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Hi I am Satish, this a a story which dates almost 5 years back when I was posted to Jammu & my family stayed back in Baroda, I was employed with sun Pharma and the company had opened up its new project at Jammu and I was chosen to go ahead and head the plant, since my kids were studying and my wife was also working in a Government School, she was not ready to relocate & decided to stay back and asked me to also take a return transfer back to Baroda.   I reached Jammu and had to stay in a lodge and visited the factory & met all the persons who were involved in the setting up of the factory, there I met Mr. Farook who was the local person involved with the security, he was around 40 or 42 in age, I asked him to find me a place to stay for which I was ready to shell out upto Rs. 3 to4 thousand per month, he immediately informed me that his kothi had extra rooms where I could stay and for Food he asked me to pay another 3000 so that I could have my meals at his house, he took me home and introduced to his wife Rubina, she called me bhaisahab, so I asked her whether  I can call her bhabhi, she agreed.


  I was deeply attracted to her and could not help feeling somewhat jealous about my colleague Farook. She traditionally greeted me with a quite smile and very politely and gracefully. I stole a quick glance at the lady; this was not just a simple lady. This was one gorgeous woman. My mouth was dry and uncomfortable I took a sip of my drink to hide my embarrassment. It was instant within me; I had to admit that I found Rubina attractive.   She showed me the room where I was to put up it was on the top floor it had a room and kitchen with attached bath and toilet, the room had a double bed and there was a small terrace, since it was already late evening she asked me to come and have meals

Over the course of the meal where she was sitting opposite me at the table I learned form her children that she may be somewhere between 27 and 30. She was the mother of two children, two sons named Faiz, Numan both were 5 and 7 years old.

I found her to be a very beautiful and graceful lady with nice brightest and communicative blue eyes I had ever seen with a soft gentle mouth on an oval face, sweet smile that really charmed people, a smile that, it has to be said could melt a mountain, and a very lovely, pretty but makeup-less face with blonde long silky hair had been tied back in a ponytail. She was average in height. To say, Rubina was attractive would be under estimating her beauty.

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   The talk at the table grew more bold and openly friendly. I was aware of Rubina Bhabi looking at me from time to time with lowered eyelashes.

She was fair skinned, unlike many Indian women who are dark, with a long nose and regular features though she was simply dressed, like most Kashmiri women normally wore but very conservative but sensibly, in a light blue silk shilwar (traditional baggy trousers) Qameez (long traditional shirt) suit.    It was hard to say what her figure was like, for she wore baggy clothes. She covered herself well.   .  
  A tiny but distinctly visible black-mole on the center of her upper lip, it was a focal point which attracted my attention. Her long graceful neck blended into the wide muscular shoulders. She had thin but rich juicy lips. I felt this beauty spot made her face look more ravishing, more desirable. Her feet are cute, with long toes and a high arch. I have a little foot fetish and I'm pretty sure it got started because she often walked in house bare foot. Every pore of her body emitted a sensation of passion and I suspected, a hidden lust. I purposely tried to avoid looking at her but I managed to see a generous glimpse of her cleavage as she bent forward towards me to eat her dinner.

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   I tried my best to keep my eyes from her body that night not to show her any of my inner lust that I had for her, but I couldn't ignore her full, wide, round and soft ass which she displayed to me quite innocently as she moved gracefully around the room. The silk garments clung to her ass like a second skin showing me every intimate contour between her thighs. I must confess that, although she turned me on like crazy that first meeting, I had more respect for my friend, Farook. Was I thinking of bedding her? I would be lying if I said, 'No. ' She was after all, my colleague’s wife!   There was no sin in feasting ones eyes, was there? My fondness for Rubina Bhabi only intensified in the coming months, and sometimes it seems as if she hinted the same feelings I kept hidden deep inside my soul.


 I had been enjoying a very active and sensational sex life with my wife and we were quite satisfied with it. . My wife is a very sexy woman, and she knows how to please her husband in bed. But now I started missing her and my sex hunger and desire grew day by day. I was in strong need of a female companion to fulfill and extinguish my sex desire.

I had spent a clean and normal life and never had sexual contacts with any other woman rather than my own wife. It was my first ever experience to be away from my wife since I got married with her. I have a strong sex drive which led to love making session almost every alternate nights.

