Many of her students saw her as more of a peer than as a teacher. She and Carlos had even struck up a friendship, talking on the phone outside of school occasionally. "What has you up this early?" Mary Beth asked, continuing to grade tests. "I was hoping you would be in early. " He responded. There seemed to be something leading in his tone, but Mary Beth brushed it off. "Was there something you needed help with?" Mary Beth was a little impatient, clearly he could see she was busy. "Well, today is my birthday. I am eighteen now. " He was hesitant. Mary Beth smiled and looked up at the tall, dark-haired young man. "Don't worry, I didn't forget. I was going to give you something after school. " She had bought a card and a little gift, but she wanted to wait until the other students left so it didn't appear she was showing favouritism.

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  "That's sort of why I'm here. " He said. Carlos moved behind her and paced by the blackboard. "I would rather wait until after school, if that's okay. "Carlos stopped pacing, right behind her chair. Mary Beth jumped when he placed his large, strong hands on her shoulders. They had rarely had physical contact, just accidental touches, and even those made her uncomfortable. "This can't wait. I've already been waiting too long. I don't want to lose my nerve. "His grip on her shoulders was tight and Mary Beth felt his heat through her sweater. "What are you talking about?" He did not answer her. Mary Beth turned her head to look up and back at him. "Carlos?""I'm eighteen, an adult, a man now, so it's finally okay. " Carlos bent and softly kissed her.

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   Mary Beth was stunned. When she found herself responding, opening her mouth to his curious tongue, she wrestled her mouth from his. "What are you doing?" She blurted out. His powerful hands, now massaging her, held her in place. Carlos squatted behind her. Mary Beth's blond hair was cut very short and Carlos was kissing the back of her neck. "We can't do this. You have to stop. " Mary Beth complained. He ignored her. "Carlos. . . ""Mary Beth, it's okay now that I'm eighteen. It's okay for us to give in.

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   I've felt how you've wanted me. "Mary Beth just sputtered, speechless. She did want him, every time she looked at his long, lean, dark body. She'd imagined his hands on her more than once and now they were. She fought for composure. "But Carlos, this is dangerous. Even if we were going to, it can't be here. ""No, it has to be here and now. It's too strong to wait any longer. " Carlos was whispering into her ear while nibbling on it. His hands moved off Mary Beth's shoulders, cupping her breasts through her sweater, cradling them from behind. She moaned, "Oh, Carlos. . . "Carlos easily lifted his five foot and a half teacher out of her chair and sat her on her desk.

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   He was nearly a foot taller and even sitting on the desk; he seemed to tower over her. Mary Beth tore at his t-shirt, pulling it up, her hands raking his smooth, hairless dark chest. She was kissing it, sucking his nipples. The young man moaned. He grabbed the edge of Mary Beth's snug white sweater and pulled it up, over her head. He had to pause a second to look down at his half-naked teacher. Mary Beth's large breasts seemed about to heave out of their flowered satin enclosures, her nipples straining through the fabric. Carlos moved between her bare legs, spreading them as far as her tight black skirt would allow. It rode up when he pulled her to him, holding her face in his hands, his tongue probing deeply. Mary Beth sucked Carlos's tongue, hands caressing his arms and back. He was not so much younger than she was. He was so strong and vital, so hungry for her. He was biting her neck, hands mashing her breasts. He licked his way from her throat and captured Mary Beth's nipple in his mouth, sucking it through the satin. Carlos drew her nipple between his teeth and she let out a sharp cry.

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   His fingers roughly rolled her other nipple. He seemed to know exactly how to make her body respond. Her fingers caught in his curly black hair as she hugged him close to her chest. Carlos hiked her skirt higher and Mary Beth was almost embarrassed at how wet she'd become so quickly. She soaked through her panties and wet her thighs. Carlos pushed her panties into her, fingers probing her damp pussylips. Mary Beth gasped. His teeth ground her nipple while she tongue lashed it over and over. God! She wanted him to rip her bra off, bare her flesh to him completely, but Carlos seemed single-minded in his task. He worked his hand inside her panties and pressed a finger inside her. Mary Beth humped forward, screwing herself onto his finger. His hands and mouth were consuming Mary Beth, driving her further down the slope, where she'd have no control, but she didn't want that yet. She needed control. She was, after all, the teacher. Reluctantly, Mary Beth pulled his mouth from her breast and kissed him hard, shoving her tongue between his lips, at the same time he shoved a second finger deep inside her, making her shudder.

