In the family genes


In the family Genes.

By Niteowluk2003

Before I begin this fictional tale; and to make things easier I will explain the characters in full.

Mother. NameSasha, 48 years of age five foot four tall medium build with 48 EE breasts, strawberry blonde hair; Sasha is openly submissive but needs a real dominant male in her life.

Father. Name Jim; 50 years of age, five foot ten tall slightly overweight and going a little thin on top as his blonde hair recedes, he sports a five inch and thin penis. Like Sasha, Jim is also a submissive although not as open about it as his wife.

Son. Name Andy is 21 years old, six foot tall, slender build, fair haired with a six inch penis, he is confused about his sexuality as he has had secret flings with both women and men but always he has taken a back seat to the running in those flings.

Daughter. Name Sandy, 18 years old, large breasted like her mum, (44 DD); very little in the way of puppy fat but she too likes to be led when it comes to sex.

Master. Name. Rob or Master Rob, Sir or just plain Master. 52 years old, six foot two tall medium to heavy build with a seven and a half inch penis. Has years and years of experience as a dominant male.

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Now to the story.

Sasha and Jim having been married for some 30 years had recently over the last five to ten years; found their interest in each other beginning to wane; it did not help matters that neither was a real dominant spirit to encourage the other and so after another one of their seemingly regular rows about their waning sex life, Sasha snapped she was going to do something about it and if Jim was not going to be man enough to take care of her needs she would find someone to do so.

Jim was unsure of how this made him feel for on one hand he was excited that maybe his wife’s exploits could rekindle their own passions and he may get to finally sample his biggest fantasy to suck another man’s spunk from her well fucked cunt; but he also felt annoyed that he no longer satisfied her as he should and did.

So it was a few nights later Jim came to bed after Sasha and found her going through a contacts magazine; He noticed she did not try to hide it and seemed engrossed in what she was reading; peering over her shoulder he saw she was looking at the BDSM section and his heart leapt as his cock hardened at the thought of a masterful man using his wife. Tentatively he asked if she was going to involve him in these plans and she said that depends on who I choose to contact and what he has to say about the situation.

Well to cut a long story short, they wrote off to Master Rob; who promptly replied and began chatting to them on the internet. He was non committal when it came to being told that she was married and her husband knew of her contacting him. However he did order her to turn on the webcam and undress herself and her husband in full view of him. When he thought they were ready he announced that it was time for him to meet them; and having learned of their area he suggested a meeting in a local park he knew pretty well. Their instructions to be carried out to the letter were; Sasha should wear a short skirt and a blouse nothing underneath; her cunt had to be freshly shaved and she was allowed to wear a short coat or a large raincoat if it was raining. Jim was to wear trousers and a shirt no underwear and similarly he too could wear a short coat or a larger one if inclement weather.

The couple were to enter the park from Clissold Road and walk down to the Whitehouse café where Master would be waiting; then Sasha was to stop and ask him for directions to the aviary. He would give them directions and then follow them there where he would walk up close behind Sasha and speak to them and all being well they would then go off together for their first meeting.

Now by pure chance the Clissold Park they were meeting in was almost the midpoint between their two homes; so it left the options wide open for going back to the master's house or their own. On the evening in question; Sasha and Jim arrived on time and saw two men sat on separate benches.

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Sasha was now pleased that they had used the webcams as she was not about to expose herself to a complete unsuspecting stranger; she approached the man she recognised as Master Rob; and leaning forward she asked for directions as agreed.

The plan was simple if Master Rob was interested then he would not only tell them the way but show them;as Sasha leaned forward her light coat opened exposing her white blouse and Master Rob could clearly see her dark areola and the erect nipple pressing against the material. As Master Rob spoke he slipped into the conversation, "Tell me whore; is your cunt freshly shaved and horny?"

