Latino Brothers Gone Wild!


Manuel was known as Manny, at 22 he was the oldest brother of four brothers and one sister, Elena (Lena) being the youngest just turned 18, Jorge, (Jorgy) and Miguel, (Mikey) 20-year old twins, Cristoba (Cris) 19. Except for Lena, all of the boys were pretty wild and liked to party, smoke weed and gang bang bitches they picked up. Their sister had turned into a very sexy looking bitch just like their mother, Manny often, they definitely had a hot MILF for a mother. Manny was always getting fucking high just thinking of all the ways he could fuck my mother and sister if he ever got the chance.

It was 1:00 am and Manny had just gotten home, he heard noises coming from the basement. He went downstairs and there were his brothers, smoking weed, drinking and fucking the shit of two very young bitches they had picked up, maybe fifteen or even younger. The oldest was young black teen with a real sexy ass, the other appeared to be a younger white girl. Manny said out loud, MAN THIS YOUNG BITCHES ARE FUCKING JAILBAIT! Jorgy responded, YEAH, AND THEY LOVE TO FUCK! I ALREADY FUCKED THIS LITTLE BLACK BITCH, LILY, UP THE ASS THREE TIMES, LITTLE WHORE LIKES IT UP THE ASS A LOT, he turned to face her and said, DON’T YOU LITTLE SLUT and grabbed her by the by her hair and pulled her to his cock and rammed his cock head in her mouth, while saying AND SHE LIKES TO SUCK LOTS OF COCK TOO, as he started ramming his rod down her throat.

Mikey and Cris were doing a DP on the younger little white bitch. Mikey was laying on his bed with his feet on the floor while young bitch was riding his cock while Cris was pounding her ass. The young bitch was screaming and moaning, AAAAAAAH, UUUUUUG, as Manny’s brothers were tearing up her young cunt and ass. Cris said, HEY MANNY, SHUT HER UP, PUT YOUR COCK DOWN THIS LITTLE BITCH’S THROAT. Manny thought, fuck it, he let his pants drop and out popped my very rigid 9-inch cock. Manny barked out, HERE YOU LITTLE SLUT, SUCK ON THIS, and he started inserting his cockhead in the little bitch’s mouth. Manny asked out loud, HEY CARNALES (slang for brothers), WHERE DID YOU PICK UP THESE TWO YOUNG LITTLE BITCHES? Cris answered, Lily is Jerome’s 15-year sister and this little bitch here is Mack’s 14-tear old sister. Since you hang with another crowd, you probably don’t know who they are, but you probably seen with me before.

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Cris continued saying, I didn’t know they were both fucking their young sisters until they floored me with their stories. We’ve been friends for very long time so we tell each a lot of shit we wouldn’t tell anyone. So, we were hanging around a couple of weeks ago, when they asked me if I could keep a secret, I said, come on we’ve shared a lot of nasty secrets, of course it stays between us. Jerome said he told Mack, he wanted to fuck his little sister Dena, after all the shock wore off, Mack finally agreed, he would help Jerome fuck Dena, but the deal was Mack would could fuck Lily. Jerome was agreeable very fast, the reason was he had been fucking his sister, Lily for over a year, he had busted her cherry when she was 14-years old. Cris said, Jerome told me, man, when I found out she was still had cherry pussy, I was bent on busting that mother fucking pussy hard, I didn’t give a shit she was my sister, I just wanted that cherry, bad, he continued saying there was nothing better than a tight pussy. Mack later found out little 14-year old Dena had never had any cock so he told Jerome, he would still help him fuck Dena, but he wanted to bust her cherry, just like Jerome had done to Lily.