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   Mary Beth's lips smacked from his and she pushed the surprised young man back into her chair. When she slipped off her desk, her skirt rode up her ass, but she did not bother fixing it. Gliding to her knees between Carlos's legs, Mary Beth deftly opened his pants and had them down his legs. The dark pole that spring at her was too thick to get a hand around and longer than she had ever had. She jerked him with both hands while bathing his cockhead with her tongue. Carlos murmured to himself while Mary Beth's expert tongue encircled and licked every cranny and vein of his fabulous prick, rolling it in his hands, leaving it shiny wherever her tongue touched down. She was barely able to suck his heavy balls into her mouth, but she sucked them hard, her clear blue eyes locked into his silted brown ones. "Mary Beth," he moaned. "Miss McHugh. " She thought it was cute, addressing her as the teacher when she fitted his thick head between her pursed lips. It was a struggle, but Carlos was pointed down her throat and she'd taken over half his prick in her mouth, tongue tickling the underside. The room filled with slurping sounds and Mary Beth's saliva ran down his shaft. Carlos was bucking into her mouth, but only as much as Mary Beth would allow. She still stared up at him. She loved the way she could control a man with her mouth.

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   This big strong kid, no a man now, was twice her size, but he was reduced to a moaning drone while Mary Beth's head bobbed on his cock. There were a few lessons she had for this student. Carlos held Mary Beth's shoulders and was thrusting deeply into her mouth now. She massaged his balls and felt them tightening. She couldn't let him cum yet. Not until she did. She took him deeply as she could and then inch by inch extracted him from her mouth. When his head popped from her lips, dripping with saliva, Mary Beth kissed it and said, "You have to fuck me now. "Carlos didn't need to be told twice. He grinned and said something in Spanish. Next thing Mary Beth knew she was lifted and laid across her desk on her stomach. Half the exams she'd been grading went flying, the others trapped beneath her. This was not quite what she'd had in mind, but Carlos had taken control back just as quickly as she's done it. He pushed Mary Beth's black skirt around her waist and kneaded her ass through black silk panties. She squirmed under his touch.

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   She was so hot, she wanted him in her already. Carlos pulled her panties down and off her legs and slipped two fingers inside her. His knuckles were pushing her clit into the desktop, grinding it down. "Oh, Carlos. . . " she hissed. His fingers pressed into her, fucking her at a nice pace. Her pussy closed around his hand, practically pulling his fingers off, but he continued fingering her, keeping his own subdued pace. With his other hand, Carlos spread Mary Beth's ass wide open, exposing the quivering pink bud hidden inside. When his long tongue snaked between her cheeks it touch it, Mary Beth practically shot off the desk. No man had ever rimmed her before and it felt so. . . wow! Carlos rimmed her asshole with rapier slashes of his tongue.

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   Mary Beth vibrated and jerked on the desk. His fingers thumping into her, her clit grinding the desk, and now his tongue slipping into her tight asshole, fucking it. Mary Beth was overcome, crying out, "Oh, baby, I'm cumming! Cumming, dammit!" She exploded, cum running between her thighs, staining the exams that remained on her desk. For someone so young, Carlos seemed to know exactly how to handle a woman's body. Mary Beth reached behind her, grabbing for his head, wanting so desperately to touch him. She came hard, but his tongue and fingers persisted, driving her to new heights. She felt so good, but empty still. She needed a cock. "Please Carlos, fuck me. Shove your cock in me. Do it now!" Mary Beth demanded. Carlos apparently decided he'd played with his teacher long enough. He stepped up behind her, cock waving, between her splayed legs. The desktop was the perfect height and his cockhead found her cunt warm and inviting. His hot little teacher was very tight, but she saw also burning hot and streaming slick cuntjuice.

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   Carlos buried himself in one long, deliberate thrust. Mary Beth groaned incoherently, feeling the young stud drive home. God, he stretched her wide, piercing her deeper than she'd ever felt. It felt like he'd split her in two, but her pretty ass pointed up at him was too much to resist and he grabbed it, squeezing her cheeks roughly and began sawing his thick tool into her cunt before she could adjust. Mary Beth was thumped into the desk, clit again grinding into it, over and over in his slow, persistent rhythm. Carlos took long, deep strokes, delighting in the way his teacher's pussy milked his young cock. He would pull out until his head was just about to be freed and then drive deep into her, her cunt grasping and rippling around him with every motion. His hands moved to her hips, pulling her back into him, fucking Mary Beth's little body onto his prick. He upped his tempo, slamming her back into him. Mary Beth thought she would pass out from the penetrating pleasure. She was so filled, so complete! She wanted Carlos to stay inside her forever, wanted to keep her drenched pussy wrapped around him. Carlos plowed Mary Beth from behind for what seemed like hours, his cock relentless in its assault on her quivering cunt. Shocks went through her, bouncing out to her limbs and back to her pussy, and in short order Mary Beth was cumming again, pussy clamping down on Carlos's thundering tool. He fucked right through her orgasm, but finally pulled out when her cunt brought him too close to cumming. He flipped Mary Beth onto her back and kissed her deeply and pushed the cups of her bra up over her breasts so he could get at her hard little cherry red nipples.


