Cheating on the 4th of July : Naomi


The day had just gone from bad to worse. Nothing had gone right since I had awoken to the sound of yelling. I had been out the night prior and hadn’t actually gotten to bed till one in the morning. Being dragged all around town to do some last minute things was great for my headache. The throbbing only seemed to get worse. I helped set up a party I wasn’t going to be attending. Not only that but it was almost time for me to arrive to my 4th of July get together. I was going to be late. The worst thing was that my girlfriend, Courtney, wasn’t allowed to come. I urged my father along before he finally agreed to drop me off at the park. We arrived at 7:23 p. m. , an hour and a half tardy.
I felt like my head was split open. I told everyone “Happy Independence day” before grabbing a nice cold Coke and heading out to the graveyard. I had discovered this safe haven from everyone just several years past.

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   The cemetery was very secluded filled with twists and turns. You really couldn’t see anyone who wasn’t on your path. It felt more like a park than a burial ground. There were little courtyards that sectioned off bodies from everyone. Bodies weren’t buried in these courtyards. They were for people to rest from the long walks.
I went to the back of the cemetery into one of the courtyards. It was like my special spot. It was shaded almost all day. No one really came back here either, and you could see the fire works perfectly above you. I laid down on the bench and set the coke on my head to relieve my pain. As I reclined back I reminisced about the many years I had spent here, in my home town.
I remembered all the times I had climbed the playground with my cousins. The one time they had a dunk tank. That was a good year.

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   Adam and I were the two main volunteers. We swapped back and forth even taking hits at each other. In retrospect until I had found the wonders of the graveyard I had spent most of my time on the jungle gym. I recalled the first time I had taken anyone else back here with me.
Me and Naomi walked around the burial ground for a good couple of hours just looking at graves and reading the eulogies on them. We had ended up in the back of the cemetery in my special courtyard. It was dark and they had been testing the fireworks for a little bit before. We sat on the bench and watched the rockets explode above us. My arm was around her, her head was under mine. Our chest pounded with the loud explosive. The finale was upon us and I had been contemplating whether or not to make a move the whole time and finally said fuck it. I turned to Naomi, placing my hand on her leg and went in for it just as the finale had started it constant thunderous booms. Naomi had taken notice to my progression and started to come in too.
Our lips met and that was the first time I had really kissed her. We had kissed before several times, but this one was filled with a passion I had not yet known.

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   She must have noticed it too, as we sat there the whole finale making out, a new spark had been lit between us.
I awoke from the warmth of my memories to hear footsteps heading in my direction. I noted them but paid no mind as I thought it was just someone who had actually come to pay their respects. I lay there, my forehead was becoming wet from the Coke, and I saw a person walk into my courtyard. It was Naomi. She had definitely changed since I had last seen her. Her hair had grown out, a lot. Most remarkably though was her womanly features had also grown out. She just seemed so much older. Her long skirt and t-shirt hugged her body perfectly.
I sat up to get a better look.
“Hey Victor. ” Those were the first words that came outta her mouth. She stood very coyly with her arms behind her back. Facing the ground yet making eye contact.

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   She slightly rocked back and forth.
“Hey…” I paused briefly. “…Naomi. ” She walked over and sat on the bench next to me.
“So how are things?” She asked very sincerely. I was shocked at how nice she was being, last time we had spoken some very mean things had been said.
“They’re alright. ” We looked out of the courtyard and into the graves.
“You dating anyone?”
“Yeah, actually. ” Was all I could muster to tell her. “You?” I asked trying to change the subject away from me.
“No. ” Her knees bent inward. “Been single for almost two months” I saw her look at me from the corner of my eye. “They’ve all been stoners and just plain rotten people.

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  ” She giggled to herself.
“What?” I wanted to know what was so funny.
“You’ve actually been the best guy I’ve ever gone out with. ” I smiled to myself inside but kept cool on the outside. Not wanting to let her read me. “Where is your girl?”
“She couldn’t make it. Mom wouldn’t let her come. ”
“That sucks. ”
“Yeah. ”
We talked till ten about how life was going for each of us. She seemed to get closer and closer to me as time went by. Naomi was hinting that her life seemed so much better when we had been going out. While we were talking she laid herself across the bench and overtop of me. I tried not to seem like I minded at all. I wasn’t really talking to her too much though.


