My Asian beauty


Jaing and I went to the same college, it was a small one, but the Asian community seemed to keep to itself alot, which meant that i didn't really run into Jaing much when i started there. It was not until about 6 months into University that i started to notice her around a little, and being brought up in a country town, the appeal of various races was not something i was regularly exposed to back in my small town i grew up in. I was interested in her, but thought nothing of it for a while, but when we started sharing a Neuro class together, I thought she was someone i could get to know, and not having scored going out the last couple of months, i was motivated by sex.
I took some time, going over to her flat more and more regularly, one of those epic three week patience games where you nervously worry that they think your strange, and then when the weeks were up, she knew i was strange, but seemed to like me anyway.
Anyway, i got her down in my room soon after this to watch a movie with me, i turned the lights out, and we sat down to watch a romantic comedy, (that includes shaun of the dead, doesn't it?) Through the movie, i got a little more courage up, and put my arm over her hips, nervously but it was definitely there, I will take this moment to explain that Jaing is very short, about 4'11 or so, has a deliciously appealing pair of B cup breasts, considering the proportions, and a cute little mouth i could just imagine filling with my ever present. . . moving along, we will get back to that later. With my hand on her hip, and her not moving away, i slowly got bolder, and kissed her neck, i was a little worried, but all worry melted as she sighed into me, and turned herself towards me.
Whispering, "not there, please, I want to kiss you. " i knew what was needed of me, and began kissing those delicious lips, what began as the kisses of a girl never properly kissed grew quickly to passionate deep kisses that caused my desire to grow quicker, and my cock to get hard as i leaned my body against her.
Soon she forces herself away, worried of possibilities that i am optimistic of, but she says she must go, and I let her, I spend the night excited at the prospect of how our relationship would go, and have trouble falling asleep with the memory of her breasts hard against my chest.
A few nights later, along with a few passionate kiss fests, she is obviously feeling a bit more eager, and i have been quite passive, not pushing too much against what she seems to be comfortable with. But when she takes my shirt off, i feel its only right that i do the same, so slowly, button by button, i pick off her pyjama top, my hands running softly over the unexposed skin as my fingers climb up her stomach. Eventually I run my fingers over her nipples, and as she sighs, i move my head down, and with a little uncoordination, pick off her top button with my teeth and slip her top to the side, releasing one then the other of her wonderful tits to my glazed eyes. She seems self conscious, so to help reduce my ability to stare at those globes, i take one in my mouth, and suck it.

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   My tongue sliding back and fourth over it she simply sighs as i decide my attention needs to be split, and i jump between the two, with always fingers running over the lonely one. She keeps moaning and pulling my head to her, her little hands wrapped around my neck do nothing but encourage me, and fire my hardon to greater aggrevation in my shorts.
This girl is on fire, I move up and kiss her lips again, she is heated, and holding me so tight against her, i don't know if she wants more contact against my hard crotch, or she squeezes so tight to stop me getting my wandering hands inside her revealing pyjama bottoms.
So rather than being too pushy, my hands continue to wander, but not anywhere i can get in trouble, but as my fingers run over her hips, she sighs, and i can't help but move away, so my fingers can run down between her legs.
She grabs me tight and squeezes my hand, but doesn't tell me to stop, just closes her eyes, as my finger runs over her panties and feels her moist heat against my fingers, i tempt myself by running along the panties and skin, threatening to slide inside. Jaing smoulders for a moment, then looks straight into my eyes, and says, " not yet, i am not ready for that, not yet" I nod, despite my obvious and very hard desires, and don't complain.
I go back to my rather enjoyable job of playing with her breasts and working them between my fingers to find what makes her sigh the loudest, or what makes her push against my fingers the most, its a hard job, but its a job, hehehehe, and as she continues to kiss me, she starts to slowly take my lead, and sends her own hand down between us to push her hand against my bulge. Now i have less inhabitions, and offer to help her by taking off my pants, she looks at me for a moment with hesitation, then with the naughtiest of looks from that delicious asian face, her eyes peeking at me, she asks if she can do it.
Who am i to refuse that, so i to make it easier, slide off the bed, and stand before her, holding my hips forward in anticipation, trying to emphasize the hardness she is bound get hit in the face with in a moment if she moves any closer. Her fingers deftly slip off my button and she looks up at my face while she unzips my seemingly endless zipper. and pulls the shorts down to reveal my underwear, engorged with my cock about a foot from her gorgeous face. Her fingers run over my hardness through the material, excitedly she repeats the process as my cock jumps to her contact as she strokes down the length of what is viable through the material. She then, almost impatiently slips her fingers under the waistband and again, drops back to super slow mo, as her fingers slide down my legs, having to put a bit more effort in to get the larger end of my cock out from my now unrestraining underwear, and it jumps up infront of her, so hard now that it points up above her head, and she giggles.
Her fingers quickly but slowly move up my legs after dropping my underwear, and now begin to softly wrap around my 6 inch and still growing cock, sitting right before her angelic face. Jaing's incredible hands begin softly, but with appropriate help, wraps both her hands around my engorged cock, as she pulls my uncircumsized cock back and fourth, her hands against each other, push and pull me into a heated excitement, and she is amazed as it hardens more, and her hands wrapped end to end, still expose the large head when she pulls right down against my body.

