My Story - Mother and Son in The Hot Tub


A little about me, My name is Tim, my mother calls me Timmy or honey, sometimes both.   Her name is Nancy.   I am just 14.   We live in a somewhat secluded house outside a small southern town.   We have a hot tub and the action begins there.   After school, I would come home and do my homework, then head for the hot tub.   Mom did not normally join me, but preferred to soak by herself later in the evening before going to bed.   One afternoon, mom surprised me by emerging from the house in a skimpy bikini and heading for the hot tub.   I was quite surprised because she never owned a bikini before this and for some reason I had chosen today to strip naked in the hot tub for the first time.   And being a 14 year old boy, I was doing what most boys my age do when they are naked, masturbate.   It was too late to do anything about the suit or my hardon.   I hoped that the bubbles in the water would allow me to escape detection.   I forgot that my suit was draped over the side of the tub.
As my mother approached the hot tub, I was amazed at how sexy she was.   Her breasts were not large, but firm and her tits protruded through the fabric of her very skimpy bikini top that left very little to the imagination.   The bottom was little more than a small triangle of clothe that barely covered her sex.

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    As she turned to hang her towel on the bar, I audibly gasped as I noticed that there was nothing more than a thin string of material running up between the cheeks of the most gorgeous ass that I had ever seen.   Mom heard me and said, I take it you approve as she stepped into the hot tub.   I squeaked a bit as I replied, yes very much.   Mom sat right next to me and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her mostly exposed breast.   She added stop staring at your dear old mother, you will make me self conscious wearing this bathing suit.   I said, sorry mom, but you are so incredibly sexy in that outfit.   Mom said, I will take that as a compliment and for that you can continue staring.
I wasn’t sure where this was going, so I just held my breath and hoped mom would not discover that I was naked and sporting what for me was a giant erection.   Well mom must have noticed my suit, because she sat right next to me and almost immediately, I felt her hand on my thigh.   She rubbed up and down a couple of times and said, we seem to be sans bathing suit this afternoon.   I blushed and began to apologize, when I felt her hand on my cock.   She squeezed gently and slowly began rubbing me.   I almost came for the first time, right then in her hand as she said, and what is this.   The only reply I could manage was, After 13 years in the same house, I guess you know what this is.   She laughed at that and mercifully released my cock as she asked if I go naked in the hot tub often.

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    I managed to say this was the first time.   Her reply, was, well lucky for me, I joined you today.   Then she asked if I masturbated often.   That was harder to answer.   I said that I have tried to masturbate a few times in recent weeks.   I get some precum dripping from my penis, but have not reached orgasm as described in the book that mom had given me the year before.   My friends keep telling me how nice if feels when they cum, but I have not experienced that yet.
Mom said, ok if we are going to take care of that slight deficiency, we will need to go inside.   With that, she took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom.   Along the way, she stopped and grabbed towels and we dried each other enough so that we would not get her bed all wet.   Once in her bedroom, mom had me sit on the edge of her bed.   She turned and asked me to unfasten her top.   I did so and she let it fall to the floor, revealing two perfectly formed breasts.   There was no sag in them and the auroras were large and light brown with small bumps all around her nipples.   Her nipples were large and firm, protruded almost an inch. 

    I noticed as she turned and knelt in front of me that they were growing even longer.   Mom took some lubricant from her night stand and rubbed it all over my cock and balls.   It felt warm and gave me a tingly sensation as she began rubbing my cock.   She said you can touch my breasts if you want.   I very much wanted to and reached down and placed one hand on each breast.   I couldn’t believe how wonderful they felt.   She said, you can squeeze my nipples as hard as you want, it really turns me on, just don’t squeeze the breasts; they are a bit more sensitive.   At that invitation, I began kneading and pulling on her nipples.   Her reaction was immediate,  they grew longer and firmer in my hands and she began breathing harder.   Her face flushed and she seemed to arch her back and tense all over.   I didn’t know she was having the first of several orgasms she would experience that afternoon. .
She took hold of my throbbing cock and started to stroke slowly at first.   She started at the tip and then worked her way down toward the base.   With her other hand, she cupped my balls and gently fondled them.