   I answered her questions and listened to her stories but wasn’t overly being lively.
At one point we just sat there her head in my lap. My mind kept wandering to her firm ass just begging to be grabbed. Her chest jutted out. She rolled over so she laid on her back. I swear she seemed to be nudging her head back and forth and I was slowly being aroused. After a few long moments of silence she finally said.
“Would you ever go back out with me?” I had kinda been expecting the question but I didn’t prepare for it. I hesitated for a second collecting my thoughts and said.
“I already have a girlfriend. ” Naomi was looking up at me and I was looking down at her.
“Yeah but what if you didn’t?”
“Then maybe…” She got up off my lap and scooted next to me.
“Just maybe?” She stared at me intensely. I looked at the ground, not wanting to really talk about this. I had mixed emotions.

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   Part of me still liked Naomi, but the other part loved Courtney. “Victor. Look at me. ” She was being slightly demanding. I looked at her and her face was right there. I looked into her eyes for several moments. Then she kissed me.
I was in so much shock I couldn’t move. I sat there frozen as her tongue tried to part my lips. When I finally reacted it was a jerking motion backwards.
“What’s wrong?” she asked coyly as if she didn’t know what.
“I have a girlfriend!” I said almost angrily. She had a look of sadness come over her face.
“You don’t like me anymore do you?” She said her eyes were becoming glassy. I could see that she was really hoping I had remained single for these long months.

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“It’s not that…” I almost didn’t wanna say the rest. “… I do still have feelings for you. ” I looked away again. “But I have a girlfriend. ” She hugged me and whispered into my ear.
“Just be with me for tonight. ” I was still tense. “Just let me feel like everything is going to be alright, just for tonight. ” I wasn’t sure how to react. I wanted to hug back but my loyalty to Courtney wouldn’t let me. I suddenly remembered how she had cheated on me with my friend. My hand clenched itself into a fist before I hugged Naomi back and kissed her deeply.
It was more in spite than anything, but I knew it was too late to go back now. Our tongues danced around between our mouths. My left hand was on her cheek and the other moved to her hip.

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   I started the kiss in spite but as we continued our flicking and licking, I was really enjoying it. Her eyes were closed. Slowly my eyes shut as our mouths intertwined themselves.
Her hand moved onto mine and guided it to her round ass. It sat there loosely at first. Soon she tightened her grip on my hand and I took the hint. My fingers enthralled her ass, squeezing it. She constricted her rump. My hand on her cheek fell down tracing her body till it reached her breast. It rested on her boob. She already had shown this was more than a kiss so I started to play with her tit. Her hand slid from my face and traveled down my chest until it reached my crotch. She roughly grabbed onto it. My eyes opened in shock.
Fireflies were lighting up from the ground.

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   It looked like sparks rising from the grass. Naomi’s hand was now gently rubbing my cock through my jeans. We continued our kiss never breaking for a moment. Her hand stopped rubbing and just rested itself upon my dick. I continued to grab her all over when all of a sudden I felt Naomi shove her hand into my now open zipper. She fished out my cock so it was jutting from the hole in my jeans. A good four of the six inches stuck out.
Naomi pulled away from the kiss and dove down for my prick. Her lips had encased the head by the time I could figure out what she had done. Slowly she bobbed down to encase the rest, her tongue thrashed about. She wasn’t a pro but it still felt great, better than Courtney. On her way up she’d stop, the head still in her mouth, she would lick the tip forcing some of her tongue into the hole. The most she fit into her mouth was five inches of it. I only last about four minutes before I felt a buildup in my balls. She must have felt my dick stiffen cause soon as it did she went to the top, only consuming the head as I released my seed into her.


