Dinner and desert


I think that I would first greet you with a smile and a kiss.   Afterwards I would hold you for a few short minutes as we caught up on our day.   Then I would turn us both towards the sink, with me behind you, and I would turn on the water as there are dishes that need to be done in the picture.   I would simply wash the dishes with you standing in front of me, feeling our bodies against each other and occasionally nibbling on your neck.   When I finished the dishes I would dry my hands and take hold of yours, walk over to the chair and sit down with you on my lap.   Look into your eyes and allow our smiles to meet, gently kissing at first, my hands exploring the curves of your body and the softness of your skin.   Reaching around you I would unhook your top and allow the straps to fall from your shoulders.   I would kiss your breasts and run my hands over them, removing your top completely exposing your beautiful breasts.   My hands slowly glide over them as we look into each others eyes and smile.   Your nipples begin to harden and roll with the palms of my hands gently moving them around.   We kiss and then my lips go to your neck.   I begin to kiss my way down to your chest, finally taking a nipple into my mouth and pinching it slightly with my lips.   I suck it in and run my tongue back and forth across it before sucking it in and out several times.   We kiss again as I raise my head to touch your lips.   We sit with my hands holding your waist, your arms around my neck.   You rise up and straddle my lap with your legs, sitting there facing me completely.

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    As we continue to kiss you rub your breasts against my chest.   With your hands your pull off my shirt and now our bare skin comes into contact with each other.   You are rubbing your breasts across my chest and the heaviness of our breathing increases that sensation.   Our hips begin to move with our passion igniting and you ride in my lap pushing your groin into mine, feeling me grow with each push.   The heat is building and you are beginning to feel the wetness between your legs increase.   My hands are now moving with your hips and I want more.   I lift you up onto the table.   As you sit on the edge of the table I pull your panties down and let them fall to your ankles.   You pull out one foot and then fling it off of the other so that they fall away from us.   Your hands undo my belt and open my pants.   We continue to kiss and to smile.   You reach into my pants and take hold of my hardened cock.   You wrap your hand around my shaft and hold it in your clenched fist.   I stop kissing you and sit back down into the chair.   I kiss your belly.

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    I move my face downward and smell your scent of womanhood wafting up to my nostrils.   I like the smell and my mouth waters with anticipation.   I kiss downward.   I move to lick your clit with my tongue.   My hands are on top of your legs with my thumbs pulling back on your pussy lips exposing the top of your slit more.   I lick your clit again and then lick around your slit.   Your hands are on my head running through my hair.   I lick your clit again and then suck it into my lips.   I run my tongue around it and then flicker it across it several times, sucking on it as I continue.   You lie back on the table and move your legs up onto the edge and spread your legs more, giving me more access and more flavor.   Your wetness has begun to drip from you and forms drops as it runs down you slit.   I lick it up and taste your sweet juices.   I push my tongue across your lips and back, pushing a little more each time I do this.   My tongue pushes into your hole, allowing more of your juices to escape.   I push your juices upward with my tongue and cover your clit with them.

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    I then run my tongue around your clit, across your clit, taking it in and out of my lips with a slight sucking, tickling it with my tongue as it passes over my lips and into my mouth.   Your juices are dripping down, running down your slit and pouring downward across your ass.   I continue to suck and lick as your hips begin to move in a circular fashion.   My chin and lips are now covered with your juices and you play with your breasts and nipples.   Moans of pleasure seep past your lips and I push my tongue against your clit.   You bring a hand down to rub yourself as I lick your lips.   Your juices play downward and begin to form a puddle on the edge of the table.   You touch yourself and push against your clit.   I stand now, posed in front of you, my cock inches from your wet and dripping hole.   I am it downward and push into you, slowly at first, inching my way in to your warmth.   You are so wet I am sliding in with ease.   My cock pushes into you and you feel it filling you.   Our eyes meet and I push in the remainder of the way until my balls rest against you.   My hands are on your legs as I begin to pull out of you and then back into you.   I push and pull slowly, enjoying the feeling of penetration and watching my wet cock pull out of you, spilling more of your juices each time I do this.

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    You raise your legs up and I place my arms under them, lifting them up so your ankles ride on my shoulders.   I push in and out of you with increasing speed.   Our breathing grows faster and we continue this undulation.   Suddenly I stop and gently pull out of you.   I let your legs down slowly and reach out for your hands.   I pull you up and you slide off of the table.   We kiss, our arms wrapping around each other for the moment.   I take your shoulders and turn you around to face the table.   You knowingly bend over as I place my cock into you again from behind you.   You stretch out over the table, feeling your juices that have spilled out on the edge of the table against your belly, it allows you to slide over the table until your legs are against the edge and my cock is again buried in you.   The first few times I push in and out of you are slow.   Then I begin to thrust into you with more force, more speed.   I am now going in and out of you with a purpose, your juices flowing out of you and down your legs.   Your inner thighs are wet from the moisture coming out of you.   I slide easily even though I thrust with force.

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    You bounce against the table and feel the impact of my legs against your buttocks.   The sensation from my cock driving in and out of you fills you and then empties you with each stroke.   My cock is throbbing.   You reach under yourself and find your clit with your fingers.   The forcefulness of my thrusts causes your clit to glide over you fingers repeatedly.   You push upward against your clit.   Your mouth is open and moans continuously pour from your throat.   Your breathing is hard and you begin to feel lightheaded as the waves of pleasure flood through you.   Your juices are pouring down your legs and covering your thighs.   You are cumming, the waves rolling through you, the moans turn to screams and you lift your ass upwards as you stand on your toes.   My cock continues to force its way in and out of you.   Your juices pour past your lips and run in small streams down your legs.   I feel myself ready to explode and I step back, pulling my cock from inside of you.   You quickly lift yourself from the table and turn around, dropping down so that my cock is in front of your face.   Your mouth is open and reaches to catch my cock.

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    My hand is on the base of my cock, aiming it towards your mouth.   You grab me with your hand and stroke me into your mouth.   You taste your juices on my, mixing with my precum.   You suck the head of my cock into your mouth and then pull your lips back over it.   A strand of jism links your lips and my cock for a second.   I cum.   I explode.   My jism shoots out and catches you on your chin, your neck and down onto your breasts.   You pump my cock drawing more of my cum out and allow it to spill gracefully onto you.   Your hand is covered with my juices and it runs down your arm.   Gobs of jism are on your chin and breasts.   A single strand of my cum drips off of your chin and reaches towards your chest.   My cum begins to roll down your breasts.   The light glimmers and shines off all the wetness on the table, the floor, your legs, your chest.   We lock eyes and smile at each other.

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    It is the start of a good evening.
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