Seduction of maid Kaveri and Pavithra.


Krishna opened the door and invited me inside and then Kaveri who was in her nightie and after long working inside the kitchen and washing clothes could feel the nightie showing her sexy structures since the cloth was sticking to her body.   When asked for her absence that is when Krishna started sobbing and said sir I had taken loan for construction of this house which almost I have paid back, but still a lac of rupees is pending and have not  been able to pay the financer Mr. Hirachand.   He had come to our house yesterday evening and has demanded me to pay back or else allow my Kaveri to work in his house as his mistress till I complete the loan. Mr. hirachand was known womanizer who had many mistreses who were created out of the finance he lend people and knew that this people will not pay  on time and then he would enjoy their ladies.   Hirachand had 3 mistresses in the house and his wife would be in Jodhpur, what I had heard was that every day Hirachand had a different woman in bed this were the women whose husbands never paid or had to go thru difficulties.     Krishna said we are worried with all my savings, even if I mortgage some of her jewellery I can raise around 50000 but Hirachand has given me a deadline till tomorrow morning, I have asked for loan in my company which is in process and will get it by month end around 75000 but today to pay I do not have and started sobbing, even my sexy dream woman started sobbing on the disaster that had fallen on them.


After hearing all this I asked Krishna take this cheque go to the bank remove the money and give it to Hirachand and confirm back that you have paid him and take a receipt from him for having received the full amount and that there was nothing due to him and also take with you two witnesses so that Hirachand does not back out, but after some thinking I told Krishna that I will accompany him, we went to Hirachand who welcomed us and then after paying him the full amount and taking a receipt  and also took the original bond paper on which Krishna had signed and tore the same into pieces.   When I was in Hirachand’s house a beautiful lady came with tea, I immediately recognized her she was staying in the same society where I stayed her name was Bindu, I did not show that I knew her nor she did and afterwards we left the house of Hirachand.


Krishna called up Kaveri on the mobile and told her how Uncle had saved their lives from being dishonoured and slavery.

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    Krishna asked Kaveri to make something sweet for Uncle and then we went to a sweet shop and took lot of sweets and khara and chocolates for the kids and went home and gave it to the children,  Kaveri was very happy and could feel that this woman would satisfy all my needs, after having sweet and snacks at their house was about to leave when the whole family touched my feet and said thanks to me I holding Kaveri;s shoulder and Krishna’s shoulder told them that you have to thank God  who came to their help in time. My hands were feeling Kaveri’s waist and wanted to smooch her but this was not the time.


Next day morning Kaveri came to our house when all my family were leaving for a marriage but I did not want to go so I stayed back that is when Kaveri told all the family members that how uncle had saved her dignity and her pride, she was always thankful to the whole family and she touched aunty’s feet and also Rahul and Kavitha’s feet and said please keep your blessings on me the same way without relations going bad.   My family went out and then it was me and Kaveri.   Kaveri once again thanked me for saving her from the clutches of Hirachand and said she would always do anything for me and my family.   I just pulled her towards me and hugged her kissing her on her eyes, earlobes, on her neck and then started feeling her waist and smooching her sexy navel, that is when slowly started opening her saree and then her petticoat, she was just in her blouse and panties that is when started opening her blouse and then her bra hooks, my god this woman was all sex inside her dress and then started feeling her with all vigour and strength.


Her head tilted down, eyes closed and her breasts heaving up and down in pace with her heavy breathing. I could feel my heart popping out as I slowly removed her hair-band and gently began to stroke her hair. No words were spoken. I held her face in both my hands and turned it up towards me. Her eyes were still closed as her lips parted and her hands came to rest on my hips as I bent down and kissed her honey sweet lips. They were moist, soft, and tender.

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   Her hands soon grabbed me from behind in tight embrace. I lifted up my head and looked at her. She quickly hid her face on my shoulder, her eyes evading my every glance. I held her from her back and tightened my grip on her, crushing her tender breasts hard on my chest. I could hear a soft sigh from inside her. I stroked her hair for a few moments; quite aware of the delicate situation she was in. I moved her away from me and again placed my lips on hers. This time it was a real passionate one. I could now feel her tongue with mine. Her hands were slowly rising from my back to my head, her fingers running through my hairs. I was moving my hands all over her back. My hands moved down to her waists and as I grabbed her buttocks, her grip tightened on me. I slowly moved my hand upwards sliding through her hips, up her belly and then cupped her breast. It was a wonderful feeling. I could now feel her going weak in the legs.