Manny barked out, HEY BROS, I’M GETTING READY TO NUT IN THIS LITTLE WHORE’S MOUTH. Cris said out loud, MACK AND JEROME ARE TRAINING THIS LITTLE BITCH SWALLOW WADS OF SPUNK, MAKE SURE SHE SWALLOWS IT ALL. Mikey said, I’M GOING TO DUMP ALL MY WAD DEEP IN THIS LITTLE SLUT’S TIGHT PUSSY. Dena, was moaning loud, UUUUUUUG, UUUUUUG, as the three brothers pummeled all three holes hard. Manny moaned out loud, HERE IT GOES and started dumping endless amounts of spunk in Dena’s mouth, it was so much spunk, a lot of it was coming out her mouth. Manny told Dena, OPEN UP YOUR MOUTH, Dena obeyed and Manny took his fingers and cleaned all the spunk off her chin and inserted his index finger in her mouth, then said, COME SUCK ON MY FINGER LITTLE SLUT. Manny started pulling his index finger dripping with spunk in and out of her mouth, Manny said in a low voice, yeah that’s it you little whore, swallow all that cum, finally Manny pulled out his finger. Mikey said first, I’M COMING DEEP IN THIS LITTLE BITCH’S CUNT, then Cris said, I’M FILLING UP DEEP IN HER ASS.

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  Dena had been fucked so hard she collapsed on the bed on her back with her legs hanging over the side of the bed, big gobs of spunk were rolling down her legs. Jorgy barked out I’m coming and he started dumping all his load down Lily’s throat. Jorgy said, MAN DOES THIS YOUNG BITCH LIKE TO SUCK COCK, SHE IS SUCKING ALL SHE CAN GET OUT OF DICK. When she was done, Jorgy told her to take a rest, she laid along Dena with her face down and her arm over Dena’s chest, both girls had their legs spread wide as they rested. Cris told Dena and Lily, I called your bros they said they would be here in a little while to take you home.

Manny said, hey carnales, have you ever thought of fucking Elena, she sure has turned into hot little bitch, she acts very conservative so she probably has never had a cock before. She is always here at home, I’ve never seen her out late at all. Jorgy replied, man I look at her, and I think how much I would like to put my cock deep up her pussy. Mikey said, I would too, and Cris agreed, and said he would like to fuck her deep up her ass. Manny said, I’m going tell you something, but it stays with us. Cris said, shoot! Manny said, I want to fuck both our mother and sister, how about that. We have a hot looking 39-year old MILF for a mother, I get a hard dick watching her. Cris replied, you’re not the only one bro, my dick gets hard as rock. Mikey said, I look at that perfect hot body and I think of all kind of fantasies I would love to go live. Manny said, are we just going to talk shit, or are we going to do something about it.

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   Cris asked, what do you mean exactly?Manny replied, what we say stays here amongst us, right? Cris and Jorgy said, so what is the plan? Mack and Jerome arrived to pick up their sisters and Cris let them in.

Manny said, I have an idea, I’m going to let these guys in on my plan. Manny talked to Mack and Jerome and they said, no problem, they were always out to fuck new pussy. Manny said, let’s all go to Elena’s room, let me start out everything, all you guys hold back out of her view. I’ll first talk to her and see if I can convince her to jack me off, if that doesn’t work, I will just push her on the bed and start eating her pussy. Manny went into Elena’s room and her hot tight body was in full view. She was wearing bikini pink very sheer panties; Manny could see her pussy right through her panties. When Manny saw her, he lost it, he just thought, fuck it, who gives a shit about talking to her, he just got on his knees, moved her panty crotch to one side and started darting his tongue in and out of her pussy hard. Manny did not care if she woke up or not, he was going to fuck the shit out his young sister. Lena started moaning and slowly bucking her hips against Manny’s mouth, suddenly she finally realized what was happening woke up, but was still moaning, slowly bucking her pussy against Manny’s mouth, ooooooh Maaaaanny, you’re my brother, you can’t do that, Maaaaanny, Nooooooo, Nooooooo. Manny didn’t care, he kept darting his tongue in and out of her pussy, while Lena’s defenses had almost totally dropped, Manny knew he was about to conquer his sister’s pussy. Manny thought, I’m not here to make love to her, I’m here to make here our PUTA, (whore). Manny stood up and dropped his pants and Elena said, no Manny we can’t, you’re my brother and I’m a virgin, I don’t take any birth control pills. When Manny heard she was a virgin, he knew he was going to be the first to bust his sister’s cherry, he was going make sure he busted it hard.