  Mary Beth leaned back on her elbows on her desk while Carlos lowered his mouth once again to her aching nipples. He knew exactly what he was doing, his mouth felt so good, tongue searing her nipples, while his fingers teased her swollen lips and clit. Carlos was letting her calm a little from her latest orgasm while keeper her hot and on the edge. Carlos wasn't done fucking his teacher, but could not have endured her contracting cunt a minute longer. Carlos's fingers had slipped inside her again and Mary Beth's ass was humping up from the edge of the desk to meet his corkscrewing digits. Mary Beth whimpered under his attentions and finally pleaded, "Please Carlos, get your cock back in me, I need you. " It was weird to be practically begging a student like this, but getting Carlos's young prick back inside her was Mary Beth's paramount concern at the moment. Mary Beth reached between his legs and took Carlos's thick root in both hands, pulling him toward her steaming oven. She slipped his head inside and clutched his hips, digging her nails in and yanked him forward. Mary Beth moaned immediately, feeling the sweet filling sensation once again. She wrapped her legs around his waist, drawing him deeper still. Her disheveled bra squeezed her breasts, forcing her nipples up and out and they burrowed into his chest as she clung to him tightly. Her pussy milked him, working his cock like a thousand fingers to draw his cum out of him. Carlos was moaning and muttering in a mix of Spanish and English, Mary Beth only able to understand half of it. "Madre dios, Mary, dolce, sweet, sweet pussy.

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  "Carlos grabbed her ass and thrust his tongue in her mouth. His grip on Mary Beth was rough and he slammed into her full force. Carlos was slamming the life out of her and it was all Mary Beth could do to hold on and suck his tongue. He lifted her off the desk, supporting her by her ass and continued thrusting into her with jerks of his hips. He was so strong, the motion seemed effortless. Mary Beth clung to him, her weight focused on his cock, pushing him deeper than any man had ever been. Carlos turned and banged her back into the blackboard. Mary Beth reached up and grabbed its top ledge, allowing her to thrust back at Carlos from the cradle of his hands. Her breasts finally popped completely free of her still fastened bra and Carlos watched them bounce with each thrust, a look of intense concentration on his face. Mary Beth still could not believe her student's stamina. He was teaching her a thing or two, lancing her pussy longer, harder and deeper than anyone else she'd been with. He seemed content to fuck her for eternity. And just when she thought he was going to, Carlos started grunting and pulled her close to him again. He spun her and sat her back on her desk. "Mary Beth.

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  . . Miss McHugh. . . " Carlos cried, his cock barely out of her when he started shooting cum. The first couple spurts arced and splattered Mary Beth's breasts and bra, but she was back on her knees in no time, slurping him down, gobbling his cream. Mary Beth loved tasting a man and swallowed every drop, the taste of her own pussy an added bonus. She thought Carlos would cum a gallon, but his cock finally slipped from her lips, trailing a string of cum across her chin. "That was amazing, Carlos, definitely an A," Mary Beth said, standing and hugging to young man. He whispered Spanish into her ear and once again Mary Beth was bent over the edge of her desk. Carlos knelt behind her and tongue-fucked her ass again, while he fingered her almost hard enough to lift her off the floor. She had not cum just then, and Carlos wanted to give her a final orgasm. "Oh God, Carlos, oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck me!!!" Mary Beth shouted as yet another shattering orgasm wracked her body. Carlos's mouth switched holes so he could suck up all Mary Beth's cum.

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   She almost broke every nail clutching at the desktop and finally sagged, exhausted, speechless and happy. Carlos hugged her from behind and kissed her neck. "Thank you so much, Mary Beth, for my first experience as a man," he breathed into her ear. When Mary Beth turned, Carlos's pants were back on and he was pulling his t-shirt back on. She thought he seemed in an undue rush. He must have caught her look, because he pointed up at the clock. Damn! They'd fucked away almost the entire morning! Her class was due any minute. She pulled her skirt down and wiped his cum from her chest with a tissue from her purse. Mary Beth straightened, then re-fastened her bra before pulling her sweater hack on. Suddenly, she realized what was missing. Frantically, she looked among the exams on the floor. "Miss McHugh, I have them," Carlos said from the back of the classroom. Mary Beth looked up and saw her black panties dangling from his hand. "Give me those right now. " She demanded.

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  "Come to my house after school and get them back. I still need some tutoring. "Mary Beth opened her mouth to argue when Carlos turned the lock on the door. No sooner had her panties disappeared into Carlos's hand than the door was pulled open. "Good morning, Miss McHugh," Tami Swenson said, coming in and taking her seat. Several other students followed her. Mary Beth was careful not to let her skirt ride up as she bent over to get the exams off the floor, while patting errant hairs down at the same time. If anyone wondered what had caused the mess at the front of the classroom, no one asked. She wondered what to do with the cum-stained exams. Carlos came back in and took his seat. Knowing what was in his hand made Mary Beth's heart skip a beat. She told herself she had to go to his house to get her panties back. As she started the lesson, Mary Beth wondered if any of her students could tell she was freshly fucked. One thing she knew, this was going to be the longest day of her teaching career. .

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