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But now being away from her, it was very hard for me to control my desire for silky flesh. My hands became so eager and anxious to explore heights and valleys of Rubina bhabhi and my fingers were so aching to move on a her soft body and to reach the depth of her hot and wet cunt. My thirsty tongue was missing badly a juicy pussy to lick all its sweetness and I was losing control against my strong sex desire to fuck Rubina



I had maintained a good respect in the project work and my attitude and bhaviour with colleagues & Mr. Farook and his family was very respectful, never gave them any problems nor they had any with me, I had got involved myself  with the children of Farook who liked me  and took time to teach & play with them whenever possible, this way Rubina bhabhi who always  maintained a distance, started getting closer to me, she would also come and teach her children sitting with me, that is when while discussing came to know that Rubina Bhabhi was well educated and came from a good family background, Rubina bhabhi & Farook were from very strong muslim family where women talking to male other then relatives was considered as a sin, I was luckier since she spoke to me since I almost lived in their house, she would be with me and children only when her husband was not there, while conversing with her about her schooling and college I came to know that she was hardly 27 year old as compared to Farook who was 43, she was too young, she was almost 16 years younger to her husband, she discussed with me on all subjects and she shared jokes with me, she would tell me about her family, her brothers and sisters etc.

  We were coming closer to each other but she always maintained her self respect, but at times she would crack a joke and slap my thighs, to touch her on some pretext or the other would crack jokes and would give her a clap on her hand or thighs.

  Rubina would not come out if some guest had come & even if she came she would be completely covered having a purdah on her face

 On a number of occasions when she was busy with house chores in my presence, she was less guarded about her dress. I saw more of her sexy cleavage and she bent over more in my presence   It made me feel hot and uncomfortable but I did nothing as we were still maintaining usual respectable polite distance. Once the neighbour children of same age had come to play that is when they included me and Rubina bhabhi to play it was hide and seek game, on this occasion I and bhabhi hid together in a secluded place where no one could see us and the place was too small to accommodate both of us but we still managed to hide there, our bodies were touching each other and my inner instincts were telling me to take this occasion as a god gifted luck,  her back was to me my dick which had got erect was touching her center of the bums, she did not object then we came out of the hiding since some one was out and the next game started when we both again hid in the same place but this time it was the reverse, she was facing me, my hands were   touching her thighs, her hands were touching me, I kissed her on her forehead, she was shocked and surprised & smiled, again we came out and again we went to hide this time I just hugged bhabhi she struggled to get out of my hug but under my strong grip, her body stayed glued to my body, the heat waves between each other was passing through, could feel her big globes pressing on me, I again kissed her this time on her cheeks and then on her ears, and on her neck she did not object, but we heard shouting that the game was over, we came out and acted as if nothing happened, but one thing was sure that there were signs of my getting even with her.


 One day I did not go to work as I was having a severe bodyache and when informed to Farook he called one of his known person to massage me, after the massage, I was given a tonic made of herbs which after consuming made me go into a deep sleep, after few hours I got up and went to the toilet, I always wanted to see how bhabhi looks in nude so I had made a hole in the wall from where I could see the bathroom very clearly but never had a chance to see bhabhi taking bath since she always took bath after we all go to work, I peeped into the hole and was shocked to see bhabhi taking bath, she was completely nude, I was totally shaken to see Bhabhi in nude, silently observed her every moments and noted that she had a mole on her waist, and a mole on her thighs, & watched her completely till she was over with bath and was wearing her inner wear,  silently crept back to the bed and slept, bhabhi woke me up after some time and asked me to have lunch and we sat down and after having lunch, I asked her to show her right hand and then told her about her past and about her future, while explaining also informed that she will have an affair with her husbands friend, which she was taken aback and then informed her that she had a black mole on her back on her waist and one more mole on her thighs, she was taken aback and was surprised to hear from me, I informed her that the moles were lucky and if the moles are kissed by other then the husband it would bring her luck, I asked her to show me the moles   she refused but I insisted to see it at least, that is when she took her salwar up and showed me the mole which was on the back which I touched & kissed it giving a shock to my body and also hers, she was delighted and thrilled and then asked her to show her thighs that is when she said no, but after lot of persistence she tried to take her kameez upwards but could not do so she had to open her Kameez and slide it down that is when I kissed her thighs and had a feeling of her complete legs and thighs,  I parted her legs so as to kiss the mole as I kissed the mole which was on the inner side she stopped me and started wearing her dress when I stopped her and started kissing her, she struggled and requested me to stop but I forced upon her and pressed her boobs over her dress and started feeling her waist and inserted my right hand inside her panty and started fingering her pussy and started kissing her lips, ears, eyes, neck and her clevage and then again on her lips, she desparatley wanted to reciprocate but something in her was stopping her, I could see lust in her eyes but she was afraid of accepting the situataion I forcefully opened her mouth and inserted my tongue inside hers and started feeling her mouth,




