Not Just Another Day


I called her and asked her to come over to spend some time together.   The hope to have sex with her again was clearly there.   I wanted her.   I hoped that she wanted me as well.   The first time that we had sex together was enjoyable but she was very eager and the fore play was too short for me.   I wanted more.   I wanted her enjoyment.
            The knock on the door was expected and there she was, smiling and warm.  We embraced and kissed at the doorway.   She came in and I closed the door behind her.   Again we were in each others’ arms.   We looked at each other smiling, talking small and laughing.   We both knew what would come soon but we savored the moment.   I took her coat and her hand.   I led her into the living room and we sat comfortably on the couch together.   I poured her some wine and she took off her shoes.

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    We curled up on the couch, her leaning back into my arms as we talked about nothing in particular.   I looked into her eyes and then we leaned into each other and kissed.   Just one kiss, paused for a moment, and then we kissed again.   Passionately we kissed each other.   Our lips enjoined together, our tongues playing with each other a game of tag like kids would play.   She was in my arms and I was in hers.   Soon our hands began to explore each other as I put my hand behind her neck and ran my fingers up into her hair.   Holding her head in my hands, I could feel her lips pressing against mine as if to devour me.   My other hand found its way along her side and up against her breast.   My thumb moved out and across her hardening nipple as I began to cup and caress her.   Her hand found its way to my crotch and began to rub me through my shorts.   My erection began to form as her palm continued a gentle up and down motion.
            Our lips parted for a moment as we continued to look into each other.   I began to stand up and she followed me.   Taking her hand once again, I led her into the bedroom.

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    There we fell back into each others arms and kissed gently.   I started to unbutton her blouse until my hands could reach inside and massage her breasts through her light bra.   I pushed the straps off of her shoulders and ran my hands down her chest pushing the cups off of her, exposing her nipples to me.   I gently leaned down and kissed one.   Then the other and took it between my lips.   Her head dropped back for a moment as I sucked her nipple between my lips and grabbed it softly with my teeth.   I began to dart my tongue back and forth across her hardened nipple now.   She again rolled her head to the back and around until her hair touched my head.   My hands continued to massage her breasts and I unbuttoned her blouse the rest of the way.   I took her blouse off of her and dropped it to the floor.   She reached down and grabbed my shirt off of me.   Again our eyes met and we kissed.  
            Stopping for a moment we looked at each other, embraced, and made talk.   Smiling and laughing we stood there with our bare chests pressed against each other.   My hands danced across the soft skin on her back.

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    Reaching down I found the edge of her jeans and pushed my fingers just into the top of them.   We continued to stand there and enjoy the image of each others’ face.   It did not take us long to kiss again, and then talk some more.   I could feel her nipples against my chest.   I could feel her breathing.   I took her lips with mine and closed my eyes, drowning for a moment in heaven.   I moved my hands around to the front of her jeans and unbuttoned them.   She quickly was doing the same with mine.   Pushing downward we both stepped out of our jeans while holding on to each other for support.   Still we went back into each others arms, feeling the warmth of skin against skin.   I pulled her panties down and placed a hand on her buttocks and another on her wet warmth between her legs.   She had her hand inside of my briefs holding my hardened cock.
            I took her to the bed and we laid down side by side facing each other and continued to play.   She rolled her hips back and spread her legs for my hand to have easier access to her wet hole.  I ran my fingers along her lips and across her clit.

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    I then ran them back down to her wetness and drug my fingers up along her, spreading her moisture up to her clit.   Circling her clit with my fingers I ran them back down and continued this pattern, bringing more of her juices up and around her clit with each successive pass until I had her extremely wet.   This whole time we were kissing and she was running her hand up and down the shaft of my cock slowly.   I continued my play on her clit until I moved my fingers downward one more time and inserted one, then two into her wet whole.   She stopped kissing me and let out a breath, her lips parting with a moan as I did this.   I drug more wetness from within her up to her clit and massaged it with my fingers, pinching it slightly and adding pressure over the top of it as it to jack it off.   Again my fingers drove downward to her hole and inserted easily inside of her.   Again I curled them and drug the juices up to her anxious clit.   She pushed her legs back more, spreading herself farther than before.   She began to moan, interrupting our kisses, I moved downward to her breasts and began to suck and lick them in earnest.   Her breathing became deeper and her breasts moved up and down a greater distance than earlier.   I continued to kiss my way down across her belly to the top of her pussy.   Taking a moment to breathe in the aroma of her scent, I kissed gently above her pussy and then on her clit.   I allowed my tongue to lick down and around her until her hand moved downward to rub her.   I moved her hand back as I sucked her clit into my mouth lick you would suck on a straw, moving my tongue back and forth across the top of it.

