Dog Tales part 1


Doggy Tales part 1

I had the day off school. Wow. A whole day to myself. I had faked a sickie and stayed in bed until the coast was clear. I knew mum was on to me but I had really good grades so she wasn’t too worried and all was great. I am a bit of a loner. Mainly I liked to tinker around in the shed and make things. The shed was big enough to have a workbench and a bit of a lounge area with an old couch and a bit of old carpet as well as being full of all the other stuff you usually find stored in a shed. And my bike of course. My own personal little retreat. I got myself a bowl of cornflakes and went out the back door to sit in the sun, eat breakfast and plan the day.

As soon as I sat down I heard Rex, the back neighbours dog whining and scratching at the doggy door in the back fence. Rex was a black Labrador cross with some other big dog, I don’t know how old but he was pretty big and stocky and probably weighed twice as much as me. He seemed friendly enough and I would pat him when his owner John walked him past the front of my house and I think he really liked having me pat him but for some reason I was a bit wary of him. Sometimes he would stare at me for ages with this intent look in his eyes. He was a smart dog.

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   I had no idea just how smart but for some reason he made me uncomfortable. But he is just a dog and he was friendly and I like dogs.

Thinking there might be something wrong I went down to the fence and stood on a crate for a look. He had a big smile on his face when he saw me and his tail wagged back and forth. He seemed really pleasedto see me and his tongue was telling me he was thirsty. I thought he has probably knocked his water over. I undid the latch and he immediately pushed his way through and jumped up on me knocking me down onto the grass and started sniffing at my crotch. I pushed him away and he followed me back towards the house, tail wagging and his nose sniffing my bum. He went to the tap and sniffed around so I put some water in a bucket and he had a really big drink. He sniffed around a bit more then went back for more. I wondered if he had water at home and I decided to check later on. I finished my breakfast and thought he could hang out with me for a while so I went into the shed to do some tinkering. He followed me in and sat there watching me with that unsettling look like he was sizing me up.

I dropped a small nut which rolled under the bench, I got down on all fours to reach under the bench and in a flash he had mounted me. He had his legs wrapped tightly around my waist.

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   His claws were digging in to me but I rolled to my side and managed to pull away and quickly stand up. Bad boy I said. He just looked at me quizzically then immediately stuck his nose in my crotch again. This was one horny dog. I could see his little pink lipstick poking out and I admit I did wonder what it would be like to have his little pointy thing inside me. Having a dick in my bum was definitely outside my present range of experience but was something I had thought about. Curiousto see what would happen I leaned back on the bench and slipped my shorts down a bit. He moved straight in and started eagerly licking my pubic area and my little cockstarted to get hard immediately. I slipped them down a bit further and he has his big wet tongue on my dick. Wow it felt good. His sloppy tongue licked and licked making me moan with pleasure. I hada pang of guilt at what I was letting this dog do to me but it felt so good I could not let it stop. Instead I went over to the garage door and closed it. I knew there was no one around but the thought of getting caught by someone had me a bit panicked.

My shorts and undies were getting soaked with slobber so I let them fall to my ankles and stepped out of them, all the while being enthusiastically licked by his huge wet sloppy tongue.

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   He was certainly excited. He had his tongue right under my balls and I spread my legs a bit and his big long tongue went right under and started licking my arse. Fuck it felt nice. Good boy I said and I turned around and leaned on the bench with my legs spread so he could get at me. I still could not believe what I was doing but it felt so good that I just couldn’t stop. He gave me the most amazing tonguing like he was trying to push his tongue right into my tight little virgin arse. I felt it loosening slowly and his big tongue was going right in me. I moaned and moaned as his big long tongue would snake its way deep in me causing intense sensations. He kept at it like he didn’t want to stop so I let him keep going. Fuck it felt good, I did not know a body could be so turned on. I bent over more and he pushed his tongue in even further, loosening me right up. The pleasure was intense andthe thought of having his tongue replaced with his thrusting dick was making my little cock hard as a rock. I was just so horny by now, his big tongue was driving me insane. I made the decision to let him fuck me, I figured I could pull away from him if he started to hurt me. His dick looked pretty small anyway.

