The Time Shifter Chapter 48


I went back into my livingroom after showering and sat on the couchnaked because Kevin was going to be over soon for his guitar lesson. Henever showed up, though, which was weird. I made myself dinner and hopedhe would turn up soon after I ate, but that was a vain hope. Thefollowing morning,  I found out why.

He came to my door and there was fire in his eyes. He was flamingpissed. When he got home Tuesday, his mom sat him down and announcedthat the family was moving to Delaware. When she popped this news onhim, he hit the roof. "Fuck mom, just when I get not just a girlfriend,but the perfect girlfriend who can teach me to play guitar we move. Fuck!" he rampaged. "Don't talk to me that way mister!" she warned him. "It can't be helped Kevin. It's a promotion that will mean more moneyfor us," she tried to reason. "Oh yeah? he bitterly shot back. "Andwhere do you think I'll meet another chick like Misty?" "Honey, therewill be other girls. You'll find somebody else.

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   She's not the only girlin the world. " "Fuck you mom! I'm tired of this moving bullshit! I'mgoing to move in with Misty!" he declared. "Uh, no you're not," shenotified him. " He apparently continued to rail against the move forhours. Then his father came home and they got into it. He was groundedfor his outburst, but he said he was going to ignore that until the daythey move. He wanted to skip school, but I told him it would only makethings worse. I gave him a blowjob and that calmed him down. We wereboth 20 minutes late to school due to this conversation.

He broke the news to his friends at lunch. I hugged him tight andrepeatedly kissed him. After school let out, he went with me back to myhouse,  where we had sex over and over. His parents didn't know where Ilived, so they weren't suddenly going to show up on my doorstep. Hewanted to spend the night with me, but that would only get him labeled arunaway and me as someone harboning one, so that option was out. Hewent home at 11 and then got up at 4 a.

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  m. , wrote his parents a note thathe was going over to my house and yes, he would go to school andwouldn't be home until 11:30 again. I didn't know he was going to dothis. At 4:30, there was repeated knocking at my door. I hurriedly threwon a t-shirt and shorts because I was sleeping in the nude and went toanswer it. I looked through the peephole, saw Kevin and let him in. Hehugged me tight and then we went to bed and back to sleep with himcuddling me.

I rose at 6 a. m. , got dolled up for him and made him breakfast in bed. He ate it with gusto and I gave him a handjob afterward. After he gotdressed again, we cuddled on the livingroom couch for a while and thenwent to school, both of us walking with our arms around each other. Wespent lunch sucking face and groping each other in an obscure corner ofcampus. We returned to my house and I made an early dinner for him andthen we whiled away the rest of the day fucking and jamming. When hesplit for home, I went to the supermarket and picked up stuff for themeal I wanted to make for him the next day.

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   I stayed up until 2 a. m. making his favorite cake.

He was back over at 4:30 a. m. and we returned to bed. We got up at 7a. m. , ate cereal and hotfooted it for school. I fell asleep in class acouple of times due to the lack of sleep. I was able to sneak a handjobfor him at lunch, which was capped off by him furtively pissing on theside of the building as a statement of defiance because the classes were taking up time he would rather spend with me. It was now Friday. School would end the following Wednesday and he was scheduled to movethat Saturday. . Both of us were feeling the time pressure.

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   We walked backto my house rather quickly and we had sex. "Honey, will you please fuckmy ass?" I asked. Again,  he knew I didn't really like anal and onlytolerated it as part of my submission to him, so he realized that thiswas my way of displaying my love for him.

He splashed my asshole with a goodly amount of lube. "Master, don'tworry about me. Just fuck it for your own pleasure,"  I invited. "Thanksbabe. You rock," he expressed and shoved it in my backdoor with a gruntand a gasp.   After he reamed the bejesus out of it, he cracked, "I'mgoing to miss this hole so much," which made us both laugh a lot. Wecleaned ourselves up and I set about making dinner, which was grilledfilet mignon with sauteed mushrooms, corn on the cob and french fries. For dessert was chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. He had two bighelpings of the latter and was stuffed nearly to the point of paralysis. We went into my music room afterward and, after I had given him alesson,  jammed for the next few hours while we waited for ourrespective systems to digest all the food we had shoveled intoourselves.

My ass was throbbing like a son of a bitch. I took a couple Ibuprofen totry to dull it.

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   11 p. pm. came and went, as did midnight. I cajoled himinto leaving at one. His dad waited up for him and they argued for awhile before Kevin was allowed to finally go to bed.

