Shower Fun


Chapter OneShower Fun        "Cum inside me!" She screamed, back arched and sweat falling on the already soaked pillow. That's all I needed to hear from her sweet mouth. I took a few more quick jabs into her, and then impaled myself all the way, until I couldn't get myself to go any further into her.     She screamed, as her petite body began to spasm, as an orgasm flooded over her. I couldn't take hearing her scream like that, and I too came, spewing my seed deep within her womb. My knees became weak, and I couldn't stand on my knees anymore. I fell over onto the bed next to her, exhausted and unable to see. I was still inside of her tight pussy, and still ejaculating.     Her cheecks became scarlet colored, as another orgasm came over her. I didn't want to stop, so I lifted her small leg and kept fucking her, as hard and fast as my weak legs would allow me. It wasn't long again, until I was cumming in her for the third time that night. "Fuck! I can't take it any longer, I'm cumming!" I screamed, as she smiled over at me, kissing me soft at first, then extremely hard, as the same orgasm became to much for her. She bit down hard on my bottom lip, drawing blood.     I ignored it.     I brushed her long sweaty blonde hair away from her right breast, and took it in my mouth, sucking it at first, and then circling my tongue around her nipple, slow and then harder and fast, as I came down from my orgasm. She panted hard, as she pushed my face into her breast.

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   "Suck it motherfucker!" She yelled.     I started to become soft, still inside of her. She pulled away from me, as I tried to keep her tit inside of my mouth. She wouldn't allow it, so I did the next best thing, as she reached down and took my dick in her mouth. . . I began to kneed her tits in my hands, squeezing them as she applied more pressure on my hardening dick. She was returning the favor to me, circling her soft and oh so warm tongue around the head of my dick.     As much as I would of liked to keep feeling her tits, I took my hands away, and pushed her head further down on my dick. It demanded more attention than her tits at that moment, and as I bucked my hips, my dick slowly slipped down her throat. Her face was turning red from the lack of oxygen, but I kept bucking, pushing it further down her throat, until I finally exploded.     She started to choke, unable to breath, and unable to swallow my cum. Instead, it just slid down the back of her throat. She kept trying to pull away, but I wouldn't have it. I jabbed the back of her throat, just as my orgasm dessapated, and she gagged.

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   I pulled out, just enough for her to catch her breath. As much as I would of expected her not to, she started sucking on my erect dick even though she was trying to breath. I removed my hands from the back of her head, and started fondling her tits again.     I had expected her to keep sucking, but instead, she cleaned up what little mess there was, and then fell back on the bed next to me, panting and stroking my cock. I knew she was tired, so I didn't push for anymore that night, instead, I pulled her close to me, and held her until sleep finally took us in.         It was late when I woke. I read the clock to find out that it was eleven in the afternoon. I sheilded my eyes, as I pulled up the window shades, and groggily made my way into the bathroom. Sarah had already made her way into the shower. "Hey hon, I've got to go into work today, but afterwords you want to go grab something to eat and then catch a movie?"    It sounded good, I really didn't have anything else to do the rest of the day, besides sit around the house reading. "Sounds good. You got room in there for me?" I asked, sliding the shower curtain open just enough to slide in behind her. Since Sarah was shorter then my 6' 2" figure by two feet, I had to reach further down than usual to grab her ass. She giggled and then slapped my hand, turning to kiss me.     "We can't.

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   I have to go to work. I promise you, we can have some fun later tonight, but not now!" She said, turning to face me. She stood on her toes, wrapping her short arms around my neck, hugging me tight. I ingored her, and picked her small figure up, holding her close to me. I pushed her back up against the wall of the shower, and slowly pushed my erect cock into her already tight pussy.     She moaned something about needing to get to work, but I stopped her, forcing my lips onto hers. I began to work myself in and out of her slowly at first, but after a few minutes I couldn't take it any longer. I pumped in and out of her faster than I had the night before. It was hard trying to make love to her, and still keep her up against the wall. I briefly stopped, as I resituated her and myself. She took the hint, and met me half way, bucking forward as I fucked her.     It didn't take long before her twat began to clamp down on my cock. I grunted as she came on me, her screams echoeing against the tiled walls. "OH MY GOD!!!! FUCK ME HARD. .

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  . . YA, RIGHT THERE, HARDER! FUCK!!!!" She screamed. I grunted as I spewed my seed inside of her again, this time I pulled out of her, and put her gently on the shower floor, sliding my wet dick in between her smalls tits.     She pushed her tits together, and opened her mouth, as I fucked them, while holding her hair away from her face. "Ya, you like fucking my tits? Fuck my tits harder!" Sarah screamed. That was all I needed to push me to orgasm again. I started shooting my jizz all over her face, until she closed her mouth around the head of my dick, sucking it for all she was worth. Exhausted, and unable to get out of the shower, I reached behind and turned off the shower head. I found the drain stopper, and sat it over it, stopping the water from emptying. I turned the main faucet back on, filling it with warm water. I pulled Sarah to me, and leaned back holding her as she rested her head on my chest.     "I don't think I'm going to go to work. " She said softly.     "Are you sure?" I asked, brushing her hair away from her face.

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      "Mhmmm. " She said, as I kissed her forehead.     Today was going to be a good day. .