Even with the vacuum seal she had on my member some of my gunk still leaked out. Naomi swallowed it all and managed to clean me up before any of it stained my clothes. She came up and licked her lips.
“Mmmm. ” Was all the escaped her lips. She looked at me seductively and said. “It’s your turn. ” She lifted up her skirt around her knees. “Come over here. ” She giggled. I followed her command and got off the bench, onto my knees, and between her legs in one swift motion. Her panties were completely white excluding a single heart. There was already a wet spot accumulating just below the heart. I sat there and looked at it. I was hesitant, I didn’t want to make this any worse but I had already done enough so it wouldn’t make a difference if I went the whole nine yards.

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   She scooted towards my face. “C’mon Victor. Please?” I place my hand on her panties and hooked around the bottom.
Her wet cunt was on fire. I pulled her under wear down past her ankles and placed it on the ground. Her juices were leaking out. I brought my face up to her wet crotch and took a whiff. It smelled sweet. My hot breath leaked through my mouth and she shifted to get comfortable. I hooked my arms under her legs and started kissing her inner thighs. I started real close and moved away, then came back down but just as I reached her lips I skipped a beat never touching her vagina but letting my breath hit it, before moving up her other leg.
“Stop teasing me. ” Naomi said. It was muffled through her thighs. I came back down and pecked her on the lips, then again but this time letting my tongue slip past and enter her slit.

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   I continued my assault on her cunt licking up and down her slit. Up to her clit and down to her ass, just before the second hole. I could sense she liked this but I decided to change it up.
I started to continue lick her clit while I brought my hand up and started to finger her hole. My finger slipped in and out effortlessly her cunt was so wet. Her pleasure was apparent. I continued for several more minutes till she pulled away. My mouth was covered in her juice. I looked up at her and she looked at me lustfully. She jumped at me knocking me back onto my back. She lifted her skirt all the way up and pulled out my erect cock. She guided it into her and started to rock her hips back and forth. I was amazed about how this had taken a turn. Her cunt was hotter than the air, but still felt so good. Her breathing had changed rapidly to quick breathe inhaling sharply.

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I grabbed her hips and started to hump her on the ground. Naomi’s moans grew louder. If there was anyone in the graveyard they could hear her. I wanted to shush her but her moans just added to the sense of pleasure I was getting. I was slightly lifting her knees off the ground as I thrust upwards, impaling her on my prick. Her moans were getting louder and louder. She was coming to an orgasm I started to hump faster and faster. Her hole tighten on my cock and started to spasm as she bucked on top of me. I felt my self building up again as her pussy engrossed me inside. I went to push her off and she grabbed my shoulders and gripped tightly, her nails started to dig in. I squirmed under her trying to get out as she messily rocked on me trying to make me cum. I couldn’t fight back my sperm any longer I started to cum in her while her cunt milked my penis for every drop. She fell onto me, my prick still jerking from my orgasm.
“You crazy bitch what the hell!” I yelled at her. She just smiled warmly while she laid on me.

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   I tried to push her off and she gripped me.
“Why are you pushing me away Victor?” I continued to push while I replied.
“You just made me cum inside you. You’re probably going to get pregnant!” She smiled again and shocked with her answer.
“I know. I want to get pregnant so that you can’t leave me. ” I stared at her. She smiled warmly at me and took my hand and placed it on her stomach. “Your baby is growing inside me, isn’t that beautiful?”
“What? No, you can’t have a baby, how are you going to support it? We’re still in high school. ”
“My mom would be more than happy to take care it while I’m at school. ” I shook my head.
“No. You’re getting an abortion!” She tried to kiss me but I turned away.
“Why is this upsetting you so much?” She attempted to kiss me again but I turned the other way. “You’re going to be a daddy.

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“I’m not ready to be a daddy. ” I tried to push her off and finally was successful. I scooted away from her towards the bench. She lay there on the ground looking at me with a sad face. We sat there in silence.
I heard someone call out.
“VICTOR!!!” Oh my God, it was Courtney. How did she get here? Oh well that didn’t matter. I kicked Naomi’s panties over to her and said.
“Put them on. ” I zipped up my jeans. Naomi walked over to me and sat on the bench. I inched away from Naomi.
“VICTOR!!!” I picked up my coke and I was amazed that was still cool.
“COURTNEY?” I yelled out.


