Trying It I


I was surprised to find myself standing there naked.
I had been walking home when it had started to rain. Not very much at first, but then when I was about six blocks from my house, it really started to pour. By the time I reachedWest Park Street, I was absolutely soaked. I heard someone called out to me. I looked over with water running down my face and into my house to see who it was. It took me a moment to recognize him. It was Mr. Stanly, a science teacher from my high school. I had graduated two years before and had forgotten that he lived over this way. He had just pulled into his driveway and was getting out of his car and had spotted me. He was waving for me to come over.
"Come on in - get out of this rain," he said as I came up.
It sounded good to me. He opened the door and I ducked in after him.
"Man! It's coming down!" I gasped.

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"You got that right," he agreed.
He deposited the grocery bag he had carried in on the kitchen counter as I stood there dribbling water onto the tile floor of the kitchen.
"Let me get you a towel," he offered. He disappeared into the laundry room and came back with a hand towel, handing it to me. I wiped my face and hair, although my shirt, jeans and sneakers were soaked through and still dribbling water onto the floor.
Mr. Stanly appraised the situation. "Um. . . I could throw your things into the dryer. They'd be dry in about twenty minutes," he said.
"Yeah. I guess. .

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  . " I responded. My clothes were feeling wet and heavy and cold, and that sounded like a good idea.
I followed him from the kitchen into the laundry room. He opened the door on the dryer and waited while I set aside the towel and tugged the t-shirt I was wearing over my head. I gave that to him and he tossed it into the machine and waiting for my jeans. Getting out of wet jeans is a struggle. I kicked off my shoes and balanced first on one bare foot and then the other as I slid out of them, and he took those. I was left in my underwear, which were soaked, too.
He regarded these. "You might as well give me everything," he said. "Don't worry. . . no one will see you," he assured.

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Not wanting to appear overly modest, and thinking that it made sense to just throw everything into the dryer, I slipped those off, as well. He took them, put them into the machine with all of my other things, and set the dryer going.
I was surprised to find myself standing there naked.
It was unexpected and felt sort of unreal.
Mr. Stanly seemed to take it in stride, making me feel less elf-conscious. Which was a good thing, since the towel he had given to me was too small to even attempt to cover up with.
"Um. . . I can get you a robe or a bigger towel," he told me. He smiled, looking amused. "Or if you prefer nothing at all. . .

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  like I said, no one will see you. I'm not expecting any visitors. Especially in this downpour. " Carelessly unconcerned he added, "But whatever your choice, how about a mug of hot coffee to warm you up?"
I grinned. "The coffee sounds good," I admitted. Thinking about it, I said, "Maybe a bigger towel. "
"Sure," he said.
He started off, heading into the kitchen. Cautiously, I trailed behind him, thinking that he would probably go to the bathroom or a cupboard and get me a bath towel to wrap around my waist. He paused at the counter.
"I left the coffee on, so it's still hot," he announced, taking two mugs from the cabinet and pouring them full. He turned and gave one to me. "That'll warm you up. Meanwhile, I'll get you a towel. "
He left the kitchen and me standing there taking a sip of hot coffee, which was good.

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   A moment later he returned with a pale blue towel, which I took, and dabbed some more at my wet hair with while he picked up his mug of coffee. I had gotten over my initial surprise at being naked, and it no longer seemed quite as outstanding in my mind that I was. Although I figured that out of social politeness I had better go ahead and cover up, thinking that he expected me to.
I wrapped the towel around my waist, and again I saw him smile in a kind of amused fashion.
"Better?" he questioned.
"Well. . . " I started to say, but let my sentence trail off, not really knowing what to say. I gave a shrug of my bare shoulders.