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 My teasing nature comes to the fore. But have I lit a aunt slouches in an armchair with me between her and Den whose in another easy chair. Jackie is sprawled along the settee looking a little drowsy but still involved in the chatter which flits in and out of the more smutty. Aunts contributions from her sunday rag mainly. I go to the kitchen to get our guests another drink each, wifey follows heading to the loo. "I got rid of that defence thing" "Oh,thats handy" "Why, what is your smutty little mind up to? you always tease after a few drinks!" "If you fall asleep or if you"re still awake,make out you"re sleeping,I"m going to tease Den a bit. My aunt is aware I am,but not how" "How?" I tap my nose as you do! "Nothing heavy,but if you feel any touching at all,dont panic,it"ll just be me getting him at it" "I dont know,I get a bit wary when you involve Den" "Aunts here isn"t she?" "Oh,of course,I forgot" "No dick mind,dont get carried away" "No!You"ll get that later!" "Only yours though" I look at her with a look of, Just as if!
 This whispered chat took much less time than writing it here of course and we returned to the living room. Aunt and Den were still as before,but the TV. was now on and some comedian was doing his bit. Jackie casually pushed a couple of cushions to the floor from the settee and joined them on the floor. Even better for the plan! Jackie lying face down presents a rear view from shoulders to feet of desirability. Her low sided dress is allowing her now flattened breast to peek out slightly on each side. I notice aunt glances every few moments, while Den is careful how he clocks the one on his side,for me I can see where they"re looking but not the full spectacle. Den,if he"d only realised could have riveted his eyes on Jackies tit because I obscured his mother-in-law,my aunts view of where his eyes was actually looking.
 Coming from the ankle up,Jackies fishnet stocking I now realised were in fact wine coloured not black as I assumed and on plonking herself on the floor the hem had ridden up to the point that the band at the top of her stockings was just peeping below the hem.

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   Also because of the nature of the dress material you could clearly see the outline of the suspender clips about an inch and a half further up. Den was constantly glancing between these visions and her tit. Being honest,my controller was also rising to the scene as it presented itself. The lull of the TV and the warmth was taking its toll. Aunty was nodding,having slid down the chair a bit, Jackies head was down on the cushions facing sideways away from Den who like myself was still fully alert to the female form before us. Glancing at me he put his two hands to the side of his head as if in praying and pointing to the door and the women mouthed "Shall we make a move" I nodded a no with a shhh finger sign. Frowning he made a questioning look. Moving almost into his ear I whispered "Hang around,I want to show you something" Still frowning,he settled back and swigged his drink some more.
 A little while longer,I reached between my chair and pulled out a coat hanger, seeing this Den frowned but couldn"t figure what I was going to do. Gently I put the hanger between Jackies thighs being careful not to touch them and eased her dress up towards her bum, only a tiny bit,just enough to reveal pink suspender ends lying across her white thighs,three inches of which was now in view. Den looked at me then at her legs swigged a sip and licked his lips. I now was getting a beat on and I"m sure Den was as well. He looked at me again. I mouthed "More" cagedly he nodded an affirmative.  I obliged just enough to reach the edge of Jackies Knickers.

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   These had very loose frilly legs gaps. Having eased them apart a bit and moved the dress to about its maximum without dragging the hem under Jackie, I started to lift the panty leg enough to allow the bottom crease of Jackies bum cheek to show.
 I was really getting a buss out of this and my hardon was now needing adjusting. This I did and Den came in close to my ear and said, "Me to!. . . she"ll murder you if she wakes up" I shrugged, "You like?" He in turn swept his brow as if melting hot. Pushing my luck,I pushed her hem up further in line with her ass crack not realising till then just how shear the knickers were. She may have not had any on,the little part in view showed the crack in all its glory. As I then went to ease the hem back down to save my life,Jackie moved,Den was suddenly asleep and I was left in the shit. But know she appeared to be just turning,and so it was,Jackie rolled over almost on her back but the settee stopped her from going completely over.
 Now it became quiet,Dens eyes gradually came open again, chicken aye? He looked at me,then at the thigh that had happened to become visible,not to much but enough. Coming very close I whispered "I bet we could see her fur" very,very gently now I went for bust. I started the hem moving and kept going and then there it was a dark shadow of pubes about four inches of vee up and across her belly at "The mound of Venus" Den moved uncomfortably. Wet underpants for him as well then! Then I had a shock.

