the Card Game


It was a late Saturday morning, one of those odd days when the kids weren’t bouncing on the bed yelling in my ear to wake up. I slowly opened my eyes and noticed that the sun was shining through the partially closed curtains. It was a great morning. I got to sleep in. I looked over to the other side of the bed and noticed Kristi was partially still asleep, with a grin that went from ear to ear.
"Isn’t it grand that we got the weekend to ourselves?" I asked Kristi who was slowly opening her eyes as well. "With the boys with my brother up in Vermont, the house is so quiet".
"That’s not the reason I am smiling" Kristi let me know.
"Well, then what is it?"
"I had the craziest dream last night. "
"Care to fill me in" I asked her.
"Well, let’s just say that I was away on a business trip, and when I returned, you had surprised me by inviting our friend Pete over and… well, let’s just say that a fun time was had by all. "
The smile on Kristi’s face made me realize what type of fun she was referring to while the smile on her face made me realize how excited she truly was. She continued to tell me the dream and all of the glorious details, and the more she talked about them, the harder my cock seemed to grow.
"Well," she ended the story with, "I can tell by the smile on your face, and the bulge under the covers, that my dream has perked your interests as well".
I nodded in agreement and before I could say another word, Kristi had gone below the covers to properly greet the morning hard on that I could hide no longer. I laid back onto my pillow, while Kristi slowly wrapped her moist lips and hot tongue over my hard cock.

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   At first, her pace was slow, but after a few minutes, she started to suck and lick my dick harder and quicker. With the thoughts of her dream fresh in my mind, it took me only about a minute or two before I came. Pulling my cock out at the last second, my cum shot across her mouth and deep into her throat.
Finally, after sucking the last drops of cum from my hot cock, Kristi came out from underneath the covers, gave me a great big hug and a great big kiss, and told me to follow her into the shower as we had to get up, dressed, and ready for our company who was coming over later tonight.
I let her get into the shower first, while I shaved at the sink. Once I was done, I heard Kristi softly moaning, and upon opening the curtain, I was surprised to see Kristi with one hand wrapped around her left breast, while her other hand was quickly moving back and forth across her wonderful pussy.
I stood there for a minute, watching her.
"Did you think you were the only one who needed a little coaxing to get out bed this morning?" she asked.
Without another moment of hesitation, I quickly entered the shower and continued to watch her ‘wake herself up’. Being so close to her naked body and watching her masturbate, was too much, and my cock was hard again in just a few seconds.
With one arm around her body grabbing her right breast, my other hand was pulling apart her ass cheeks as my cock was thrusting forward, poking her over and over. Her moans started to get louder and louder, as her fingers in her pussy moved quicker and quicker. After a few tries, my cock slowly made its way into her ass. She bent over just a little more so that my thrusts could be timed with her hand movements in the front. Before I knew it, she was cumming at the same time that my cock had unloaded for the second time this morning, deep inside her ass.

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We spent at least twenty minutes in the shower that morning, enjoying the warm water, as we each took turns cleaning the other’s body. Once we were completely pruned by the water, we turned off the water and took turns drying off each other’s body.
At six that evening our company had arrived. Unfortunately, when we opened the door, we were surprised to only see Scott on the porch.
"Hey Scott – glad you could make it", I said. "Where is Kelly?"
"Kelly and I broke up," Scott told us as he entered the door. "I hope you don’t mind that I decided to come over by myself. I just needed to get out of the house. "
"Are you kidding?" Kristi told Scott. "I’m actually glad that Kelly didn’t come over – truth be told, you’re better off without her. I’m glad that you still decided to come over. I know that you could use the cheering up".
We spent the early part of the evening at the dinner table, eating a delicious meal that Kristi prepared and talking about Scott and Kelly and how we were so happy that he decided to come over so that we could help him cheer up. After dinner and dessert were served and eaten, I helped Kristi clean the table while Scott opened the bottle of wine that he had brought over.
Once we were done cleaning the table, and a few glasses of wine were poured, we started talking about what we should do with the rest of the evening.