Manny bent over and pulled her panties off almost tearing them, he placed her legs on his shoulders and placed the head of cock on her vagina and drove the tip inside as she began to scream.

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   Manny said, O. K. guys hold her down! Manny’s three brothers, Mack and Jerome came through the door and grabbed Elena’s legs and spread them wide and held her shoulders and arms down. Manny began to penetrate his sister’s very tight virgin pussy, it felt fantastic to him. Manny was forcing his 9-inch cock in her pussy as fast as he could, he started seeing blood and he was fucking her, he said, someone get a towel wipe her off, Mack began wiping her off while Manny continued pummeling her pussy, as his balls hit against the crack of Lena’s ass, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK. Manny was in such a sexual euphoric state, it didn’t take long when Manny started dumping lots of cum deep in Lena’s pussy. Manny finished dumping all his spunk and withdrew, before Lena could move or say something, Jorgy took his place. Jorgy went for the immediate kill and drove all his cock all the way deep in her pussy. Jorgy began ramming his cock deep in her pussy, she began lowly moaning, ooooooooh, ooooooooh. Jorgy went another ten minutes and he started dumping his spunk, then Cris followed, he took about fifteen minutes and he dumped loads of cum in her pussy, withdrew and Mikey followed suit. Mikey started ramming her pussy and Lena began to respond bucking her hips. Mikey said, let her go, she’s ours, she’s not going anywhere. Mikey planted Lena’s feet on the bed and started pulling her against his cock as Elena began screaming, AAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAH. Mikey said, OH YEAH, OUR LITTLE SISTER IS GOING TO BE A GREAT LITTLE WHORE. Mikey pulled her pussy against is cock and held in place as he drained his balls deep in Lena’s pussy.

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   Mikey withdrew and Manny said, HEY MACK, COME ON MAN, BUST THAT PUSSY, Mack wasted no time, he positioned her on her side raised her leg and started ramming Lena’s pussy, Lena started moaning loud, OOOOOOOH, OOOOOOOH. Mack pummeled her pussy for about ten minutes and he started dumping his load while saying out loud, DAMN THIS IS GREAT PUSSY, then he withdrew his cock. Cris said out loud, COME ON JEROME, PUT THAT ELEVEN INCH MONSTER AND DESTROY THAT PUSSY. Cris was right, Jerome had a rigid hard rock cock and very thick. Jerome started fucking Lena with powerful strokes, then he sat on the bed and picked Lena up and brought down her pussy right on his rigid huge cock impaling her pussy deep. Lena began wildly riding his cock, when he was done with her, she loved his huge cock, she wouldn’t stop fucking him, she was going crazy. Jerome was quickly owning her pussy. Many said out loud, IN JUST TWO HOURS OUR SISTER WENT FROM VIRGIN TO SLUT, OUR SLUT! All the guys high-fived and began chuckling.

Suddenly the door swung open and their mother came in yelling, WHAT’S THE MEANING OF THIS? She had on a black robe tied at her waist. Manny noticed as she walked her bare legs were in full view, all the way up to her upper thigh. She walked over to Elena and yelled, ALL YOU MOTHER FUCKERS ARE CRAZY, THIS IS INCEST, I’M CALLING THE COPS! Many leaned over to Jorgy and whispered, she’s wearing a short nightie or might be naked under that robe, look when she walks, you can see her legs all the way up to her upper thigh, what do you think? Jorgy replied, fuck it, let’s do it, let’s find out of she’s got a nightie or naked under that robe, right now is as good time as any to make our slut. Manny yelled out, HEY MACK, JEROME, TAKE LENA TO OUR SLUTTY MOTHER’S BEDROOM, SHE NEEDS TO BE TRAINED TO FUCK AND SUCK REAL GOOD, WE ARE GOING TO DO THE SAME WITH OUR MILF LEA. Jerome and Mack wasted no time they grabbed Lena and took her to our mother’s bedroom. Lea, yelled out, WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR GOING TO DO? Manny replied; YOUR SON’S ARE GOING TO FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF YOU. WE ARE GOING TO MAKE YOU OUR SLUT MOMMA, before Lea noticed Micky positioned himself behind her.

