Drugged By My Cum Chapter 12

Mind Control

First, I have to say that I also contemplated trying the ear, but thewax would probably attack the fluid and neutralize it, so that solutionwas by the wayside. Okay, so ow do I get two inches of cunt juice upsomeone's nostrils? When you take medicine up your snoot with an eyedropper you are almost certainly imbibing less than an inch. I couldn'tuse an inhaler because of the chemical contamination that might weakenthe copulins' strength. And then you have to ensure that the guy wouldactually snort the fluid down so that it could be absorbed by hissystem. Furthermore, the delivery mechanism had to be small enough to beportable and concealable. I was pretty sure, though, that if I couldjet something into a guy's nose the first instinct would be to inhale itrather than try to expel it.

Anyway, Sunday, I extracted more of Marisa's love channel liquid in theearly afternoon and let it sit in the vial while I cuddled her naked,spaced out form. After dinner, I set the controls once again forAbigail's. When Josh came home at his curfew time of 9 p. m. , the four ofus invaded his room and we pinned him down to his bed. I forced hishead off of his bed so that it was tilted back and I reached in myjacket pocket and pulled the bottle and the eye dropper out. I drew thefluid from the bottle and managed to insert the eye dropper into thekid's left nostril and squeeze Marisa's cunt emissions into it. As Iexpected/hoped, he reflexively snorted it back. I pulled him back on thebed and his eyes rolled back in his head and then there was the blankexpression I was looking for. I whispered in Abbey's ear that she was tosay softly into his right ear that he would obey her commands withoutquestion and would feel twinges of pleasure everytime he did so.

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   He justlet out a long, placid sigh. I then ordered the girls out of the room,turned the light out and we returned to Abbey's chamber, where I hadthem all strip.

I told Abbey that the first order she would give her brother in themorning was to not tell anyone what goes on with and between members ofthe  the household. I also said that she was not to abuse her newfoundhold over her 11 year old little brother. I went home after directingMary Anne to make sure all the females in the family were naked at alltimes in the house except when company or her eldest son was going tocome over. She was also going to send Abbey to a local communitycollege, Cal State or UC school and not a Christian university after shegraduated from high school.

I snuggled up next to Marisa when I arrived home. The thing was that Ididn't want her incapacitated for half a day while I drew her juice fromher. So I did more experimentation. Monday, after school, I fuckedMarisa in my bed, but I pulled out and showered my wad on her belly. Then I scooped maybe a third of it up on my finger and smeared hervaginal walls with it. She immediately went under and I inserted whathad been a perfume bottle into her, put her panties back on and had hersit up. She was conscious again by dinnertime and I had another twoinches of her wetness in my improvised vial. I had to test the strengthof it. I sent Marisa home to eat with her folks.

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Once I had my fill of mom's cooking, I hotfooted it over to Abbey'sagain. Mary Anne answered the door starkers after seeing it was methrough the peephole. I romped up the stairs to Abbey's room. I askedher how Josh reacted when she uttered the order I demanded she give him. She replied that he accepted it calmly. I then had her call Josh intoher room and lie down on her bed on his back with his head hanging offof it. I pulled the bottle and eye dropper out and flushed theeyedropper into his nose, which resulted in him being launched intonirvana. I then gave him the suggestion that he would ask his mom toteach him to cook and he would be an enthusiastic student for her. If hecomplied it would show me that Marisa's juice was as strong at a lowdose of semen as it is when I completely drain myself into her.

I picked Josh up, carried him off to his bedroom and turned the lightout so he could sleep it off. I re-entered Abbey's space and pulled mydick out. I had her suck me. In the middle of this, Krista knocked atthe door. I told Abbey to let her in. Krista crossed the threshold andthen saw me.

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   "Oh, I'm sorry, she said when she saw her big sisterservicing me. "It's okay Krista, you can watch if you want," I said. Shesmiled brightly and consented to the idea and stood next Abbey whileshe blew me. "Does that feel good?" she questioned. "Oh God Krista, youhave no idea!" I moaned as Abbey's mouth glided over my hard prick. Tenminutes later, I pulled Abbey up and told her to lay on the bed. Istroked my cock until I roped several snotty strands of my jizz on herstomach. "Lay on the bed, Krista, I said. She acceeded to my wish. Iscooped up a fingerpad's worth of cum from Abbey's tummy and coated theinside of her pussy with it before shoving the bottle into her. I pickedup some of the remnants of my emission and slathered the mess insideKrista. They were both now out of it. I found a pair of Abbey's pantiesand slid them on her before sitting her up against the headboard to holdthe bottle in her.

I went to the bathroom and found a small bottle of aspirin in themedicine cabinet. I tossed the pills and thoroughly washed the bottleout.

