Turning mom into a Prositute Part2


Have mom working as a part time prostitute has been very profitable,needed work on both our house,s mines and hers have her suck and fuck a few time,s a day,She needed work on her car and she didn,t have the funds for it made a deal with the owner of the shop,old widower nice guy his wife of 35 years passed on so he hasn,t had any for a while,asked him how much would it coast to fix,s moms car,said every thing would run about 780.00
dollars,asked him how would he like to have sex for fixing the car ,he asked with who,I smiled stepped to the side and pointed to mom he asked are you serious,said yes,told him he can have her for the next 2 nights and he can do as he please,s with her if he fix,s her car,he agreed,went back to the car told mom her car would be fixed she said how don,t have the money for it told no money but you,ll give him sex in returned for fixing your carshe said what are you crazy said no your car getting fixed and that's pretty much it,got her home the shop picked up her car and told her take a shower,and get ready your getting fucked tonight and tomorrow night,while she was showering I went threw her cloths found A piar of black stockings a black skirt I cut it to make it shorter and a white blouse,made her get dress and made her put make up on to look slutty,that's what he wanted,at 7pm I brought her to his house brought her into his house,told the old timer to have fun and fuck her good,he smiled and nod ed
I left,returned at 6am went in asked the man how was it he smiled and said can,t wait for tonight,Mom came out of the bedroom dressed,for the look of things the old guy must of fucked her all night,told her to give him a goodbye BJ she said no gave her a quick jab in the stomach she drooped to her knee,s and sucked him,said good here suck mine,s too,shoved it in her mouth and fucked it shot my load made her swallow and left,she didn,t say a word,told don,t be mad be glad your car is getting done and it only coast you some sex,she put her head down,then I told her by the way I have some work for you at home some guys stopped by and they all want blow jobs, she beg no please I need sleep told her just a few you,ll be done quick and you can sleep then don,t forget your going back tonight ,she nodded and in a low voice said I know,got home like I said a few guys wanted
a quick BJ 8 to be exact she said I thought you said a few told yea a few,she got a little hissie about it got her to her knee,s and made her start sucking,all but 3 left they wanted sex ,she said no I can,t I need sleep,I said you want sleep she said yes told the guys to wait,got her into the bedroom she stripped downbut before she could throw her nit tie on I tossed her in bed and tied her to the 4 bed posts,she screamed what are you doing I thought you said I could sleep,said yea as soon as your done fucking the guys you can sleep they already paid for it and they want it,I figured fuck it she was already in bed and ready I went first then let the other 3 go we fucked her good for a while then they left she slept for about 9 hours woke her showered her and brought her back to the old guy,she was still half asleep and dizzy from being fucked earlier,but she got it again,never the less her car got fixed
and it,s running like new and the old guy stops by and get a little now and then I give him a break,but I still have mom out sucking fucking and getting humped and making money,got my aunt and one of my cousins started too,that's another story later