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    She again reached down and again I pushed her hand away.
            I stopped what I was downing and moved higher on the bed, motioning for her to come along.   When I had her positioned in the center of the bed I kissed her.   I kissed her again.   My hand running along her thigh and up to her wetness, her juices began to drain from her and run down her crack and unto the sheets below her.   I returned to tasting her and sucked her clit again into my mouth.   Again her hand came down and I pushed it gently away so I could lick and suck on her more.   Her hand continued to press towards her clit and I had to stop.   I moved over, setting myself between her legs and reached towards the stand next to the bed.   This posed my cock just inches away from her hole and she reached to place me into her.   “Not just yet,” I said, “I have something more. ”  I pulled open the drawer where I kept my ties and pulled out several with one hand.   She smiled up at me and laughed.   “What are you going to do with those?”  I said nothing in return.   I just wrapped one around her first wrist and then tied the other end to the bed post.

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    I repeated the process with the other hand.   I did not tie them on tightly, if she wanted to she would be free easily.   “Let’s see if this will keep your hands from getting in the way of my treat. ”  I returned my lips and tongue between her legs and enjoyed the taste of her juices as they ran down my chin and ran down her crack unto the sheets.   Soon a large wet area had formed under her buttocks and she began to wiggle greatly, raising her hips off the bed and moaning loudly.   The motion of her hips pressed her against my face harder and my sucking and licking became more feverish.   I knew she would soon cum hard.   She wanted to cum.   I stopped.
            I took another tie to her ankle and secured that to the bottom bed post and did the same with the other ankle, leaving her spread across my bed, unable to close her legs.   I returned to her pussy with my mouth and began running two fingers in and out of her.   The juices began to pour out more and she fought and struggled to press her hips upward against my face as I sucked on her clit and tickled it rapidly with my tongue.   With my other hand I began to assert pressure just above her clit.   She wildly tried to thrash about on the bed.   Her moans were replaced by small screams of pleasure.

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    She breathed deeply through her clenched teeth and then threw her head back.   She arched up and the juices flooded out of her.   Unable to make a sound she held her breath as her juices began squirting from deep with in her.
            I stopped what I was doing and slowly she relaxed a little while gasping for air.   I moved up so that I was kneeling at her crotch with my cock pressed against her moist pussy.   I entered her.  Slowly I pushed into her hole with my cock.   She opened her mouth as she felt me going into her.   Her back still arched slightly, her hands and legs restrained, I continued pushing into her until I was about four inches in, then I pulled out.   I pushed into her again, this time a little more, and again I pulled out.   Once again I pushed in, and in, and in until I was buried inside her very wet hole.   I slowly began to pump in and out of her, completely in control of my ministrations.   I continued this for a few minutes as her cum flowed out with each push, draining down over my balls and down joining the large wet spot on the sheets.
             I pulled my cock out of her and moved around so that it was next to her head.   She lifted her head up to take it in her mouth.

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    I moved closer and let her suck it in.   She licked her juices off of my cock and tasted herself on me.   A dab of precum ran off the tip of my cock and was forming a thread from my dick to her mouth.   I leaned across her and placed my cock over her.   She rammed her mouth over my dick, sucking it deeply into her.   I released the tie holding her far arm and she wrapped her hand around my cock.   She began to pump my cock and lick the tip.   The precum began to drip down and she would smear it around her lips using the tip of my cock.   Soon I could feel it building in my groins.   I sat back and told her I would cum.   She eagerly pumped me faster with her hand and aimed my cock at her waiting mouth.   She opened her lips and pumped quickly.   Her tongue teasing the head and shortly I exploded.   My cum shot out and onto her tongue and lips.   It squirted across her face and again into her mouth.

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    She continued to pump away at my cock.   My cum ran down her face and she took me into her mouth as I continued to spew forth my jism.   She sucked me down and licked my dick eagerly.   She swallowed all that was on her tongue and in her mouth and sucked me more.   My cum was smeared across her face and her hand.
            Soon she slowed, took my cock out of her mouth and smiled up at me, my cock still in her hand.   This was not just another day.   This was going to be a very good night.