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    Mom had the touch that I apparently lacked, because I could feel a very funny sensation building in my groin.   It was different than I had ever experienced and I knew this would be my first orgasm.   I couldn’t believe my luck that my first time would be with the woman I loved most in the world, my mother.   I knew that my friends had masturbated before me, but was confident that their first time was alone, perhaps with a magazine or a porn site on the internet.   The thought sent chills up and down my spine.   I managed to croak, I’m coming.   Mom said let it come, honey, let it come.   I didn’t shoot very much sperm that first time, but it felt so good.   The first spurt hit mom on the cheek and ran down on her breasts.   The second only made it to her breasts.   The next one, dribbled down my cock and balls.   I immediately apologized to mom for hitting her in the face with my cum.   She laughed and said, Timmy, honey that is exactly where I wanted it to go this time.   Wait till you see where it goes next time.   I continued fondling her breasts, now slippery with my cum.

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    It was at this point that mom had her second orgasm.   I didn’t know it until I asked if she was going to have an orgasm also.   Again, she smiled and honey, you have already given me two orgasms and you can give me another one if you would like.   My cock, never softened after that first orgasm, and stayed stiff with that invitation.   I said tell me what to do.   Mom stood and stripped off her bikini bottom and lay on the bed.   She pulled me gently to her and we hugged and kissed for the first time with a long deep and passionate kiss.   Her tongue went deep in my mouth and sought out mine.   She held me close as our tongues meshed.   I wanted to get closer, her skin felt so good.   I rubbed my cock against her and would have fucked her on the spot if she had invited me.  
Instead, mom said, Timmy please get some lubrication from the night stand and rub it on my pussy.   Be careful not to get too much on the sheets.   I did as I was told and then she explained how I should proceed.   She had me reach between her legs and begin, very gently to rub her outer lips.

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    While I was doing that, we continued to hold each other and kiss, more passionately than before.   As I gently fondled her cunt lips, mom reacted almost immediately.   I could feel her back stiffen and arch a bit.   I could sense her breathing pick up and I could feel her nipples become more erect against my chest.   She then reached between her legs and guided my hand to her clitoris.   She showed me how to massage it between my fingers.   That excited her even more and I continued that for several minutes until she said now for the climax, she had me insert a finger into her pussy and finger fuck her.   Shortly she told me to put a second finger inside her.   I did and before I knew it she was coming again.   This time, she was screaming and moaning.   I just held her close to me and enjoyed her pleasure.
After that, we lay together on her bed, just savoring the moment.   After what must have been a half hour, mom started to get up.   I thought she was leaving, but she just changed position and to my surprise, she lay down with her head on my stomach.   The next thing I knew, she took my cock in her mouth.


    My cock, reacted immediately and sprang to attention.   It was, if anything, harder and more erect than before.   I couldn’t believe how good it felt, her lips felt like an electric current running up and down my shaft.   And her hair draped across my stomach was like a switch thrown in the night.   My balls immediately felt the cum building and I said mom I am cumming.   She just kept pumping her lips up and down my swollen shaft and murmured please let me have it.   That was all I needed, as the first blast of sperm shot up from my balls to the tip of my cock and filler my mother’s mouth.   Mercifully she slowed her pumping lips as my cock became so sensitive I could hardly stand it.   That didn’t matter though as I showed four or five spurts of cum.   Mom easily swallowed my still small load and continued to keep my cock in her mouth.   After several minutes, my cock began to soften and she finally let it slip from her lips, but only after cleaning all of our love juices from it.   I was ready for more, but mom said, we better stop for now, it is time for dinner and I have a date tonight.
Mom said go take a shower and we’ll get dinner going.   Feeling somewhat bold by the experience, I said lets showered together.   Mom looked at me with a gleam in her eye and said why not.

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    With that I jumped up and grabbed her hand and headed for her shower.   We must have taken 45 minutes to luxuriate in the shower.   We took turns lathering each other with soap.   We took the opportunity to caress one another from head to foot.   I also shampooed mom’s hair for the first time.   I loved playing with her long and lustrous locks.   If mom hadn’t had a date, I would have tried to fuck her, but thought that if she got intimate with her date, my sperm in her cunt might be a problem.   I contented myself with giving her a full body rub with extra attention on her breasts, ass, and pussy.   She didn’t cum again, but did get excited, as I could see in her breathing and her erect tits.   We finally turned off the water and toweled each other off.   I went to my room to dress, while mom started dinner.   I took over and watched the food while mom went to dress.   She came back to the kitchen just as I was setting the food on the table.
She was wearing a tight black cocktail dress that highlighted her every curve and revealed almost half of her breasts.   I whistled and said wow you are the most beautiful and sexy woman I have ever seen.