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   I really had no idea and in hindsight I was pretty naïve, that’s for sure.

There was a small foot stool in the middle of the carpet and before I could change my mind I walked over to it, dropped to my knees spreading my legs wide so I could support my stomach on the stool. He was on me in a flash, his claws were digging painfully into my sides through my shirt and I could feel his pointy dick probing around for my hole. Fuck that hurt, his claws were scratching me and each time he missed his pointy hard prick would jab me painfully. I realised this was a mistake and I struggled but his weight was on me and he growled menacingly in my ear. I immediately froze in fear. I really had no idea what he was capable of. What had I gotten myself into? He was so strong and determined. I kept my body still but reached down to grab his paws to stop him scratching me. He growled again, louder and grabbed my neck with his bare teeth, fuck. I kept perfectly still and when I just held his paws and did not try to push him off he stopped growling and released my neck. I realised then that I was going to be fucked no matter what.

His pointy dick kept missing and it was really hurting so I tried to anticipate his thrusts and line up with him. He quickly found my hole and I felt his dick slide a few inches into me. I was relieved right away as it was less painful than having him poke around trying to find it but it stretched me open much wider than I thought it would.

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   As soon as he realised he was on target he thrust it in as far as he could then started to hump me like mad, determined to go deeper with every thrust. His strongfront legs pulled my hands back to press on my thighs and he had me. It felt so much bigger than I thought it would be and it was really starting to hurt. He pushed and pushed pulling in strongly using his front legs going deeper and deeper into me. Because I was foolish enough to lie over the footrest I could not pull away from him and with his paws in my hands resting on my thighs and me with legs spread wide and laying over the foot rest with his huge furry weight on top of me, I was totally helpless. He fucked me furiously and still it was growing, getting bigger and bigger. Every time I thought he had the whole thing in me it seemed to grow a bit more, forcing its way deeper and deeper. It felt gigantic and was totally filling me and really starting to hurt. Fuck.

Another wave of panic went through me. I struggled trying to pull away but he let out another deep growl and his strong legs held me firm. There was no stopping him. Fuck it hurt, was this ever a big mistake. I tried to move around to ease the pain but it only made things worse as it hurt evenmore when the angle changed and he just growled, clung tighter and went even harder, trying to shove it in even further. In the end the very best I could do was try to relax a bit and hope it would be over really soon.

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   I thought this is what it must be like to get raped, except that I had offered myself to him. I felt such a fool. He fucked and fucked and fucked me like mad and just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse I felt my anus being forced open even more, stretching me even wider. What the fuck. With a really strong thrust I felt something huge pop inside me and I screamed out in pain as his enormous cock went even deeper. He kept on thrusting furiously and I could feel my insides being stretched painfully wider and wider like a giant ball was being inflated in me at the same time pulling his cock even deeper. He thrust even harder forcing it in further. I was hard up against the stool and could not get away from this massive determined thing.

I was in the worst possible position. His back feet were gripping firmly on the carpet and his strong front legs were pulling strongly on my hands which were on my thighs. My legs were spread wide and his weight was on me, I was trapped. Whatever was going to happen there was no getting away now. However big this thing got it was all going in me, even if it ripped me open in the process. I sobbed quietly and released a long low painful moan at the same time relaxing my arse, pushing out to try to ease the pain. His pointy tool forced its way in even further jabbing right up into my stomach.

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  I let out a large sobbing cry of pain. My arse was so full I thought I would burst and still his cock seemed to be getting fatter and fatter and going deeper and deeper with every painful thrust. He stopped for a few seconds obviously enjoying the sensation and I thought it might finally be over but then away he went again pushing even harder jabbing me even deeper and I could feel his balls banging against me now. Fuck.

