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My name is David. I had just turned 17 and have light brown hair and hazel eyes. I'm medium built but try to lift weights a lot when I have the time.  Recently I had caught a bad cough that wouldn't go away. But with all the medicine that my lousy doctor gave me, none of the shit really worked. He was a  pediatric. He mostly worked on kids so I guess that's why he has no fucking clue whats wrong with me. This story takes place after my third visit to the hospital.   "He had been here three times and you guys still can't find anything wrong?" My mom was yelling at the receptionist at the front desk. I was pretty embarrassed but I can't blame her. She was worried.   I was sitting on the waiting room chair writing songs for my band. But every minute I started to cough. . . so I really couldn't concentrate on what I was writing down.

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   I looked over at my mom and the lady she was yelling at had the most terrified look I had seen. When it comes to her kids my mom would do anything. My dad was at home taking care of my brothers and sister. They can be a handful. He was as worried as my mom was and told her to tell them off and demand to see a new doctor.  "Ma'am I can call Froedtert Hospital so they can send him to the ER right away if that what you would like?" She picked up the phone dialing the numbers to the hospital.                                  "Yes, I want him to see another doctor right away. " She said with a calmer voice. She was still pretty pissed but she had to keep her cool.    "He can see doctor Henley in the ER. You don't have to wait in the waiting room they'll call you up right away. " The receptionist said as she hung up the phone.   Thirty minutes later we walked into the ER and they had called us in right away. We walked down the hall and made a right into one of the many patient rooms. The nurse asked us a lot of questions then said the doctor would be in shortly.

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   Five minutes later Doctor Henley walked in. She was H. O. T. I felt my face get red. She looked about 23 or 22 years old. She had round D cups that showed through her cleavage, blonde hair, and blue eyes. Her body was perfect. Plus her ass was nice and round. Everything about her gave me chills.  "So this must be David. " She said while she stared at me. She scribbled something on her clipboard. My hands started to get sweaty so I wiped them off on my pants. I tried to control my erection which seemed almost impossible, but I managed.

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   I practiced not getting a hard on before but this doctor was different. I was aroused by just hearing her voice!           We had told her what was going on with me and she wrote the information down. A couple people came in and took my blood. Then I went for some x-rays and different tests. Too many to list.
 An hour later we went back into the room and waited for Doctor Henley. It wasn't long before she came in with a prescription. "Ok with all the tests we ran through him we found why he's been coughing a lot. It's because his trachea is inflamed by a recent cold that he had. Nothing to be worried about. . . this medicine will help. " She handed the prescription to my mom who had a relieved look on her face. "Thank god" She said.

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   "I want David back in two weeks to see his progress through the medicine that we gave him. Just to be safe" Doctor Hensley said while she looked me over. I felt blood rush to my face. Why the hell am I getting so embarrassed? I thought to myself. "Thank you we'll see you in two weeks. " My mom said as we headed out the door.
  Two weeks later we arrived at Froedtert Hospital. I felt a lot better with the medicine. The coughing had stopped and everything was back to normal. My family was relieved. We waited in the waiting room until they called us up. And walked into the same room. Two minutes went by and Doctor Hensley arrived. "Nice to see you again" She told me. "Same here" I responded.

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   Even after two weeks I still felt nervous. "We need to do some tests on him so mom would you like to wait in the waiting room for a while. " Doctor Hensley said looking over to my mom. "Sure, will you be ok David?" She asked me. "Yeah I'll be fine. " I said embarrassed. "Love you" She said. "Love you too" I responded.  As soon as she walked out doctor Hensley looked me over. "Ok I need you to take off your clothes. " She said. "Usually when people cough a lot their testicles can become damaged. " My face got really red there was no point of hiding it. I slowly took off my shirt to reveal my four pack chest. It wasn't much, but I saw Doctor Hensley bite her bottom lip at the corner of my eye.

