My Wish is Their Command Chapter 8

Mind Control

Asia and I had settled into a routine. We got up and I took a showerwhile she fed the dogs and got breakfast underway. We atetogether and then she would take her shower and groom herself whileI did the dishes and got dressed. We would say goodbye to our dogsand take her hand for the walk to school, which only took tenminutes if we were especially slow. We played a little kissy faceand then went to class.

We both really liked our neighborhood. It was quiet and we felt safethere. Asia cooked mainly Korean food, which was fine with mebecause I like it a lot, but she would sometimes mix in some pastaor we would just go out to eat. The second week of school, I went toher gym teacher and told her that she wasn't going to require Asiato show up for class and would still give her an A. That way, Asiacould do her homework in the library during that class or just readand relax. With somebody who had the heavy academic schedule Asiadid, I'm sure it was a welcome break.

Once things got rolling in fact, she had projects and papers towrite and a heavier reading load than a normal class. I helped herwith her research papers and did what I could for her on theprojects (which,  unfortunately, wasn't that much), which helped cutdown the time she had to use up for them and thus prevented her frombeing totally stressed. She was worried my devoting so much time toher schoolwork was hurting my own. It didn't because I didn't give ashit about school anyway. She knew I was smart, but I felt like acanned sardine in school, especially since I was extremely wealthy.

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  I needed school right now about as much as I needed a third arm. Iwould do enough to earn a C and that was about it. As long as Asiawas happy life was good for me.

From school we went home, took the dogs out, fed them and then wentto the local university, where we would have a quick meal at thecafeteria and then head to the library. I read while sheworked on her paper or project. Sometimes, though, I would say I wasbored and was going to take a walk around campus. That "walk aroundcampus" was actually, "going to fuck around with some collegechicks. " For example, there was this group of Taiwanese babes justhanging out in the quad in front of the library. I walked up tothem, picked out the one I liked, and then we went back to my car,where I had her give me a hummer before I returned to Asia's side. Then I fucked Asia when we got home.

When we came through the door, the dogs would jump all over us. Sometimes they would interrupt us when we were having sex, which waspretty hilarious. One time, I had Asia laying on her back with herbutt on the edge of the bed while I was bigtime reaming her pussyand my lab jumps into bed with her and drops his slobber dampenedtennis ball on her chest wanting her to throw it to him. That was sofunny it totally ruined the mood. I went soft because I was laughingso much.


   We weren't mad at him or anything because he didn't  meananything by it. He just wanted to play. So Asia and I sat on theedge of the bed totally starkers tossing the ball to him for thenext 20 minutes or so. Of course, the golden retriever had to joinin, too. Now that we have four kids, the dogs get all the attentionthey can handle and we haven't had any interruptions in the lastyear. I hope that continues. They do, though, sleep in our bed atnight and often when we're not home.

Anyway, in early October, I was walking across campus during whatwould have been my gym class when I ran into Miss Swarbrick comingup the sidewalk on my righthand side. I stopped her and it turns outthat period was her conference hour that semester. Sweet! I told herto meet me at the inn we had sex at the previous year the next dayat that time. She revealed that she had a boyfriend (the guy is herhusband now, I found out later), but I didn't give a shit. I rockand rolled her at least once a week for most of the rest of the semester andI'm sure her boyfriend often experienced my sloppy seconds (forthose of you who don't know that expression, it  means to fuck agirl who has already been cummed in that day by some other guy).

Doing Miss Swarbrick helped siphon off enough of my naturalhorniness that I didn't feel like I really needed to screw anyoneelse other than her and Asia. Consequently, once me and MissSwarbrick had reconnected, I wasn't sneaking off using the MondayNight Football viewing at the sports bar kind of lie to access morepoon when I was with Asia. By the same token, though, I didn't wantto do it with Miss Swarbrick so often that her chances of gettingcaught being boned by a student would greatly increase.

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   We useddifferent motels, too, to lessen the chance that she would get intotrouble for something I started.

