The Time Shifter Chapter 17


Sunday, Jim went home after breakfast and me and my band later had arehearsal to work on the three Jethro Tull tunes. I also propoundedthat we were now going to add Fleetwod Mac's "The Green Manalishi"to our repetoire, which wasn't any real big deal. The band learnedit in a day. During our rehearsal Tuesday, we had the three Tulltracks and the Fleetwood Mac opus nailed. We reopened discussion ofputting in a three song acoustic segment. I proposed "Over the Hillsand Far Away" by Zep, the Dead's "Uncle John's Band" and The Who's"Behind Blue Eyes. " We put the latter tune together right therebecause it's based on really simple arpeggios.

After the rehearsal, Pete and I had sex and then I made him dinner. We spent hours afterward laying next to each other in my bed justwatching tv. He was 18 now and his parents no longer made him adhereto a curfew as a result. He spent the night and I treated him tobreakfast before he went home. Here is the thing about Pete and Jim:sleeping with Pete was like putting on a favorite shirt or pair ofpants. You just feel good when you have them on, but there's nothinginherently exciting about them. When I'm with Jim, it was like beingin the passenger seat of a Ferrari that was being driven at 200mphdown the Santa Ana Freeway at midnight. Jim was a full grown MANwhile Pete was still something of a BOY who was nonetheless a legaladult. I loved them both, but the attractive qualities theypossessed were completely different.

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Monday, we had to register for our classes for the fall semester. Iwent into the principal's office and had a discussion about usplaying in front of the school before the assembly that welcomed thejunior and senior students back and made fun of the incomingsophomores began. We worked it out to go on at 8 a. m. (which wouldmean a 6 a. m. load in!) and had an hour (school started at 8:30) andthen the regular program would commence, followed by very truncatedfirst, second and third periods. Of course, that meant that two of our bandmembers, Cliff and Danny, were going to have to miss the early partof their school's day, but it wasn't like they gave a shit andneither did their parents.

Jim phoned after work and said he was going to come over after hehad a chance to go home and shower. He didn't really give me a lotof warning, so all I was able to do for him was grilled hamburgers,home made french fries and asparagus spears. I apologized to himwhen he showed up, but he said it was still better than what hewould have eaten at home. "You should make me some Korean food," hesuggested. "I can do kimchi pretty easily baby, but I don't know ifI can find the right ingredients for other dishes," I stated. "Kimchi would be good. It would really bring back some memories," heprojected.

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   I promised to do it for him.

After dinner was over, I went to the store and bought cabbage andsome of the other ingredients I didn't have at home and then puttogether a big batch of kimchi and left it overnight to ferment. Idid find enough ingredients to make bulgogi and Jim was knocked outby it when he came over Tuesday. I had him go fetch a six pack ofHeineken while I was in the latter stages of preparing the mealsince beer goes good with it. We each then ate a couple of tic tacsto get rid of the bad breath that kimchi causes while he told meabout his day. We watched a little tv and then went to bed and I gotthe pleasure of him boning the bejesus out of me. He dozed off whilehe held me as I laid there thinking about the band and what our setlist for the first day of school should be.

Wednesday, we had a band meeting and came together on how tostructure our song selections. We would open with "Born to be Wild"and segue into "I'm Eighteen" and "All the Young Dudes. " Donny wouldfinally greet the crowd and then we would blast out "LocomotiveBreath" and "Day of the Eagle" After that, it would be time toshowoff with "Lazy," "Burn" and "Saturday Night's Alright forFighting. " Following another break for Danny to talk to the crowd,we would do, "Wishin' Well," "Can't Get Enough" and "Doctor Doctor. "If they let us do an encore then we would perform "Freebird. " Wewere also going to use lots of pyro. That should wake everybody upfrom our summer lethargy!

Friday, Jim called and told me that he had committed our band toplay a biker rally in Riverside in late September. He was apparentlyfriends with one of the organizers.

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   We would play a pair of two hoursets with a two hour break in between and would be paid $300. Ithanked him for getting us the gig. He then spent the weekend withme and gave both my pussy and my mouth a good workout.