Taken somewhat by surprise by his boldness Sasha almost stuttered her reply and was quickly chastised for being so indecisive!Now standing up and telling the couple to come with him; Master Rob began to lead them away from the cafe; he made sure to place himself between the couple as if to prevent them getting any boldness from each other. He turned to Jim and asked him what he was wearing; he quickly explained as demanded he was wearing a shirt and trousers; no underwear. As Rob asked him if his weedy cock was becoming stiff he deftly slipped his left hand against his trousers and felt the outline of his semi hard cock.

Sasha noticed this movement and she was tempted to say something; but a sharp stare by Rob cut her short and she immediately looked at the ground; Rob then spoke to Jim telling he was looking forward to seeing his cock as he had never seen one so small! Sasha had to stifle a giggle at this and once more a stern look from Rob had her on the retreat. Turning to Sasha; Rob he snapped and what does this fucking slut think so fucking funny; even his weedy cock is more than she has got so she had better stop her fucking about or she will finish the walk naked except for her light short coat.

Sasha realised that if that was the case the coat would not be long enough to cover her arse and cunt; She was almost tempted to disobey Master Rob just for the hell of it and the buzz walking almost naked would give her; knowing that anyone who even glanced in her direction was bound to see her naked shaved excited cunt.

Sense got the better of her bravado though and she concentrated on other things rather than give the master the chance to force her to walk naked; as they approached the aviary they stopped to admire the range of birds in the cages. As they stood there, Rob moved up close behind Sasha and slipped his hand up between her legs from behind; He pressed his hand against her cunt with his finger tips touching her clit and his thumb now pressing against her anal ring. Sasha blushed and tried to steady her legs as the muscles seemed to tremble of their own accord; Master Rob spoke to the pair as he said I have decided to go with you to your house; once inside the house you will both remove your clothes and await my instructions.

Then turning to Sasha he demanded she tell him she was prepared to become his obedient slut and offer her body totally to him without reservation; he deliberately mentioned that she was literally signing her cunt over to him to fuck and suck and offer to who he so pleased; repeating this about her arse and her mouth as well as her large tits; he stressed the relevant parts making her well aware he was her owner and the boss.

Now turning to Jim he repeated the demands that he too had to hand over ownership of his body to Master Rob; stressing that his cock would be used as only Rob saw fit and his arse would become his boy pussy and be open to busy in whatever form Master rob decided was appropriate. He then asked outright if Jim liked eating spunk; which a flustered Jim hesitated in answering. A more demanding Rob warned Jim to answer right now and was rather pleased to hear that he did not know as he had never tasted his or anyone else's spunk!

As they made their way from the park towards Jim and Sasha's home; Master Rob continued, "Jim or maybe I will call you Jemma; as soon as you are naked inside your house you will go to the kitchen and fetch a clean glass and you will wank your tiny cock until you spurt into the glass and then you will beg for my permission to swallow the contents of the glass; is that understood?"

Jim shot a worried look at Sasha; who smiled back at him; as he instantly nodded; Master Rob suddenly snapped.

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  "I cannot hear you!"

"Yes master; I do understand and will obey!" Jim meekly answered. As the continued to walk to his home; Jim now seemed lost in thought as he knew it carried more than just a possible sexual experience; now he was going to be watched having a wank and then made to drink the resultant load from a glass. His mind was in turmoil; could he do it or would he ruin everything by failing at his first task.

Sashawas not exempt from the rising expectation of what was going to happen; she was also thinking about her first task set by her new master; it would be the first time she would be naked in front of anyone other than her doctor and her husband and the thought excited her no end; Each step she took she felt her cunt getting wetter and wetter; she imagined she could feel it running down her thighs; she slipped her hand casually between her legs to check only to be told by Rob to leave her horny fucking cunt alone.

The walk home seemed to take ages but in effect was only 10 minutes; and soon Sasha saw their front door coming into view; her pulse quickened at the thought of soon being naked in front of a stranger; sure Master rob had seen her naked in front of a web cam but now to be naked in his presence seemed so much more exciting and humiliating.

