Topic: LIFES SEXUAL PERKS 21/1 Fact or fiction? you decide.
 Continued from LSP really still wasn"t sure she"d seen me or appeared to,as her eyes seemed to be glazed as if concentrating on the sucking Den was applying to her tits. Whatever her mind was doing,I was more interested in what Dens hands were at. They were back again tugging at her skirt and as it rose completely above her hips and seeing Jackie making no attempt to hinder him doing this,I again was sorely tempted to draw a halt to the proceedings. . . but how could one expect me to stop them as he now started to try pulling her knickers down. My poor old beast was aching for more as her white belly,then her belly button followed by just the hint of her pubes came into view.
 Although it was only love juice, my cock was flowing as though beasty was about to fuck her. (Well it hasn"t a brain of its own) He,Den, was out of luck,her panties and suspenders had hitched together somehow. I had a better view than Den of her middles,but he was getting the touching bit. Horny lucky bastard! He now seemed to be getting token resistence from my wife as she said, "They"ll miss us we"ve been gone to long" he,gruffly now said, "Who cares,I"m going to have it and you want it as badly as I do anyway" Her hand weakly tried to stop his hands as they pulled at the legs of her knickers.
 "Please Den,not here please lets stop,pleease! Ooh!Ooh!noo" He was now pulling the leg of her knickers to the side giving me a view of her pussy. It glistened in the light,she must be soaking. I knew at this point she had seen me watching,because she looking directly at me,raised her eyes up into the top of her head while taking a very deep breath and shakily letting it out indicated to me he had her really going,I"m sure she was actually cumming off. In turn I got a glimpse of his other hand and could see most of it was inside the other leg hole doing I don"t know what to her pussy.

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 "Please Den,don"t do it pleease,hark! there"s someone coming" "Sssh! they"ll just go by,you know you want it as much as I do" "No!No! honest I didn"t want you to do me" "You must have,you"re soaking!" "Yeah I admit it got me excited,you necking me and that,but not to fuck me" Suddenly his cock was in sight waving in front of my wifes cunt. It hit against her thigh,he had a rampant hardon,then grabbing hold of it and pointing it at her pussy he made to push at her. I knew it touched her slit because as she moaned n-o-o please n-o-o he bent his knees to line it up with her cunts hole.
 "Ooh! no, please let me just flip you off" "Like fuck! you"re goin to have the fucker right now" Another jab at her as I quickly moved back out of sight a bit and said, "You two! are you about here some place? the others have noted your absence,Oh! there you are" In this little time,my beast was squirting cum in my pants and tormenting my groins with a slow excruciating orgasm. As I came in sight, Den pulled away and turning away from my direction obviously trying to put his cock away,while Jackie on the other hand was struggling with her skirt,which being a pencil style didn"t lend itself to a quick cover up.
 I nearly gave my part in all this away though,because in her haste to cover her pussy,her tits were still out. Playing the dumb hubby,I said, "Put your tits away Jackie before Den gets any ideas about your pussy" All in an annoyed tone. She gave me a look,her mouth was about to respond but I caught her with a wink just in time. Trying to recover the situation,Den had done himself up and turned towards us. I couldn"t resist this. "Jackie,you haven"t been feeling anything you shouldn"t have,have you?" No answer,I went on, "Den you better wipe that stuff off your trouser leg before we catch up with the others" He,Shit! "Sorry mate,it was what,(Jab) you know,THE OTHER DAY!" he said meaningfully. "Jackie wouldn"t know anything about that" I lied. "What wouldn"t I know about" Jackie blasted. I have to hand it to her,she was dead quick on the uptake. "Oh! nothing really,you know,man stuff" As she turned away,she had a grin right across her face.

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 As we walked to catch up,Den hurriedly pushed on ahead to catch up first. I reckoned it was to give Ginny some of his smarmy bullshit! Dragging back,I said to wifey, "You"re such a bitch,one minute he got you nearly cumming in your knickers and the next you"re making him nearly shit himself" As she rolled her eyes up into the top of her head again,"Nearly cumming?" she uttered with passion. I knew then it wasn"t nearly at all,he"d made her cum right enough, as I had suspected. Fucking hell I miss-judged that then!
 Thinking about it I should have realised because it had made my beast cum,with no hands applied. Well nearly no handling anyway! She went on, "I don"t know what happened,one second I was resisting him then the next I wanted to grab hold his cock and shove it in myself" What did he do that I didn"t see then? "Nothing,I knew you were there from when he pulled my tits out" I didn"t bother to say I was there before that.
 But he was fingering me with his hand away from where you were,then suddenly my legs went all weak as he touched up inside me and I came all over his fingers. That"s when he suddenly had his cock against my pussy. What did that feel like? "To be honest,lovely,he slid it along my quim and just as I felt him line it up with my hole,you hollered. Oh Richard,I am so sorry,I would have let him,how terrible is that? I"m so,so sorry,honest,it was this feeling his fingers done on me" (I now know,he knew how to find a womens G spot) At this time I said, "It must have been the feel of a different finger rubbing your clit" "Yeah, but it felt more inside though!" she said.
 More to follow.

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