A favour for a friend 2


Danielle is a beautiful mixed race girl, 32 years old and about 5ft 7in, a size 10 dress size, a peachy bum and size 34DD boobs.

Brandon is a muscly athletic mixed race guy, 28 years old. He is a moody and borderline aggressive type person. Brandon is Layla's boyfriend, one of Danielle's friends.

Danielle sees Layla out in town one day and they have a coffee together.

"Hey, could you help me out with Brandon? You know he’s so fucking stressed out all the time, and I know you do really good massages. Could you come over on Tuesday and give him one to see if helps?" said Layla.

"Sure I can, if you think it will help! What do you want me to do and what time shall I come over?" said Danielle, eager to help out her friend.

"Oh I don't know, anything really just to stop him being such a ball of stress! And he’ll be weird about it if I’m there so come at like 2pm when he’s done with work and Karmen still at school as he won't want her around either", said Layla.

"Ok no problem, I really try my best to sort him out!"

Tuesday comes around, it's a beautiful sunny day so is wearing a short skirt and little top showing off her gorgeous brown legs and boobs. She heads over to see Brandon at 2pm as promised. ]

Brandon answers the door, sort of grumpy. He has no top on, which is fairly normal for him, he is just that sort of guy! Danielle can't help notice how ripped he is though and doesn't know where to look.

"Hey Brandon, Layla asked me to come over, how are you?" Danielle said, a little nervously.

"Yea I’m fine thanks, come in, do you want a drink or anything?.

"No I’m ok thank you.

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Brandon gestures for Danielle to come in and let's her go upstairs into the flat in front of him. She can feel his eyes on her as she goes up the stairs and he says, "Beautiful day outside isn't it" as Danielle walks upstairs.

In the front room is a massage table setup ready to go.

"Well, shall we get started then?" Danielle said, a little more nervous now and she can't work out why!

"Yea ok, how do you want me to be on the table?" said Brandon, in a slightly coy way.

"Oh you mean, what should you wear? Well most people I massage just wear a towel, but whatever you’re comfortable with!"

Brandon goes into the bedroom and comes back in a minute with a towel on his bottom half. His body looks rock hard and Danielle can't help but think what is under the towel. She moves on hurriedly before she gets carried away and Brandon climbs on the table on his front.

Brandon lays down and Danielle begins oiling his back and neck, “you’re really tight around here, I think this should loosen you up a lot”.

“Yea I hope so, that feels really umm good so far”, said Brandon, in a relaxed voice.

"Well great! I’m going to start working down a bit if that’s ok?"

“Yea please do”.

Danielle works down to his lower back and is working around the top of his bum. She can’t help feeling how muscly his bum is and when she goes near it she can feel him push his bum against her hands. "You want me to work a bit harder on here"?. . .

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   "Yes please, it's really good there".

So Danielle loosens the towel a bit and works on his rock hard bum.

"Right, if you want to turn over I can do your chest and arms. "

Brandon rolls over and Danielle notices a lump in the towel.

Oh my god she thinks, could he have an erection!? I’ve had guys get hard on a massage before and that's pretty normal, but it’s Layla’s boyfriend. Surely he doesn’t want me to work on that!

She carried on working his chest and then down his legs. He puts his hands over his face as she works down It's like he's embarrassed by his semi erection under the towel. As she is working up his legs, the lump gradually turns into a fucking tent pole. Danielle can't believe how high the towel is in the air and her curiosity gets the better of her and she lifts the towel up a little, to see the thickest 10 inch dick she has ever seen in her life. The bell end looked just about big enough to fit in anyone's mouth and wonders how Layla deals with a dick that big!

Danielle puts the towel back down and goes up to his head to do an indian head massage. After about 5 minutes she can't take it anymore, "Brandon, would you be more comfortable if I took your towel off"?

"Umm, yea, I think I would be but. . . " Danielle can't wait for him to finish and opens his towel. His huge member springs up and Danielle let's out the biggest gasp! "Oh my god Brandon, I don't know what to say"! As she slowly takes it in her hand.

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Brandon pauses for a minute, then he says, "Well you could not say anything about this and maybe you can help me out?" Danielle's pussy pulses a bit at the though of that huge dick ramming into her beautiful pussy lips and she starts to wank him off slowly.

"Why don't you suck it Danielle"?

"Well I can try but I've never sucked a dick that big before"! as she lowers her head down and takes the tip in her mouth, she can fit about 3 inches of it in with her lips stretched out and she sucks him as hard as she can. Brandon groans with delight and puts his hand on Danielle's head. "I am sure you can do better than that Danielle", as he pushes her head down. She makes a gagging noise as his huge member slides into her throat. He pushes harder still and Danielle can't breathe, but sure enough about 8 inches of his huge dick disappear into her throat and he gently starts thrusting in and out, Danielle keeps gagging but Brandon doesn't stop. She doesn’t mind and absolutely loves the taste of his dick and pre cum in her mouth.

"Take your clothes off, I want to see those tits", Danielle is wet now and needs no encouragement at all. She takes her top and skirt off to reveal the most sexy light brown body with huge beautiful tits. Brandon's dick seems to get even bigger and Danielle climbs on top of him. Her pussy is pulsing at the thought of taking this monster cock inside her. It doesn't feel right to kiss him as it is her friends boyfriend, so she puts her tits in his face and then and gently lowers her hot pussy onto the tip of his huge dick. She slowly, gently pushes down so the tip goes inside her. It feels so good, but so very big as well! She gently starts rocking back and forth, her wet pussy makes it easier for his rock hard truncheon to penetrate her. She takes about 5 inches and it feels so very good, this isn't enough for Brandon and he grabs hold of her peachy bum.

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   He then slides all of his rock hard cock into her pussy, she can feel herself being stretch but that huge bellend hits her g spot and she screams out with pleasure. Brandon keeps hold of her bum tightly and then starts ramming away at her stretched pussy. Her huge tits are bouncing away while he carries on plunging his huge cock into her, she is crying out with pleasure and her cum is all over his cock and balls after hitting multiple orgasms. Brandon speeds up and shoots what feels like about 10 massive spurts of hot cum into her. Danielle feels like she is the one who has de stressed now!

She climbs off him and looks at his huge dick, she wants it in her mouth again so she goes down and begins sucking him off again. "Help me, Brandon", he doesn't need to be told twice and grabs the back of her head and thrusts his dick down her throat again. She can feel both of their cum running down her legs as she carries on sucking his again rock hard cock. Brandon begins getting faster and faster thrusting his dick down Danielle’s throat and he starts to tense up, then Danielle feels a hot pulse of cum shoot out of his dick into her mouth and throat. She starts wanking him off and he cums in her mouth about 10 times. She swallows every bit, and then puts her clothes back on and leaves without saying anything. Will Layla ask her to come back next week she wonders?!.