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   I took it back into Abbey's room and I had Krista sit up againstthe wall. I forced the bottle into her very tight heretofore unviolatedhairless gash. Over the next hour plus, I watched them  drip their ownhypnojuice into those vessels. I pulled the aspirin bottle out of Kristaand then yanked Abbey's underpants off and separated the perfume bottlefrom her pink gulley. There was over six inches of juice in Abbey'sbottle! No wonder she's a squirter! I poured Krista's contribution intothe larger bottle but still kept the smaller one for future use.

I rubbed the rest of the semen I had spurted on to Abbey's midsectioninto her skin. A little over an hour later, they came around and I left. During the ensuing week, I did two things: I watched the comings andgoings of the principal and I ordered a packet of industrial syringesover the internet. He usually left for the day 15 minutes after hissecretary did because he would change out of his suit and into hisstreet clothes to get comfortable for the drive home, I guess. Or hedropped his suits off at the dry cleaners. The other people who workedin the administrative office were out of there with the secretary.

After I had had Marisa's, Krista's and Abbey's juices in that bottle fora week or so, it began to putrify, so I had to dump it out and cleanthe container they had been in. I phoned Abbey and had her come over tomy house over a couple of days, where she filled my bottle with herfluid and the copulins imbued in them. I got the syringes on a Saturday,so Sunday, I went over to Abbey's after they all got back from churchand gave Mary Anne a series of orders that she then passed on to herhusband and kids.

On Monday, right after Mr.

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   Pulaski, our principal, said goodbye to hisstaff, Mary Anne, her husband, Abbey, Krista, Kylie, me and Marisawalked into his office. Abbey's dad apologized for showing up all of asudden, but that it was hard for him to get time off of work that early. He went on to say that he wanted to talk about taking his kids out ofprivate school and putting them in my and Marisa's high school. Ifingered my syringe in my jacket pocket as this was occurring. Mr. Pulaski, apparently liking the prospect of more state dollars flowinghis school's way, invited the lot of us into his office. As soon as wewent through his office door, Abbey's dad, who was a former Marinesergeant,  grabbed Mr. Pulaski and spun him around. I shoved the littlespout of the syringe up Mr. Pulaski's nose and pressed the plunger allthe way down. He snarfed the fluid into his hooter and went pie eyed. Itold Abbey's father to let him go, I had it under control. He exited theoffice, as did the rest of Mary Anne's family to act as lookouts. Marisa whispered in Mr. Pulaski's ear that he was to obey her commandsand would feel jags of pleasure everytime he did.

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I had Marisa lean her hands on Mr. Pulaski's desk. I pulled my pantsdown and rammed my cock into her bared cunt while Mr. Pulaski, theauthority figure everyone most feared on my campus, was now under mycontrol and I was fucking my girlfriend in front of him. Marisa'svaginal muscles clenched down on my flesh pipe as I continued tojackhammer it in and out of her. She was moaning loudly, as usual, whileI held on to her hips for leverage to really bring it to her savagely. Her body shook as she started cumming, perhaps as turned on by doingthis in front of Mr. Pulaski as I was. On and on I kept digging into herhole until I was at the precipice. I pulled out of her and aimed mypecker at his inbox, leaving a trail of spooge all over the papers init.  

I pulled my pants up and then helped Mr. Pulaski into his chair behindhis desk. I rubbed my jism into the papers in is inbox and shuffled themso that they would all stick together. Marisa and I accompanied MaryAnne's family for a ride home in their minivan. Abbey, Kylie, Marisa,Krista and me went into Abbey's bedroom, where they all got nakedrightaway.

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   While I stood up and heatedly kissed Marisa, I had Kylie andAbbey stroke, suck and lick my prong as their little sister took thatsight in. I got to the verge of going off and directed Abbey to lay onher back on the bed, whereupon I strafed her belly with my sperm riddenbullets. I shoveled some of it up with my index and middle fingers andpainted the inside of her pussy with it. She sighed and departed forparadise while I took the bottle out of my jacket and slid it into herwonderful snatch to replenish the fluid I had just used on Mr. Pulaski. Ihad her sit up with her legs under her so she could drip her moistureinto the container. Half an hour later, she had refilled it. I had Kylieblow me to refill my balls and then Marisa and I ate with Mary Anne andher family of nude girls before we returned to our own houses.

Tuesday, Marisa and I waited down a corridor that adjoined theadministration office a couple of hours after the final bell. Mr. Pulaski emerged alone, as always. "Come here Mr. Pulaski!" Marisabarked. He quickly walked up to us. "I'm Marisa and I'm the one you'llbe obeying from now on," she said forthrightly.

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   He signaled his meekagreement. She echoed some instructions I taught her during lunch that Iwanted her to convey to him. He took one of my dosed Kit Kat bars andwent back into his office to drop it into a desk drawer. I felt sonaughty with what I was going to do Wednesday.