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    Mom twirled and gave me a huge grin as she sashayed into her waiting seat.   I sat across from her and just stared at her for the longest time.   Finally mom said, stop staring and eat your dinner.   I will give you an even better view when I get home tonight.
After dinner, mom helped clear the dishes and then her date arrived.   I had met him before, a very nice gentleman a few years older than mom, but good looking and more important a gorgeous daughter, just about my age.   I was dying to get to know her.   His name was Ken and his daughter was Tiffany.   We exchanged greetings and they prepared to leave.   Mom whispered in my ear; I left something on your bed for your entertainment tonight.   She gave me a kiss on the cheek and they were gone.   I finished the dishes and started the dishwasher, and went to the basement to work on my photo collection.   I take nature photos and am preparing an exhibit for a show at a local gallery.   The owner saw some of my photos at a school art show and offered me a show.   I worked for an hour editing and assembling a set of photos of the Grand Canyon.


    I also made a note to go out the next day to the park and take some photos of an old elm tree that interested me.
Finally I went upstairs and found a DVD on my bed.   I took it to the family room and popped it into the player.   It was a home movie.   I recognized the location as my mom’s bedroom.   Shortly after the video started, the camera focused on a young woman, perhaps 20 years old standing and posing naked.   A closer look revealed that the woman was my mother.   She was younger, but no more beautiful that she is now.   The photographer then panned to a man entering the scene.   He was very handsome and well hung, with large bulbous head on his erect cock and huge balls that slapped at moms ass as they fucked.   The man I recognized as my father who died when I was 7.   The rest of the video, was a blur of fucking and sucking as my mother and father went from one fuck position to another.   I masturbated 3 times watching the video and was getting ready for number 4 when I heard the front door open.
I shut off the DVD player and quickly stuffed my swollen cock back in my pants and went to greet mom.   She was just kissing Ken goodnight.


    Mom’s back was to me, but it looked like he was fondling her breast as they kissed.   My cock started to grow again and I was left standing in the doorway with an erection, tenting in my pants.   I turned to leave, but mom said don’t go.   She said goodbye to Ken and turned to me.   She must have noticed my erect cock, as she grinned and walked over to where I was standing.   She put her hand on my cock and asked if I liked the movie.   I was a little embarrassed, but managed to say it was great.   I said I hardly remembered what dad looked like.   Mom gave me a curious look and asked if I have seen dad naked like that.   I laughed and said no, I was referring to his face, but he sure had an impressive cock and certainly knew how to use it.
Mom said time for bed, it is late and we will see where this goes tomorrow after she gets home from work.   I was disappointed, but went to bed and lay there replaying the events of the day and rubbing my rapidly growing erection.   I lay like that for perhaps 20 minutes before I came again.   By this time, my cock was getting a little tender and I rolled over and went to sleep.   I awoke early to find my pajama bottoms sticky with cum.

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    I was not sure how that had happened, but vowed to ask mom.   Mom called me for breakfast just as I finished cleaning up the mess and changing to a fresh outfit.
Mom had a sweet smile on her face as she greeted me with a long and passionate kiss and fondled my cock.   Well, well, I see you are up and ready to go.   I blushed and said I guess so.   She laughed and said, later honey, after I get home from work.   I sat at the table and started eating.   After a couple of bites, I looked at mom and said can I ask you a question?  She said of course honey.   I told her what happened when I awoke and found my pants sticky with cum.   She just smiled and said, honey you experienced a “wet dream”.   That is very common in boys your age, don’t think anything about it, it is normal behavior or boys going through puberty.   Do you know what that means.   I said I think so, I had read about it in sex ed and in the book that mom gave me a year ago.   Mom said well let me tell you about it.   Boys and girls all go through puberty at about this age.

