Topic: LIFES SEXUAL PERKS 20/2 Fact or fiction? you decide.
 Jackie is as good as her had moved on some and we"d settled into a steady three or four fucks a day,every day,although I must admit that over a period of Jackies cycle by about the seventeenth day I was shooting steam rather than baby juice. Fucking hell was she a goer; or what? I knew I was highly sexed just listening to friends and work colleagues. They generally seemed to think they were really on form giving it to their wives two or three times a week or Saturday being a couple of pints followed by fish and chip supper with a fuck that may or may not finish in an orgasm for the missus. In turn some were limited by wifey saying you can have it a couple of times a month if you must. Fucking hell! That must be the ultimate put you downer!
 Thank goodness Jackie and I are on the same wavelength sexually.
 So horsing around this particular day I wrestle her to the floor and she submits to my pulling her top up and with it still under her arm pits and wearing it like a band up past her ears and across the top of her head. With her tits exposed,no bra at home, (nor most other times for that matter) she said, "Right with my arms trapped,what ya planning to do now then?" Saying nothing, I"m sat on her belly and proceeded to pull the beast out to slide it up through her tits. To get more comfortable I eased up and dragged her skirt and panties off while stripping from the waist down, All this time Jackie looked on passively. "I cant hold my tits around it trust up like this" "Now you"ve told me what you cant do prisoner, now say what you can do" "If you kneel over my face I"ll bite the swine for you" Daring her to I does as she asks and WOW! she grabs it with her mouth,not teeth, and bobs her head up and down. Between bobs she says "Come forward a bit more" I do and of course with her arms movements limited by her top she grabs hold of my ass cheeks and starts gobbling me off in earnest.
 By now I"m in seventh heaven and as my sap rises I"m trying to hide my approaching orgasm. "Gobble-mumble dont mumble-gobble hold mumble back, You can shoot it in my mouth,I told you I would,remember?" Did I! Now with added lip grip she created a vacuum with her cheeks sucked in then wallop, my cum pumped up the pipe and filled her mouth. Still a certain innocents prevailed my cock had my brain totally centred on more squirts of spunk jetting into Jackies mouth. To swallow or spit out never even entered my thoughts.
 As I decended from that high plateau, Jackie holding me by the root of my cock pulled the rest of my cock in her mouth out and with her tongue pushed most of my spunk out and off her tongue so it was all round her face but mostly down her chin.

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   I could see remnants on her tongue and she just kept it in her mouth and I assume swallowed it. "There you are,I told you I would didn"t I?". . . "I bet you didn"t expect that now did you?" "Fucking hell! no,it never even entered my head" "Well it did mine, I think I could swallow your cum next time" Next Time? Wow another milestone with promise of another. This has got to be heaven!
 "Come on then,my turn. Lick me,suck me,and fuck me. Please! "So polite madam Jackie" "Come on, get sucking boy" "Yes ma"am" "Cut that ma"am bit and get you tongue in my pink little hole PDQ. "How many inches ma"am?" "Lick it you tormenting bastard,right now!" whooo so bossy, lick the fucking thing for fucks sake! NOW!
 Just before burying my face I mentioned, "Just imagine two tongues doing you" The way she came a short while later I think her mind took what I said on board,but no mention of it was made. I slid back up her body and once again beasty was in the driving seat and he drove her to four orgasms in about half an hour. Sucking cock must do something for a womans orgasmic nerve ends.
 Lolloping around after I recalled that when I got to be sucked off it made my sphincter twitch unmercifully,then I realised a finger had been by or in my asshole. No mention was made, but Jackie did ask if the sucking made my ass tingle. I confirmed "Very much so" I observed just the faintest smile. Was this no accident? Is she blossoming to some secret desires only she knows of? I wonder!
 One baby and a couple of years passed quickly. 