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   Next I slid off my pants then my underwear. I was relieved I didn't have a hard on or she would of though I was a pervert. She locked the door so no one would walk in on me naked. Or that's what I thought.  She knelt down as she held my balls in her hand. She slowly and thoroughly felt to see if there was anything wrong. I was trying my hardest not to get hard, then she looked up at me and said "Nope nothing wrong here. " She said with a playful voice. "Looks like you don't easily get an erection. " She said as she stood up. "Um I'm trying n-not to. " I stammered. "I don't w-want to b-be a pervert or anything. " I was acting like an idiot. She was a doctor this was her job.

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   "Well I guess I have to run a test to see if there's anything wrong. " She said. My heart started to beat faster. It felt like it was coming out of my chest. What kind of test do they have for that? I thought. She motioned me to sit on the patient bed. I sat down and she made her way over to me. "There's nothing to be nervous about. " She said with a soft voice. She grabbed my dick in her hand and started to go up and down. "I-Is this the test, are you supposed to do that?" I asked stupidly. I had a girlfriend before but I never had sex. This was the first time a girl had given me a hand job. It wasn't going to be the only thing I was getting.  "There's nothing wrong, don't worry no one will find out.

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  " She said. I had a full hard on already. "Wow that's pretty big for a 17 year old. " She said as she stared at my 7 inch cock. She knelt down and put her moist full lips around my cock and started to suck it. "Oh My God. " I said out loud. "You like that don't you?" She said. Her head bobbed up and down my shaft. Making slurping noises every time she went back down. I had to admit I masturbated before - who hasn't- but this was Extacy. I never felt so good before. Pleasure running through my whole body as her head started to go faster up and down my cock. "Doctor Hensley I'm gonna Cum!" I managed to choke out. She stopped and looked up at me.

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   "You can call me Ashlynn from now on" She said then continued her sucking pattern. Ashlynn was a beautiful name I thought. "I'm Cumming!" I yelled again after seven minutes. She didn't stop her sucking assault on my cock and started to move faster. Finally, I came in her mouth. My hot cum was in her mouth and she swallowed every drop of it. "Wow that took you a long time. " She said playfully. I guess I practice a lot.   "That was amazing. " I said. "Well that's not the end of it. " She told me with a mischievous look on her face. "I'm not satisfied yet. " She began to take of her doctor uniform and revealed that she had the sexiest ass and breasts you can imagine.

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   Her red thong was on tightly pressed against her perfectly firm ass. Her D cup breasts were amazing! She slowly removed her thong to show her tight shaven pussy. She told me to unbutton her bra. As I did I felt my cock become rock hard again. "I want to feel your big cock inside me. " She whispered in my ear. I almost came right then and there. She walked over to to patient bed. "Lie down" She said. I obeyed and lied down. She climbed on top of me and slowly slid my rock hard cock inside of her. "Mmmmmm!" She moaned loudly. It felt so great. I wish this would never end. She began to go up and down.


   "Oh David your so big!" She yelled she began to go faster. I was trying not to cum so fast so that she would have a chance to have her orgasm. It was the hardest thing to do in my life. She gave me a kiss and started to make out while she was riding me in big long strokes. Her face was as beautiful as her body was. "Ashlynn your p-pussy feels s-so good. " I managed to say. She was at full speed now. The bed was starting to make squeaking noises as her ass slapped against my legs. It took a while before she came. She was sweating all over. "I'm Cumming!" She yelled as she threw her head back. "Aaaaaahh!" She moaned as she came all over my dick. I couldn't stand it anymore I was starting to cum. "Ashlynn I'm cumming! I yelled.

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   She got off and pulled me off of the bed and started sucking me off. I came a huge load in her mouth but none of it ever dropped on the floor. She started to lick off what was left behind on my cock. "That was great and you lasted so long!" She She told me. "Yes it was. " I agreed.  We started to clean up and dress. She said that I would have plenty of more "Physical checkups" If it remained our secret. Well our secrets safe with me.    
  If You liked this or didn't like this story leave a comment. And Please rate a thumbs up. If you would like me to write more stories let me know in the comments or DavidAcosta710@yahoo. com. Thank You for reading this story. I hope you enjoyed it.

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   :) .

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