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   I looked at her from all sides and asked her to raise her sari. She hitched her sari to her waist and turned away from me out of shame, revealing her big fat ass. She wore no panty for the occasion. I got closer to her and put my hands on her ass and grappled it. I bent down and kissed her ass all over. I ran my tongue over her ass and spread her ass cheeks and looked at the hole. I was going to enter this hole, but slowly. . . I kissed her ass again and put my right hand between her thighs and reached her cunt from behind. I began to flick her clitoris to arouse her first. She was so full of sex that she did not need any arousing actually. She began to moan at my touch and I kept on masturbating her. . .

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   Soon her moans climaxed into an orgasm. Both of us were standing. I wrapped her in my arms and kissed her all over. Then we engaged in a long lingering passionate kiss like a newly married couple. Then I gently laid her on the floor and removed her hem and unhooked her blouse and began to play with her breasts and sucked her nipples. Then I looked at her lovingly. She looked back at me, not knowing what I would do next, Kaveri said Uncle stop we should not go further, pleaseeee stop uncle. I told her to take my dick and make love to it

She slowly began to move my dick back and forth her thumb caressing the tip of my penis-head. We fondled each other for quite sometime and then I told her to take me in her mouth. She repulsed but after coxing a few times she went down on her knees. She smiled and moved her tongue over her lips looking into my eyes expressing that she liked my erection, length, thickness, etc. Looking at hard black cock Kaveri  exclaimed, “oh! Uncle! You have got such a large and thick penis. ” Then her lips parted as she moved forward to take my penis in her mouth. I could feel her small teeth and her tongue wriggling me. She now began to enjoy it.

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   "Suck me Kaveri. " I said. Kaveri never knew that it would be so exciting. She moved her head back and forth and began to suck at the same time. Her tongue was licking every part of me. She was now sucking my juices right out of my body. Her sucking created a kind of a vacuum in my prick and I could feel my juices about to rush out. I took out my penis from her mouth before I could ejaculate, as I wanted to do it deep inside her and not in her mouth. I laid her down on the bed. As usual her sari was above the knee and it slid back as she lay down, one foot lying straight on the ground and the other raised a little, exposing her thighs. After a short while, I grabbed and pulled her 2 me to land a kiss. This time she was really angry because while pulling her, I tightened my grip on wrist which might have hurt her and she was about kick my ass.   To my amazement she actually helped me get of her panty by shifting on her sides. I removed her panty from her legs and threw it aside. My hand soon grabbed her knee of the raised foot and began to slide down.

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   I thereafter took out my dick and placed it between her sumptuous thighs. I was amazed to see her thighs. They were so healthy. I spread them apart with my hands and lowered myself on her and placed my dick at the mouth of her cunt. I caught her leg and spread her R-leg with my L-leg and caught her pussy area with a strong grip, she was screaming “eee u. . . . u . . . . u ". I thought I might have her pussy hairs. I slowly shoved my finger in her cunt and started fingering her.

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   She started enjoying the drama in a silent manner. When as her legs were still bit spread I inserted my L-leg in between her and touched her pussy with my cock. Slowly I pulled her string of petticoat and released the knot. While opening I was kissing her and kept her busy on top struggling, and then put my cock in the entrance. she was really shocked by this because my cock was bit long and damn hard like hot iron rod and the foreskin has already gone back and the tip of my cock was visible clearly to her, she opened her eyes and stared at my cock. I widened her leg, while I cupped her boobs and squeezed them as if she would not be available again . I pulled her near and start pressing her against me she smelt good. I caught her right leg and wind it 2 my waist, but no she snatched her leg. I again caught her leg and kept her feet on my shoulders so the legs shaped like reverse V. I held my cock with one hand and directed to her pussy. I inserted my tip. She started screaming . . . ooooohhhh.

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  . . yeahhhhheeeee. . . as I pushed slightly in. I got so excited that I inserted my shaft inside her cunt and rode her like a horse and gasped for air. . . She began to moan and egg me on and I continued to pump her. . . Up and down up and down. . .