As Jim unlocked the front door he called out to their two grown up kids; Andy and Sandy and breathed a sigh of relief when they did not answer; indicating they were not home. As soon as the front door closed Master Rob ordered them to undress; and as they did so he asked about the two kids; Jim quickly explained that the two were adults but still lived at home and both seemed exactly like their parents in the way they were easy going. Master Rob took it to mean that they too were prone to be submissive like Jim and Sasha after all they say it runs in the genes.

Now naked before their new master; Jim stood waiting to see what he would be required to do; when Rob reached forward and took his cock in his left hand; Jim flinched for this was the first time anyone other than himself had held his cock; another slight gasp escaped his lips as Rob's right hand closed around his balls; Jim offered a weak smile in the direction of Rob and instantly regretted it; for Rob suddenly squeezed tight on his cock and balls until Jim winced; then snapped; "fucking wimp; you were supposed to go fetch a glass to wank into; not stand around like a spare pork chop at a Jewish wedding; now unless you want your nuts crushed beyond repair; fucking do as you were told!

Jim quickly shot off to the kitchen as soon as his cock and balls were released and returned five minutes later with a small wine glass; Rob laughed and suggested he may have been better with a thimble for a cock of his size; Sasha had to stifle another giggle; but too late for rob had heard her.

He ordered her to bend over still in the hall way and promptly spanked her arse till her cheeks were a flamed red colour; then he ordered her to go in to the kitchen and make him a coffee; she should then serve it to him in the living room but warned her that as soon as she entered the living room she had better be on her knees or the spanking she had just endured would be like a tender pat.

Walking into the living room Master rob sat in the comfiest chair and made Jim come stand beside him as he continued to wank his five inch cock; Whether it was being so close to rob or just wanking in front of someone; but Jim found it harder to cum than he usually did; but Rob expected that and suddenly turned to Jim and said; "If you have not spunked into your artificial cunt by the time I have drunk my coffee; I will take an everyday object like a hair brush and shove it bristles first up your boy pussy!"

Now whether it was the threat of sexual abuse or Jim suddenly found something sexy to think about he noticed his cock twitch and suddenly thick globs of spunk shot out and into the glass; where all the spunk come from he could not say because normally he shot very little but now he found almost two teaspoons worth was sliding down the sides of the glass and pooling in the bottom waiting his instruction to drink it.

Just then the living room door swung open and Sasha on her knees entered carrying Rob's coffee; she immediately saw the dribbling's of spunk on her husband's slowly wilting cock and without thinking licked her lips. Rob snapped at her that she may fancy sucking his cock clean but she needed to earn that right before she would be allowed anything like that.

Rob noted the way her tits wobbled and bounced as she crawled on her knees towards him trying with all her might not to spill any coffee for she sensed she would be punished again for such a gross misdemeanour. Slowly she reached her new master and he took the cup from her and she was about to stand up when he shot her a glaring scowl; instantly she settled back on to her knees and waited.

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While still seated Rob turned to Jim and said, "So tell me little cock; have you ever seen a real man's cock in the flesh so to speak; I know you would have looked at pictures in order to realise that nature had been so cruel to you; but what about a real life flesh and blood proper cock?"

Jim winced at the words invading his ears but sadly shook his head; Sasha suddenly interrupted things by saying she had once seen her father's cock and realised they do come in proper sizes; but she was cut short by Rob who demanded to know who asked her to speak! She confessed no one had done so. Turning to Jim; Rob asked him to decide on a punishment for his wayward bitch of a wife!

Jim thought for a while and then said, "Obviously spanking does not do her any good as she has been spanked already and not learned her lesson; so maybe some other form of punishment maybe better; Master, but for the life of me I cannot think of one right now!"

"Very well then!" responded Master Rob, "I think you may be right; let us see if being bound will remind her of her lowly place in the manner of things!" So he sent Jim off to get some rope; as Master Rob had not brought any of his own things with him.

