My Wife's British Friend



Last July Lucy my wife’s best friend Kylie (who is drop dead gorgeous with blond hair blue eyes flat stomach and nice chest) came over from England to visit for about 3 weeks. ÂLucy and Kylie went out just about every night and sometimes I went with. ÂThis one Saturday night Lucy did not want to go out clubbing because she had to be up early the next day for a baby shower. ÂSo I went with Kylie alone and had a great time.  ÂWe left the club around 2 am and all Kylie could say in the cab ride home was that how horny she was and that it must be due to all the alcohol she drank.


Kylie was staying downstairs in our finished basement with a shower and bedroom and when we got home she said that she needed a shower really bad because of the smoke smell from being in the club and that she had the munchies for some food. ÂI was a little hungry and decide to make us a snack.


When I walked down stairs our dog “Blitz” a male Dalmatian we were looking after while our friends went to Hawaii came running down with. ÂI opened Kyle’s door to find her wearing just a towel (this is where it starts to get a little weird). ÂWith her back facing me she drops the towel turns around gave me a passionate kiss and then pushes me away onto the sofa!ÂI’m thinking to myself “Oh my God” Her pussy is shaven!


She leans against the wall slides down and starts to finger herself. ÂAt this point I am really turned on but not sure what is happening.

ÂKylie then takes her middle finger that she used to finger-fucked herself with and offers it to Blitz our Dalmatian dog. She then let him lick her fingers clean and repeated the process several times.


Kylie then gently pulled Blitz between her legs and brought his head towards her pussy. ÂI was so turned on watching this dog lick her pussy. ÂIn some way it was very erotic!

While I was sitting there in awe I noticed Blitz was getting very aroused HUGELY.

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  ÂThat is when Kylie said I need to be fuck hard by Blitz!


She asked me to get her a pair of socks placed them on Blitz front paws so he would not scratch her. ÂKylie went down on all fours and I helped Blitz get mounted on her.

It was so erotic!ÂBlitz started hard fucking right away because the male K9 humps hard and fast. ÂWhen he was locked into Kylie (knot) she started to reach down in between her legs and stimulated her clit.


Kylie said apparently the knot could be very uncomfortable at first because sometimes it can feel as if it's going to stretch you to tearing. But she swore that it won't and before long she said that any woman being fucked would enjoy the knot rubbing against her G-spots.


Finally after what seemed like five orgasms for Kylie Blitz started Cumming inside her like there was no tomorrow. ÂBlitz then went off into a corner and fell asleep. ÂKylie on the other hand was not finished with me. ÂShe came over and gave me one hell of a blow job sucking me down to every last drop of cum


The next morning my wife Lucy woke up early and left for the baby shower with friends. ÂI woke up around 11: 30am brushed my teeth and got into the shower. ÂNot feeling the least bit guilty about last night for some strange reason. ÂI was in the shower about 5 mins when the door to the shower opens and as I turn around I see Kylie very naked and in my shower!ÂThis is when it start becomes hard to say no because she is so good looking!ÂThe first thing she says to me in her sexy British accent is "lick my shaven clean pussy!"ÂOnce again I am so completely off guard yet so turned on I kneel down in the shower and with the warm water running over us and give her one hell of a licking. Â


After Kylie cam the first and second time she told me to get up and said “I am going to fuck my best friend’s husband right now in her bed”!ÂWith that being said I’m thinking what the hell am I doing but she is soooooo hot!ÂShe ended up taking me into our bed getting on top fucking me!ÂShe then got off grabbed hold of the two-bed post and demanded I anal fuck her. ÂOnce I started to fuck her up the ass she started to have multiple orgasm and was being very loud.

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  ÂEven though I should of been feeling like this was wrong I found her to be such a turn on and very erotic!Â


Three days later on a very hot summer afternoon we met up with some friends in Glen Wood Springs in the mountains for a long 3-hour hike.

ÂAbout 30 minutes in the hike Kylie says she needs the bathroom and does not want to go behind a bush. ÂMy wife Lucy wanted to stay and finish the hike and since I have been before asked if she would not mind walking her back to the car to drive her into town. ÂLucy suggested we checked out the local museum to waste time and then meet back at the trail in a couple of hours.


The first 10 minutes on the way back to the car we spent talking about how hot it was outside. ÂI must admit the cut off pink t-shirt and tan shorts she was wearing made her look even sexier. ÂAs we continued to the car she ran off down a different trail and of course I chased after her. ÂShe stopped next to the side a big rock in the middle of a clearing with nothing around for miles.


I asked her what she was doing and she said, “Shut up just listen”. ÂAs she said that she started to pull my umbro soccer shorts down and removed my t-shirt and started to give me a blowjob. ÂYou think by this time I would start to say no but I couldn’t because it felt so good and I enjoyed it. I then pull off Kylie's tan shorts and black panties and started to massage her clit. ÂI could not help myself because then I found myself ripping off her panties and tearing off her pink t-shirt and black bra.


As she lay against the warm rock in the sun completely naked I started to lick her clit until I gave her several orgasms. ÂIt was one of the most erotic moments in my life!ÂShe then turned around and I started fucking her doggie style.

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  ÂWhile we were fucking it was so peaceful being outside with nature. ÂI even saw two deer watching us very closely.


The next day it was time for Kylie to return back to England. ÂWe took her to the airport she got on her flight and flew back home. ÂThe weird part is I never once felt guilty about cheating. ÂMaybe it was because I felt I was drawn into a sexual relationship I could not stop



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