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   The following was done very quickly, however seems very slow seeing in print. Jorgy quickly grabbed our mother by her waist, Manny quickly pulled on the robe belt opening up her robe, she was wearing a white nightie with skimpy very sheer panties. Mikey already in place behind her pulled the robe off, Cris through threw her on the bed and tore off her panties, they spread her legs wide and held her down, Manny knew he had to do this quickly, she was trying kick to get loose, but her sons held her down tight, she protested, YOU CAN’T DO THIS, YOU CAN’T DO THIS! Manny yelled out, YOU DON’T KNOW HOW MANY TIMES I THOUGHT ABOUT FUCKING THE SHIT OUT YOU, I CAN’T WAIT TO SINK ALL MY 9-INCHES DEEP IN YOUR CUNT. Lea looked into Manny’s eyes began attempting to kick and get loose. Manny yelled out, STOP TRYING TO GET LOOSE, YOU’RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE, ALL YOUR SONS ARE GOING TO FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF YOU, WE HAVE PLANS FOR YOU AND LENA. Manny put his cock head at the entrance of Lea’s vagina, he began to sink his rigid big cock head. When Lea felt Manny’s big cock head penetrating her, she opened her eyes wide and said, NO, NO, NO all her protests fell on deaf ears. Manny kept going deeper and deeper until his was in all the way, DAMN, THIS WHORE’S GOT SOME GREAT PUSSY, SHOULD HAVE FUCKED HER A LONG TIME AGO! Manny looked directly into Lea’s eyes and said out loud, YOU’RE GOING TO BE YOUR SON’S WHORE! All his brothers went wild cheering, saying out loud, BANG THAT CUNT, WE’RE GOING TO SPLIT THE PUSSY WIDE, they all began high-fiving while chuckling.

Manny began to slowly thrust his rod in and out of his mother pussy, then suddenly they all could hear Lena screaming and moaning from the Lea’s bedroom,Jorgy said, it sounds like Jerome and Mack giving to Lena really good, that’s got to be Jerome fucking her, I mean that eleven inch huge dong he has packs destroys pussies, just the way we’re all going to destroy this pussy, they all began chuckling out loud. Manny was now thrusting hard, Lea began to moan loud, OOOOOOOH, UUUUUUG. Manny said, OH YEAH, THE WHORE IS LIKING MY COCK, he kept thrusting out of his mother’s pussy, saying, DAMN THIS SHIT’S SO FUCKING GOOD. The lewd action of fucking his own mother was making Manny go wild, he was violently pummeling her pussy hard as he could, his balls made a smacking sound as they struck her ass, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, she began to scream, AAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAH. Manny kept on thrusting hard, his mother again was moaning loud OOOOOOOH, UUUUUUUG, suddenly he felt his mother respond to the hard fucking she was getting, Lea was attempting to raise her pelvis to meet his thrusts, but couldn’t very well because the other brothers held her legs. Manny said, he bros release her, I’ve got this. Lea looked at Manny and said, please don’t come in me, I haven’t had a man since your father was killed, I’m not on any birth control.

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   Manny looked at her, the thought of impregnating his own mother was so hot and lewd, he didn’t care if he knocked her up, he started tensing up and Lea said, NO PLEASE DON’T COME IN ME, but her pleading again fell on deaf ears, Manny started dumping loads of cum deep in her pussy, when he was done, they didn’t give her chance to do or say anything, Jorgy took Manny’s place, and started fucking her pussy hard, it took about fifteen and minutes and he also drained all his balls deep in his mother’s womb. Cris took Jorgy’s place and flipped around and positioned her doggy-style and quickly inserted his full cock deep in her cunt and started pumping hard, his pelvis made loud noises as it hard against her ass, THUD, THUD, THUD, THUD. Jorgy began spanking both cheeks of her ass, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, he noticed as he spanked more, she began thrusting her ass backwards at him, so he kept spanking her, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, while saying out loud, HEY CARNALES, CAN THIS WHORE FUCK OR WHAT? Suddenly Jorgy began tensing up and pulled Lea tight against pelvis with all his cock deep in her pussy as he started shooting all loads deep in his mother’s cunt. Jorgy finally withdrew and turned to Mikey and said out loud, COME MIKEY YOUR TURN TO FILL THIS WHORE’S PUSSY UP!

