I just wanna share this true story.

I'm a 25 year old man now but I remember what happened to my Mom and my Professor.

My mom is hot and she got that big white breast so I know many of my friends admire her.


On my 3rd year of college I have a male professor who teaches art and he's really good at it and 3 years younger than my mom. Me and my professor are so close that I let him go to my house and have lunch there, he met my parents and became close with them. But, there was something in his eyes when he looks at my mom, I know he fantasizes about her.  


My mom and dad's marriage is on the brick and they always fight, one day my mom cried when my professor was still teaching me art at my house and my mom confide to him. I left the room because I have to go to the restroom and just as I was finish when I got to my room it was locked.

So, I was surprise and started knocking but no one answered. I tried to peek through the window and saw something that I shouldn't have seen.


My professor was squeezing my mom's breast while kissing her and while they're at it I was stoned to move. I will be honest it made me hard, then the next thing was when they both remove their clothes and my prof fucked my mom hard. I was so shock I don't know what to do, so I stayed outside looking at them until they're finish. When they got out they were both shocked and felt uneased, while I am too.


It became a routine, my professor was my friend and I'm closer to him than my dad so I didn't stop them and let them have sex all the way. One day, my professor didn't come to school and I wondered why? until I got home, I heard moaning in the CR and by then I knew what's happening.


   that was 4 years ago, until now my father doesn't know and until now they see each other.  

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