Girls masturbation circle part 2


     After our first circle jerk, I knew I wanted to do it again real soon. It was such a rush watching my friends fucking themselves with fingers, or with that hairbrush handle that Michele rammed her creamy pussy with. If she had still been a virgin up to that point, that hard stiff handle had certainly busted her hymen wide open. We were eager to do it again, but since her parents were due to be home in a few minutes, and unfortunately Sunday didn't work, 3 of our group wouldn't be available, we would have to wait. We had agreed that it would be all 5 of us, or none, we didn't want to start making our friends feel left out, if they couldn't be there. And, when all of us weren't available, it would just pump up the anticipation for the time when we could.

     Monday, at school, all 5 of us were in second period history, and I could feel my pussy start to moisten up. I felt the need, and I started to wonder. Could we find a way to do it at school? That would be so damn naughty, and I felt like being very naughty.

     At lunch, we started talking, and I could see we all felt the same way, the only thing was, where?

     Debbie said, "Where is a good place in the school, someplace that's private, that we could sneak off to after classes, and enjoy another circle jerk?"

     Susie added, "And, I'd like to do what the boys did in their circle jerk, how about if we stroked each other's pussy, instead of our own?"

     I could feel my pussy pulse, the idea of one of my friend's fingers bringing me off sounded so wickedly sensual.

     Michele said, "I know the best place. Just above the gymnasium, there's a second floor that's used for storage. Things that are used for track and field, gymnastics, field hockey, all that kind of equipment is stored up there. I've been up there, and there are lots of mats that we could use. And, I know where the key is for that storage area, we can sneak up there after classes, the janitors only go up there once a week, and we can have ourselves a great time!"

     Debbie said, "That sounds great, let's meet by my locker at the end of classes, and we'll slip away, and make our way up there? It's gonna be great!"

     The afternoon seemed to drag by, I was so turned on, every pulse of heat my pussy felt just seemed to add more time. Finally, the last bell ran, I was just about to scream with horniness.

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     I just about sprinted to Debbie's locker, Michele, Susie and Andrea joined us less that a minute later.

     Closing and locking her locker, Debbie looked at us, grinned, and said, "Let's do it!"

     We quickly headed for the gymnasium annex, just before the gym doors, was the stairway. We carefully looked left, right, satisfied that no one was there to see up, we scrambled up the stairs. In front of the big doors, Michele pulled out the key, and the big doors quickly unlocked. We eased them open, closed them, and triple locked them. We looked around, spotting a pile of gym mats, we made our way over. We pulled off a couple, spread them out, then looked at each other, who was going to strip first?

     Michele was quick to lead the way, her shirt hit the floor and her jeans were around her ankles before any of us had even started. I watched, feeling my pussy pulse more, as she stripped off her bra, and slipped off her panties.

Michele has perfect C-sized melons of breasts with generous silver-dollar-sized dark pink aureoles finished off with thick, round erasers of nipples. Her torso was lean and muscular from gymnastics and general tomboyishness.

     She stepped out of the pile her jeans and panties made at her ankles. He nude figure made my pulse thump, my pussy ache.

     "Well, anyone going to join me?" she said, giggling.

     That got us going, and clothes started flying off, watching my girlfriends getting naked, as I stripped off, and knowing why we were getting naked, was such a turn on.

     Michele led the way, sitting down on the mat, legs spread, and told us who would be doing who, a natural leader, she is.

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     "Ok Lisa, you sit next to me, on my right, and I'm gonna play with your sexy pussy. Susie, you sit next to Lisa, and Lisa will do you. Debbie, next to Susie, and Andrea, next to Debbie. Now, sit, and I'll see about arranging us so we can sit in a circle, so we can all stroke each others pretty pussy. "

     After trying out various combinations, that did not work, Michele hit on the perfect idea. We lay on our sides, and arranging ourselves in a daisy chain fashion, was perfect. We could close the circle without straining our bodies, and with our heads between each others legs, we could not only feel, but see and smell the wet, heated excitement.

     Susie has beautiful cafe au lait skin and inner folds that are a rich brown. Her breasts were full and topped with incredible brown gumdrops of nipples that stood up proudly. With my head between Susie's sexy legs, I could see those tight, sexy lips all slicked up, parted just slightly, giving me a look at those rich brown inner folds, the lust scent and the view of those sexy inner walls was making my heart pound. Feeling Michele getting her head between my legs, knowing that she had a full on view of my coral pink lips, and the hooded canopy of my clit, starting to slide back, my clit rising with excitement, was making my pussy similarly juicy.