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   She shouted, “Ammmmmma. . . . . . . please slowly, it may bleed. . . . . " Me "Don’t worry! Nothing will happen like that. " I slowly increased my in-out game. She was crying like I was killing her.

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   Then I slowly pushed deeper into her cunt. She really felt my cock in her stomach, she screemed, “Let go Bastard! iiieeesssssssshhhhhhhh. . . . . . slow slow slowly oooooooohhhh. . . . ” She too submitted herself completely to me and held me firmly. I felt like coming. I could feel the pressure built inside my dick. I pushed with my full strength into the hole.


   Then I gave out a loud moan oooooooooohhhhhiii. . . iiiisssssss… as I shot a load of thick semen inside sweet sexy buxom fair fleshy Kaveri. . I came inside her and felt that she also came along with me. For a moment she became silent. Her legs shivered for a while and she landed a deep kiss on my lips and said, “ Uncle, I’ll remember this incident throughout my life. " Then I told Kaveri that lets take bath and went inside the bathroom had shower bath, she soaped me and I soaped her we enjoyed every moment and then came out and dried ourselves.   I told Kaveri she was marvelous and she had given him the satisfaction of sex after a very long time and then I went inside and brought a beautiful saree and gave it to her I said this is from me to you for the Diwali festival coming near I also gave her 5000/- and said to her to take good clothes for children and her husband and enjoy the festival.   She cried and hugged me and said I don’t know how to thank you uncle that is when told her that she give me satisfaction and I would help her as and when needed.   I also made it a point with her that she should wear only saree and come to our house and not wear salwar where I cannot see your midriff and navel, she said uncle you are very naughty  Then I requested Kaveri to do me a favor.   I boldly and abruptly asked her to introduce me to the sexy Pavithra who was wife of Seshadri Nair She said what will I get for introducing you to Pavithra that is when told her that if she did and everything went ok then I will forget the 1 lac rupees given to Krishna, Kaveri said do not worry I have already told somany things about you and your family and praised you a lot I will surely get you in to their house and also get friendlier with Pavithra and not only her but all the house where she works she will introduce you to the housewife’s so that you may create a haven or play with them. ;   Kaveri who was indebted by my help  looked at me with staring eyes and lastly accepted my  offer and said very soon she will introduce me to the sex bomb in the society, and all other sexy women where she worked with, she took me along with her to and we went down together and Kaveri knocked at the door of Pavithra and then introduced me to her stating that we were living on the top floor, Pavithra said I know I have seen you many times in the lift trying to flirt with me by touching your body to me and feeling my bums, I was shocked to hear this, she said that every man in the building wants to come near me or feel me or try to see whenever I bend or try to scratch my back,what she had said just now was the truth, she was the sex godess for all the elder men who oogled at the look of her or when she walked with a style which most of the women do not have, she always dressed elegantly so much that every man in the society wanted to feel her or must be dreaming of fucking this woman she invited us inside her house, she had decorated the house very well and asked me how was my work and about my family we discussed about herself and her husband and children.   She asked me as to what brought me to her house I told her that like every man in the society I was also a admirer of her beauty and sexy structure you have and wanted to be a friend of yours that is why I took the help of Kaveri my maid to come to you.

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Pavithra liked my boldness and smiled naughtily at me while I was talking to her could see her bra and panties which were visible through her nightie, Pavithra must have guessed something was wrong and then realized that she was almost naked and went inside and changed over to a better dress and came back I asked her madam why did you change over you were looking damn sexy , she just shied away but knew very soon I would take this lady into my bed.

Pavithra’s husband who had gone for a walk just returned when I was speaking to Pavithra, I knew him since we used to meet in the walk, he asked me what brought me here so earlyin the morning  that is when told him that I wanted to get my house decorated by your wife oh so is it and went inside the room but I took leave of Pavithra and went away.

Pavithra came to my house next day when the whole family was around and then looking at the house she discussed with my daughterinlaw and then with my wife whom she already knew, she gave us an estimate and after finalization Pavithra said you will have to give me the flat for atleast 15  days to make it as required, we agreed and we stayed at Kavitha’s mother’s house, daily visited the flat to look at Pavithra’s work process and then started the words game praising her for her beauty, how she had maintained her self and how she spoke so nicely etc, that is when she started telling me about her life and how she was not given the importance by her husband who always thought of making money and money and had ignored her, I asked her about her son and daughter she said both of them are studying in the hostel at Panchgani.   I was mostly interested in taking this beauty to bed and ffeel her so was planning how to take her then an idea struck me, in my own company where I worked we did work with rockwool, I took little with me which if touched with body gives you itching everywhere.