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   The consensus was that a game should be played. I went down into the basement and pulled any game that was oriented towards adults and brought them back up.
Monopoly didn’t seem to be on anybody’s votes, nor was Yahtzee. We went through the rest of the pile, either one of us saying okay while the other disagreed or all three of us with our thumbs down vote for the game. Finally, at the bottom of the pile laid a deck of cards.
"How about a friendly game of Poker" Kristi had suggested.
"I’m not a huge fan of Poker," replied Scott. "But I play a mean game of Blackjack".
"I vote for Blackjack too," I added.
Kristi took a moment to think about it, and finally admitted that a game of Blackjack sounded like fun.
"What are we playing for, money?" asked Scott.
"I’m broke" I replied. "We could break open the bag of peanuts and play for nuts. "
Scott shook his head in agreement, but it was Kristi’s suggestion that floored the both of us. "We could play for clothing" she threw in with a smile.

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Thoughts of her dreams last night popped throughout my mind, and I quickly glanced in her direction. A wink from her eye and I knew that this was something that she wanted. I quickly voted for the "strip Blackjack" option. It was now in Scott’s corner – his choice would be the decision for the entertainment for the evening. He looked over to me and I could tell that he was a little embarrassed by the thought, however, he finally threw in the towel – "I’m the best damn Blackjack player around – and the site of you two sitting at the table buck naked would definitely cheer me out of this mood that I am in. Why not – a game of strip Blackjack it is!"
Kristi picked up the deck, shuffled the cards, and started to deal. Once we all had two cards out, one face up, one face down, it was time to start the bet. Kristi being the dealer started it off.
"Let’s get this going quickly. I suggest the bet be everybody’s shirt".
I took a look at her face up card. She had a King. Scott had a three. I had a nine. Not a bad start and it appeared that Kristi might have Blackjack, but losing a shirt didn’t seem to be all that bad.

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   I agreed to the bet, Scott took a moment looking at his cards, but finally agreed to the bet as well.
Kristi called out blackjack while flipping her face down card revealing an Ace. She lucked out, getting to keep her shirt on. It was now up to me and Scott.
"Hit me" Scott called out. A four. "Again". An eight. "I stay".
"Hit me" I followed. A two. "Again". A Queen. Damnit. My face down card was a two.

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   I had broke twenty one. I slowly turned my card over and followed it by taking off my shirt. After the catcalls by both Kristi and Scott, it was time to deal again, however, this time, the mood was much more relaxed and I could see that everyone was getting more and more into the game.
After about twenty minutes of play, Scott and I were both down to our underwear, and Kristi still had on her bra and panties. The next play put me in the nude, and Kristi, due to the bet she placed, made sure that I followed by taking them off in the middle of the room. I complied, mostly because the wine we had to drink during the game, removed all of my inhibitions, just as quickly as it has removed all of my clothes.
Nobody commented on the fact that I had a raging hard on as I removed my underwear, but I quickly sat back at the table ready to continue to play. The only problem was that I had nothing to bet with, but I had a few tricks "up my sleeve".
It was Scott’s turn to deal and to suggest the bet. Of course, he being with only a pair of underwear to go with threw them into the mix. Kristi agreed to the bet, but turned to me and asked what I would do if I lost (due to the fact that I had already lost them). I shrugged my shoulders and told her that I couldn’t think of anything.
"I think that if you lose", Kristi stated, "you should come over here and give me a big kiss".
I agreed to the bet and the game continued. Five minutes later, after both Scott and I busted, a pair of underwear had been added to the pile of clothes and I was around the table giving Kristi a big kiss.

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The next bet was even bigger. Kristi bet it all – it appeared that she had a great hand as a King was her face up card. Scott and I had taken the smaller bet that we would both give her a kiss if we lost. The play continued and Scott stopped with a hand of nineteen. I stopped at twenty. Kristi, smiling, flipped over her cards, and without another word, removed both her underwear and bra. She had twenty three. It didn’t take long – but all three of us were now completely naked.
"Now what" Scott had asked. "Do we continue playing now that we are naked?"
"We could continue playing for kisses" I suggested.
"I have a better idea, if either you or Scott win," Kristi said motioning towards me, "I will give you a lap dance. If I win and the two of you lose, you have to give me a lap dance. "
I looked over at Scott and the smile on his face and the size of his cock showed me that he was all in. It only took me a moment to agree to the wager. Scott shook his head in agreement as well and Kristi picked up the cards and began to shuffle and deal.

