Amanda from the Video Store continued


She was tighter and more eager for it than I'd expected, letting out a little moan as I entered then pumping her ass back at me as I thrust faster and harder into her. There was just enough light in the garage that I could see her big breasts swaying side to side while I jammed her. That set me off even more.
"You like this, Amanda?" I asked, almost out of breath.
"Oh yeah!"
"You like being fucked don't you? Tell me!"
"Oh yeah do it! Fuck me harder!" She gasped. I kept after it for another full minute but couldn't hold off any longer than that. As she squealed she was having an orgasm, I pulled out and shot my load all over her back.
I didn't even let her put her shirt on after that. Grabbing her hand, I guided her into the house and shoved her roughly against a wall where I proceeded to lean down and suck her left nipple into my mouth while I worked her other breast with my right hand. Surprisingly, I felt my cock start to rise again and pushed her down to her knees. She took it right into her mouth and started sucking.
"Lick my nuts!" I commanded. She went right to it. She worked each one and then returned to my cock, licking the length of the shaft then swirling her tongue around it and sucking it entirely back into her mouth. I lasted a little longer but when she leaned forward and I could feel her tits pressing into my legs, I lost it.
"I want to cum on your face," I said, "Get ready and take it.

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  . . "
She brought it out of her mouth at just the right moment and I splashed my second load of the night onto her nose and cheeks, the slimey white goo dripping down and landing on her tits.
It took several minutes for both of us to catch our breath. I drew her to her feet and kissed her hard. Her big breasts shoved against my chest and damn if my cock didn't start twitching again. I took her by the hand once more and this time we went into the bedroom and took off our clothes.
"I never expected to be doing this," she said when we were laying together under the covers. "But you got me so horny. Damn you have a thick cock. That felt so good. "
I kept playing with her tits while I asked her about the action she'd had with her female friends. She moved even closer to me. I let a couple of fingers trace down over her stomach and pushed them into her pussy. She gave another of her little moans and spread her legs so I kept adding fingers, feeling my cock go rigid when I had my whole hand pumping her.

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   I keep a large vibrator handy for just such occasions and got it from under the bed.
(More to Come)