It felt huge inside me and I was worried it was going to damage me. He was fucking me frantically and his cock felt fucking enormous. I had to get away but he was so strong and determined and I was terrified and helpless in his strong grip. I couldfeel the ball like thing in me getting bigger and bigger, expanding in my arse and I had no idea what was happening. It got bigger and bigger until I could feel it so tight in me that even though Rex was still humping, it would only move a bit and was dragging my whole body backward and forward. I was so scared. How big would it get? My arse was screaming in pain. I tried to match his pace rocking back and forward to stop the painful pull between his thrusts but he was still fucking me madly and I was unable to move quick enough. I mistimed and my arse exploded in pain as it pulled really hard, dragging me backwards. No way was this thing coming out of me without ripping me open. I sobbed and begged him to stop but even though I think he knew he was hurting me he had only one thing in mind.

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   I was his bitch and nothing I could do would stop him until he was finished with me.

He was so strong. His front legs were over the top of mine and holding me tight and I was weighed down and pinned and from what I could feel, firmly attached to his cock. All I could do now was try to relax and hope it would please end soon so the pain would go away. I relaxed my arse muscles as much as I could and after what seemed like an age he gradually slowed, then stopped humping. His huge cock was still throbbing rhythmically, expanding and contracting like a fist and I felt my insides boiling with heat. I realised then that he was cumming in me and I could feel spurt after hot spurt pumping deep into me. His big cock throbbed and pulsated. I could feel the intense heat of his cum spreading right though me as he came and came and came and came, a squirt with every throb. . . . Fuck

Thank god the pounding was over. I started to feel the shame of what I was doing and needed to get this thing out of me and run away and hide somewhere. I let go of his paws and pushed the foot stool away and tried to crawl offbut the pain from my tightly stretched arse when I tried to pull off him stopped me instantly.

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   I backed up towards him to relieve the pressure. Fuck, what now? What was that thing? His throbbing cock was still pumping cum into me, the heat spreading right through me. I spread myself as much as I could and pushed back onto him. It felt like I had an orange inside me on the end of an enormous cucumber, firmly stuck, not moving a millimetre and the end of his cock was somewhere deep inside my guts still steadily filling me, the pressure growing and growing. I reached back to feel what was happening and his cock where it entered me was not that big, only a few centimetres wide but I could feel a huge bulge just inside me, securely attaching me to him. I put my hand on my stomach and I could feel a hard lump through my skin which was his cock right up past my belly button. . . . Fuck

All of a sudden he slid off me and I felt the whole thing turn around inside me as he spun around and faced the other way. I cried out in pain and tears were streaming down my face. Fuck it hurt. It was so far in me. My virgin arse was burning with pain. He started to pull away and it hurt like hell and all I could do was crawl backwards trying to keep up.

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   I quickly reached back to grab his back legs which stopped him trying to walk off. I had no real idea what was happening and all the time his throbbing cock was still filling my insides with his boiling hot liquid.

It was only then I vaguely remembered overhearing a conversation years ago between two older boys laughing about how the neighbours dogs locked together for hours after they fucked and they had to throw a bucket of water over them to separate them. Now I know what they were joking and laughing about and how it was that they got locked together, I was stuck tight. Oh no. A fresh wave of panic. What had I done? I was going nowhere for who knows how long while this big throbbing thing was wedged in me. To try to force it outwas bound to do some sort of damage, it was so fucking huge and jammed in so tightly in my tiny arse that it wasn’t going anywhere. Was I going to have to call out until someone heard me and get them get them to throw a bucket of water over us. And if they did that it would surely rip me apart. I glanced up at the clock and it was 9. At least I had plenty of time to think about what I should do. I looked at Rex and he just stood panting with his big tongue hanging out and his wagging tail banging my upturned arse. He looked really pleased with himself as no doubt he was. He tried to walk away again and the painful pulling had me backing onto him arse to arse.