Lea was so wet, Mikey had no resistance, he rammed her pussy all the way and also started spanking her, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, Mikey said out loud, SHE LIKES IT, LOOK AT THE WHORE GO WHEN I SPANK HER, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK. Mikey said out loud, HEY MANNY PUT YOUR COCK DOWN HIS WHORE’S THROAT. Manny quickly got on the bed and started inserting his cock head in her mouth. Manny said out loud, OH YEAH, SHE KNOWS HOW TO SUCK COCK REAL GOOD, THAT’S GOOD CAUSE SHE’S GOING TO BE SUCKING LOTS OF COCK. Mikey said, SHIT, I’M GONNA COME, and like Jorgy pulled her pussy tight against his pelvis and starting draining all his cum deep in his mother’s cunt.

Manny yelled out, HEY CARNALES, LETS TAKE HER TO HER BEDROOM AND FUCK HER TOGETHER WITH ELENA. Two brothers at her feet and two at her legs picked her up and carried Lea to her bedroom, where Jerome was fucking Lena up her ass while Mack was fucking her mouth. Jerome said, this little bitch was screaming so Mack had to put a quick stop to that, they all started laughing. Mack yelled out, SHIT, I’M GOING TO CUM and he started dumping all his wad down Lena’s throat. Mack said, that’s it, learn to swallow really good, because I think your brothers have plans for you to do lots of cum swallowing. Manny commented out loud, SURE DO and he took Mack’s place inserted his cock in her mouth and said, come on little whore, suck my cock really good. Jerome said loudly, SHIT, I’M GOING TO COME and he pulled her ass hard against his cock, her knees raised off the bed as it seemed endlessly, he kept dumping wads of cum deep in her ass.

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   Jerome finally was spent and Cris quickly took his place. Jerome’s huge cock had left her ass well gapped and lubed, that Cris had no resistance, in one thrust he was deep in Lena’s ass and he started thrusting in and out hard. Mikey suddenly laid beside them and told Cris, pick her up and sit her on my cock, Cris quickly followed the instruction. Lena was started riding Mikey as Cris started pummeling her ass, while Manny still kept on working her mouth. Manny took his cock out to give her a breather, she turned to see her mother in a doggy-style position with her ass high on the air and her head down on the bed while Jorgy was thrusting in and out of her ass. Jorgy started spanking her ass and she started to thrust her ass backwards driving as much cock as she could get in her ass. If there was any doubt Elena now knew that she and her mother new roles were to be her brother’s whores!

Jorgy pounded his mother’s ass for another ten minutes, then yelled out, SHIT, I’M COMING, Jorgy was a tall guy and weight lifter, he grabbed his mother by her hips lifting her off her knees impaling her ass with his 9-inch cock. Jorgy held her ass tight against his cock while he used his raw strength to grind his mother’s ass against his cock as he ejaculated lots of spunk, his mother, Lea, was screaming as he literally fucked the shit out her ass. Jorgy yelled out, DAMN THIS WHORE HAS A GREAT FUCKING ASS, I’M GOING ENJOY FUCKING THE SHIT OUT OF IT. Jorgy put Lea back on the bed and said, HEY JEROME, YOU’VE GOT TO TRY THIS ASS OUT. Jorgy moved away and Jerome quickly inserted his huge cockhead in her ass, Lea yelled out, IT’S TOO BIG, Jerome said in a loud voice, WHORE YOU’RE GOING TO TAKE ALL, and he drove his 11-inch monster deeper, Lea again began screaming, AAAAAAAAAAAAAH,AAAAAAAAAAAAAH, he didn’t care, he drove his cock even deeper, and it brought more screaming, AAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAH, TOOOOO MUUUUCH, TOOOO BIIIIIG. Jerome said, funny, that’s the same thing your daughter said when I busted her ass, but now she takes my cock like champ, you’ll be doing the same and begging for more.