     I looked at us, arranged in a circle of lust, five horny 16 year old girls, who just needed to stroke and masturbate each other, ready to pleasure each other so wantonly, made me feel like a bad little girl, a horny slut who just wanted to get off, and get my girlfriends off, I was so turned on.

     "Okay girls" Michele cooed, "Let's do each other. And, let's make it last, no quick finishes, let's really immerse ourselves in feeling, caressing, and loving each other. "

     I slid my fingers over the tight, juicy rim of Susie's pussy, listening to the soft gasp of pleasure, other gasps of pleasure including mine, joining as eager fingers started working over tight, eager, slick pussy lips.

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   Michele's fingers were sliding over my lips, teasing, tickling, bringing me up, I could feel my clit finish its rise, standing up, hard, erect and eager. Michele wasn't going to bring me off that fast, she wanted it to last, and she slid her fingers just inside my opening, my juices gushing, coating her fingers.

     Susie was just as soaking wet as I was, and with my fingers dripping wet, I wanted to taste her. I brought my fingers up, sucked them in, and licked every drop off, my body and my pussy electrified by the warm, musky taste. I quickly slipped my fingers back down, sliding just inside her lips, eager for more of her rich cream.

     I looked around at the group, Susie was working over Debbie, she's a slender brunette with tiny tits and nipples and almost non-existent labia. Her shiny, pale pink inner lips, opening, and clit were constantly visible. Susie was working over that glistening opening, making Debbie gasp and moan.

     Debbie was stroking over Andrea, she's a tiny blonde, her body all soft peaches and cream. Between her legs was a soft white mound with the smallest hint of pink inside a smooth slit. Debbie was sliding her fingers up and down that smooth opening, making Andrea gasp and grunt.

     Andrea was stroking at Michele's heated center, Michele grunting and sighing as Andrea slid her fingers in and out of Michele's heated tunnel. With it being obvious that Michele's hymen was a thing of the past, I wondered about getting rid of my hymen. It sounded like Michele certainly enjoyed the penetration, and I was getting interested in being able to shove something long and thick up inside me, why wait for a boyfriend to do it? Maybe Michele would like to wield her hairbrush handle on me, and do the honor of deflowering me. That started my juices creaming up again, and Michele eagerly scooped up more of my juices, licking her fingers clean.

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     "Umm, you are so wet, so juicy, so delicious Lisa, I love tasting your juices. "

     The sent of our heated pussies filled the air, that heated, primal smell of passion, as five very horny teens worked over throbbing pussies. We stroked each other to a frenzy, until all of us were on the verge, our pussies throbbing madly.

     In a voice choked with passion, Michele barked, "Do it, stoke the clits!"

     I clamped my soaking wet fingers around Susie's clit, pulling and tweaking at it, I felt my hardened bump get loving flicks of Michele's slippery fingers, and that did it for me. My scream of climax filled the air, Susie starting squealing and grunting, going over the edge with me. Our pussies were gushing wildly as we rode our waves.

     Michele howled, "Yes, yes, oh fuck YES!"

     Debbie screamed a drawn out howl, and Andrea joined in, crying out, grunting and howling with pleasure as they hit the pleasure peak.

     Oh my, what a rush. Seeing us all in such an intimate way, watching each others pussies close up as we climaxed, our bodies shaking and jerking in the grip of orgasm, made this circle jerk one to remember. The room was filled with the smell of horny teen pussy and girly sweat. Even as I rode down from my orgasmic high, I was intrigued, I wanted to do more than stroke at Susie, her, I wanted to lick at Susie's beautiful brown inner folds, I wanted to taste that juice straight from her pussy. But, not knowing if my girlfriends were up for that, I squelched the desire, for now.

      Michele murmured "Whew, damn that was so hot, I felt like my head was gonna blow off! I hope it was as good for all of you, as it was for me!" she teased, giggling.

     As we were getting dressed, I was looking more often at my sexy friends that usual, their bodies were such a turn on to look at. We cautiously went down the stairs, peeked around the corners, and saw no one.

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   Satisfied that we were not being seen, we made our way out. I for one, could not wait for the next time, I was hooked, there was nothing like stroking, sweating, playing and cumming with my best friends.