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   she prompts me down to the bed, and despite my desire to request a blow job, i hold back, and let her not let go of my cock for a moment as i lie beside her.
She leans her leg over me, kisses me deeply, and using one hand, begins what must be the handjob of a well versed professional, never have i felt such devine softness on my cock, and she worked it back and forth slowly, not hard enough to encourage an orgasm too quickly, but she didn't know that, and seemed to just slowly work harder and harder each time i slipped my tongue into her mouth. I think she wanted me to cum in moments, because i began to get more vocal than i had been with her before, and she asked me to sit over her.
I was eager by this stage to do whatever she wanted, and sat my knees astride of her hips, i could see the top of her pyjama's just sitting underneath me, but i didn't push my luck, and i was being too selfish at this point to worry. as i leaned over my little princess, her hands went back to my cock and began what they had been wrapped around moments before, i now noticed how her fingers seemed a little wet, and i asked what had she done, she smiled at me, and cheekily replied
"I licked them, i thought you seemed a little dry, and i liked it when it was wetter at the start, so I thought licking my fingers would help,"
I rolled my eyes considering the possibilities and my hands began a journey of their own as they slid up her body to grope her tits again, and this caused her hands again to speed up on my completely hard cock. She looked at it curiously a lot, and smiled up at me like she was doing the naughtiest thing in the world, I loved it and moved my hips against her, my balls rubbing against her shorts, feeling her warmth so close to my hard cock was great, and i began to move my hips in longer strokes and we began to get a perfect long hard rhythm going. I was really enjoying this experience, and wondering how long i could strech this out, it was just too much, i wanted to last forever, but i was beginning to think she was desperately hungry for me to cum on her. Which made the next thing she do shock me, she slowed down
She looked up and complained i wasn't wet enough, now trying to be a gentleman, i didn't want to be an ass and just asked "what would you like me to do?"
She smiled up again, and said,"please, lean over a bit, hold the headboard, and don't move your hips, i might choke" I smiled greedily as I looked down as i leaned over further, to see my dick sitting directly above those wonderfull tits, and then to send my eyes to the back of my head, she leaned up and licked the underside of my cock, as i looked down, i could see it sitting above her face, until her tongue worked up and she slipped my knob inside her mouth. It was beautiful, she didn't suck anything, just suckled a little very softly, her eyes closed as she started to massage my sensitive head with her lips, slowly taking a little more in her wide open mouth. Her tongue now rubbing my knob softly. coating it in her saliva, and i really begin to go cross eyed, as i am about to tell her i am close, she stops, and pushes me back, I have to complain, i open my mouth," please finish me, i was about to cum in your mouth, your incredible at th. . . . .

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  , and she stops me dead in my tracks as her fingers wrap around my now wet cock and begins without hesitation, undoubtebly the hardest pumping of my cock i have ever felt. I complain briefly that it would make less mess in her mouth, but that falls out piece by piece, and her reply  along with her pumping hands is enough to get me to the edge, "I know, but i have never seen someone cum properly, and i think it will be sexier on me than in me Bradley. "
Moments later, my eyes completely lose focus, she feels in her hands, a pulsing firehose, and looks down to see me cum, really hard. My cock head, sitting just below her belly button as she lays before me, becomes the start of my trail of thick cum, as it ropes out over her, the first spirt going to the side, and leaving a trail fromher shoulder, over her breast and down her stomach, the next she straightens up as she gasps at the sensation, and as she aims it high into the air holding it tight, it pulses a long stream up to her cheek, down the side of her mouth, off her neck, and down between her tits, I pulse perhaps another half dozen times, each shorter, creating a pool on her stomach and I just sit there, completely void of control, as i sit above her viewing the trail of destruction.
She looks up at me, "god Bradley, was I right, that was so sexy, i can't wait till i can have sex with you, I am just going to the doctor to get on the pill in a few days, so we will have to just do this until then. "
I sigh, slowly remove her hands from my now super sensitive penis which she seems bent on playing with till it explodes again, and lean down to kiss her deeply in her mouth, still not quite grasping it all,
"I can't wait"
I will continue this if everyone likes, obviously I need to break her cherry still, i started this thinking that I would get there quickly, but an hour later, and that first handjob was done, I promise it gets better, give me a week and some composure, you will get what you want, and I will give you what i desired