Jerome said, Hey Mack, let’s tag team this whore, Mack laid on the bed and he sat her down on his cock and Mack pulled on him so she could give Jerome access to her ass. Jerome wasted no time, he started driving his cock in and out of Lea’s ass, while Mack was driving his cock in her pussy. Jerome told Lea as he slowly fucked her ass making her lowly moan, oooooh, oooooh.

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   In a louder voice Jerome remarked, OH YEAH, THAT’S IT WHORE, YOU NEED TO LEARN TO ENJOY LOTS OF COCK, YOUR GOING TO BE DOING LOTS OF FUCKING FOR YOUR BOYS, YOUR HOLES ARE GOING TO BE TAKING WHITE COCK, BLACK COCK, MEXICAN COCK, ANY COCK! Everybody starting laughing out loud, Mikey yelled out, YO JEROME, STOP FUCKING AROUND AND PUT THAT 11-INCH MONSTER YOU HAVE DEEP UP THAT ASS, GAP THAT SHIT WIDE! Mack was busy through the whole time stabbing his cock deep in Lea’s cunt, finally remarked out loud, I’M SHOOTING LOADS OF CUM RIGHT UP THIS WHORE’S CUNT! Mack had finally finished and he got from under Lea and said loudly, I’M DONE FOR NOW, FINISH OFF THAT ASS, GAP THAT SHIT WIDE SO SHE CAN TAKE LOTS OF BIG COCK UP THAT FINE ASS.

Jerome started fucking Lea hard as he began spanking her ass, he said, when I get done you, you’re going to love big dick up your ass, I’m going to be passing you around to all the brothers, I’m going to make sure you get lots Black Cock. Lea was screaming, AAAAAAAAAAH, UUUUUUG, AAAAAAAAAAAAAH, Jerome yelled out, THAT’S IT, SCREAM ALL YOU WANT BECAUSE YOU’RE GOING TAKE ALL MY 11-INCH COCK, GOT THAT WHORE! Lea kept on screaming as his huge balls and pelvis made a loud noise as they hit hard on her ass, THUD, THUD, THUD, THUD and he repeatedly slapped her ass, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP. He yelled as he fucked harder and harder and she was screaming, COME ON TAKE IT, TAKE THAT COCK, TAKE IT ALL WHORE. Lea began moaning loud, Jerome knew he owned her ass, he said, HEY, WATCH THIS, he stopped thrusting and in a loud commanding voice, THRUST THAT ASS AGAINST MY BLACK DICK, SHOW YOUR SONS HOW MUCH OF WHORE YOU ARE, DO IT WHORE! Lea began thrusting her ass backward hard on Jerome’s huge cock. Jerome again yelled out, GRIND THAT ASS ON MY COCK, SHOW YOUR SONS HOW MUCH YOU LIKE COCK UP YOUR ASS. Lea started gyrating her hips up and down then sideways. Manny yelled out, MAN, WHAT A WHORE! Jerome pulled out and showed every how wide he had gapped Lea’s ass, Jorgy said, any guy can fuck that ass now, everybody began laughing and high-fiving.

