The High School Dance Part One


Joe had came over early, and they piled into his car. He talked to her parents for a while then she came downstairs. They said goodbye and were off. He kissed Erica as he drove off to get Tonya. One hand was on the wheel, the other was around Erica and placed on her breasts. She wore no bra with her dress, and her breasts would pop out because it was so low cut. Tonya came outside as he pulled up. She was wearing a low cut top with a skirt bottom. She really looked good. As she got into the car he pulled out a beer and opened it. He handed it back to Tonya and she took a drink, then Erica, then finally passing it back to Joe. He drove to a country road just outside the town and they sat in the car putting down a few beers. The dance was a half hour away, and they decided to kill time. Erica and Tonya were drinking quite a bit, but Joe didn't drink much because he had to drive. The girls started to act wild and were soon rubbing each others bodies. They had their hands on their tits and pulling themselves closer.

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   Joe was watching with amusement when Erica told him it was time to go to the dance. They arrived there within ten minutes, and walked through the doors. There were a lot of people there who admired Erica and her friend Tonya. They could tell she was drunk and wanted to get a show. She had been drunk the year before at homecoming and flashed her nice tits at crowds during the game. The three danced for a while and soon were feeling the effects of the alcohol. They all grinded against eachother, making Joes dick get hard. He couldn't take it anymore as he watched Erica's and Tonya's tits bounce as they danced to the music. Tonyas skirt was going up as she rubbed against him. Closer and closer it came to her thighs. He couldn't handle himself, and he grabbed the girls. "Come on, I have a better idea. " He said. The girls followed him into an upper balcony in the gym. No one could see them or hear them from where they were.

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   They turned the corner and saw another couple stripping their clothes. The guy had his dick out of his pants as the girl played with it. She had one of her tits out and he was sucking it. "Eh, we'll go get another place. " Joe said walking back down. He passed the girls locker room, then quickly went into it. He kissed Erica hard and fast on the lips, letting his hands fall all over her body. He squeezed her breasts and lifted up on her dress. It came up and revealing a shaved pussy inside a black thong. Her tits became free and hard with the cool air. She rubbed her tits against him while grabbing his dick through his pants. He stripped his shirt while she took out his dick. It was rock hard and she rubbed it a few times. "You want to be a bad boy and fuck Tonya don't you. " She said with a devilish smile.

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   "It's ok. You can fuck her. " He couldn't believe it. Tonya stepped forward as she pulled off her top exposing her breasts. They wern't as big as Ericas, but they were a beautiful pair. He cupped them with his hands and kissed her with passion. He pulled her skirt up and realized she wasn't wearing any panties. She too was shaved. He could tell she was wet, and he layed on top of a bench. Tonya got on top of him, and posistioned herself over his hard dick. He rubbed it against her bare slit and poked into her hole. She slammed down his whole length and let out a big moan. "Oh fuck yea shes tight!!" He screamed. "Fuck her you bad boy, ram her pussy!" Erica said while she fingered herself. It turned her on to see him fucking another girl.

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   She moved up and down on his dick making her pussy stretch out. It was so tight and felt so good he would surely come in a short time. He grabbed her boobs as they bounced up and down with each fuck. "Oh God. . " He said. "He's got a huge dick Erica. . your lucky. " She said trying to catch her breath, fucking him even faster. Finally she rocked her hips and tightened her pussy walls over his cock, causing him to come deep inside her. "My turn, get off his dick bitch. " She said playfully. Now this was meat he was used to. Just like Tonya, Ericas pussy was really tight.

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   Erica layed down on a bench and moved her hips up, and spread her legs. He quickly became hard as he got on top of her. He moved between her legs, and slowly entered. "Ohhh God yes. . Fill me up!" She screamed as he pushed in. He pushed in hard and watched her tits bounce. She layed back rocking her body and meeting his thrusts with her own motions. She took a hand and started to play with her clit. Faster and faster he moved pumping his girlfriends cunt with his seven inch dick. It was thick and it spread her pussy apart giving her pleasure. "Fuck me harder!" She said demandingly. He couldn't take it, and started to ram her for all she was worth. Tonya's pussy was dripping wet, and she went over to Erica, and sat on her face. "Oh yes.

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  . " Said Erica sticking her tongue in Tonyas slit. She was near orgasm, and he pushed one last time to cum hard inside her. She came with a big force and shivered all over. Her juices were rolling down her thighs as he licked them up. Suddenly they heard the door open. . . . . . . . . .

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  . . . . . . . . . To be continued. . . . . .

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