Jan’s confession of sex before we met


While we were just friends!

Jan and myself grew up in the same village, we were friends long before we got together, she had a couple of steady boyfriends before we got together, Clive her 1st real boyfriend 5 years her senior, Jan 14 and Clive 19, he took her virginity but looking back he probably was seen as a catch because of his age, but he didn’t have girlfriends his own age so that says a lot. Then there was Eric a year her senior who didn’t see a lot of Jan but at her age meant she put a home made E tattoo on her finger with Indian ink so it was going to be permanent.

Jan is now nearly 16, me nearly 18, Jan has not long since finished with Eric, we are at a local disco, we hadn’t gone together but as we had our own local gang of friends we hung out together with, we had a good night drunk cider, end of the night I walked home with Jan, she had seen Clive and one of Clive’s mates at the disco between them they had removed the small E tattoo with a cigarette so her hand was hurting and the zip on her white jeans was broken, but I wasn’t her boyfriend just a friend and it meant nothing to me.

We now move on maybe 2 months and I’m with a girl call Julie who is also one of our local gang, we had sex only twice in my car, not great but we were young and sex is sex, we are at another disco and Julie and Jan were there, something happen and I ended up taken Jan home in my car and that’s where it all started, Jan chose me rather than me choosing Jan, we kissed that night, nothing more.

We are now going out as steady boy/girlfriend but get very little opportunity for full on sex apart from in the car, a bit of foreplay in her bedroom but her parents are downstairs, but Jan opens up about the night her tattoo was burnt off, I guess she thinks I already know what happened so tells me how Clive and his mate turned up on a his mates bike, Clive still has a thing for her so persuaded her to let him remove the tattoo with a cigarette, they then decided to go to the pub 5 minutes up the road, Jan get on the back of Clive’s mates bike and goes 1st to the pub, they get there and he forces himself on her they breaks her jean zip in the process of have sex, he comes, goes back and collects Clive who is obvious of this.

Wow what a confession! Now Jan as I know her now would have had sex for the reason of being young!

If there is any consolation I’m the 1st guy to make her climax, she has never climaxed though intercourses, unless she has climaxed 1st through foreplay using her vibrator or though a good licking of which I’m pretty good at and was the 1st to do it to Jan.

Now we are 55 & 57, 39 years together.
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