Suddenly I grabbed her by the arm and hugged her and I pressed my frame against her soft breasts as she awkwardly and embarrassedly tried to pull away from my grasp, but couldn't.   I kissed her earlobe and her tender neck. She groaned loudly and tried to twist away from my wicked tongue, but stayed with her, lapping her. After a half-minute she'd reached sensory overload and was whimpering Satish as she twisted and turned under me and requested Please, Satish. . "  
"I request that you do not do this to me?" she whispered.

"I am dying for you Rubina, and have been for a very long time," I whispered.   Rubina replied I know that you are interested in me

"I can't do it and I'm afraid of this.

You know my husband will kill us both if he finds out?" she said, trying to scare me off. I asked bhabhi who is going to tell Farook, are you  going to complain about me, I pulled her towards me and started kissing her on her neck and face, giving her several love bites to remember me always


 "Please Satish I request you. Please let me go.

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   You have kissed me and that is enough," she said, but was now breathing heavily. I could feel the sexual heat building in her.

"Your body and mind are operating at different levels, bhabhi Look how you made me hard," I whispered as I attempted to lower my  lips to hers but she turned away again, so   had to kiss her neck. I turned her head toward me and pressed my lips against hers, and although she tried weakly to pull her lips away, I was too strong. My tongue was touching places never before touched and my hand was now again caressing her buttocks.

I started kissing her passionately. She thought I would be happy with just kissing, and since it was nice, she kissed me back, hoping that would be enough to satisfy me. Her tongue pushed her tongue into my mouth and followed it. Then she pulled away.

"Please Satish stop it now," she whispered feeling my hard-on against her. My lips were quickly lowering her resistance, I have seen and heard you and Farook making love and I have heard your conversations, and very well know that he makes love for a very short time and that you are unsatisfied so why don't you give me just this one chance today. At least try me this once and I assure you that you will love having my cock in you very much. "

 I stopped and allowed bhabhi to recover and then asked her how come she allowed me to see her waist and thighs if she was so religious to her husband and her society, she started sobbing I pulled her to me and she cried telling that she also was attracted to me and wanted to please me and get herself satisfied but since  she was a woman had lot of pressures & her modesty was at stake and she also said that she knew that I was interested in her from day one and she also had interest in me, but was afraid if the matter is leaked out it will ruin her life, I promised Rubina in the name of Lord Allah & Lord Krishna whatever happened between us today will never be known to anyone, she should not fear unnecessarily.   I hugged her and kissed her, she reciprocated the kiss and allowed my hands to move freely over her body & she left towards the entrance as it was time for the kids to arrive from school, I freshened up and was waiting for the kids to come near me so that I could play with them and then I started playing with them, Farook came back from work and enquired about my health and asked me to take rest the next day also, since he was planning to go for marketing


Next day Farook, Rubina were leaving for market for purchases for the Idd festival, Farook invited me to join them, we went and did lot of shopping I also did little shopping for my kids and wife with the help of Rubina who was very helpful & then Farook took his wife to Jewellery shop to buy a necklace for her, while they were selecting a necklace I informed Farook that as a brotherinlaw I want to gift a Silver Anklet which is worn on the feet(payal) to Bhabhi if it was okay for him, Farook agreed then requested Rubina to choose and he wandered little ahead that is when I choose a lovely payal for her and she agreed, then as Sajad came she showed him the payal then it was agreed and we left the shop.

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As soon as we left the Jewellery shop we came to the street to the place where we had parked the car, all off a sudden there was a mad crowd which was shouting slogans and we were trapped, we neither could go in the front nor could go back to the shop, Farook was ahead Rubina was in the center and I was behind her, we were cornered, I had all the chance to feel Farida’s body, today she was reciprocating and allowing me to feel her body and all off a sudden the lights went off making it totally dark, my hands were inside her dress and inside her panty and was touching the pussy mound, she giggled, after some time the lights came back and the crowd had vanished and we were on the way home.


After 2 days it was idd and it was celebrated very nicely, there were lot of guests coming and going and wishing each other, in the morning when Farook went for prayers to the mosque I wished Rubina Idd Mubarak and then took the Payal and said that sit on the sofa so that I can put it on your feet, she said she will do herself but with lot of pressure I put it on her feet, she was very happy & thrilled, just hugged her and kissed her and wished her IDD.