The following semester, though, her conference period and my gymclass didn't coincide. So the last day before Christmas vacation wasthe final time I porked her. I also decided I had pushed things withher far enough that it was best to leave her alone from there on in.

The week before school was going to let out for the end of the yearbreak, I sprung it on Asia that my Christmas present to her wasgoing to be a trip to Korea. I also brought her parents. My parentstook our dogs in while we were gone. She was overwhelmed with joy since shehadn't been back in four years. She's from Inchon originally. I wascompletely lost since I didn't speak Korean, so her and her parentsbasically babysat me during the two week long excursion. We visitedwith her grandparents on both sides of her family. Asia's mom'sfamily grew up pretty poor and that may be why she's so tight with abuck. I've spent a lot of money on Asia, but she never asked me to. She never comes to me and demands that I buy her the latest designerwear or any of that shit. Besides, she knows how I feel about highmaintenance chicks.

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   And I think her parents' struggles is what gaveAsia her hellacious work ethic.

I also finally met Asia's brother, who is a sophomore at KoreaNational University, which is the Harvard of that country. He's areally focused dude. He went back to Korea for university because hewanted to touch base with his roots again. He wasn't sure if hewanted to be American or Korean or Korean-American. There are thingshe likes about both countries and things he dislikes about them. Sohe's a little confused. I can understand that. It's hard for me toreally comprehend straddling two different cultures like that.

I'm glad I did this for me, though. I got a little peek into whatshaped Asia and it kind of punched me in the face with my ownignorance of how other people in the world live.

The issue is still a bit thorny, though. Because our kids wereorphans, Asia and I have agonized over whether we should take themback to their homeland for a visit since their time growing up inKorea wasn't exactly under the happiest of circumstances. Of course,Asia is very proud of her native land and of being Korean and wouldlike to share that with her children. We're going to wait until thekids are at least junior high age before we broach the subject.

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We returned to California the Friday before school started again. Because we took a private jet, we were all able to sleep on the tripback since the plane had fold out beds built into it. So jet lagwasn't an issue. It was definitely great to be back home for me.

I had chosen to stop doing Miss Swarbrick and figured that I wouldjust stick to boning Asia. But while the spirit was willing theflesh was weak, I guess you could say, especially since I still hadMiss Kelleher in front of me with three weeks to go in the fallsemester. The Wednesday the first week back from Korea, I went up toher after class and commanded her to meet me at a well known hotelSaturday at 1 p. m. . I told Asia that me, Alex and Ronnie, anotherold friend of mine, were going to a sports bar to watch an afternoonLakers game together. Miss Kelleher rented the room and we spent thenext two hours going at it with coital abandon. She confessed to methat she was hoping I would take her out again because of my bigdick even though it was really wrong. She didn't have a boyfriend atthe time and therefore needed a good sorting out.

As fun as that was, though, what caught my attention at that hotelwasn't Miss Kelleher's big ass titties or bodacious bod,  but one ofthe front desk clerks. After Miss Kelleher left, I went downstairsto the front desk and took the clerk to one side and chatted her up.

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  Her name was Riya and she was from Indonesia, but had emigrated withher family when shewas three. That explained her perfect English. She was a hotelmanagement major at a local Cal State campus and was about 5'6" withbeautiful caramel skin, long black hair three-fourths of theway down her back, long, skinny legs and brown eyes. She also had anenormous D cuprack even though she was slim. Just gorgeous. I told her to meet methe next day at a motel on the other side of town at 3 p. m.

I owed my pals a solid, so I decided to invite them to the motelroom and we would gangbang her. I told my friends to arrive therehalf an hour after Riya and I did. After she rented the room at mydirection, we went in and I told her that she was going to obey all thecommands my compatriots and I would give her while we were there and shewas going to enjoy it. I had told Asia that Alex and Ronnie and I weregoing to hang out together to watch another game that day but I would beback by dinner time.

