Alice Loves To Play Ball

True Story

The label on this should be nymphomaniac gets gang banged but it was not there so anyway, Alice and I were still maried and Carol and I had not really gotten together as a regular thing yet and one day Alice said let's go for a ride. Now when she comes out of the bedroom with a tank top and short mini-skirt and no bra and panties that means one thing, she needs to go find someone or something to fuck. She came over and kissed me and put her lovely tits in my face, "Please can we go for a ride" Suck me off frst. " I said and so she took out my cock and gave it a nice suck and then kissed me again. "Now please?" and so what can a guy do with a 17 year old wife that needs to have some relief. I got the keys and we drove around. "So what are you needing dear?" I asked her. "As much as I can get, I just have this antsie feeling and it will not go away. " "Okay. " I said and headed towards a park that usually had guys playing balls on Saturdays. THere are 4 ball fields ther and they are normally all busy with pick up games. We drove in and sure enough all 4 fields were busy and there were others just watching. There were some women there but not many. It was kind of a guy thing to drink beer and play ball.

We drove in and Alice looked like she had discovered gold. Her legs were moving around and she pulled her nipples as we drove towards the fields.

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   "So, you just gonna lay down naked and wait for one or two?" I said kidding around. "Why don't you just sit and watch me, I love getting fucked while you watch. " she said and I smiled and said okay. She got out of the van and heads turned to see this woman with a tank top and mini skirt and huge tits swinging as she walked to the bleachers and climb to the top one behind the catcher and sit down. Then her legs came open enough for anyone on he ield or lower in the bleachers to see her naked shaved pussy.

Soon two guys came up and sat one row down right in front and acted like they were watching the games. They kept turning around to talk to Alice and she let them have a peek each time. I heard one say, "So are you here alone?" they saw her wedding band. "No, my husband is over there watching the game. " she said and pointed to me and I waved. "So what are you guys doing then? he asked again. "Well, my husbad brought me cause I asked him to. " Alice to hem, still giving hem a nice view of her pussy. "Really? And he doesn't care if you dress like that?" the guy said. "Well, I did not ask him and besides he knows why I dress this way.

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  " she told them and now there were 5 or 6 guys all sitting lower to get the view. Now she moved her hands to her tits and pulled her nipples through the tank top. "And why is that?" one guy said, "Why do you dress like that?" "Well, to get guys to notice me and also to get fucked today. " she said. They all looked at her and then she pulled her shirt up just abover her nipples and pulled them hard and moaned. "So he doesn't mind if you get laid by a few guys?" the one said. "Nope, in fact, our van is over there is anyone would like todo me. I take it in all my places and love swallowing. " she saidand stod up walking down the stands and then now there were about 10 guys following her and a couple broke off to tell others. I walked to the van and opend the side doors and Alice climbed in and took off the little clothes she had on. "Okay guys, she is ready, lets just make sure no one comes around from the Law, so get some beers and stand around while waiting your turns. Oh yeh, she likes 3 at a time by the way. " I said and three climbed in. I pulled to doors closed some but not so we could not watch. One guy was already in her wet pussy and she had moved so another could get her ass and then another had her throat full.

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Alice fucked them all and then asked for thee more. The guys got out and were relpaced and she took them the same way. Over and over again she tok the men in threes and fucked their cum out of their balls. I did not keep track of the action bu there were well over 30 men that did her that day. I looked and her pussy was facing the door with a huge cock in it. There was a guy under her that was on her ass and they were drilling her good She was so full that everytime a cock went in it forced cum out and there was a pool under her ass. She took all kinds of guys that day, black, hispanic, white, asian, you name it if it had a cock then she took it. Soon there were fewer men there and it slowled down some. At the start she had begun giving our phone number out and I told them to call and see if she needed a good fucking then she added "but no less than 5 at a time. " and they all laughed and shook their heads. The action stopped finally and she laid in the back of the van naked and cum in her and on her. I drove off and she said, "I still need more. " and so I went out to the interstate and to the truck stop. If a van parked there then it was a give away that sex was offered and I got on the CB and made it plain that anyone at the exit was welcome to stop and take care of their load. Soon men began walking over and climbing in and fucking her.

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   After an hour or so a guy came over, "I know what she needs, she is a mare in heat. Come on to my place and we wil take care of her. " he saidand so I followed him to his place. He had a nice farm and lots of horses.

I followed him to a barn that was there and we helped a naked Alice out of the van and to the barn. He took her to a rig and put her in it and secured her hands and feet and she was exposed from behind. He brought out a stud that was already excited and his cock hung below his belley. She was led to the rig and put over Alice and then the guy took the cock and put it to Alice's pussy just inside. The horse was excited and began humping and all of his huge cock went into Alice as she bellowed to be fucked hard. The stud finished and he was taken off her and her cunt was wide open. The man brought another to her and it mounted her too and she began screaming how good it was to be fucked by a real cock. Still another horse was brought and again it filled her pussy and then she yeled o have one in her ass and so the guy took the cock and it fit nicely inside her ass. In all 8 horses had her and she had to be carried to the van. I took her home and wrapped a sheet around her to take her inside and she sat in a tub of hot water and relaxed. "So, you got it taken care of now?" I asked her and she smiled, "Yeh, but I think I am going to have a pony.

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  "I leaned down and kissed her and she laid back in the hot tub and went to bed after that.

The next week we began getting calls from the guys and she called the guy that had the farm and went to see him a couple more times.
See you guys next time. .