One day when I went to visit her work progress , she was showing me around my house that is when slowly removed the packet and removed little rockwool and  put it on her back above the blouse cut, after some time whenit started perspiring she wiped her perspiration with her saree paloo that time the itching started.   First she scratched herself but the itching was toomuch that is when she asked me if I could scratch her back and started scratching and feeling the sexy back, I told Pavithra that it had become red and told her it may be an ant or something we will have to check for which I will have to see her inproper day light and we went inside my bedroom and switched on all the lights which immediately switched on the camera.   I inserted my hand inside her blouse from back but it was too tight and then requested Pavithra to please allow me to open her blouse and unbuttoned it and removed her blouse and then slowly unhooked her bra buttons in meanwhile my hands had gone to pocket to get the rockwoolin hand and as I opened her blouse had inserted the wool on her midriff, when the bra came out it was fantastic to see one of the beautiful sexy  back and then said that there is nothing here, slowly asked her to remove her saree that is when Pavithra asked me are you trying to seduce me, she said I would better go home and check myself but when she turned around her boobs were seen naked by me and that excited me and started sucking her nipples, she stopped me, she shouted at me, she struggled under my clutches to get out, she slapped me but knew once I leave her she will not be a game. I just pushed her to the bed and started feeling her body, it was difficult for me to undress her saree and petticoat that is why I just inserted my hands taking the saree upwards and started feeling her thighs and then went towards her cunt, she said no please stop Satish I have never done this before, my husband is the only person with whom I have made love to, please leave me do not spoil me, she got up and went towards the bathroom and was trying to fix her dress that is when forcibly entered and found her only in her petticoat just untied the knot and the petticoat had gone, she again slapped me and tried to push me out and said that she will shout rape, that is when I just started the shower tap wow the shower water made her completely wet and the panty she had worn now was sticking inside her wet pussy, I told Pavithra look you know very well that since whenever we met in the lift or at the parking area where I had crashed against you that I when the fire of sexual urge for you was created, I know you also want but you are acting as if what I did now is a mistake, please remember I am an old man and you are in 40’s, you are eager to have sex but feel that it is wrong to go out think me as your father let me feel you and you also enjoy

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  • 0001pt; text-align: justify" class="MsoNormal">But the showers showed her the valuable assets she was hiding for somany days. They were everything what I imagined them to be Her breasts were like the rest of her body perfectly white, full and well rounded with large light pink nipples. Her belly was perfectly smooth and flat. They were ripe melons of white-and-pink tit flesh, tipped with brownish erect nipples set in large wide flaring areola and half inch long nipples. Her rosy, hard, jutting nipples were permanently swollen, and the raised areola covered almost the entire tip of her breasts. Her pink nipples stood erect, at least half an inch long, showing me how horny she was. Seeing her full roundness of her breasts, and her nipples.

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       I thought  would cum in my trousers at the sight of her breasts and nipples. I despartley wanted to touch them and suck on her nipples while fingering her pussy.   It immediately reminded of Sunitha the sexy damsel at Hubli who had the same structure as Pavithra.


    I stepped in behind her, my hands gingerly reaching for her body, tracing her warm wet skin down her shoulders and across her back, feeling the curve of her waist to her hips. Firmly grasping her at the waist and pulling in close behind her, I pressed my hips close against her, enjoying the feel of her soft skin against my hardening cock as the warm water ran between us. As I pressed tighter against her, my cock slid easily between her wet, soapy ass cheeks and a slight moan escaped her lips. It was the first sound either of us made. We stood there, pressed back to front, my cock throbbing between us and she slowly started to rock against me.

    She reached back grasping my hips making sure our bodies would not separate and more aggressively sliding her ass up and down against the underside of my cock. My hands now roaming over the front of her body, enjoying the soft fullness of her breasts and marveling at the contrast once I reached her hard nipples. Gently closing my fingers over them and rolling each nipple under my hands. We were both enjoying the sensation and I felt her body tense, her breathing briefly halt each time I pressed my hands against her very sensitive nipples. I was trying not to but I was making the inevitable comparisons in size and sensitivity between her breathing pattern.