   He was still throbbing and I felt so full that my stomach was expanding. I put my hand to my belly and sure enough it was bulging. The pressure was enormous but still it kept on spurting into me and there was not a thing I could do about it. For the next long half hour we stayed locked tightly together. Even if I called out no one would hear me and anyway, imagine getting caught like this. I figured I would just have to wait it out somehow. I felt weak and exhausted, everything ached. Now and then he would try to wander off and I would follow behind, grabbing at his legs and trying to calm him down so he would stay still. I was getting really uncomfortable, I just could not risk letting go of his legs in case he made a sudden move to try to escape. Just lucky I shut the door or he would have most likely dragged me out into the yard with me helplessly attached to him. He was easily strong enough, I think he knew that he could not go far so he did not try too hard at this stage.

My legs were aching from kneeling for so long with my legs spread wide as I tried to stay arse to arse and my arms were really starting to hurt. My face and chest where burning where they had been dragged along the carpet. I looked at the clock again and it was about 10. I tried to think back to that conversation and remembered hearing hours.

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   What was hours? 2, 3, 4 more?? Obviously more than 1. My god,my mum could come home from work and find me like this. By now there was less throbbing and I had the feeling that he had completely emptied himself into me. It still felt huge in me but I think it was a bit softer. I started to pull away a bit and relax my sphincter but it was still barely moving. I started to panic and pulled a bit harder but the pain was too much, I was still stuck fast. My movement was making Rex restless and I felt his cock stirring inside me. In a flash he spun around, and I cried out as I felt his huge cock turning around inside me and he had mounted me again.

Oh no, just when I thought there was a chance of getting away he wanted to do it again and there was not a thing I could do about it. Fuck. I felt the huge thing that felt like an orange up me getting painfully hard again and now I knew I was in real trouble. If he fucked me really hard like before this was going to really hurt. It did. All I could do was relax us much as possible and hope for the best. There was absolutely nothing I could do until he had finished.

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   Fuck I was going to be sore, though I really just wanted to survive at this stage. My chest collapsed to the floor and his front feet were either side of me on the ground which is just as well. There is no way I had the strength to hold his legs again. He kept up his frenzied rutting and I could feel the whole thing moving in and out a few inches. The squelching sounds as he pounded into me were incredible and I could hear and feel his rhythmic motion pumping his hot river of cum around inside me.

After what seemed like hours but was probably only around 5 minutes he gradually slowed then stopped. His big tongue raining slobber all over me. I felt full to the point of exploding but once again his throbbing cock was pumping more of his cum in me. When would it stop? His huge cock had now been in me so long my lower body was going numb but fuck it still hurt. Just like before when he had finished with me he dismounted and we were ass to ass. I quickly made a grab for his legs and for what felt like forever, spurt after hot spurt flowed into me. The pressure was now too much and some of his hot fluid was forcing its way around the huge orange and running down over my balls, dripping off my flaccid cock, my balls, my legs and running right down my stomach, chest and neck where it started dripping off my chin. I could taste its salty bitterness on my lips. I tried to spit it out but my mouth was so dry I had no spit. Wow this was definitely not what I expected.

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   I just hoped he had had enough. I was totally drained and just wanted to collapse in a heap but I knew I could still be attached arse to arse with Rex for I don’t know how long. Eventually the throbbing lessened and I realised he had finished his ejaculation. I really did not have the energy to do anything so quietly sobbing I waited to see what would happen. He just looked around with his tongue hanging out and his tail swishing on my cheeks looking a bit bored.

Suddenly he decided he wanted out and began to pull me aggressively towards the door. Fuck he literally dragged me across the shed floor with me moaning in pain and trying to calm him down. I was so fucked. My ass hurt like hell but I used what strength I had left to keep my arse tightly clenched around him and after several painful attempts he realised there was no getting away from me so he just stood there panting, his big tongue dripping with slobber. It was then I realised why he wanted out. He looked me in the eye then I felt twitching in his cock and a new wave of warmth starting flooding into me, Oh no Rex, I groaned, bad boy. He was pissing in me now. The pressure of the content of his bladder emptying into me was too much and with the sound like that of a hose with your thumb held tightly on the end, squirts of hot liquid came squeezing past his bulge and running all over me and making a big wet spot on the carpet. . .

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  . Fuck.