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   Jackie rolled slightly over and away from the settee while pulling her top leg open a bit and the one nearest the floor upwards bending at the knee as though to stop her rolling any farther forward. Her top leg then plopped down straight as though she was on her back.
 Came the shock. Nestled below her pubes the knickers had an opening almost crotchless in what it now showed. The gap had a small tuft of pubes and her pussy lips cheekily pouting out through, the rest of her cunt was lost between her thighs but the hood looked as it did when her clit was swollen. Fucking hell! I never bargained on that happening,when she first showed them to me I never spotted any open crotch. I pulled the hem back down while my face was on fire. Den,getting up awkwardly,said I better dap out the back before we go. I got a funny feeling it wasn"t only a piss he had!
 While out there I was further startled as my aunt said "You didn"t bargain for that last bit did you? "Fuck no,how did you know?" "Women"s intuition,thats all" "Your Jackie had her own agenda dont you reckon? like the girl guides! Be prepared" "Thats the scouts!" "Not this time smarty"
 I nudged jackie awake, telling her I wont be long,in turn she said "I"ll go on a bed then" Den still not missing a move landed in the back with his mother-in law, smarming how much he thought of her while getting very fresh with her. "Behave,dont do that!" Curious,I moved my driving mirror to see what he was at, His hand was after pussy. "Dont start me because I have no intention of letting my daughter down,so you"d just leave it on a high. Bugger off you horny bastard" "Stop Now" She meant that,that time and he desisted.
 She softened as we got to his home, "Give us a kiss and get on in there" "I said a kiss,nothing about eating my tongue!" Then he was gone. "Home Geeves and dont spare the horses" then almost as an after thought,"Talking of horses,where did that horse cock you now got come from?" I must admit,my aunt had a way with words. Cheekily,I said, "Want some?" "Now you ask,that fucking son-in-law did touch a nerve or two,why not? give my apologies to Jackie if my puss puss sucks you dry,its been along time"
 "Not in house get me by that tree" "One of your neighbours might see" "let them, I need the excitement after watching you,you dirty sod,it nearly made me give in to Den" Eh! "You didn"t think I was asleep surely? What and miss you and Jackie prick teasing him?" "Jackie didn"t know,she was asleep,you wont let on will you?" "It"ll cost you a good slug of sperm here and now" How could I refuse that sort of blackmail? Against the tree she said "Are you hard?because I"m soaking so get it up me, have a quick feel then go to it" I did and it was super good I must admit,I think aunt fucked me rather than the other way round.

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   I noticed a similar bossy tone to what Jackie used that time when she sucked me off! I wonder? Naa! I did say she reminded me a lot of aunt and visa-versa. Nothing changes,picking her knickers up from the floor,my aunt showed me her ass rather longer than she needed just like when I stayed with her, all those years before.
 Back home now I was desperately tempted to ask Jackie if she had in fact been awake all the time but decided against it because it will come out at sometime and likewise I held my own court about supplying my aunt with some sexual therapy. That can wait,what is needed now is another head of baby juice for Jackie. She certainly was asleep now but I supplied her with a silent fuck and I reckon what ever her dream told her was good because she came a load and didn"t wake up. In the morning she told me,"You filled me full of spunk,it was you wasn"t it? Why cant I remember being fucked? "You were asleep" "It was you? was it? she repeated.  I must admit I was sorely tempted to say it wasn"t,that she had demanded Dens sperm,but decided it would be cruel,besides who wants breakfast through a straw?
 more later.
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