Jim returned with what can only be described as a washing line rope and several minutes later Sasha was trussed up like a spring chicken. Her wrists were tied to each of her elbows behind her back forcing her to thrust her tits forward; then the ends went down between her legs and one passed either side of her clit before coming up to form a waist belt and finally they were tied off in a figure of eight around her tits and the loose ends tied behind her neck.

The tightness of the rope around her tits caused them to swell and gave them a reddish- blue tint; her tit flesh engorged with trapped blood made them appear two sizes bigger and her nipples almost constantly rock hard from the first minute of their meeting in the park seemed even more like coat hooks. Playfully Rob slapped her left tit and watched as the pain registered on Sasha face and her tits wobbled like a fresh jelly.

Returning to the matter in hand; Rob now ordered Jim to Remove his master's cock from his trousers and examine a real man's cock; He stressed that Jim should make sure that Sasha saw everything that Jim did. Gingerly Jim removed his master's cock and noted it felt massive in his hand compared to his own meagre excuse for a cock; Suddenly Jim found himself ordered to suck a stranger's cock and make it hard enough for him to fuck the trussed up bitch on the floor before them both.

Jim almost baulked at the idea of sucking another man's cock but having already seen the leave of punishment that Master Rob was happy to dish out he swallowed hard and opened his mouth before bobbing his head down on to the semi hard seven and a half inch cock which was almost twice the thickness of jims own poor specimen.

Sasha could not believe how easy Jim had taken to sucking cock and she thought he must have either done it before or had fantasises of doing it. She was itching to say something but had just learnt her lesson for speaking out of turn; so she stayed quiet.

By now Jim was working away like a season whore on the cock in his mouth; Rob noticed Jim's cock was now standing hard and erect and he suddenly pushed Jim's head away from his cock and told him; "You fucking queer; you were enjoying that just look at your sick excuse for a cock! You had better fucking wank that away again!"

Reaching forward Rob pinched Sasha engorged nipples and asked her if she was ready to be fucked by a real man's cock; eagerly Sasha nodded her head and wanted so much to stand up and get off her now sore knees; but rob sensed this and instead he simply stood up and came round behind her; then he pushed her forward till her head was flat on the floor raising her trussed up arse into the air and he slowly stroked his cock along the length of her cunt.

Watching this proved too much for Jim as he shot his second load into the glass and waited for what was clearly going to happen right now before his very eyes; mentally he crossed off another of his fantasises; he had sucked his first cock; he had felt a stranger's hand on his own cock and now he was about to see his beloved horny wife take a stranger's cock into her cunt and hopefully find her cunt flooded with his spunk for Jim to lick clean sometime real soon.

Rob thrust hard and fast at Sasha's cunt and buried his hard cock in one thrust; Sasha groaned at the new feeling for her of having such a large thick cock buried inside her cunt. She willing bucked against this invading cock as her own passions kicked into gear.

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   Soon she was forcing her own cunt back onto the thrusting cock and grunting her way through a massive orgasm; she was screaming at Jim that she was in heaven now as this cock was reaching places that his poor effort of a cock could only dream of reaching.

Suddenly Rob thrust forward and grabbing Sasha's hips held his cock there as it spewed forth its potent baby making seed deep inside the wanton whores cunt. As his cock withered and slipped from Jim's wife's cunt; Jim begged to be allowed to suck it clean and then to clean up the slut's cunt. Rob smiled and agreed and soon Jim scooted underneath her and began lapping at her cunt; Sasha was squealing like a whore on a donkey dick; but she was not just begging Jim to lick her cunt clean she was telling him to suck all her master's spunk from her cunt. Muffled words from Jim indicated he was doing just that.

Suddenly Rob spun round at a sound behind him to see a young man standing there; his cock in his hand watching the action taking place. At that moment Sasha turned her head in the same direction asRob's gaze and shrieked; for their stood her own son; clearly wanking his cock as his father ate another man's spunk from his mother's cunt.

To be continued.