Jerome flipped Lea face up, and saying let show you guys to fuck a couple of whores at the same time. Jerome said, Manny and Cris lay your sister on top of your mother face up, kneel by your mother’s head and raise her legs and pull them towards you and hold them. Manny and Criss held Lena’s legs almost flipping her over, her pussy was still dripping gobs of cum on Lea’s stomach. Jerome grabbed Lea’s legs and in one quick and furious thrust started fucking her, then he withdrew and inserted all his eleven inches in Lena’s cunt, Lena began moaning, oooooooooh, oooooooooh, Jerome said, this little whore loves my big dick, he then went back to fucking Lea, she also moaned, oooooooh, ooooooooh. Jerome said out loud, MAN, THERE IT DOESN’T GET ANY BETTER THAN FUCKING WHORES AT THE SAME TIME, ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY’RE MOTHER AND DAUGHTER, NOW THAT’S FUCKING HOT!Jorgy, I want some of that action, Jerome moved and Jorgy starting alternating fucking her mother and sister, just like Jerome had been doing, he yelled out, THIS IS SO FUCKING HOT, BANGING YOUR MOTHER AND SISTER AND THE SAME TIME, Lea and Lena were moaning, oooooh, oooooh, as Jorgy fucked them both. Jorgy yelled out, HEY MIKEY COME OVER HERE AND TRY THIS SHIT OUT, FUCKING OUR MOTHER AND SISTER AT SAME TIME IS SO FUCKING HOT, they all fucked Lea and Lena, they each ran the gauntlet in the same position three times each. They dumped gobs of cum all over their tits, face and stomach, they had sticky cum all over their hair.

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Jerome said, I’M GOING TO SHOW YOU FELLAS HOW TO GET A GREAT BLOW JOB and he ordered Lea and Lena out loud while throwing pillows at them, YOU TWO BITCHES, KNEEL ON THOSE PILLOWS, SIDE BY SIDE, the quickly obeyed. With a huge hard cock, Jerome walked over to Lena first, wile staring at Lea saying, don’t worry they’ll plenty of hard cock for you to suck. He turned to Lena and said, come little slut, show your brother how much a real whore you are. Lena started inserted Jerome’s cock head in her mouth, the cock head was so big it distorted her mouth, regardless, she was going back and forth on his cock head. She went on sucking Jerome’s cock for a couple of minutes, then Jerome held her from the back of her head and inserted more cock in her mouth, until she began chocking. He pulled back and reinserted his cock until she gagged again. Jerome pulled his cock out and said, take a breather, I’ll be back, and turned to Lea, COME HER SLUT, YOU’RE GOING TO SHOW YOUR SONS HOW MUCH A WHORE YOU ARE. Jerome knew after Lea giving birth to four sons and daughter, she probably had plenty of practice sucking cock, he placed his huge monster right in front of Lea and said out loud, SUCK IT BITCH, TAKE IT DOWN YOUR THROAT, SHOW YOUR SON’S HOW MUCH YOU LIKE BEING A WHORE. Lea was mesmerized staring at Jerome’s monster and said, in low voice, it’s so big. Jerome said, it’s going to get bigger when you started sucking, now, SUCK IT! Lea began licking his cock head, then inserted his huge cockhead in her mouth, and started bobbing her head back and forth. Jerome said, MAN, CAN THIS BITCH SUCK COCK! TAKE IT DOWN YOUR THROAT, DO IT! Lea quickly obeyed, she new how to pleasure a man well, she remembered how much she loved the hot feeling when her now deceased husband drove his ten-inch cock down her throat and swallowing all the wads of hot spunk he dumped, there was no doubt she knew she lost all her inhibitions when sucked cock, she loved to suck cock so much, she always became total whore once a cock was down her throat.

Jerome grabbed Lea by her head and started fucking her mouth hard, just like he would be fucking a pussy. Jerome stopped and said in a commanding voice, COME ON BITCH, SUCK MY BALLS. Lea began, kissing and sucking Jerome’s balls, she began getting super horny, Jerome stopped telling her what to do, she was going nuts by herself. Lea began sucking Jerome’s cock like a mad woman, she began making slurping noises as she went back and forth on his cock.