When Kevin got up Saturday around noon,  he declared that he was goingto spend the next week at my house and bolted out the door. This was astupid, arrogant move and really put me in a spot. Once I fed himanother pieece of chocolate cake and ice cream, I sat him down and toldhim exactly why it was dumb. Then I convinced him to let me talk to hisparents. So at around three, we walked hand in hand to his place and aconfrontation with his parents. I shyly waved "hi" to his parents whenKevin and I went through the door

"I think we need to talk," I opened. "You bet your ass we need to talk,"Mr. Baker blurted. "Okay, let's cool the macho bluster," I demanded,"and look at the situation we have here," I stated. "You guys are goingto have Kevin for another four years, at least, and I am only going toget to see him for another six, seven days and he the same with me.

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   Youguys suddenly sprung the fact that you were going to move, which willresult in big social and environmental changes for him, not the least ofwhich is separating the two of us. You treated Kevin like he shouldn'tcount in this even though there is no perceived reward for him to gowith you. We teenagers are obsessed with fairness and when you look athow this has all transpired one can understand how unfair it seems,especially in a cosmic sense," I lectured. "Tra la la, we can rip Kevinaway from the girl he loves and he just has to suck it up, no problem,"is the way you guys approached this. "

"Now wait a second," Mr. Baker interjected. "No, you wait a second!" Itongue lashed him. "I understand your position. Money makes the world goround and as a family sometimes you just have to do what you have todo. But what this whole situation wiith Kevin and me has devolved downto is a combiination of a power struggle and fear. You don't know mevery well and Mrs. Baker is afraid that I might be too adult for herson. She also doesn't trust him enough to not want to helicopter parenthim  Mr. Baker, you want to be top dog in the house and don't want toallow Kevin to get away with defying you. But you're a leader whodoesn't trust his troops, which is neurotic.

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   I don't drink, smoke, dodrugs or gamble, I speak six languages fluently and I'm a musicalprodigy. . So there is nothing for you to be afraid of. I convincedKevin  to have this talk with you because I don't want to come intoconflict with you guys. "

"Are you having sex with Kevin?" Mrs. Baker questioned. "Oh God. This iswhat I hate about other women: when a girl feels competitive withanother one she will immediately try to denigrate her with charges ofbeing either ugly or a slut. No wonder feminism isn't taken seriouslyanymore. " "I'm not calling you a slut, Misty, but I also don't wantKevin getting you pregnant. " "For your information, Mrs. Baker, I can'thave children. I have a uterine defect that makes conception impossible. Are you happy?" "Sorry," Mrs. Baker muttered with downcast eyes.



"Listen you guys, I don't think it's a good idea when kids begin makingdecisions on their whereabouts just off the cuff. That can lead todisaster. However, this is rather a special case. So when school let'sout Wednesday, I want Kevin to stay with me until Saturday morning. ""What do your parents think about this, Misty?" "They're okay with it aslong as I keep the doors to my music room and bedroom open," I giggled. "God only knows that Kevin has been there so much that they see him asbeing like their own son.

"Well, what do you think?" Mr. Baker said to his wife instead of makingthe decision himself.   "Well, I'm tired of arguing about it.   ListenKevin, you check in everyday, you understand me?" she capitulated.  "Okay mom. " "Are you sure you're only 14 Misty?" "You asked me thatbefore, Mrs. Baker. Here's my birth certificate," I internally fumed,handing it to her. She looked at it and then handed it back to me.

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   "Welllook baby, you want to go play some guitar?" I said to Kevin. "Yeah,that'd be cool," he responded. I took Kevin's hand and we set thecontrols for my house.

On the way there, he hit me up about my parents. "That story about yourparents seeing me as like a son was bullshit, Misty. What's the dealwith them, anyway? How come I never see them?" "Because they're dead,Master. They were killed in a drunk driving accident when I was 12 andthe guy who hit them was the 16 year old son of some really rich people. So I sued them for a lot of money and they settled out of court for notquite as much and I've been on my own since. " "What about yourgrandparents? How come you don't live with them?" "Because I wouldrather live on my own. Plus I don't want them able to access my money. ""That's cool you can live on your own. I guess that's why you grew up soquickly. " "Pretty much. " Fuck, I hate it when I have to lie about shitlike this.

We jammed for a couple of hours then I blew him and he went home.

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   Hereturned as soon as he finished dinner and we had sex and relaxed infront of the tv afterward. We did largely the same thing Sunday exceptfor a more protracted guitar lesson that would help him with self studyafter he moved back east.