My two buds showed up and I had Riya strip. Fuck, what an epic body! Heraureolae were a a rich dark chocolate color with nipples that stuck outa little less than a half an inch. Those sat atop a well toned bodythat tapered down to her hips. Her snatch had just a little landingstrip.

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   Her skin seemed to glow it was that kind of tan color. Myfriends' jaws hit the ground. So did mine. I had instant wood and peeledall my clothes off. Ronnie wanted to fuck her in the ass, but he had toleave to buy some condoms and lube. So Alex and I got started withouthim. I had Riya lay on her back with her legs open and her head hangingoff the edge of the bed. I jumped right in and began eating her rosypussy while Alex slid his six inch plonker into her mouth. Riya was onthe pill so there was no worry about pregnancy. As Alex pumped hisschlong between Riya's thin, lipsticked lips, I slurped up her juicesand tantalized her clit while I enjoyed the scent of whatever soap shehad used that morning. In ten minutes, Alex was already peaking and hepulled his cock out of her yapper and sprayed his jizz on to her faceand some into her hair.

I kept at licking Riya's flavorful, musky cunt until I brought her toorgasm. Then I had her get on all fours and I slipped my rod between thewalls of her caramel cleft. She panted as her pussy attempted to dealwith my girth and I bottomed out right at her cervix. She yelped when Itapped it with my cockhead, but was soon moaning as I pumped myfuckstick in and out of her.

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   Alex watched and was stroking himself toget hard again when Ronnie returned. He lost his clothes and kneeled inbed in front of Riya and pushed his seven and half inches into her mouthas I felt her vaginal muscles massaging my penis with each pass in andout of her. The longer I went on, the harder I pounded it into her andshe quivered and convulsed, her cries of ecstasy silenced by Ronnie'sdick. I stayed inside of her for another 15 minutes and hammered her to afare thee well, taking her to two more orgasms before I spilled my seedinto her womb.

Alex was stiff again and replaced me inside of her. Ronnie played withher dangling tits while he comforted himself on her tongue. She couldn'tdeep throat, but she definitely knew how to suck some dick and by thetime Alex had driven her to orgasm, Ronnie was jetting his cum into herpiehole, which she swallowed. I had told her, in fact, that she wouldgulp down our cum. I stood in for Ronnie in Riya's mouth as Alex drilledher like he owned her and he made her go off the rails again before heunburdened his sack into her sex.

Ronnie asked me to put her on her back again and so I had Riya do so. Ronnie's mouth was on Riya's nipples in nothing flat as I worked myjohnson in and out of Riya's mouth, her head once again hanging over theedge of the bed. It was taking me longer to get off now and by the timeI splattered Riya's cakehole with my spunk, Ronnie had a condom on hismanhood and was lubing if up. He carefully and very gradually pouredmore lube on to his index finger and inserted it into Riya's asshole. She had never had anal before, or so she said. Ronnie placed hiscockhead at the pucker in her sphincter and forced it in.

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   He took histime so that channel could get used to being penetrated. "Oh my God,she's tight" he rasped. After ten minutes, Riya had stopped complainingabout the pain and Ronnie was easing his pole in and out of her backpassage. He had her legs over his shoulders as he pumped his full lengthinto her time and again, letting out occasional long grunts as thecompression of her anal gulley's walls lent him lots of pleasurablefriction. Alex was hard once more and went for Riya's mouth, squeezingand pinching her nipples while he slid his member through her lips.

Ronnie was now pumping Riya's ass hard and fast and she was moaning onAlex's dipstick. He was getting close. "God, her ass is the bomb," heenthused. He finally got so close that he pulled out of her, yanked thecondom off and shot a huge load all over her stomach. I suggested toAlex that we let her get on top of me. He retreated from her mouth and Ilaid on my back in the middle of the bed. She took my little monster inher hand and held it straight up while she sunk her hips and impaledherself on it. Alex then stood astride and over me and grabbed Riya'shead and skullfucked her. A few minutes of this and her body was shakenwith a deep, shrieking orgasm. Five minutes later, she was havinganother one just as Alex offloaded more of his ballcream into her soft,warm piehole.