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    It is a time of sexual maturation.   You are producing hormones that will turn you into a man.   You experienced part of that when you experienced an orgasm.   You will also grow bigger and stronger, you will grow hair on your chest, around your penis, and a beard.   Your voice will change, and you will think about sex almost constantly.   Girls turn into women.   Their hips and breasts grow, they get hair around their cunts, and they become capable of having babies.   One thing you need to learn is how to use protection, so you don’t get a girl pregnant before you are ready.
Why don’t you read your book and we can talk more this evening.   With that, she kissed me and headed for the door.   The day went by in a blur.   I read about puberty in my sex book, watched the DVD again (twice) and even found time to work on my photo project.   Finally it was getting near time for mom to come home, so I quickly undressed and headed for the hot tub.   Mom got home right on time and to my pleasure, came out of the house naked.   She climbed in the hot tub and climbed on my lap, facing me with one foot on either side. 

    She sat where my raging hard cock was pressed between us and put her arms around my neck and gave me a long passionate kiss.   Only then did she give me the most beautiful smile and say and how was your day, honey.   She got an equally big smile from me and the response, great.   I watched your video twice and learned some things from watching you and dad fuck and I read my sex book.   Also, I even found time to work on my photo project.   Mom asked how that was going.   I told her it was almost done, I just need some additional photos from the giant elm in the park.
Then mom asked if I had any questions to ask her about growing up.   I said, I think I understand what I am going through.   I noticed today that I am starting to grow some hair around the base of my penis and I am even starting to grow some hair on my chest.   Why don’t girls grow hair on their chest?  Mom laughed and said our hormones control that and female hormones don’t normally cause girls to grow hair on their chest or face for that matter.   They do grow pubic hair and breasts and hips and they can have babies.   And because they can have babies, you have to be careful not to make a girl pregnant until the two of you are ready to raise that baby.   For that reason, I bought you a box of condoms and left if in your room.   You don’t need to use them when you are with me, but if you are with another girl, you will need to use a condom for protection.

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    I will show you how to use it a little later.
At that, mom again kissed me with one of her patented long deep and erotic kisses.   Our tongues entwined each other.   Then I noticed she was grinding her pubic area against my erect cock.   She slowly moved up and down against it, pressing gently at first, then harder.   We stayed locked like that for a long time.   Then mom reached down and took my cock in her hand and raised up and guided it to her waiting pussy.   I felt the tip press against her lips and then felt her press down as the tip of my cock entered.   A few more strokes and I could feel her cunt lips sliding down the shaft of my erect cock.   If we had been somewhere else, I would have slid all the way in on the first couple of strokes, but the water diluted the lubrication effect of the precum and it took several more strokes to fully impale her on my cock.   Once there, however, mom started pumping the length of my cock.   I could feel her lips just enclosing the tip of my cock as she rose up and then hitting the base as she drove down.   I leaned back against the seat back and used the few inches of separation to place my hands on her breasts.   I started caressing from the base of each breast and working my way to the nipple area.   After doing that for several minutes, I took her nipples in my finger tips and began massaging them.

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    I pulled them toward me applying increasing pressure, the way mom told me she likes.  
The effect was immediate; her nipples grew and engorged with blood.   The more I massaged them, the hotter mom got.   Her face flushed and her breathing picked up.   She said if you keep doing that, I am going to cum.   Being more than happy to oblige, I continued and squeezed even harder.   She began to moan very loudly.   While this was happening, I could feel my own orgasm building up.   I began pumping my cock to meet her strokes.   Mom leaned over and our lips met again and that was it, we both came at almost the same instant.   I could feel four, five, then six spurts of my cum shoot into her pussy as her muscle contractions milked my cock.   We stayed like that for several minutes as my cock gradually shrank and slipped out.   Mom sat beside me and we just held each other.   I couldn’t believe my good luck.   I knew that most of my friends, talked a lot about sex, but I knew deep down that I was the only one who was no longer a virgin, thanks to my very sexy mother.

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    We did it twice more that evening, once in the family room and once in her bed.   I slept with her that night and had a blissful sleep after our third love making session of the evening.
I was to have more love making with mom and with Ken and eventually with Tiffany, Ken’s 15 year old daughter.  
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