On the same day Rubina’s sister Reshma and brotherinlaw Asfak visited and after a nice celebration, the next day Asfak ,Reshma and Farook left for Mumbai for a function and to visit the durgah at Mahalaxmi & to visit the Visa office for Asfak to go abroad and they would be coming after a week or so, Farook came to me and said Satish bhaisahab you have to take care of my family till we come back and they left.   Reshma and Asfak had got married 3 years back and they had no issues, Reshma had come here to take medication from one of the Hakkims who was specialized in giving medicines so that children could be born,  Reshma was damn beautiful, she was one step ahead of Rubina, she had a nice figure and had good breasts, she had created a crush of lust and I knew very well that sooner or later I was going to have Reshma in bed.   Reshma, Asfak and Farook left for Mumbai, the next day with a promise that after they came back Reshma would stay for 4 weeks with Rubina


 I went with every one including bhabhi to the station to see Farook, Reshma Asfak on the train the train left at 10. 30 in the morning and thereafter we went to a Garden cum museum so that the children would be thrilled, there were some games which they played and then we had lunch outside, in the whole process Rubina Bhabhi was enjoying with the kids, then the kids said why not we go for a movie which was specially for children, bhabhi said ok and then we went to see the cinema, I asked the booking person to give us a corner seat which he abided and we sat in the first row at the corner, as soon as the movie started I started fingering bhabhi I put my hand on her shoulder and started feeling her breasts, then slowly opened her kameez first 2 buttons so that my hands could go inside her dress, started feeling her breasts, she whispered stop it what will children feel if they come to know that is when I told her that the children are engrossed in the movie, I guided her hand to my dick, she withdrew her hand but I forcefully put her hand inside my trousers and she was feeling my dick, this was a trailer after that we came home it was almost 6 in the evening and it was getting dark, the children and bhabhi freshened up and then we all sat to have our dinner after that the kids went to sleep since they were tired the whole day.


I told   Rubina you are looking really very sexy and inviting too. " She said in a very low voice, "Really, Satish. Don't forget I am your friend's wife. " "But you are so attractive and irresistible," I whispered. "Really?"

"Yes. I have always thought of you," I admitted.   But only after the incident while playing with the kids have I had the courage to flirt with you "Is that all?"

"No! There is more to tell you. " I touched her arm with my fingers and began to caress it gently. She eyed me with heavy eyes from under veiled eyelids and weakly smiled. She slowly pushed her lower body closer into mine. Her breasts almost touched the side of my chest. I slowly put my arm around her back and gradually brought it around her neck. Rubina lightly trembled as I took her hand and moved closer to her. I kissed her hand and held it.

I then moved my hand and rested it lightly over the round mounds of melons which could be visible through the Kameez on her breast and began to gently caress her breasts.

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   My hands were immediately busy, groping over her Kameez,  . I was slowly and firmly caressing and gently squeezing her breast by moving my hands from one to the other, and gradually I slipped my hand at her breasts beneath her neckline and ran my fingers over there. She closed her eyes, her head still on my shoulder.  

 I then proceeded to stroke her inner thighs from the outside just to tease her. I looked in her eyes; they were dreamy and full of lust. Her lips were quivering. When she reached down to stop my advances, I grasped her soft hand and guided it to my cock.

"You have made it so hard from so many days; now please at least play with it for some time," I flattered.
She pulled her hand away as it made contact with my sticky member. She stared at me in surprise.

"We really should not do it. . . " she panted. Her mouth was dry as she continually licked her lips with her tongue.

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   As a final effort, she pleaded with me to let her go. She whispered in my ears, "Oh, Satish, is this right, what we are doing? Please let this go. . . Please leave me. . . Please don't do this to me! This is not right. We should not do this. I am like your sister in law. I am your colleague's wife. We really shouldn't. . . "She hesitated as if in a dream.

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   Her willpower was weakening. "Please do not force me, I beg of you. " 

"You are sure you don't want to?" I asked.
"Yes! I don't want to," she said, but she didn't move back.
"I know you want it. You speak lies, and I will keep waiting for the time when you will say 'yes'," I said.
"I don't know what to say. . . I'm afraid to do this, but . . . I can feel my heart beating hard," Rubina said. Her face was red, and her eyes were sleepy.

"Rubina, you know you want this.


