His Wishes

Mind Control

Chapter 1
It was before summer vacation started. While everybody else was at the auditorium for the grade 12 graduation, James snuck into the principal's office. Just a few weeks ago, he received a mail from the school saying that he had failed grade 11 and had to retake it. James was planning to hack the principal's computer and make a false letter saying that he had passed but he only had to take grade 11 math for summer school. James smiled as he thought about the math 11 summer school’s teacher Mrs. Kim.

As James turned on the computer screen, he was surprised by the screensaver because it was of a porn star stripping her clothing. It turned James on but then another icon caught his eye. It was labeled!@#$%^&*ASDFG. Curious about what it was, James double clicked it. As he did, one of the optical illusion circles came on the screen. James' body seems to move by itself as he went to reach out and touch the screen. As he did so, all of the pictures and paper on the desk and on the wall seems to fly off. He then felt warmth surge from his fingertips to his arms then finally to everywhere else in his body.

Before James had any idea of what was going on, the office door, that James forgot to lock, opened. And in came the Vice Principal Mrs.

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   Wolfe. Now Mrs. Wolfe was a milf, a cougar, a fox anything that described someone hot and sexy. Her tits were enormous. And her body was so sexy that anyone who saw it would fall for her (even maybe females). People thought that her sexiness was in her genes because the three daughters she had, all of them were a work of art. The first two were twins who were the same age as me. Jessica was a cheerleader and then there was Sandra who was the volleyball team ace than lastly was the youngest who, was only one year younger than me Hannah the soccer player. Both Jessica were known as sluts who would go out with anyone who would spoil them with accessories and compared to them Hannah was called Hannah the virgin cuz she never went out with anyone. Everyone in the school envied Mr. Wolfe because he could live with four hot chicks. But back to the story.

“James Wellis what the heck are you doing in the principal’s office? Look at what you did” Mrs. Wolfe did seem pissed but James felt sorry for her because he couldn’t a single thing she said. It was not because he didn’t want to but because as she was talking to James, she crossed her arms and that made her tits bulge out more.

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   Mrs. Wolfe always wore shirts and skirts one size smaller than he would usually wear to give every boy’s cock a tease, but as she crossed her arm her tits rose up almost about to pop out of her shirt. James could even see the top part of her nipple. James had a full erection. He began to zone out thinking of many sexual positions that he wanted to do with her. Mrs. Wolfe was usually kind but this time it crossed the line. She turned around showing James her wonderful ass and said

“I am going to have to report this to the principal. And James Wellis you are going to be expelled!. ” James finally came back to earth and realized what was going to happen. “Don’t leave!” Mrs. Wolfe just ignored him and headed towards the door but she seemed to hesitate at the door. 5 seconds passed and she still stood there…15 seconds passed. . .

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  30 seconds passed and Mrs. Wolfe just stood there. It was because whenever Mrs. Wolfe would try to grab the doorknob, her hand would be repelled like magnets. Frustrated she turned around to face James. “What the fuck did you do!”

“Who knows why don’t you turn my doorknob?” As soon as James finished his sentence, Mrs. Wolfe pulled down his pant and boxers with one swift pull and started to give James a handjob. Her hands were so soft and warm, James could hardly believe that this was the hand of the cold hearted bitch.

“Ah! Mrs. Wolfe I think I’m gonna cum1” And with that James just stuffed his 8’ wonder, all the way down Mrs. Wolfe’s throat.

“Now that your done can you let me go please?” Mrs. Wolfe was pleading James but she had no idea what was going on. Neither did James but he knew that he had the power to control people. He just got a milf to give him a handjob, so he thought he might as well enjoy himself.

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“Get on the table and spread your legs you fucking whore. ” James was now laughing. The teacher whose nickname was “The Wicked Bitch of the West” was now under his command. He wanted to test out his new abilities. So far whenever he said something to somebody they did just that so what would happen in he thought of somebody. Would they listen to his command? There was nothing to lose for James. Thinking of the eldest, Sandra Wolfe, he said

“Come here right now slut and you” turning to Mrs. Wolfe “will continue to cum until that bitch arrives. ”
“Who are you t…” she never got to complete the sentence because she started to cum all over the principal’s papers. And James was surprised when Mrs. Wolfe started to quirt like crazy. She was like a human fountain. Unable to stop himself James took off his pant and shirt and started to fuck Mrs. Wolfe. By the time he got all of his cock into Mrs.