   Jerome said out loud, LOOK AT YOUR WHORE MOTHER GO. He looked down at her and said, YOU LIKE TO SUCK ON MY BLACK COCK, DON’T YOU WHORE? Lea was oblivious to what Jerome was saying, she was going nuts sucking and slurping all over Jerome’s cock. Jerome told Lena, GET OVER HERE AND SUCK ON MY BALLS WHILE YOUR MOTHER SUCKS MY DICK, Lena obeyed. Jerome looked at both of the sucking and his cock and balls. Jerome said, THIS IS HOW TO GET TWO WHORES TO SUCK YOU OFF AT A TIME, WATCH THIS. Jerome was totally in command, he told them, NOW LET LENA SUCK MY COCK AND YOU CAN SUCK MY BALLS, they quickly changed places and Lena started going crazy on his cock. Jerome asked Lena, YOU LIKE THAT COCK DON’T YOU, she looked up at him and said, it’s so big and she went back to bobbing her head back and forth on his cock. Jerome said, CHANGE PLACES, lea quickly inserted Jerome’s cock down her throat while Lena alternated licking and sucking his balls. Jerome yelled out, DAMN, I’M GOING TO NUT, HERE IT COMES, he started dumping wads of spunk down Lea’s throat, he pulled out and told Lea, open your mouth let me see that cum in your mouth. Lea open her mouth wide, she had full mouth of spunk, he said, now kiss your daughter on her mouth and share my spunk with her. Lea got close to Lena and began kissing her transferring spunk into her mouth. Jerome pulled them apart and told Lena, OPEN YOUR MOUTH LITTLE WHORE, I’M GOING TO DRIVE THE SPUNK YOUR MOTHER GAVE YOU DEEP DOWN YOUR THROAT. Jerome began fucking Lena’s mouth while shooting additional spunk down her throat and withdrew, he walked over to Lea and began drilling her mouth, he told her in a loud voice, EAT IT ALL WHORE. The brothers stood there in awe of how in command Jerome was over their sister and mother. Jerome looked at the brothers and said, I can dominate these two bitches because they know they want to be whores, so you treat them like the whores they want to be.

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   All the brothers and Mack got in line, for the next hour they all took turns ramming their cocks down Lea and Lena’s throat. Lena was quickly becoming a pro at sucking cock, just like her mother. When all the sucking was over, Lena was taking even most of Jerome’s cock down her throat and Lea wanted more cock down her throat, but the guys had actually got worn out.

Lea finally realized that she and her daughter Elena’s family rolls had changed, she no longer was a mother in control and her daughter was no longer innocent, she realized her sons and their friends could impregnate her and Lena, and they wouldn’t care. It was very evident that Lea’s sons and their friends were going to use them as their whores for whatever pleasure suited them. Lea always had a fantasy of being whore, but that is all it was a fantasy, she never planned to act on it. She never thought, it would be her four sons that would turn her and their sister into whores, she never had a physical attraction to her sons, but the more they kept fucking her she was beginning to lust for more of her son’s cocks, she knew it was wrong, but she could no longer hold back, she had to admit it to herself, she and her daughter Lena were now her four son’s whores, and there was turning back.

It was Friday evening when they started fucking their sister and mother, it was Sunday afternoon the brother’s, Jerome and Mack had fucked Lea and Lena all weekend. Manny and his brothers had done what they wanted, turn their mother and sister into their whores to fuck however it pleasured them. It is now over a year since that initial wild weekend took place, it turned on Manny to keep count of all the men, some friends, some strangers, that fucked their mother and sister, the count was at one hundred seventy-six. Manny, his brothers, Mack and Jerome, had knocked their mother and sister that hot and wild weekend, they both gave birth to boys nine months later. The boys were not totally black, but their skin had enough black traits, the guys made fun of Jerome that he had a strong cock and his spunk packed a mighty wallop. Jerome said, he had gotten them gang banged by several groups of black men several times, that’s why they had darker skin. In the first six months while they were pregnant, Manny and his brothers shared their mother and sister with many strange men, Mack was over at the house constantly fucking them both. Manny said that in the first six months, they had gotten their mother and sister fucked one hundred twenty-two men, not counting Manny, his brothers, Mack or Jerome.

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   Though their mother and sister were pregnant, it did stop Manny and his brothers having a cock in one of their holes, sometimes several times a day. Manny and his brothers to fuck their mother and sister after strange men used them as cum dumps, Manny and his brothers had lots of plans for these two whores. .

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