   Joe"s wife definately had the hots for me and I hoped to fuck; family members never clocked it. Jackie had and while indisposed having the baby, Jackie whispered to me,If your need becomes desperate,I wouldn"t mind if you screwed Marlene,I think our Joe isn"t fucking her right and she"s in need of a real good fucking. I nearly fell off the chair, but thought,bloody hell! I hope this isn"t the first signs of her going off the cock. In fairness in all my life she"s been the only woman I"ve come across that said after child birth pain "I want another now" and she meant it. Hooray to that!
 So, a one bedroom flat was a bit limiting and in a very short time I found a cheap house that needed a lot of work doing. Not a problem,although I say it myself,from a very young age I"d had to do what was needed for my mother/business and this saw me in fine stead now. Although I missed another fact at the time,that we had moved closer to my aunt and Ginny/Den. As will also be seen, his and my working shifts had a strange sort of interlap although we worked for totally different companies.
 Having said that,I quickly done some rudimentary DIY and had reached a house warming scenario a little before a Christmas. This was only a small thing. My special aunt,Ginny and Ross plus Den and their young kids,one was only a few months old. We had a moderate amount of booze.  I always drunk reservedly Jackie was a light weight,more than a couple of glasses of wine and she usually flirted or to be more precise excepted being flirted at,then nodded off to sleep wherever.
 So not surprisingly Den tried it on in the kitchen with my aunt and although she looked as though he"d made her hot she resisted him. He then tried Ross but only got a squeeze of her tit he reckoned because she had her current boy friend in tow.

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  Inevitably that left Jackie, She"d said to me,what do I do if he tries anything. I told her I"d track her and move in if its more than she wants. Smiling she said "It"ll be less than he wants,thats for sure" I then said, "I bet its making you wet already (Whack on the shoulder) "Bastard" "It is,Ha! Ha!" "You aught to be telling me he mustn"t" "aah get on you love the attention" "Bastard! You"re to smart by half,just you wait" "What does that mean?" "You"ll see"
 Now Jackie had a wine coloured satin dress on that came round the neck into a vee at the front made up of two strips of material about five inches wide shaped to a degree down over her tits. From the back similar material started behind the neck about four inches wide spreading in an upside down vee to join the front about five inches above the waist. The material favoured prominent nipples of which Jackies was even more pronounced since feeding a baby. A sash type of waist band exentuated the waist and hips which in Jackies case had now become wider since childbirth, which in passing I noticed attracted horny bastards even more than they did before. The skirt part lay in waves like a sea shell affect. Modestly above the knee and if dropped parachute style would have formed a full circle if you get what I mean. Under this? well you"ll have to wait to find out! Least to say some super fine fishnet stockings was all that was in view below the dress hem!
 Clearly this type of style didn"t lend itself to modesty if a woman bent forward, as any man stategically placed to her side saw some tit and at best right round to the nipple. (I loved this style,all women should have to have one) Jackie asked,"Do I look over dressed being that we"re only at home?" "As the hostess you"re perfect in my opinion" Her big tits was just what the dress was designed for!
 Everything went off well, my aunt slyly noted to me,"Jackies lined up for the cock with that dress on,its making me wet just thinking about it" And me! "aah! but will it only be yours? Yours isn"t the only one I can see half hard here" Den and Ross"s boyfriend,no guessing who there then. I then clocked a move on Jackie, Den followed her out to the kitchen to warm a babies milk bottle. Jackie said "its alright I"ll do it" ok! but he still followed as I moved to the stair well which allowed me to watch without being observed,my cock was throbbing in anticipation of him coming on to my wife. I know I shouldn"t get a buss but as we said before Jackie and myself does. Her flirtaciously, me having what these guys want. They start her engine but I get to drive the bus so to speak!
  Sure enough, Den is in very close behind Jackie,not near enough to prod her ass with his hardon, but very nearly,the gap while still there seems to shadow and I realise his arm farthest from me is now moved around her side blocking light from that side.