About 12 o’clock I felt something change and the huge hard thing in me had began to soften a bit. I pulled gently to see what would happen and I felt movement in his cock again. I panicked and kept really stillI was so afraid I was going to arouse him. I lay very still, my chest on the carpet with my arse in the air barely daring to breath, trying to be ready to move if he tried to walk away but thinking I would not be able to anyway. This could be the end of me. Ruined in my first sexual encounter. My face was wet with tears and piss and dripping beads of dog cum and I was covered in sweat and dirt. My thin shirt was sodden and ridden up to my shoulders and he had copiously slobbered all over me. What a sight it must have been. I was his bitch all right. Despite the pain and discomfort some part of me started to feel aroused. I had to admit to myself that if I was watching someone else in this position I would be really turned on. I felt my cock stirring and immediately turned my thoughts elsewhere.

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   No way did I want any movement down there that would risk him getting aroused and mounting me again. I laid in this position for around 20 long minutes, listening to the wind and birds outside and his heavy breathing, trying to relax despite the constant pressure. Eventually I could feel the huge thing gradually shrinking and softening a bit more but nowhere near enough for me to risk escape.

He must have felt it too because then, with no thought for me, in a sudden movement my knees were being dragged along the carpet while having my arse stretched so wide I thought I was breaking. I had no strength left to resist so I had to take a chance and relax my arse and hope for the best. Just when I thought the end had come for me and I would split right open, there was a loud squishy plop and the massive thing pulled out quickly followed by his long thick rod and a huge spray of pressurised liquid. The feeling of relief was incredible. I collapsed on my side and another huge gush poured out of me followed by a continuous flow from my totally abused arse, adding to the already wet carpet. I reached down to feel and I was still stretched wide open,leaking steadily and everywhere I touched burned like fire. My legs had lost all their feeling and I was unable to move. I looked over to Rex and saw the reason for my agony. His long thick shaft was hanging down nearly touching the ground. There was a huge bulge at the base of his cock which looked like a set of glistening red and white balls wrapped around his shaft. It was still as big as an apple and I know it had been much bigger than that. No wonder he could not pull it out.

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   No wonder my arse feels like it does. His cock was fucking huge, really thick and bulging in the middle, hard and pointy looking at the tip. No wonder it hurt so much when he missed my hole. I guess it must have been 7 or 8 inches or so up to the bulging part then at least 4 more for the bulge and then there was another couple of inches before it finished at his balls. It had all been in my tiny body, balls deep in my arse for over 3 hours. The whole thing was glistening, red and angry looking like it had just beaten someone up and liquid was still oozing from the tip. Where the fuck did all that cock come from?Boy was I naive about dog sex. Is this dog deformed or do they all have enormous cocks. No wonder my tight little virgin ass felt so stretched and battered. My insides were so numb I had no idea whether I had any internal damage, but at least he didn’t split me. I flexed and relaxed my arse muscles a bit and another big squirt of liquid shot out then just the steady stream again. I just lay there, collapsed on my side, unable to move with a steady flow from my arse making a big wet pool on the carpet. Wow, I was totally fucked. . .

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  But I survived.

He lay down and spent the next 10 minutes or so licking his dick clean then came over and started licking my face. Fuck Rex. I did encourage him but I still I felt like I had been tricked and then raped. His tongue had made me so horny I gave in to him. Is that rape? Probably not but he knew I wanted him to stop. He used me like his bitch until his own urges were fully taken care of with no consideration whatsoever for my young innocentbody and now he wanted to be friends again? He is just a dog but somehow I could tell he knew exactly what he was doing. Wonder if he realised he took my virginity? I guess so. Wonder if he planned the rape? I was pretty sure he must have done this before, he seemed to know what he was doing. Wonder if he wanted to rape me again? He was probably already planning it. Wonder if I am just going crazy in my exhausted state? As I relaxed a bit and the pain eased I looked between my legs and saw I had a boner. He moved straight in and started licking it, then moved behind and starting licking my battered arse hole. As a final insult and to mark me as his bitch, he then came around in front of me, cocked his leg and pissed on me, his hot piss splashing on my face and soaking my hair. . .

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  . Fuck. .