    Letting my hands slide lower over her wet stomach.

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       Reaching between her legs, feeling the warmth pulsing from within her. Letting the thin wisps of her pubic hair slip between my fingers until I was finally separating her folds and sliding inside, savoring her tremendous warmth engulfing my finger. I realized that she was in a much heightened state of arousal already - either she was as eager as I was or her mind was elsewhere before I joined her. Either way, I could hardly control myself as I worked my fingers across her slick folds.

    Her stance widened slightly to accept my probing fingers, allowing them to enter her freely and deeply with my thumb pressing against her pulsating clit. Sliding both hands over her thighs, using my one thumb to pull back her hooded cover and my other to stroke the swollen little nub. Rhythmically circling, moving it back and forth occasionally causing her to again hold her breath as the pleasure built inside. Her body matching my rhythm as she continued to push her ass against my hard cock. I could feel the pressure building between us and certainly felt the great need to explode when she suddenly pulled away.

    I hadn't thought of much other than enjoying the sensation of her body and felt an immediate shock at the thought that she might walk out of the shower and our tryst would be over before it really started. But she turned to face me, and I got another amazing view of her fully naked body before she came close, placing her lips on mine, kissing me deeply. Our wet bodies embraced once again. Her breasts pressed against my chest, my cock pressing hard against her pelvis. We stood there, kissing deeply, hands roaming, exploring each other's bodies.

    Her left hand stopped as it encircled the base of my cock, giving a strong squeeze.

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       We continued kissing, with her hand adding pressure against the strength of my erection when she pulled back again. This time I knew we weren't finished as she never released her grasp on my cock. She turned back again now placing her free hand on the glass of the shower wall, bracing herself as she bent slightly at the waist, rubbing my cock up and down the wet opening of her pussy.

    She released her grip to brace both hands on the glass as I guided my cock inside her. I entered her slowly, pushing into her as far as I could manage. Her stance widening to accept me even deeper. Holding myself there, buried in her, pushing my weight forward against her, my cock fully surrounded by her warmth. She too pushed back, creating an intense summit of pleasure before slowly rocking forward. I watched my cock reappear from within her, sliding out now covered with a different kind of wetness. I held myself still feeling her slight muscle contractions squeezing my cock before plunging back inside. Now more quickly and more forcefully, our bodies thrusting against each other with the growing pace of impending orgasm.

    I hesitated slightly, trying to maintain some control but quickly losing myself in the amazing sensation of the shower and Pavithra’s body enveloping my cock. Her ass hammering against me as I disappeared inside her with each full stroke. My hands firmly grasping her hips, her hands firmly planted on the shower glass, steam building from the heat, water spraying everywhere as our bodies worked in unison.

    I looked up from the amazing sight of her in front of me to see ourselves reflected in the mirror.

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       Her fingers curled on the glass, her eyes closed, her breasts hanging down and shaking with each thrust from behind as well as the remarkable look of pleasure on her face. I was in awe of what was happening. She opened her eyes and our stares met in the mirror. We stayed like that, staring at each other until I couldn't resist any longer. The sensation of the shower, her tightness swallowing my cock, her stare; all combined to break down any resistance I had left, drawing out the mounting explosion of my orgasm.

    I managed a few more frantic thrusts, before I broke her gaze and closed my eyes. The eruption came from deep inside me and buckled my knees nearly knocking me over. My cock in reflexive spasms filled her with hot, sticky cum. Each thrust pumping another load that mixed with her own warmth - combined and explosive, flooding and surrounding my still twitching cock.

    I took a deep breath as my orgasm began to subside when I felt her body tighten signaling her own climax. I reached between her legs pressing her clit against my cock, pushing her further over the edge. Her back stiffened and I felt all the muscles of her legs and ass tense and begin to quiver. When she came she let out a very quiet moan (quite different from her very vocal sister) but her entire body shook with an amazing fury.

    After this incident Pavithra  apologized and said that she had slapped me and was sorry but our friedship grew and our sexual pleasures were invaded by our lust and we always had secret sessions only person who knew all this was my maid Kaveri who was also my sexual satisfier.

    Kaveri, Pavithra and self had sex together in my house in my bed when there was a chance, this story will continue  later on ………….

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