   I can see it in your eyes. "

She was totally confused now, and it was looking as though her body and mind were at war. I walked toward her and told her, "Rubina, I want to kiss your neck, and slowly unbutton your qameez. I want to feel the smoothness of your breasts in my hands. Come on, be bold and help me. "

Finally she gave up; "Okay then. . . " She seemed to have resolved the issue. The lust was so visible now in her eyes. "You have to promise me you will never tell anyone, ever. "

" I promise it will be only our secret, and no one will know. " not even God will know She looked at the door, went  to see whether her  kids were sleeping and locked the room  and then came back.

I was not expecting what happened next. I felt the firmness of Rubina's grip on my arm.

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   Not looking at me, as she was shy, she kissed my lips playfully. Her lips roamed over face, neck, ear, nose, and cheeks. Then she put her head on my shoulders with a look of fascination on her face and I started to run my other hand through her hair.

I pulled her closer and kissed her. She responded with the same ardor as that with which I was kissing her. She broke the kiss and whispered, "Thanks, I really need this. "

She bit my lower lip. While kissing her I pushed her towards the wall. My hands felt her chest as it heaved under me. The touch was like cream. The smoothness made me push my cock against her harder. I was leaning against her now. Undoubtedly she could feel my erection against her leg.

She was stroking my hair. The looks in her eye confirmed what I had always suspected: She always wanted to give herself to me.

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I could feel her breath on my neck and chest. She pushed my hair away from my face again.

Once again we started kissing, and this time we were kissing like to horny lovers! We explored every part of each other's mouth with our tongues. We also licked each other's tongues! It was the best bit of kissing I had done in my life! We must have kissed for about few minutes, while my hand was roaming all over her body. My other hand was on her tits and was fondling them.

  In a hurry we got into bed. We lay on the bed, our sides facing each other, our limbs entangled, our mouths pressed together. We began kissing and grabbing and squeezing each other. She began to kiss me on my chest. She sucked my nipples, then licked my stomach. My erection was throbbing, and I reached under her shilwar to feel her crotch. She closed her eyes and threw her arms around me tight as I rubbed her hard. I reached down the front of her panties and began to rub my fingers between her pussy lips. She was dripping wet as I shoved my fingers into her vagina. I fucked her hard with my fingers until she asked me to stop because I was hurting her.

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I asked her to undress now and soon we both got undressed. Deliberately, she unclipped her gloriously thick hair and shook it free, and that made her sexier.

Oh, what a pair of breasts she possessed! They were still in their shape. She was a marvelous sensual beauty with ample breasts that were possibly 36C. They were well shaped and round with her nipples jutting out in perfect proportion. Her tits were quite firm and pert, even without the support of the bra; they looked like couple of ripe mangos hanging on a branch. Her breasts were soft brown in color, yet contrasted beautifully with dark pink nipples. Her areolas were medium sized. They were starting to get erect as I was hungrily staring at them because they looked so beautiful. I caressed, kissed, and licked all over her body, squeezing her breasts, thighs, and buttocks while she was stroking my cock with her hand, biting her lip.

She panted, and we were drenched in sweat. Then she said, "Now that we are here in bed, you can do what you want to do. "

 "You are big," she said, stroking my cock. She took my cock in her hand, and her silky fingers made my cock like an iron rod encased in a silken cloth. I was amazed.

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   I had never recalled my cock's feeling so hard that with all my might I was unable to bend it. She exclaimed that it was bigger then that of Farook

Once again I started to kiss her all over her face. I started from her forehead. Then I moved to her eyes. Her chubby cheeks came next. I was eating her cheeks. Then I kissed and nibbled her ears. Finally I moved to her mouth. I sucked her lips vigorously. We explored each other's mouths as we had done in the lounge. I pushed my tongue as far as I could inside her mouth, literally touching her throat!

I continued the kissing and went lower. I was now kissing her neck and then sucking and even gently biting it. I moved lower to her breasts, the breasts I had been seeing every night in dreams, and now for the first time I was so near to them. I started to eat her breasts as if they were ripe mangos. They were getting as red as apples from my constant eating and sucking.

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I paid attention to her rock-hard nipples. I teased them with my tongue. I probed them gently with my tongue, making them very erect! I stopped when they were really hard! Then I started to suck them, slowly to begin with. I increased my speed and was now furiously sucking and even biting them!

Now I moved lower. Now I was level with her enticingly deep navel! As before, I used my tongue to good effect. I moved my tongue in and out of her navel while teasing her belly button.

"Ufff. . . ! Suck it! It feels so nice and excited!"
"Aahhh. . . ! Uffff. . .