We now had just over one more week left until school would be backin session. Saturday, I gave the band a list of additional songs Ithought that we needed to learn so that we had enough material toplay four hours with. Sweet's "Ballroom Blitz," Grand Funk's "I'mYour Captain" and "Shinin' On," "Sweet Home Chicago," "One Bourbon,One Scotch and One Beer, and "Boom Boom," three old blues songs, thelatter by John Lee Hooker, too, "Beer Drinkers and Hellraisers" and"Thunderbird" by ZZ Top," "Train Kept A-Rollin'" by Aerosmith, theYardbirds' "I'm Not Talking" "Uriah Heep's "July Morning" "Howlin'Wolf's "Spoonful," Jefferson Starship's "Ride the Tiger" and PaulMcCartney's "Band on the Run," "Jet" and "Hi Hi Hi"

I also wanted a four song acoustic set that would include the threesongs I had planned for before plus Yes' "Your Move. " I would haveto teach them "Thuderbird" directly since the "Fandango" album itand "Tush" were off of wouldn't be out until the following April. However, "Thunderbird" was an old tune and not a ZZ Top original, sotechnically I wasn't cheating. Nonetheless, learning this many songsin just a hair under a month was going to be daunting in an era longbefore tab books and websites. As a result, we scheduled rehearsalsfor every day through the day of the gig, except for the two juniorhigh show we had on our calendar. That one was actually the nightbefore the biker rally. It was going to be a trying weekend, but itwas also good exercise for people who wanted to be touringmusicians.

Jim spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with me. I made dinner forhim and for the entire band (including John's girlfriend Penny, whohelped me---which gave me an opportunity to show her how to do acouple things better) Tuesday, with Jim's permission. We all laterkicked back, had a couple beers and shot the shit.

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   Jim told usfascinating stories from when he was in Vietnam. Those tales madehim even more attractive to me and, more and more, I was playingaround with the idea of being his wife. Jim, though, saw marriagein an old fashioned way and would want me home to take care of thehouse and raise children (though we would have to adopt). That wasjust too confining for me plus I wanted to play the field and not berestricted to sleeping with just one guy. I knew at some point thatcould mean Jim would get himself another, as he put it, "old lady"and I might never see him again given my feelings about ourrelationship. So I treated every time we were together as somethingprecious. No doubt about it, I loved him, but not enough to want topick up after him every day of the rest of my life.

Then there was the money issue: given the house I was living in andthe guitars and sound equipment I had in it anyone with a braincould see that I was wealthy. As much as I loved Jim, I didn't wanthim quitting his job and living off of me, which was certainly arisk if I married him. And that is before you get to the legal andfinancial hassles of a divorce. He was definitely an Alpha Male andthe female side, at least the side that wasn't a 50 something man,found that extremely hot. I absolutely loved it when he wanted tofuck me and I never said no to him except when I was on my period. And even then I sucked or jacked him off. He asked me how many guysI had slept with and I told him I didn't know the exact number butthat it was somewhere in the 60-70 range, a vast exaggeration. Hewondered if I was the school slut, to which I replied that I usuallydidn't sleep with high school guys.

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   Then I riposted that Jim hadbeen part of a group of much older men that gangbanged me while Iwas stoned, which was, according to the law, rape. And that wasbefore you got to the fact I was underage (in California, the age ofconsent is 18). So he had no right to play the chastity card withme. He asked me if I had slept with anyone in the band. I truthfullysaid I had, but who that was was none of his business. I added thatit was fine with me if Jim balled other women as long as he didn'ttry to do it in my house. If he fell in love with them, though, Ididn't want to be the "other woman" and I would prefer to break itoff with him if that circumstance arose.

"Listen Jim, here is what our relationship is about for me: I loveyou and think you're hot. You're total man candy for me. You're alsosmart, you have a great sense of humor and you can fix just aboutanything around the house, including the car. That is totallybitchin'. However, monogamy isn't natural for men. I know that. I'veheard guys talk. I hang around with musicians, for Christ's sake andyou know what they're like.

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   So me trying to claim sexual exclusivityto you would not just be going against nature, it would befrustrating for both you and me. "

"Shit Melody, you really have a good head on your shoulders," heremarked. 'Yeah, it's true that when I see another hot chick I wantto bed her. So I like the tack you're taking with that even if Istill want you all to myself. " I then encouraged him to not think ofme as a slut, but as a "studette" like I think of him as a stud. Hegot a good chuckle out of that as guys I shoot that line at normallydo.

Following that discussion, we went to bed and he had a good old timekissing, feeling, rubbing and drilling me. And I had an equallyenjoyable experience feeling that thick pole of his rabbiting in andout of me so forcefully. Thank Vishnu for giving me such a quickorgasm trigger, too.
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