Topic: in the morning:I woke up on top of Bret's lap and he sat up, looking out the window, presumably thinking. I sat ontop of him and kissed him. "Good morning. master. What are you thinking about?" he laughed and said "Rise and shine, you naughty bitch. I was thinking about. . . vacation. I mean, It is summer so why not go on vacation? I was thinking maybe we could go to-" the rest i shut out because a wave of nausea came over me. "Oh! Omigod excuse me. " I got up and ran to the bathroom. I knelt over the toilet and became violently sick. "Arianna whats wrong?" said Bret. He handed me a towel to wipe off my face. Then he knelt down beside me and put his arms around me.

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   We sat like this for awhile. Until. . . "COULD I. . . . could i be. . . . " Yes i could. My period hadn't come for 3 months now and I'd had strange cravings for things i hadn't had in years. "Could you be what?" I looked into his bright green eyes and said "What would you say if I told you that you were going to become a father?" He stared at me for a while and a wide grin washed over his face.

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   "You're pregnant!" he exclaimed. "well, i have to take pregnancy test to make sure but. . yeah. i basically am!" He picked me up and carried me down to breakfast. "What would you like for breakfast, O Ye Pregnant one?" I grinned and said "Nothing. Just water to wash down some of the bile in my throat!" he grimaced and said "Oh yeah. You-" and he made a motion that made it look like throwing up. We laughed and he came over and held me in his big stong arms. "You're going to be the best father in the world. " I said.
My pregnancy began to show and show alot by now and the doctor had confirmed that the babies were alright. YES! babies! twins!boy and a girl! we already set up a nursery, the colors blue and pink for Jaymie and Josh. "Josh Clouse, i like the sound of that name. " Bret smiled as he rubbed my now bursting belly.

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   "Jaymie Clouse sounds better!" i said. I sauntered off, or rather waddled, one hand behind my back and one on my belly. I went into our bedroom and fell heavily on the bed, turned on my side and attempted to go to sleep. Bret rushed in and jumped on next to me. "Oh, fuck. You beast. What the fuck are you doing banging down on the damn bed like that?" i yelled. He stared at me, startled. I had never used that language talking to him. "I'm sorry i just. . . dont want to screw up as a parent, the pressures getting to me. " he looked at me, a question mark in his eyes and said "Why would you ever worry about such a thing? they say an amazing wife is an amzing mother because they are one in the same. " i asked" am i a good wife?" "well not in bed, but.

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  . . overall yes. " i slapped him and said"thanks. but youre not so great in bed either. " he raised an eyebrow "we'll see about that" we didnt need a crystal ball to see what was coming next. I took off his shirt and my under wear. and he took off his shirt pants and underwear. He lay down and i got on top. i tried bouncing but it was too tiresome wit all my extra weight. i instead got on all fours and he fucked me from behind. i didnt really fel a damn thing. his 8 inches of dick felt 2 inches inside my enlarged-by-baby pussy. he kept going, softer than ever until he started to come. he pulled his dick out and rubbed up and down my asshole as he came.

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   when he was done, i flopped over and he tried to fuck me but my belly was in the way. "This is difficult. " he said and i nodded in agreement. He flopped down next to me and began to squeeze my nipples. it hurt like hell and no pleasure was involed. when i didnt begin to moan he got the memo and began to suck on my boobs. He sucked a couple times and then spit out a milky liquid. IT WAS MILK! "Ew, i hate warm milk!" he said. "Lets just forget it. " i turned over and he draped his arm over my belly.
"OH GOD!" i shot straight up in bed as a sharp pain came from my pussy and up my tummy. "wha? what are you doing?" stammered Bret. "I think i'm going into labor. " i said