Stop smoking with the family part2

Mind Control

The next morning we got up and had breakfast like nothing happened. barb was alittle extra nice to me and Andy probably out of guilt but Andy was his usual self and left  for the day to play with some friends down the street.

i was just going to put Barb under so she could molest me today when her parents pulled into the drive. it would have to wait. we had coffee and me and lonnie my father inlaw went out on the porch. Barb and her mom we call her by her middle name ann sat in the kitchen. we sat and talked and then it dawned on me the were hypnotised too. i said smoke smoke smoke. lonnie stared straight ahead. i said you are tired when i snap my fingures you will fall asleep  and not wake up till i wake you. i snaped my fingures and he layed back in his chair and drifted off to sleep.

 i go back into the kitchen and say smoke smoke smoke. barb and Ann  stare straight ahead. ann was looking good today kinda cute for almost 50  she wore a white shirt with blue  jeans  i tell barb to go take a long bubble bath while me and her mom talk and she got up and went to the bathroom. my heart was pounding would this work. i realy never thought of fucking Ann but the thought now got my heart pounding.

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  Ann when i wake you you will look at me diferent than before you realize we are alone  for the next hour with barb in the tub and  lonnie sound asleep. the thought of that makes you horney and you can't control your sexual urges  and me and you  can't resist me. you know its wrong but wont say a word after this and when ever were alone from now on you will do what ever i want and not say a word so 1 2 3 wake up. Ann takes a sip of her coffee and ask me how i been. i say pretty good quiting smoking has been ok so far as i keep my mind off it. i get up and tell her to come to me and give me a hug she does so. i can feel her trimble when she hugs me and i know i have her. i tell her to follow me and we go to the bedroom. i kiss her on the lips and she pulls away breathing heavy. we can't do this your maried to my daughter. i wrap my arms around her and kiss her again. she tenses up then slowly relaxed and i lay her on the bed. i couldn't wait. i pull her pants off and underwear her shirt and bra came off in seconds and i was on top of her. she wraped her legs around me and met each one of my thrust with hers and we came together.

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  like many lovers firt time nether one of us last very long. she was nevous cause barb was in the next room taking a bath so we got dressed and left the bedroom. i put Ann back under and have her go take a nap on the living room couch.

  i go to Barb and put her back under. i tell her im leaving and wont be back fo an hour and that her moms asleep on the couch. and that she was her daddys little girl and do what ever he wants. just put on your white panties and tee shirt  when i  shut the bathroom door you will wake up.

  i shut the door and go wake up  lonie and put him back under your back hurting from sleeping in this chair have barb take you to are room and rub your back. you are very horney and can't control your urges and you think your little girl is very sexy. ind so you molest her. 123 wake up. i leave and let what happens happen. lonnie gets up and goes in the house just as barb comes out of the bathroom he wispers so his wife can't hear. barbie can you rub my back it hurts from sleeping  on that chair. sure Daddy go lie on me bed.

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  lonnie goes to her bed and takes off his shirt and lies on his stomach. i sneak around and peak through the window. barb gets on top and starts rubing his back. after about 5 min he rolls over  and says its my turn and rubs her back as she lies on her stomach. he pulls her shirt up over her head and exposes her back to him. her white panties were tight around her little butt and he begain to rub it. daddy stop it rub my back she said. he slid her panties down and off her feet and she just giggled. mom might come in don't. she asleep now be quite. he rubed her butt some mor then layed on his back with his big belly sticking in the air. he un did his pants and told Barb to pull them off. she did so taking his underwear with them. his pecker was fat but only about 4 " long. his belly stuck up alot higher then that.

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  he grabed her arm and pulled her on top of him kissing her on the lips. he pulled her up till her pussy was sitting on his mouth and barb out of no where started cummimg. this was making her horney i did not tell her to get horney she got off with her dad on her own. She came down off her orgasium and said daddy you havnt done that for a long time that felt good. its been 21 years barbie you were 13 the last time. she slide down and let his little fat pecker slide into her. alomost imediatly she started comming again. it lasted forever she leaned over her dads big belly and bit his tit to keep from yelling out it was so intence. his dick came ou just as he came and shot it all over her butt. Mike will be home soon we better get dressed.

  I come in like i just got home somtime latter and they were all in the kitchen talking like nothing happened. soon after they left and me and barb was alone. smoke smoke smoke a said. barb staried straight ahead. barb did your dad molest you when you were little.

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  yess. how old were you? he did it as long as i can remember till i was 13. how about Gina and mindy. yess. them too. he would come chose one of us each night. while mom was asleep. they were younger so he did them after i was older. i saw him  and gina alot at night across the room. ok barb you wont remember telling me this wake up.