Monday morning, I greeted him naked at the door and gave him a long hugand kiss before going to my knees and pulling his dick out of his pantsfor a vigorous and passionate blowjob. "Fuck, slut, I wish I could bringyou to school naked. " "I wish I could do that for you, Master. So areyou going to fuck my ass tonight?" "Fuck yeah I am," he laughed. "I'lllook forward to it, Master. " "That's good," he smiled. I dressed inshorts, a halter top and white heels  and he occasionally slipped hishand into the shorts to squeeze my butt cheek. When we got to school, Iunhooked my bra so that he could get in a quick fondle here and therebefore class.

The bell rang and I closed my bra. We parted following a long, deep kissto take our first round of finals. During lunch, I reopened my bra andundid my shorts so he could freely feel me up. After school, hefulfilled his promise to gleefully stab me in the ass over and overagain with his flesh knife. Upon finishing and cleaning up, he held me,kissed me and played with my boobs as I laid on my back.


   Then he climbedon top of  me and gave me every inch of his cock, filling my pussy withhis warm cum. I went to make dinner and once we had eaten it, I gavehim a guitar lesson. The next two days were pretty similar to that. School ended Wednesday, except that that we didn't have anal sex and heslept over Wednesday.

Thursday, we didn't awaken until almost noon. I surprised him when Iinvited his friends over for dinner and a gangbang as their going awayparty for him. I also notified his soon to be former friends that theywouldn't be able to grope me any longer, so they needed to get theirfill during the gangbang. I cooked up a basic meal I thought everyonewould like: Nachos, fajitas and for dessert strawberry cheesecake. Weshot the shit for a while and then we migrated to my bedroom. My ass wasstill off limits since I wanted to save it for Kevin Friday. So itbegan with Kevin barreling his spear into my cunt and Josh's penis beinglovingly pleasured by my mouth and things progressed from there, withme taking their spunk in my love channel, on my face and in my cakehole. My ass cheeks were subjected to dozens of lusty strikes as well. Kevin's buddies must have figured that the likelihood of them being ableto move in on me after Kevin was out of the picture was remote becausethey kept coming back for more. After three hours, I declared my mouthclosed for business because it was just too sore. It wasn't until aftermidnight that they said their final goodbye to Kevin.

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   My bedsheets weresoaked in various bodily fluids and so, once I stripped the bed clothesoff the bed and left a window open, we actually spent the night in oneof my other bedrooms after we showered.

Friday, I pulled out all the stops. For breakfast, I made a gourmetversion of a breakfast burrito. "Holy shit babe, this is awesome!" heenthused. I gave him a long, slow blowjob after he finished eating andwith his stomach full and his balls drained he was starting the day as avery happy camper. I told him that I left $5,000 in gift certificatesfrom my favorite online guitar store in his email inbox and gave himanother $5,000 in cash. "Fuck Misty, you're just too awesome. Thanksbabe!" he burbled.

For lunch, I made a California style pizza and garlic bread and then wejammed while a barbecue chicken I was making was slow cooking. That camewith a baked potato and green beans. For dessert, we had more of thestrawberry cheesecake. Once we gobbled dinner down, we went back to mybedroom. I put new bedclothes on the bed. We had long, slow foreplay andthen I laid on my back on the edge of the bed with my hips tilted up tomake my asshole available. He lubed it and his condom wrapped cock.

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  "Fuck me like you own me baby," I urged him. "Thanks, Misty. You're justtoo killer," he averred before I felt his cockhead bumping up againstmy sphincter. He popped it in and then rammed it in balls deep, graspedmy legs and went to town, shiting his hips back and forth to drive hisbig stick in and out of me. The pain wasn't as bad as it had been inprevious anal episodes. It might have been my state of mind because Ireally was giving myself to him. I looked up at him and he was totallyenjoying the compression of my asshole's walls on his dick. He leanedforward and grabbed handfuls of my tits as his penetration of my fudgetunnel continued unabated, his pubic bone careening hard off of my butt.

As time wore on, his breathing was shallower and more guttural. He wassubconsciously holding my calves tighter while he pounded his schlonginto me. He upped the pace of his attack as he drew closer to the momentof ecstasy and then unloaded into his rubber. He held his penis insideme to relish the sensation of being in that part of me and the pleasureit created. He bent over and kissed me. "I love you, Misty. " "I loveyou, too, baby.

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   He smiled and then pulled his cock out of me and walkedoff to the bathroom with a swagger.  .