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I got a King as my face up card, Kristi got a three, Scott a five. It was my turn first, so I took a glance at my face down card. Blackjack, and it didn’t take me long to brag about it to the others! I was the first out – and I was eagerly waiting for Kristi to lose for that lapdance.
Scott was next. He hit three times, first with a six, then a two, finally with a King. He stopped, smiling. Kristi was next. She hit four times – each time with a larger number, until finally she had broke twenty one. Somehow, I had the feeling she lost on purpose.
Scott finally turned over his final card and it was a two of clubs – twenty. Not enough to beat me, but enough to beat Kristi’s twenty seven. It looked as though Scott and I won. Somehow, I think that in just a few minutes, it would be Kristi who actually won the game.
She turned her head to Scott first. "A bet is a bet" she said.

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   She got up from the table, took both Scott and my hand and proceeded to lead us to the couch. "Have a seat here, boys, and enjoy the show. " At first, she slowly started dancing in front of us. I could tell that Scott was enjoying the show, for in a few minutes time, he had moved his hand that was ‘trying’ to hide his erect cock. The other hand finally made its way over, and he began to stroke his penis.
Kristi finally made her way over to Scott and knelt down in front of him. She gave me a glance, and I smiled at her and told her how much I loved her. Scott paid no attention to me and kept his focus on Kristi who began to lick his hard cock. It was fun watching Kristi slowly give a blowjob to Scott – seeing first hand at exactly what she had done to me that morning. After a few minutes of pleasing Scott, she made her way over to me, giving me the same experience that Scott had gone through. This time, however, Scott moved to the edge of the couch and began to rub Kristi’s back.
After a few minutes of rubbing her back, Scott proceeded to give Kristi kisses all over her body. Finally, once she stopped licking my dick, she proceeded to lay on her side on the floor. Scott, being in front of her, began to slowly make his way down to her pussy, while his hands were rubbing her tits. I got down on the floor behind Kristi and proceeded to do the same, however, on the other side of her body.

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   After a few moments, both Scott and I were very near the same area. He had his tongue deep inside her pussy, I had my tongue deep inside her ass. I knew Scott was enjoying the taste of my wife as he continued to make deep moaning noises as he continued to lick her. Kristi was making her own noises and I could tell she was enjoying this just as much. I too was enjoying the wonderful experience.
As I continued to dart my tongue deeper and deeper into her ass, I realized just how much Kristi was enjoying it as she started to rock quicker and quicker and moan louder and louder. After a few minutes, I realized that she was cumming. Scott wasted no time and laid on his back, pulling Kristi on top of him. He entered her easily, rocking faster and quicker. The site of the two of them was immense for me. I took a few quick glances, then with my cock in hand, I quickly entered her from the rear. The feeling must have been intense for Kristi, as she screamed out in pleasure.
After a few minutes of extreme pleasure, I motioned for Kristi to roll over on top of me. The warmth of her pussy on my cock made me realize that Scott had started to cum, but by the site of his rock hard cock, that he wasn’t just finished yet. She slid easily onto me, Scott positioning to her rear.


   I felt his cock enter her ass, and the motion of both Kristi and Scott on top of me was so incredible, I shot my hot load deep into Kristi within a matter of seconds. Kristi continued to scream out when Scott too shot his load deep into her ass.
The three of us lay on the floor for what seemed like an hour. At first talking about how great the sex was. Kristi told us that this was a fantasy that she had for years, embarrassed to bring up the subject. Scott mentioned that he had thought about it as well, but was never sure how to bring it up. I just laid there, with the biggest smile on my face.
After an hour, the three of us got up and got dressed. Scott left, thanking us for a wonderful evening. I helped Kristi clean the card game up and we headed up the stairs to get ready for bed. We laid in the bed for what seemed like another hour, just talking about the evening.
Before we fell asleep, I rolled over and gave Kristi a passionate kiss on the lips and told her how much I loved her. Maybe I would tell her tomorrow morning about the dream I had last night – about the time I surprised her on her business trip with a bag of balloons and the dildo and how her coworker Debbie showed up and made love to the both of us. I fell asleep smiling, holding on to Kristi in a tight hug. Yes, tomorrow I will tell her about the dream I had.

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   Little did I know that Kristi had already made plans to have Kelly (Scott’s ex girlfriend) over for dinner tomorrow night.