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   Wolfe, they heard a knock on the door. Both of them stopped what they were doing they were both too afraid of what was going to happen next. But luckily the one outside the principal’s office was none other than Sandra Wolfe. As Sandra stepped into the room, her eye were moving back and forth from James’ cock to her naked mom, to James’ cock to her mom tits, and back to James’ cock to her mom’s pussy where there was James’ cock. Sandra was about the same as Mrs. Wolfe, 5’5 blonde, and fucking hot.
The three of them remained in silence for a long time. After a while Sandra broke the silence

“What the fuck are you doing you mother fucking slut! Do you do…”

“Shut up” roared James who knew that if Sandra continued her sentence a lot of people would have heard. But surprisingly as soon as James told Sandra to shut up, it was as if someone pressed the mute button on Sandra. Her mouth was moving but no sound came out.

“Okay slut you are going to do as I say and you wont care that I’m fucking your mom. But the whole thing will just please you and make you horny and that goes for any other girl who I decide to fuck. For you only my dick will pleasure you and any other dick will have no affect on you. Do you understand?” Sandra just nodded.

“Okay now you can speak freely.

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  ” As James was talking to Sandra he kept moving his dick in and out of Mrs. Wolfe and as he ordered, it must have turned Sandra on because she was finger fucking herself.
James felt as if the heavens have given him a chance to do whatever he wanted. He as fucking the mom of 3 fucking hot daughters and so getting to fuck the remaining three didn’t seem that hard. As James came in Mrs. Wolfe’s pussy, he stuffed his cock down Sandra’s throat.

“Bitch show me how good you are with this. ” Sandra just looked bewildered.

“Are you saying that you never sucked a cock before?”

“Yes” “So does that mean you never suck a cock before you had sex or are you a virgin?” Sandra blushed as she said

“I…. I’m…. a virgin” she whispered.

“Dam fucking straight she ought to be” said Mrs. Wolfe through her pants.

“I made all the girls promise that they would not have sex with anyone unless they get married. ”

“So Mrs.

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   Wolfe, are you saying that I get to pop their cherries?” Mrs. Wolfe looked frightened

“What? Do you mean, I said…. ”

“Shut up. Now Sandra a blow job is very easy just suck on my dick like…like…a…. um…a popsicle. ” Sandra, even though it was her first time was very talented.

“Hey Sandy (Mrs. Wolfe’s real name) come here and lick your daughter’s pussy so it will have enough lube for me to fuck her. I wont go easy on her just because its her first time. ” Sandy Wolfe crawled towards Sandra and began to lick the whole pussy clean. After cumming in Sandra’s mouth James had the honor of stripping her. He threw off her jacket, shirt and skirt and ripped off her bra and panties

“Once I’m done with you, this will just be a bother. ” And leaning back he also ripped off Mrs. Wolfe’s panties and bra.

“Now Sandra lean on the principal’s desk and bend over.

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  ” He got his first view of a pussy. He knew that the first sex might hurt but he just wanted to ram his cock into her so much that he did. He didn’t care how much it hurt Sandra, he was just stuffing his cock down her pussy. Leaning over he grabbed her tits and started to fondle her nipple.

“How big are these”

“F…Four…forty four…E” As James began to fuck her more and more, it seemed that Sandra was feeling less pain and that she was now enjoying the whole thing. Out of the corner of his eye, James saw actually Mrs. Wolfe look at her daughter jealously. James told her his reason for being in the principal’s office in the first place and if she did what he wanted, James agreed to fuck her once more. Mrs. Wolfe got on the computer and typed something very quickly then came back to James with a smile.

“All done. ”

“Ah yeah ah fuck yeah I’m cumming. And with that he came in Sandra. James had just experienced his largest orgasm, he hadn’t blown this much load for his girlfriend or to any of her friends or to Mrs. Wolfe.

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   Now James took his dick out from Sandra and held it for Mrs. Wolfe.

“If you can make it erect then I’ll fuck your brains out you whore. ” Mrs. Wolfe got it erect in no time with a titty fuck. James as promised began to fuck her.

“Ah Mrs. Wolfe your pussy its…Its…feels so good!” Even though her pussy wasn’t as tight as Sandra’s it still was tight enough for James to enjoy it. Mrs. Wolfe must have loved it because she was screaming on the top of her lungs.

“James, honey, baby call me mommy! I’ll call you my son call me mommy!” James was loving where this was going”

“Mommy! Im fucking mommy! I love you mommy! Im cumming!” James had never actually even called his real mom mommy before. As James came in Mrs. Wolfe he collapsed onto her tits and began to suck on them.

“Hey mommy? How big are your tits?”

“S…Same as…Sandra and Jessica…” James was happy now he had two hot chicks under his command. As he got dressed was leaving he decided to give both of his sex slaves a squeeze on the ass.

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“Don’t worry slut, Ill be back soon enough to pop the cherries of the remaining two very soon” James smiled at what he could make his mom do for him (his dad passed away a few years ago).

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