A new life with another Katie ch 1


I realised that what I had said to Katie had been foolish, but I think I was been defensive, after all I had only met her tonight, and to have feelings for her already was a bit of a scare. Anyway going to the bar, I asked the barmaid if I could have a word with Katie, she went through a door, returning after five minutes to say that Katie has already gone, I don't think I really believed her, but didn't want to cause a scene, so I gave her my phone number, asking her to please ask Katie to give me a call
Going outside, Ted was stood next to his car, where Pat? She wont be long, she told me to wait here he replied. Ted asked what had happened, I told him what I had said, he laughed, we get you out, and you find someone who likes you, and unless I am mistaken you also like, and you insult them. Mike you are like a brother to me, but sometimes why don't you think before opening your mouth, there was no answer to that so I kept my mouth shut.
Pat came out of the club, and getting into the car she drove me home, no one spoke on the drive to my house, but as I was getting out the car, they both said goodnight we will give you a call. Letting myself in, I made a coffee, sitting on the sofa I thought about the night, before my stupid thoughtless remark, I had really enjoyed myself, and liked being in Katie's company, drinking my coffee I went to bed.
Before drifting into sleep, my last thoughts where about my Katie and what would she think of it.
I awoke at seven o'clock, my whole body was covered in sweat, and whilst laying there I remembered the dream I had, my Katie was standing there in one of my old t shirts, this was her favourite, and she used to wear it all the time, when we where alone, never any underwear, she used to love teasing me, just letting me glimpse her pussy as she walked or bent down.
In the dream she said, mike I love you, and I will always love you, you was my soul mate but you have to let me go, I know you held my hand, for three days when I was in hospital, and I heard everything you said to me, but my love, you have to get on with your life, I will always watch over you, so go and be happy, bending down she gave me a tender kiss, and as she disappeared I heard the words goodbye my darling.
I just broke down, hugging the pillow, whilst the tears ran down my cheeks, after a while I stopped crying, and whispered goodbye my darling.
After having a shower, and whilst eating breakfast, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, and I felt happier than I had for along while. At last I think that Katie was laid to rest in my mind. I would never forget her, and she would always be there, as a memory of someone that I loved with all of my heart.
I went to visit Katie's parents, I was very close too them, even before Katie's death. We sat down, had a cup of coffee and talked, her mum asked how I had been, was my parents all right and what was I doing. So I told them about last night, and about Katie, I didn't mention the dream, they might have thought I had gone mad.


   Her mum listened, and then taking my hand, looked into my eyes, saying Katie would not want you to be unhappy, she loved you too much for that, so go and find some happiness. We will always be here if you want to talk, so don't be a stranger.
Getting back into my car, I drove to my parents, since Katie's death, I always went home for Sunday lunch. I gave my mum a hug as I walked in, said hi to dad, and sat down, mum served the meal, and whilst eating dad looked up, saying you look different, is that a smile that I see? Its been a long while since we have seen any of them.
I then explained that I had decided to live my life again, that l was letting Katie go. My mum leaned over squeezed my hand and said about time son, it has been four years since you where happy, you deserve it now.
I suppose that I am lucky, my dads garage wasn't all that big, it had a showroom that held ten cars, we had a spray shop, four ramps and employed twelve staff. Dad was the salesman, when he went away or was on holiday I filled in for him. I was now the workshop manager, but I still enjoyed getting my hands dirty, and repairing the cars. We had a good lot of mechanics, who we paid well, and most of them had been with us for a number of years, I suppose because everyone was friendly, and it was a nice atmosphere to work in we didn't lose many.
On getting home Sunday night I just relaxed in front of the fire, my thoughts kept going back to Saturday night, dancing and kissing Katie, I wondered whether I had blown it for good? I hoped not, really I wanted to see her again, I had not felt like I did with her since Katie.
Monday was a normal day, and when I got home the first thing I did was check my messages, but no look, I even rang Ted and Pat to see if they new anything, Ted said that they had heard nothing, and anyway she hasn't got our number, smiling to myself I let out a laugh, that's a point I said, well take care both of you, I will see you later.
On Tuesday I was in my office and at eleven my phone rang, dad said can you come out here, we have a problem with a BMW and I would like you to have a look. What was wrong with dad? He was a good mechanic, why would he want me, anyway I went and found dad, what's the problem then, you better have a word with the owner, there in my office.
Opening the office door, I was greeted by Katie, hi she said, I was speechless she looked gorgeous, she was wearing tight jean skirt, and red silk blouse.

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Coming towards me, she got hold of both my hands, and told me to sit down, I found my voice, saying Katie I am so sorry, what I said was thoughtless and nasty.
No she replied, just listen, and don't interrupt till I have finished. On Saturday night I thoroughly enjoyed myself, but before I came here I had a bad experience with a man, I was engaged for two years, and the week before we where to be married, I found out he had been cheating on me, I was the last one to find out, but apparently he had slept around whilst with me.
I have not trusted any man since him, and that was three years ago, and to be honest when you kissed me and we danced, well it scared me, it felt so nice and safe, so when you said what you did it hurt, and I just ran, I have been thinking about it from then until now, I have been in touch with Pat, and she told me about Katie, I'm so sorry I cannot imagine what you have gone through.
I sat and listened as Katie talked, gently rubbing her fingers, eventually I said hello my names mike, would you like to go out for a date, Katie looked at me told me I was mad, but yes she would love to, and kissed me, she melted into my arms as our lips met, our tongues played in each others mouths as we locked together.
When we separated I asked her how she knew where to find me, Pat told me, I lifted her to her feet, opening the door, pulled Katie into the showroom. Dad this is Katie, Katie this is my Dad, dad laughed, I know son, she introduced herself when she came in, she also explained why she was here, and I was happy to go along with it, I playfully punched dad on the arm, called him a few choice names and laughed.
Why don't you have the rest of the day off? And take this lovely lady out, I looked at Katie and she nodded, so I asked Katie to follow me home, so I could get a shower and get changed.
So I got in my Range Rover, and katie followed me. On the drive I couldnt believe my feelings, I was really nervous, I felt like a teenager out on my first date.
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