my little meeting


This all started by a chance meeting. It was soon to be one of the greatest times I have ever known. It all started during the holiday season (Thanksgiving). We would entertain, they would entertain, and this carried on all through the new year.

Now a little about me; I am 52, been married for over 30yrs. We have children and many relatives, who enjoy invading our home during the holidays. I stand 6’, weigh 240, brn hair and eyes, slight belly, but nothing excessive. I have an 8” cock about little more than a banana thick.

Now this day was very much similar to all the others. My wife had informed me that her friend, Shelly, was coming by with her mother and two kids. I was not overly enthused by this notion, but acknowledged with the typical “okay dear” and went back to the tv.

Now Shelly was divorced and not a bad looker. She had a pair of 46dds resting up top, but no ass or hips. Her eyes were stunning, but not much else. Her two children, a boy and girl were fairly well behaved. The girl is another story I will tell another time.

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I was drinking my beer watching tv when the doorbell rang.

“Could you get that for me Hun?” my wife’s voice rang from the kitchen.

I pulled my ass off the sofa and headed for the door. I opened the door to see Shelly and her kids with their little contributions to the meal and walking up behind them a stunning, drop-dead elder woman.

“Please come in. A pleasure to have you all here. ” I muttered as they moved through the door. Shelly stopped just inside and introduced her mother, the drop-dead stunner as Shirley. I extended my hand to shake and as she grabbed it, my loins started to pump. “A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Shirley. ” as I felt like a schoolboy on his first date.

Shirley handed me a bottle of wine. I held it as I shut the door and turned to watch everyone walk upstairs. Shirley had an ass most 25yo woman wish for. Firm, tight and perfectly shaped.

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   That beautiful upside down heart that ever man dreams of holding and driving deep into. As I looked up from her ass with a Cheshire cat smile, Shirley was looking back at me with a grin.

Quickly I moved my eyes down and began my ascent of the stairs. I placed the wine in the fridge to chill and asked if anyone needed a drink. The kids scurried off to find our children in the basement. Shelly plopped down in the kitchen to start her chatting with my wife. Shirley just kind of gazed around after her introduction and gave one of those smirks at the corner of the mouth after seeing my wife.

I poured Shelly a glass of wine and asked Shirley what she would like.

“Do you have anything other than wine ?” she inquired.

As I stood there taking Shirley in, my mind started all these fantasies. Here was Shirley, had to be at least 63 and recently widowed, with a body any woman or man would envy. Her breasts were at least 36c, she had an hourglass figure. Everything was tight and firm. No sags, bulges or faults to be seen. She had these eyes of crystal blue that sparkled and pierced your soul.

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   Her hair was silver/blond cut just above her shoulders. I led her toward the bar.

“Is there something I can get for you here ?” as my hand slid down her back to just above her lovely cheeks. I glanced back to catch sight of Nikki and Shelly. They were busy with their chatting and cooking to pay any attention to me. As we slipped through the doorway to the bar, my hand gently accidentally on purpose, slid down to get a touch of Shirley’s ass. She turned and gave me a devilish look as I led her to a stool.

“So what can I make for you ?”

“Can you make me a long island ice tea ?” she uttered as my heart sank from those eyes.

“Sorry I don’t have everything for that. Anything else ?”

“I’ll just have a vodka martini then. ”

I gave a little smile and began to make her martini. As I started to create my eyes roamed all over what was available to my senses. The aroma of her perfume. The cleavage that was just enough to entice and cause reaction. As my reaction was growing while I mixed the martini.

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   I could see a smile come over her face as she spotted my reaction and ran her tongue around her lips. I looked down and saw my cock tenting my shorts. I poured her drink and asked how it was.

“Well it’s a little weak, but we’ll make them better next time. ” as she ran a finger around the rim and placed it in her mouth seductively as if sucking a cock. All the while flashing her eyes at me and licking those lips.

She could see I was a little uncomfortable and leaned back to see what was up with Shelly and Nikki. She turned back to me with her smile.

“Do I need to come back there and show you how to make a drink, proper like ?”

As she got up off the stool and moved behind the bar. As she approached, I was feeling tingle all over. What as I to do at this point. As she got to me, she reached out, grabbed my tent, and squeezed hard.

“MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm, now that’s a drink I would love to have. ”
As she wrenched my cock, I grabbed her ass hard and squeezed tight on those cheeks. I bent down and locked onto her lips hard, slamming my tongue down her throat.

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   A soft purr came from within her. She released the vise-grip lock on my cock and started to gently stroke it. My hands moved from her ass up to her breasts. I mauled them through her blouse as the nipples rose and stiffened from the attention. This went on for a few seconds and then I pushed her back away.

“Hold on just a second.

I moved and peeked around the doorway. “Nikki, I am going to show Shirley the house. ”

“Okay Hun, we have about two hours before dinner. ”

I turned and grabbed Shirley’s hand. Leading her around the other way and down the hall towards the staircase. I moved her in front of me and pushed on that sweet ass for her to go upstairs. She obliged, shaking it as she moved toward the next floor.

My cock was now staining my shorts with some precum. The big moisture spot was obvious and Shirley caught sight of it.

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“Is that for me ?” she asked in a girlish voice.

“That and a lot more if you wish. ”

We got to the upstairs and I grabbed her around the waist. She jumped up and wrapped her legs around my hips locking her feet behind me. My cock was pressed into her pussy. I don’t know if it was my precum or her juices, but there was moisture and quite a bit of it.

We sucked each other’s tongue as I moved her toward the wall. As we got to the wall I was grinding my hips and cock hard into her. Her moans were starting to elevate.

“Come on we need to go here. ” as I dropped her legs and grabbed her hand to lead her to the bathroom. As we entered I closed the door and locked it. As I spun around, she grabbed my shorts and pulled them down to my knees. She then dropped to hers and grabbed my cock.

Her lips and tongue were like velvet on my cock.

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   She was truly a master at this. Her mouth would tease me so as her tongue teased the rest. She would pop the head in her mouth with a little tongue action. She would inhale all 8 inches with no problem or hesitation. Then she would pop it back out and lick from top to bottom, while taking in one or two balls too. I grabbed her head and her hair felt so soft and wonderful. I ran my hands through her hair as she continued to bob on my cock. She would deep throat me and squeeze my sack at the same time. I had never had such a blowjob before. My stamina was not going to last long. Shirley must have sensed it too, as she started to bob fast up and down. I grabbed her head and started to drive my meat straight to her tonsils. I was face fucking her with little worry for her well-being. I had a grip on her hair as I pushed deep and exploded without mercy into her throat. I must have cum for a good two minutes dumping what seemed like a cup of cum down her throat.

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   As Shirley finished swallowing and cleaning me up, I looked down at her eyes and just chuckled.

“My god that was the greatest suck I have ever had. ” she just smiled as she kissed my head and rose to her feet.

I grabbed her and kissed her with such passion and want. My cum still fresh on her lips and tongue. I squeezed her chest.

“Not so fast funny man. That will be later. I just wanted to see if you were up to my standards and needs. ” as she stepped back from my reach.

“Now pull those shorts up and go change. We shall continue this later. ”

I took a step towards her, but she put up an arm and said go.

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