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   Jackie moves her ass back as though she"s trying to stop what he"s at which inadvertantly puts her ass against his knob. No! she says, his other hand starts its journey,round under her arm and into the low arm hole of her dress. I know by how far his hands are in that he has a full handful of tit and nipple. Jackie squirms saying No dont! but his mouth gets to her neck, her head goes back a bit and I can see her eyes are shut.
 She seems to come back to the real world and I hear her say,No see if this bottle is too hot squirt it on your arm. Breaking from his hold on her tits. His hand almost pulls her right tit out of the dress which she quickly adjusts.  I move back into the shadows a bit as he passes into the living room with the bottle. As the door swings I hear "There you are my baby,you didn"t have to wait long for daddy to get your milk. Now with a hardon I head for Jackie,her face is flushed,putting my hand in each side her nipples are like iron. I whisper, "They liked that" "So did you by the feel of that iron bar against my ass" "You didn"t need saving" "No! Den said to many eyes but you"ll have it late!" "I will,but it wont be his.
 Dont get to wet mind,you dont want it showing through your dress. "That wont happen" I craftily put my hand up her front. No slit? "aah I"ve got something on it to soak up any juice, Ha!Ha! "Smart ass" "Yeah! but have you thought it"ll keep the wolf from the door!" "You crafty bitch" "I like your aunt,she"s clever!" aah so thats it,I might have known.
 Being before drink drive laws and as I drink very little,or perhaps because I"m the only sod with a car and a motorcycle, I am lined up for the chore of getting them all home.

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   Not to be totally out flanked, I carry the baby out for Ginny who gets in the front with Ross and boy friend in the back and Ginny"s other two on their laps. As I put the baby on Ginny"s lap my hand inadvertantly goes up her skirt and low and behold,encounters no knickers. Staying long enough not to notice I manage to wiggle down through her crack and hook one finger in her hole. She moves as though to make herself more comfortable allowing me to rub her clit a few times as I talk and look at her face. Her eyes are up towards the roof of the car, her mouth is mouthing "You randy bastard" and then I"m sure she quietly cum off. Her love of taking the chance of being caught still flourished then.
 Its not far to their home and I"m back in double quick time. Den being foiled for a fuck or whatever by my aunt staying for a later lift with Den. I bet he couldn"t guess his wife had just had an orgasm at the end of my finger. Sucker! meant in the nicest way mind of course. So we sat chatting for a while, Den and my aunt still getting the drink down them but Jackie had one more and was making it last. Jackie said I"ll go and put something on ready for bed, I not thinking said,I thought you"d come with us forgetting our little one was a bed already. Jackie reminded me but stayed put in her dress. With that aunt asked to use the lavatory,(Close,but outside at this time being my next job) Saying one of you"d better come with me this time I"m not to sure of your back. You go Rich, so I do picking up the flashlight on my way.

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 As we get out to the toilet, aunt says shine the light I dont want to piddle in my pants. She stands there pulls them down,looks at me and says,"You haven"t seen this one for awhile. I point the light at beast now rising to the occasion, then back to aunts pussy "Not time now,but dont forget your old aunts needs mind,is Jackie good? you haven"t said" As hot as you at least. "I knew it!" Keep her well fucked mind" I am. She pulls her pants up but not before grabbing my cock. "Fuck thats a lot bigger than I remember" I keep him in a hot damp place most of the time,makes it grow. "I bet you do"
 We head back in, as we get to the living room window, aunt says look at the poor sod. His tongue will get fluff from your carpet if he drulls any longer, although Jackie certainly knows how to prick tease,even our Ross"s bloke had a hard on and I"m sure his eyes stuck to your Jack"s tits at least twice. You still like watching I see. Plunging in I said just before we got back inside, "Are you in any hurry?" No what you up to? I know you, you dirty little sod. "Nothing too shocking" Your aunts bomb proof,you know that!
 More to follow.