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  ! That's it! Fuck me now, Satish! I can't stand it anymore! I need you inside me now! Put your big   cock inside me!" she screamed  Her legs looked silky smooth. Her thighs were   fleshy, but well proportioned.
She parted her thighs. Finally, I got on top of her and positioned myself, placing my rock-hard cock squarely on her waiting cunt! She herself grabbed my erection and pointed it to her pussy, so I shoveled my dick into her pussy as the head of my cock entered her cunt. With the first push more than half of my cock slid inside her wet snatch. Slowly the whole length of my cock entered her without any resistance. Her cunt was very tight and so warm that I thought I would never want to pull out of it again.

Rubina said, please do it slowly first. I have never had such a big cock. My husband's cock is small and he always does in a hurry, never has he made love  as you are doing

So I slowed down a little and started to rub her pussy with my finger. I   searched her clit and soon found it. I started to rub and squeeze her clit. Meanwhile I was also fondling her lovely tits and managed to kiss her so as to increase her sexual pleasure. I made a strong move and forced my penis deep into her. She began to wriggle like a snake trying desperately to escape from the eagle's claws.

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   "No, please slowly. It hurts, please. " she began to plead. Her pleading only made me hornier as I again thrust my penis deep into her. She began to shout and moan in pain. I placed my hand under her shoulder and grabbed her breast with the other. My mouth went over hers and I again thrust my penis into her. This time she threw her head back and yelped. "Ahhhh!"

She became very horny and screamed. "Ohhh! Satish, what are you doing to me? I think you are killing me!"
"Oh, my sweetheart, I don't want to kill you; I want to show you my love," I said breathlessly. "
"Yes, that's it, Satish Fuck me   I am all yours. Take me. " I started to pump faster as she encouraged me.
I kissed her mouth with mine and continued mauling her breasts. Her hands came over my back with a burning sensation for she was now nailing my back and biting my lips.

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   I entered deep into her as her hand encircled my back, guiding me inside her. She put her legs on my back and pulled me down.

Now I withdrew, pushing my cock back. Suddenly she thrust her hips against my swollen cock, and wrapped her legs around my waist. She moved forward, pushing herself onto my cock. I loved the way she kept clutching at my ass, grabbing at me, roughly, almost painfully, pulling me more deeply into her, harder and harder each time. She was very aggressive in bed; I have never seen woman as aggressive as she was.

She said, "You are a better partner in bed than my husband is. " I was very pleased and started giving it to her harder and harder. The whole bed was shaking and jerking because of my strong movements. I began driving it in and out, faster and faster, sweat collecting on my body as I kneaded her tits, which were glistening with sweat. She was moaning loudly, as her breath came faster and she locked me in with her legs, drawing me into her.

When we were in the midst of satisfying each other the phone rang which was next to the bed, Rubina picked up it was Farook, he asked her about the welfare of his kids,   and asked whether they were sleeping, he asked her what she was doing she lied to him that she was reading a holy book & she was missing him, Farook had called up while traveling from the train.   Farook also called me on my cell and enquired about his family, I assured him that will take care of the family and he should not worry.

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We sucked on each other's lips and tongue moved faster. I tasted her breath in my mouth as I began to pump harder. She was pumping harder too. Rubina began to fuck me fast and furiously. I was surprised by her eagerness, but I matched her thrusts.

Her ankles were locked over my back and her heels were digging into my tailbone ensuring the deepest possible penetration possible. And then with a final thrust, we both came and I started pumping so fast till I spurted last drop of semen in Rubina’s cunt. I could feel the vaginal juices flooding from her pussy. I collapsed on her and stayed there very still for about five minutes.

Panting heavily, we fell beside each other and lay together, our bodies sweaty and sated. She rubbed my chest softly while I held her in my arms, cradling her body next to me.

"That was incredible," she whispered in my ear.

"I am glad you enjoyed it," I replied.

"'Enjoy' is hardly a strong enough word.

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   You have a massive fucking cock. Every woman would love to get it in her pussy. You are a perfect fucker. "

  She was to my right. She moved close to my body, put her right leg on my lower body and rested her thighs and knees on mine. Then she started moving her right hand over my chest and very slowly brought it below it below onto my cock. Rubbing my cock, she said, "I loved it. . . I wish I could have you everyday and every night. I would love to have it everyday. "  I replied till Farook comes back I am all yours & our relations went on for the next 2 years without Farook knowing, we maintained our relations very strictly and secretly did everything even the kids did not doubt anything.