“Victor where are you?” She didn’t sound too far away.
“Over here!”
A couple seconds later Courtney walked through the arch way.
“Hey baby. ” Naomi was now sitting next to me. I pushed her over and scooted into the middle of the bench. Coutney sat on my left and Naomi on my right. Courtney cuddled up to me.
“I’m glad I found you. The fireworks are about to start. ” She nestled her head into my neck. “Who’s this?” My heart was sinking. I had just cheated on Courtney only 5 minutes ago.
“This is Naomi. She’s uh… an old friend,” I placed my left hand on her thigh. “before I moved.

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“Oh. Hi Naomi. ” Courtney reached over and shook Naomi’s hand. Naomi Leaned on me, I felt so uneasy. The two girls each nestled into me getting comfortable. Naomi grabbed my hand and placed it on her thigh and held it there. I started to rub Courtney’s leg and Naomi made me to the same to her. Courtney took my hand and moved down into crotch.
She was wearing tight sweats, they were pretty thin too. I could feel her warmth emitting past her pants as I rubbed her pussy. Naomi forced my hand into her crotch. Her skirt had already been hiked up. She hadn’t put her underwear back on and she forced my finger up into her slit. I slid my hand into Courtney’s pants under her panties and slid a finger into her as well. I was very nervous, it was kinda awesome fingering two women at once, but I was afraid that Courtney would catch me.

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They both had spread they’re legs wide open, both of them trying to hold their moans back from one another. My middle fingers felt each of their slits, fingering their holes. Courtney’s lips were fuller which made moving up and down her slit a little tougher. Naomi’s clit had an apparent size difference, it was so much larger, making it easier to find. I continued to finger the duo. Courtney always seemed to be soaked and she was also brought to an orgasm really quickly.
Courtney was the first to let out a moan. It was covered by the thunderous roar of the first firework. She instantly let out a sigh of relief, but it sounded more like a moan. Naomi looked over me and their eyes met, my fingers still going. I looked at Naomi and she nodded at Courtney. Courtney lay back slowly trying to accept the situation. I wondered if she had seen my hand in Naomi’s crotch. If she had she was enjoying herself way too much to care.
I continued to finger Courtney and Naomi simultaneously.

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   Courtney’s moans quickly grew, her legs widened. Naomi bit on her hand to keep her moans from being heard. I was so confused by Naomi’s actions, but I decided to keep at what I was doing. The fireworks boomed only adding to the excitement. Courtney’s pussy clamped down on my finger and her juices leaked out. I left my hand in her slit as I continued to jam my fingers into Naomi.
The Finale came. The sky was lighting up blinding its viewers and deafening everyone. Courtney lay back breathing heavily watching the fireworks explode into a thousand colored sparks. Naomi grabbed my arm with both hands and forced me deep into her. I frantically pumped my fingers to finish her. I felt her cunt tighten before it spasmed on my hand.
We watched the bombs finish. After the last explosion roared we could hear the applause at the park. I got up and the girls followed.

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   I turned to Courtney and gave her a giant hug. Naomi stood between us watching. As I pulled away from my hug Naomi wrapped her arms around Courtney and gave her a kiss on the lips. Courtney and I stood there shocked at what Naomi had done. What shocked me even more was when Courtney started to kiss back. Their tongues twirled in the opening between their mouths. Naomi pulled away and stated.
“I can’t wait to see you again. ” Then she moved over to me and kissed me on the cheek before running off into the graveyard.
“That was… fun. ” Courtney breathed. I held here and said.
“She’s very unpredictable. ” I pecked her on the lips. She told me.


“I like her. ” We walked out of the cemetery, meeting up with our parents, when we got there my Mom blurted out.
“Did you get pregnant?” I laughed and replied.
“I don’t think so. ” Following it with. “But I have had these strange cravings. ” Everyone still there laughed except Courtney’s mom. It was late, almost midnight. We all parted our separate way going home. Just before my mom and I exited the park Courtney ran through the gate and tackled me almost knocking me over. She still hugged me as she whispered into my ear.
“I love you. ” Telling her in the same voice she told me.
“I love you too. ”
Please comment leaving any suggestions to help me write better, if you want me to make a second part, and if you have any ideas for the second part.

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