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   She gasped that she couldn't do any more sucking becauseher jaw was too fatigued. She continued to ride me while Alex and Ronniewatched. Ronnie was hard again and wanted her pussy this time. I didn'tknow how much energy Riya had left, so after she had yet anotherorgasm, I told her to get off of me and lay down. I signaled for Ronnieto move in while Alex and I stroked ourselves. I got myself right to theedge and crawled over next to Riya's face and propelled several roundsof semen on to her face. Alex followed suit a couple minutes later andRonnie, who had given Riya three more orgasms, made it unanimous andpulled out of her and blew his wad on her nose, forehead and into herhair.

I told Riya to go take a shower. The room was filled with the scent ofsex and the bedsheets were soaked with our fluids. We high five eachother and I cracked, "well, there's another one crossed off the bucketlist. " Riya came out of the shower covered in a towel, but I told her todrop it and stand there so we could get another look at her body beforewe left. Fuck, she was hot! I walked up to her and told her to kiss me. She smelled so good after being freshly washed while I intertwined mytongue with hers. "How does your ass feel?" I wondered. "Really sore,"she lamented.


   Alex high fived Ronnie. I then had her kiss them goodbyeand everybody got dressed. My buddies split. I told Riya to keep thislittle escapade a secret and then we both headed home.

Now let me say this: would I have chosen Riya over Asia? Fuck no. Eventalking with her for just a few minutes it was pretty evident that Riyawas dumber than a box of rocks. Yeah, she had bigger tits than Asia andjust amazing skin, but while Asia was super smart, was going to be ableto do for herself and was ridiculously attractive in the bargain, Riya'sfuture is making her pussy regularly available for some older rich guyto plunder at will if she is to get anywhere. And even then she willprobably shop him into bankruptcy. She seemed like the type.

When I got home, we ate dinner. After I did the dishes, Asia and I took ashower together and then I fucked her into next week while thinkingabout what I had done earlier with my boys and Riya. It took me foreverto cum, too, and Asia had orgasm after orgasm before I was finally ableto firehose her steamy pussy with my sperm.

Because we were married, Asia expressed to me that in her heart ofhearts she wanted to get pregnant but knew that at that point in herlife it wouldn't be a good idea and she wouldn't even if I could makeher conceive. This desire gained in strength the longer we weretogether, so right after we graduated high school, we decided to travelto Korea and adopt our four kids. We were pretty amazed at how easy itwas.

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   But then again, our circumstances were far better than mostpeople's plus Asia was Korean herself, so I think both those thingshelped during the interview process. Even though Asia is still inschool, she loves being a mom.

Young-mi was the best friend of my twins at the orphanage and we didn'twant Min-hee and Mi-cha to have to forsake that friendship, so we tookher, too. Jae-sun is a natural charmer and really energetic, so takinghim was just irresistible. Plus Asia thought I would like to have a son.

When we disembarked from the plane and went home, our dogs just wentbonkers with the new people in the house. They seemingly couldn't doenough to make friends with the kids. I decided to add a third dog toour household, but Asia insisted that we get a shorthaired breed becauseof the amount of hair our other two mutts shed. I opted for a littledachshund mix. She usually sleeps with our twins, who sleep in the samebed together. They're fraternal twins, so we can tell who is who eventhough they look almost exactly alike. They're pretty much inseparableand have that "twin telepathy" thing going on. It's really cute towatch.

Both Young-mi and Jae-sun have their own rooms. I haven't seen a lot ofsibling rivalry yet.


   I don't know if it was the way they were brought upin the orphanage or if they have the mentality that to survive theyneed to stick together or what. I know Asia has told them that they canget a lot further working together than working separately. I don't knowif they really understand such an abstract concept yet. I guess we'llhave to wait and see.

Sorry to get off on a tangent about my kids. I really like being theirdad. If we had regular jobs we might feel a lot more harried and perhapswould not have chosen to be parents so early in our lives. I'm glad,though, that we could do it.